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The typical amount of voltage in dc use in the battery of the 1 central office with respect to ground One of the sources of optical fiber signal loss is the axial misalignment. In order to maintain a loss below 0.3 dB, the 2 displacement of the fibers must be less than ___ What is the maximum allowable power density (mW/ 3 for a frequency range 30 300 MHz? 4 Tundra eccentricity To avoid scattering losses due to the ends of the connecting fiber, the ends must be highly polished to produce a grit of less 5 than ___ micrometer 6 What is the eccentricity of MOLNIYA? 7 Eccentricity of Molniya. What is the typical value of the velocity factor of an open 8 wire transmission line? 9 Silicon PIN diode exhibits a maximum quantum efficiency of 10 Microwaves are frequencies above _____ GHz. 11 How many central office allotted for each exchange? To cover all inhabited regions of the earth, the number of 12 polar-orbit satellites required is 13 Photocurrent gain of Laser diode. Total splicing loss in optical fiber should be reduced to less 14 than ___ dB. One of the radar system losses is the loss due to radome. At frequencies ranging from L to X bands, a typical radome has 15 a two-way transmission loss of about ___ dB An advantage of HomeRF over the Bluetooth is higher data rate. While the Bluetooth has a data rate less than 1 Mbps, 16 HomeRF has a data rate of ___ Mbps 17 In high data rate DSL, how many pairs of wire are used? Control of the beam-rider missile is accomplished by how 18 many beam signals? 19 The ionosphere consists of how many distinct layers? 20 Exact value of color subcarrier frequency (MHz) is 21 ITU updates standards every ___ years. 22 HomeRF has a range ___ times than the Bluetooth 23 During daytime, the F layer consists of how many layers? 24 Coax is not used beyond frequencies of about ______ GHz. Number of types of cables in EIA / TIA 58/ unshielded 25 twisted pair cables in EIA/TIA 58 What is the pin or line number of the Ring Indicator (RI) in 26 the 9-pin (DB9) RS-232 standard? 27 How many twists per inch are in UTP cable?

-48 0.05 0.2 0.2684 0.5 0.722 0.722 0.9 0.95 1 1 1 1 1 1.2

1.6 2 3 3 3.579545 4 5 5 6 7 9 12

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28 How many turns per inch in a Cat 6 UTP cable are required? Electronics Regulation is found in what chapter of the 29 amended National Building Code? IRE is a unit used in the measurement of composite video signals of TV systems. All white signals should have an IRE 30 equal to ___. In the ASCII character-encoding scheme, what is the 31 hexadecimal equivalent for uppercase A? A measured S/N of the video signal of at least _____ ensures 32 that no snow is visible in the picture? A firewire socket can connect a maximum of 63 devices and each device is allotted a 6-bit identification number and the 33 total cable length can be ___ meters 34 Wireless USB maximum number of host connected 35 ISO member countries 36 ITU member countries The largest satellite in orbit, the International Space Station (ISS), orbits at an average altitude of ____ km above the 37 earths surface. 38 Number of lines for Enhanced Digital Television. At NTSC standard, the number of lines per frame = ________ 39 lines/frame 40 Number of voice channels in a mastergroup. 41 Token Ring Standard The National Building Code is in compliance with Presidential 42 Decree No. ___. International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative 43 Committee (CCITT) was created in 44 The 802.11i was ratified in what year? An address space is the total number of addresses used by the protocol, such as IPv4 and IPv6. What is the address 45 space of IPv6? A SONET frame is usually transmitted at how many frames 46 per second? 47 Fiber Bragg grating, temperature dependent dispersion 48 ECG recording requires a bandwidth of A measured S/N of the video signal of _____ means that the 49 snow is clearly visible in the picture What is the output phase of a QPSK transmitter if the inphase channel is logic 0 while the quadrature channel is logic 50 1? 51 blanking level 52 VHF range for 0.5 or less kW. 53 VHF range for 0.2 or less kW. 54 Difference in relative refractive index of multimode fibers. 55 ECG recording requires a bandwidth of

