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Audience Analysis
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Christine McFaul Public Relations Director (561) 503-6695 1) The target pubic is digital dependents that are wired for success: college students and recent college graduates who are technologically literate and enjoy traveling on a budget. 2) Audience analysis nickname: Underemployed Millennials. 3) According to an extensive study by the Pew Research Center in 2006, the Millennial generations age range is between 18 and 29. This study also states that 75 percent of Millennials are single or have never married. The Pew Research Center found that the median household income for the average Millennial is $58,620. Among Millennials who say they dont earn enough money, 88 percent think they will be able to earn enough in the future, according to the Pew Research Center statistics. With 54 percent of the Millennials having at least some college education, this study also described Millennials as highly educated. The Pew Research Center also found that it is more likely for Millennial women to attend and graduate college than it is for men. Millennials are more educated, less likely to be working in a full-time position with benefits, and slower to settle down than older generations. In its study, the Pew Research Center also found that those born after 1980 are more ethnically and racially diverse than older generations. This group of people is also less likely to be married or to have children, according to the Pew Research center. Three-quarters of Millennials have never married.

The study found that one-in-five Millennials is married and just one-in-eight is married with children at home. The Pew Research Center study showed that 54 percent of communities where Millennials live are suburban-metropolitan areas built in recent decades. In Jacksonville this includes ZIP code 32224 for suburban living near UNF, and ZIP code 32202 for urban living downtown according to the U.S. Census. 4) Millennials identify technology use as the defining characteristic of their generation, much more than do their older counterparts, according to Pews findings. Underemployed Millennials are constantly plugged into technology. Shannon Bryants 2012 article U.S. College Students Wield $417B in Spending Power states that college students on average own six digital devices and spend 11.4 hours per day using technology. Bryant explains that nearly 90 percent are active Facebook users, and 25 percent use Twitter. The Mosaic feature on the DemographicsNow website describes this age group as Digital Dependents. In an overview of these singles and starters, Digital Dependents are known to be eco-minded and enjoy outdoor activities. Other key traits of Digital Dependents listed on the DemographicsNow website include gamers and bloggers, digital trendsetters, risk takers and ubiquitous Internet users. They also are known to have active social lives, value their appearances and have artistic qualities. According to the Pew Research Center, these young people are more accepting of races and groups different from their own. Millennial's top-ranked life priorities, as found by the Pew Research Center, include being a good parent, having a successful marriage and helping others in need. Despite having come of age in the era of YouTube and reality TV, very few Millennials consider becoming famous an important life goal. As the Internet and mobile phones have been broadly adopted in America in the past 15 years,

Millennials have been the leading technology enthusiasts. For them, these innovations provide more than a bottomless source of information and entertainment, and more than a new ecosystem for their social lives. According to the Pew Research Center, Millennials outpace older Americans in virtually all types of Internet and cell phone use. They are more likely to have their own social networking profiles, to connect to the Internet wirelessly when away from home or work, and to post video of themselves online. Driven by technology, Millennials feel the need to be connected at all times. 5) Stakeholders and organizations involved with Underemployed Millennials: According to the Mosaic feature on the DemographicsNow website, Digital Dependents are likely to be found at bars, nightclubs, physical fitness facilities, as well as state parks. 6) Based on their high level of college attendance, Underemployed Millennials value their education. They find it important to stay connected with their friends through social media and use the internet as their go-to source for information. These Underemployed Millennials grew up with technology, and they find it important to share what they are doing with their friends and family members. This connection with technology has allowed Underemployed Millennials to think globally, which has resulted in accepting attitudes toward difference and an open liberal mindset. Unemployed Millennials are also used to presenting themselves online and value their appearance. Most Underemployed Millennials are single and do not have children, thus giving them the freedom to travel and change residency frequently. 7) The primary source of information for this audience is the Internet, according to the Mosaic feature on the DemographicsNow website. Underemployed Millennials stay connected with news and products by using social media such as Facebook. This

information is accessed by a variety of technological devices, i.e. cell phones, iPads or tablets, and laptop computers, all of which are easily operated by the Millennials, according to the Pew Research Center.

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