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Highest Performance-Lowest Noise and Cost Per Watt G UARAN T E E D !

Aeros ace Grade !ateria"s and Techno"og# Gi$e the La%ota Wind T&r'ine Ro'&st ( erating )&a"ities in Ad$erse Weather Conditions *ear after *ear
In actual field operations, Aeromag Lakota Wind Turbines are proving highly reliable in Renewable nergy systems worldwide! The Lakota is built with advanced aerospace"grade materials and technology that makes our units the highest in #uality and performance! After $% years in production and over %,&&& worldwide installations, the Lakota predecessor was re"engineered with advanced aerospace technology to produce the present"day Lakota, Lakota 'arine and Lakota '$! (ou can even find the Lakota )rban Turbine in the Wikipedia!
La%ota ./W Wind T&r'ine Generator 0.122 Retai"+ Ca"" 213-445-6635
U+,+ and -nternationa" Patents a "#

7A R*'A+ ,)ALIT(The .&"year design life of our aerospace"engineered Lakota Wind Turbines will help you produce satisfied customers and word-of-mouth advertising! In addition, we offer an e/cellent factory warranty for our field"proven time tested Turbines!

34T ALT5 ,)I TAeromag ,tea"th-Aco&stic: blade technology virtually eliminates noise and safety concerns in urban and residential communities with no compromise in power performance! Lakotas 64uper 4tiff, 7arbon 8iber blades do not flutter or create noise in higher wind speeds due to the fact that they are seven times stiffer than common steel, $1 times stiffer than plastic or fiberglass! The Lakota utili2es 3Aerospace"+rade- unidirectional carbon fiber blades in these Aeromag ,tea"th-Aco&stic: blades! This aerospace design provides for indefinite fatigue life!

*ear L o n g e s t Warrant# Warrant# in the -nd&str#+ 5 *ears Parts < La'or

Warranty is available on units sold and installed in the )!4! All warranties are parts and labor carry"in service! 4pecial e/port warranties apply! 4ystem installation photos are re#uired for warranty activation!

4afety ngineered Tower 9its

Aeroma/ also offers certified: safety"engineered Tilt")p Tower 9its for mounting Lakota wind turbines! *ur aerospace"engineered Tilt" )p Tower 9its with patented rapid assembly compression couplings have a perfect safety record! RPE Certification No+ 15265; Ca"ifornia This high #uality tilt tower is one of the most rugged designs on the market today! 4tainless steel compression couplings ensure strong connections that cannot be improperly installed! asy to understand instructions allow every do it yourself builder to achieve e/cellent results the first time!
$$1; <orth 5ighway => 7hino ?alley, A@ =0A.A )4A BhoneC >.=";;1"&&=1 8a/C >.=";;1"&&=1

The lightweight, low inertia, Lakota Wind Turbine blades accelerate faster in changing winds, and achieve rotation in wind speeds as low as 0!1 mph! With these advanced blades the Lakota Wind Turbine produces the ma/imum energy available at the lowest cost per watt of any wind turbine in its class! This translates into better profit margins through lower weight and cost in the turbine tower and operating system! Avoided freight cost is substantial compared to heavy weight turbines in this si2e class! In many cases this enables sales when timing, geographic challenge, and air freight are critical factors in the sales or winning #uote e#uation!

Patented Lowest -nertia Uni-directiona" Car'on 8i'er 9"ades

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The New


Ra id -nsta""ation T&r'ine Energ# Center

,im "ified Tech- Unit 8ormat A$ai"a'"e A ri" .5th; 1665+

La%ota Commander is a P&"se Width !od&"ated Di$ersion Load with a 9atter# -so"ation ,#stem+ This Wind T&r'ine Contro" Center is !od&"ar; ,tac%a'"e; -nterchangea'"e; and Remotea'"e+

4tackable diversion load resistor module can also be remote from control center 4tacking module with integrated cooling fan!
Note: To enhance performance of remote diversion load resistor module a second stacking kit can be added

.5 RiteCStuf 8eat&res=
BW'"Bulse Width 'odulated diversion load Regulator 4uper capacitor bank absorbs ionsDtransients Eattery isolation control circuit Eattery state of charge indicators Turbine amperage meter FoptionalG 4ystem voltage meter Integrated high voltage protection diode 'odular super heat sink panel Insulated high power buss bar interconnections FN( wiring confusionHG

Iiversion load indicating L I Lockable, removable, and transparent poly" carbonate cover! 5igh ,uality industrial grade ceramic braking resistors! Note: Resistors are reconfigurable. Integrated standoff brackets provide added cooling and safety, while enabling greater ease of installation!