12 13 40 41 46 72 127 163 191 350 480 525 600 802.5 1096 1956 2004 2128 8000 -0.011 nm/ degcelcius 0.05 to 100 Hz . 42 +135 degrees 0 IRE 0 to 30 miles 0 to 50 miles 0.01 to 0.02 0.05 to 100 Hz

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56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75

76 77 78 79 80

81 82 83 84 85 86 87

RF systems recently are using microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). What is the insertion loss of MEMS? Fine-polishing occurs when the movement of surface mounted fiber is ___ of grit abrasive paper. MEMS insertion loss What is the equation of Y signal? fiber optics attenuation can be Core diameter of RG-58 Geostationary satellites are located at ____ with respect to the equator. open , voltage maximum , current minimum One complete revolution around a Smith Chart represents _________ wavelengths. What is the maximum allowable ERPs for channels 7 13 in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu? The reference noise level for telephony is Update rate of GLONASS and GPS Satellite radiation from sun reaches up to ___. What is the data rate of H10 channel? Data rate of H12 channel. CATV R Band. 133 Length of a transmission line to be considered as an antenna How many wavelengths long are required for a pair of conductors to be considered as a transmission line? full revolution of smith chart AM broadcast antenna height In transmission line with termination in capacitance, the standing wave of voltage is minimum at a distance of exactly ___ lambda from the end allowed transmit power of FM class II-A at night Which of the following Ethernet fiber optic standard uses synchronous, Centralized Clock? Minimum beamwidth of horn antenna for global coverage aboard the geostationary satellite. Photocurrent gain of APD. The D layer is the lowest layer of ionosphere that extends from 50 to 90 km having an electron density of ___ for distances from 70 to 85 km. pure white Data rate for ATM multi-mode fiber. Fiber optics theoretical bandwidth 10 years ago. It is a four-wire Gigabit Ethernet implementation. 1000BaseT`range Used to connect any type of LAN (Ethernet or Token Ring) to any UTP.

0.1 dB 0.1-3 micrometer 0.1dB 0.3R + 0.59G + 0.11B 0.5dB/km 0.9 mm 00 latitude lambda 1 MW 1 pW 1 sample per second 1.4 kW/m^2 1.472 Mbps 1.6 Gbps 1.70 to 2.60 GHz 1/10 Lambda 1/10 1/2 lambda 1/2 vertical antenna 1/8 lambda 10 - 50kW 10 Base-FB (Backbone) 10 degrees 10^2 to 10^4 10^9 per cm^3 100 IRE 100 Mbps 100 THz 1000 Base-T 100m 100VG-Any LAN

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88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102

103 104 105 106

107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115

RFID system has three frequency ranges. What is the frequency range of intermediate RFID system? A phenomenon on the surface of the sun with appearance and disappearance of dark irregularly shaped areas. What is the critical diameter of an optical fiber at 1550 nm wavelength? Cut-off Wavelength of G.652 Fiber Optic Cable A phenomenon on the surface of the sun with appearance and disappearance of dark irregularly shaped areas. Satellite TDMA frame rate. Efficiency of class D modem. Caller ID rate In DTMF, the Horizontal frequencies are GPS Navstar frequency Data rate for digitized 4:2:0 format Single-mode fibers are typically used in telephony and CATV applications. It uses laser sources with what wavelengths? Output in QPSK if the in-phase signal is 0 and the quadrature signal is 1. What is the nominal uplink frequency for the Ku band? Equivalent temperature of cooled parametric amplifier (paramp). In antenna mast or tower construction, the required obstruction painting and/or lighting must be imposed on mast or tower more than from the ground level. Minimum requirement for painting of towers and structures. What frequency is easily passed by the E layer? Group 1 Facsimile in the North Americal standard use _______ Hz for white and _______ Hz for black The Packets over SONET (PoS) is a non-TDM-oriented technology that utilizes speed and management capabilities of SONET/SDH to optimize data transports. PoS supports a minimum speed of ___ Mbps The center frequency of NAVSTAR GPS are _____ and _____. The center frequency of Glonass Positioning System are ______ In DTMF, the Horizontal frequencies: 1209Hz, 1336Hz,1477Hz, and Frequency for Allocation A Frequency for Allocation C What is the pilot subcarrier frequency used in FM stereophonic transmission? maximum allowable ERPs for channels 7-13 in metro manila and metro cebu Space diversity loss.

