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2 TEVES, 5774 • DEC 5, 2013

Question: What makes us Chabad and what is a Chosid Chabad supposed to do? - A Mesivta Bochur

Answer: Firstly, a Chabad Chosid learns Chassidus, Other Chassidim do not really learn Chassidus they have a few Chassidishe Seforim. Even if they do recite passages from the few Chassidishe Seforim it is without deep understanding and similar to the way most people learn the Zohar. ! Secondly, a Chabbad Chosid does not consider himself to be a private citizen. A Chabad Chosid believes that he is to share his Chassidus with others. ! Other Chassidim believe that ! Chassidus is not to be shared with others. ! Belzer Chassidus is for Belzer. Gerer Chassidus is for Gerrer and so on. However, Chabad believes that everyone can benefit from learning Chassidus. This ! is learned from the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov who t au g ht t h at Mo s h i a ch w i l l co m e w h e n "Kesheyafutzu Mayanosecha Chutza". Only Chabad

views the spreading of Chassidus as an element that will hasten the coming of Moshiach. ! Thirdly, to accomplish this goal of spreading Chassidus to everyone, Chabad goes on Mivtzoyim and on Shlichus so that they will have direct contact with the average Jew. No other Chassidic group goes on Shlichus. They do not believe that they are on a mission and can therefore be private citizens. They believe that Belz or Gerer is not for everybody nor does everybody have to be a Belzer or Gerer Chosid. But Chabad believes that Chassidus is for everybody.
Transcribed excerpt from “On The Hot Seat” an open forum discussion with Rabbi Manis Friedman and ULY Mesivta, full audio available on

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