RITEC STUF technology makes the LAKOTA COMMANDER's new modular system integration a snap to install! Reconfiguration by system designers has never been more simple due to the ease in relocation of the interchangeable stacking kit modules! The diversion load module can be easily detached and rapidly reinstalled remotely to the primary control with an optional stacking kit and cooling fan or simple cover!
Note: Optional stacking kit sold separately

The LAKOTA COMMANDER only clips off e/cess energy several thousands of times per second and diverts it to the resistors, 3E 8*R - it gets to the batteries! This ma/imi2es the time full battery float voltage! 4olar controllers like the 7"%&D7"0& 4eries are known as 3Iump 7ontrollers- since they will dump energy to lower the battery voltage and then allow the batteries to charge back to an upper limit before dumping again! <ote that the LAKOTA COMMANDER is 3N(T- a JIump 7ontrollerJ like these solar charge controllers, often used in other wind systems! LAKOTA COMMANDER has a JIiversion Load RegulatorJ FILRG with Bulse Width 'odulation FBW'G and a substantial capacitor bank that can operate your LA9*TA turbine safely even if your batteries or inverter fail or become disconnected from your turbine! Advance *rders are staging for LAKOTA nowH 7all for detailsH >.=";;1"&&=1

The LAKOTA COMMANDER's primary module houses the full back plane heat sink with high power section including bridge rectifier, diversion load regulator, battery isolation, and super capacitor! The primary module has volt and ammeter displays located above the ILR trigger set point! It is also displays ILR trigger voltage digitally! This module comes with the standard stacking kit and cooling fan! Note: Only one meter is shown.

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Coming Soon...

Ad$anced Techno"og# !icro rocessor Contro" Center


Now in 8ina" ,tages of De$e"o ment

The OB1KW is the worlds most advanced down wind computer controlled inner"cooled high performance tack tracking wind turbine! The ne/t generation of wind turbines begin with this design! It is currently being tested through the OB1KW Eeta Test Brogram! At this time we would like to thank our 4tock holders, distributors and Lakota dealers worldwide for their dedication and support of this non government subsidi2ed program! 8inal stage operations are being conducted in 7anada, 7hina and undisclosed locations in the )nited 4tates! To learn more about the OB1KW Eeta Test Brogram results visit www!truenorthpower!com!

OB1 commander is a 8light"4peed"Iiversion"

Eraking 7omputer 7ontrol 7enter! AKthough, initially developed for the OB1KW Advanced Technology Iown Wind Turbine Brogram in .&&$! It was soon reali2ed that the capabilities could far e/ceed solely the OB1KW! <ow with over % years of field testing the OB1 commander is ready for production and can support any turbine up to 1 kW, clusters of smaller turbines, or a properly si2ed compliment of wind and solar B?! )p to A Lakota turbines can be controlled with one single OB1 commander! Advanced micro"processor Bulse Width 'odulation FBW'G and lectro Iynamic Eraking F IEG enable speed and flight control operations of small turbines to maintain a flight envelope or sweet spot that greatly improves annual energy capacity! <oise emission is also greatly reduced as the result of optimi2ed speed and flight control through microprocessor based control! The first distributor installation of the OB1 commander is scheduled for April .&&1 at the 8R Wind Test 7enter in Lions 5ead *ntario 7anada! Ietailed technical and feature content at this time is restricted to Aeroma/ authori2ed distributors and dealers, however you can find performance updates from The True <orth 8R Wind Test 7enter in the recent future! To find out more about how you can 35arness the Boweror become involved in the OB1KW Eeta Test Brogram or support the OB1KW Revolution contact Aeromag at infoLaeromag!com!

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Aeroma> de"i$ers wind ower generating s#stems that rod&ce the ma>im&m energ# a$ai"a'"e at the "owest ossi'"e cost er watt+ 213-445-6635

*ur Wind Turbines are providing power to homes, cabins, yachts, military applications, and telecommunications stations around the world!

La%ota Wind T&r'ine -nsta""ations

La%ota T&r'ines A$ai"a'"e Now

4ee Installation Bhotos at www!aeroma/energy!com

Lakota wind turbines are available 8*E 7hina for immediate shipping! Allow three to four weeks lead"time for #uantity orders depending on your order si2e and location!

Aeromag ,tea"th-Aco&stic: Aeros ace-Engineered , ace-Grade Car'on 8i'er 9"ades:

Lowest noise emission high performance home power wind turbine available! When it comes to 3#uiet 3 smooth"running turbine operations in residential communities, A R*'A+ 4tealth"Acoustic is the right choice for good neighborsH <umber one for safety and structural integrity, A R*'A+ 4tealth Acoustics is the world leader in low rotational inertia high tip speed ratio 3home power safe-, blade technology!

Wind T&r'ine Generator 8eat&res

Aircraft Aluminum Eody with All 4tainless 4teel 5ardware Linear Bolyurethane Iual 7oating Rare arth <eodymium"Iron"Eoron Bermanent 'agnets Lowest cost per Watt +uaranteed 5igh Bower Iensity +enerator Technology Rated $9W Bower *utput at .> mph Beak *utput Bower at $A&& to $=&& Watts 4tart"up wind speed at 0!1 mph $., .%, %= ?olt models available Lightweight A1 pounds M$0 kgN

The Lakota battery"charging wind turbine produces $9W of electrical output power in .> mile per hour winds! In high winds, power output in strong winds are being reported between $A&& and $=&& watts, and end users are regularly reporting amperage outputs of ;& to $&& amps! The power output depends on the generator voltage F$.?, .%?, or %=?G and on the selected operating mode for the generator! The Lakota Wind Turbine begins furling into the wind Fthe blades and generator head tilt upwardG in wind speeds above A. miles per hour while maintaining a continuous full"power output! In actual site conditions, users report full"power output in wind speeds beyond 0& miles per hour!

La%ota Power (&t &t

Light Weight; Highest Power Densit# Generator Head

The entire Lakota turbine head weights only A1 pounds! This lightweight technology keeps shipping and tower costs down to make the Lakota Wind turbine easy to install!

Dea"ershi s Are A$ai"a'"e

?isit our websiteC www!

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