10-15 MHz 11 year sun spots 1100 nm 1100-1280 nm 11-year sunspot 1-20 ms 120% 1200bps 1209Hz, 1336Hz,1477Hz,1633Hz 1227.6 to 1575.42 MHz 130 Mbps 1300nm and 1550nm 135 degrees 14 GHz 15 to 30 K 150 ft 150 ft above the ground level 150 MHz 1500; 2300 or 2400

155 Mbps

1575.42 MHz , 1227.6 MHz 1602.5 MHz to 1615.5 MHz 1633Hz 1850-1865 MHz 1895-1910 MHz 19 kHz 1MW 2 dB

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116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126

127 128

129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138

139 140 141 142

143 144

The practical data rate for Bluetooth V2.0 + EDR is ______ CATV D Band. Equivalent temperature of galactic noise above 1 GHz. Dielectric thickness of RG-58. There is a range of ___ between the maximum and minimum gains of Class 1 phone. Maximum range of Instant Automatic Gain Control (IAGC) with one IF controlled. In lunar flux, 220 dBW/MHz-m^2 during full moon at what frequency? Data rate of satellite TDMA full transponder with bandwidth of 36 MHz. What percent is the radiated signal outside as an evanescent wave for nanofiber? Bandwidth used by GSM for both Europe and Asia. Typical efficiency of satellite solar cells at Begin of Life (BOL). DOCSIS (data over cable service interface spec) compliant cable modem and cable TV infrastructure supports data rate of ____ downstream Data rate for digitized 4:2:2 format. DOCSIS (data over cable service interface spec) compliant cable modem and cable TV infrastructure supports data rate of ____ downstream An advantage of folded dipole over half-wave is gain and ___. The nominal data rate for Bluetooth V2.0 + EDR is ______ UWB is in the range of __________ IF superheterodyne Medium-distance communication Long-distance communication. IP version 4 address length is How many different wavelength can be sent in a dense wavelength division multiplexing? Perigee of International Space Station. What is the maximum power allowable for remote pick-up stations used as broadcast auxillary services for AM and FM broadcast stations? The height above mean sea level of a satellite in a geosynchronous orbit around Earth is: The largest International Space Station lies at an altitude of ___. Run length of RG-59 cable. As per Philippine standard, what is the minimum frequency separation in any service area for adjacent AM radio stations? What is the transponder bandwidth commonly used in

2.1 Mbps 2.20 to 3.30 GHz -2.4 K 2.96 mm 20 dB 20 dBi 20 GHz 20 Mbps 20% 200 kHz 20-25% 27 to 36 Mbps 270 Mbps 27-36 Mbps 288-ohm impedance 3 Mbps 3.1 to 10.6 GHz 30 60 Mhz 300 miles 3000 miles 32 bits 32-128 349 km 35 W 35,786 km 350 km 350 m 36 kHz 36 MHz

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145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153

154 155 156 157

158 159

160 161 162 163 164 165

166 167 168 169 170

satellite? Wave antenna single wire supported at ___ above the ground The 16:9 ratio of HDTV offers an optimum viewing angle of ___. The minimum time for amateur to make contact with International Space Station. Format used that requires limited bandwidth. Format used for studio and interface purposes. International standard for A Octave. What is the angular separation between adjacent phasors in QPSK? Frequency diversity loss. In multichannel audio system in DTV and cinema production, the resolution of 16 to 24 bits amounts to ___. Optical fibers used for communications are typically about _____ mils thick and consist of a glass core, a glass cladding and a protective cladding? In the telecommunications industry, the most commonly used fiber(s) are Impedance of single-mode broadband coax for CATV. Germanium P-I-N diode with responsivity of 0.7 A/W operates in ___ window. Transit system, though the USs oldest family of radio navigation satellite system, has an exceptional accuracy compared to Navstar GPS and Glonass. What is the accuracy of the transit system? The frequency limit of 6 meter band ITU Region 2. Hybrid fiber optic and coaxial cable (HFC) systems are broadband communications access networks that provide a wide range of CATV video channels and other modulated high frequency carrier service in the range of ____ Typical efficiency of satellite solar cells at End of Life (EOL). Rough-polishing occurs when the movement of surface mounted fiber is ___ of grit abrasive paper. What is the velocity of sound in steel? At 1 atmosphere, the speed of sound in steel is ___. As per Philippine standard, frequency allocation of AM Radio Broadcasting is from For a standard telephone channel with a bandwidth of 300 Hz to 3000 Hz, what is the highest theoretical bandwidth for binary encoding? Transmit frequency of surface-search radar. Efficiency of paraboloid antenna. What is the capacity of H0 channel? Nominal RF bandwidth of NTSC TV channel

3-6m 39 degrees 4 to 6 minutes pass 4:2:0 format 4:2:2 format 435 Hz 45 degrees 5 dB 5 Mbps 5 mils 50 and 62.5 micron 50 ohms 500-1800 nm

500m 50-54 MHz 50-860 MHz 5-10% 5-15 micrometer 5150 m/s 5150 m/s 526.5 to 1705 kHz 5400 bps 5450-5825 MHz 55% 6 B channels 6 MHz

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171 172 173

174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186

187 188 189

190 191 192 193 194

Group 3 fax transmits from ___ not including the handshake and initialization. magnetron common character impedance in practice/Highest characteristic impedanceoverall Analysis of persons irradiated therapeutically with superficial x-rays has shown that the skin erythema dose required to affect 50% of persons so irradiated is about Typical of multimode op. fiber diameter Most used fiber cable is _________ Data rate for ATM single-mode fiber. The bit rate for each channel in DS-1 is: Video color temperature. In DTMF, the four vertical frequencies are ____. CATV H Band. Run length of RG-11 cable. Satellite deviation at 65,000-km geostationary orbit. Impedance of multi-mode broadband coax for CATV. In tone dialing or the DTMF dialing, what are the two frequencies that represent the digit 5? Germanium APD with responsivity of 77 A/W operates in ___ window. Regarding health concern of human bodys exposure to radio frequency, it is noted that the human body can absorb peak RF energy somewhere between ___ MHz Highest WIFI rate SPL level for masking. Multi-mode fibers have higher light-gathering capacity than the single-mode fibers, thus requiring just simple LED sources and not expensive laser sources. What are the typical wavelengths of the LEDs used as source for multimode fibers? What frequencies would be generated by a telephone using DTMF signalling, when the number 8 is pressed? Frequency allocation of FM broadcast in the Philippines The positioning of OMEGA has a global range of ________ frequency allocation of FM Broadcast in Phil

6 to 15 seconds 60 - 30 000 MHz 600 ohms 600 rad 62.5/125 62.5/125 micron 622 Mbps 64kbps 6500 K 697Hz,770Hz,852Hz,941Hz 7.05 to 10.10 GHz 700 m 72 km 75 ohms 770 Hz and 1336 Hz 800-1300 nm 80-100 802.11a 80-85 dB-SPL

850nm and 1330nm

852 Hz and 1336 Hz 88 108 MHz 88% - 98% 88-108 Mhz 9.29x10^-2 candela per square meter 900 MHz 9-10 m a field-strength meter a flow of loop current

195 1 lux = ___. Advance mobile phone service (AMPS) is an analogue cell phone service 196 which operates at maximum frequency of ___ 197 Mode Field diameter of G.652 at 1300nm wavelength Field strength at a distance from an antenna is measured 198 with 199 The central office detects a request for service from a

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telephone by: A one-quarter wavelength of coaxial or balanced transmission line of a specific impedance connected between a load and a source in order to match impedances 200 is 201 An antenna can be matched to a feed line using A number from 0 to 1 representing the ability of a surface 202 material to absorb sound energy is known as 203 What fading occurs for longer duration of time? What ISDN channel type is reserved for conventional analog 204 telephone communication? 205 A receiving antenna with a built-in preamplifier 206 ADSL technology. 207 In Cellular Radio, AMPS stand for: 208 Caller ID 209 Turiact system of navigation at air or direct routes. 210 Alloy made up of Aluminum, Iron and Silicon Wave formed due to change in voltage/current rather than 211 change in intensity. The bandwidth of voice-grade signals on a telephone system 212 is restricted in order to: A modulation technique in which the frequency of the modulated signal varies with the amplitude of the 213 modulating signal What do you call the accumulation of additional sounds such as wind, street noise, other voices that contribute to what 214 the listener hear? The simplest modulation technique, where a binary information signal modulates the amplitude of an analog 215 carrier. Monopulse radar is preferred over conventional radar 216 because in monopulse radar, each pulse provides ___. A national standards organization that defines standards in 217 the United States It is the institution that developed the ASCII (American 218 Standard Code for Information Intertchange). 219 ADCCP A structure-generally metallic and sometimes very complexdesigned to provide an efficient coupling between space and 220 the output of a transmitter or input to a receiver. ________________ means that the characteristics and performance of an antenna are the same whether the antenna is radiating or intercepting an electromagnetic 221 signal. 222 The ratio of the focal length to the mouth diameter is called

a Q section a shorted stub, an LC network, a loading coil Absorption Coefficient Absorption Fading A-Channel active antenna ADSL2+ Advanced Mobile Phone Service after 2 seconds ringing Air Navigation System Alfecon Alfven Wave allow signals to be multiplexed AM


Amplitude-Shift Keying Angular Measurement ANSI ANSI ANSI X-3.28 antenna

antenna reciprocity Aperture

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224 225 226


228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246

__________ of the parabola, just as in camera lenses. In an S/H circuit, the time that it must hold the sampled voltage is The highest layer in the hierarchy and is analogous to the general manager of the network by providing access to the OSI environment. Identical telephone numbers in different parts of a country are distinguished by their ___. A modulation process wherein both frequency and phase remains constant while the amplitude changes. Designed to send characters of the message with the specified bit rate but without any fixed timing relationship from one character to the next. A set of communication facilities allowing direct access to 64kpbs data streams (or multiples of) for drop and insert. A form of cell relay, supports B-ISDN. Noise that is primarily caused by lightning. Often called as Static Noise. The process of combining multiple audio signals into one track is called? It was invented by Edwin Howard Armstrong at the Columbia University? Replaced the De Forest Audion amplification vacuum tube. An impulse commutated driver which relies on LC circuit and on auxiliary thyristor for commutation in load circuits. An earth station antenna look angle is determined by : Propagation when MUF is above 30 MHz. It is often used to compare the performance of one digital modulation technique to another. In Cellular Radio, BSC stands for: The composite signal that modulates the FM carrier. Consists of multiplexed data from multiplexing channels. It refers to the rate of change of a signal on the transmission medium after encoding and modulation have occurred. It is a term that is often misunderstood and commonly confused with bit rate (bps) Speed at which symbols are transmitted in a digital communication systems. The first fixed- length character code developed for machines rather than for people It was the first fixed-length character code developed for machines rather than people. Every letter was encoded into fixed length of binary code words of length 5. The angular separation between the two half-power points on the power density radiation pattern.

Aperture time Application layer area codes ASK asynchronous Asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) atmospheric noise audio mixing Autodyne Autodyne Auxiliary Commutated Driver azimuth & elevation Backscatter bandwidth efficiency Base Station Controller baseband Basic Access Baud Baud Baud rate Baudot Code Baudot Code Baudot Code Beamwidth

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247 248 249 250 251 252 253

254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267


A satellite-dish owner has a 3 meter dish designed for Cband (4 GHz) operation. The owner wants to use the same dish with a new feedhorn, for Ku-band (12 GHz) satellites. What effect will the change in frequency have on the gain and beamwidth of the antenna? Algorithmic used by RIP Is an empirical record of a systems actual bit error performance An antenna's beamwidth is measured Another term for Wave antenna Optical fiber no. 8 has what color in the TIA-598? single mode 50um It is defined by the ITU-T as a service that provides transmission channels capable of supporting transmission rates greater than the primary data rate. Any array that is directional at right angles to the plane of the array is said, by inference, to have __________. A stacked collinear antenna consisting of half-wave dipoles spaced from one another by one-half wavelengths is the The ground wire in a USB cable is ______. Which among the colors for Category 5 cables is usually reserve for spare? Ratio of incident to transmitted radiation through a grid ratio of patient dose with and without grid It is a layer of plastic that surrounds a fiber or group of fibers ______ which means that 2 or more bits in the data unit have changed? First to develop the cellular concept in an unpublished paper at Bell Telephone Laboratories. Network interconnection between LAN and MAN The unit "nit" is equivalent to ___. At higher frequencies, an insulator acts as what? It is the process of extracting a phase-coherent reference carrier from a receiver signal. Processed of extracting phase coherent reference carrier from a receiver signal Which of the following is the most widely used UTP cable that can carry baseband data at rates up to 100 Mbps at a range up to 100m?

beamwidth decreases to 1/3 of its former value Bellman-Ford Algorithmic BER between half-power points Beverage antenna Black black Broadband ISDN Broadside action broadside array Brown Brown Bucky factor Buffer Tube burst error C.H. Ringer CAN Candela per square meter Capacitor Carrier Recovery CARRIER RECOVERY CAT 5 CAUSE INTERFERENCE WITH OTHER DEVICES Centimetric Centimetric Channel

269 All are true about IrFD except 270 hat is the wavelength designation for Super High Frequency? ITU-R RECC V.431-6 Tables 1 and 2 WVELENGTH classification 271 super high frequency The relationship for bit rate to ________ bandwidth is 272 defined by the Shannon-Hartley theorem.

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273 Is used to interface DTEs to digital transmission channels An error detection method which uses ones complement 274 arithmetic It is another relatively simple form of redundancy error checking where each character has a numerical value 275 assigned to it. Simple form of redundancy error checking where each character has a numerical value assigned to it. The characters within a message are combined together to 276 produce an error checking character. An error detection method which uses one's complement 277 arithmetic 278 Dispersion that occurs in single-mode fibers. 279 connected channel with acknowledgement of frames What is the classification of an FM station having an ERP not 280 exceeding 30kW? 281 ATM class that is Variable Bit Rate (VBR). 282 Service used by Available Bit Rate (ABR). 283 In a cellular telephone system, group of cells is called ___. 284 group of cells Medium used for ITU-T 802.3b 10Broad-36 standard created 285 in 1986 at 10 Mbps. A(n) ________ is a single LSI chip containing both the ADC 286 and DAC circuitry. 287 The acronym CDMA refers to ________. Which antennas usually consist of two or more half-wave 288 dipoles mounted end to end? The loss of data that occurs when two stations transmit at 289 the same time on a network An optical electronic device that measures the color 290 concentration of a substance in solution. Combination of compression at the transmitter and 291 expansion at the receiver of communications system. It is the most common means of overcoming the problems of 292 quantizing error and noise. ___ coding technique with BPSK or QPSK has a very high data 293 rate. A type of microphone that uses the principle of a capacitor as a means of transduction. It uses a polarizing voltage of between 9 and 48 V of DC supply applied to its diaphragm by 294 an external power supply. A ___________ is similar to a phasor diagram except that the 295 entire phasor is not drawn. Ratio of radiographic contrast of patient with a grid to 296 without a grid.

Channel service unit Checksum Checksum


CheckSum Chromatic Dispersion Class 1 Class B Class B Class D cluster CLUSTER Coaxial Cable codec Code-division multiple-access systems collinear collision colorimeter Companding companding Concatenated (RS and short block) Condenser

constellation diagram Contrast Improvement Factor

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297 298 299 300


302 303 304 305 306 307 308


310 311 312 313 314 315

316 317

usually an organization in a country which does not yet have a fully-developed national standards activity, do not take an active part in the technical and policy development work, but are entitled to be kept fully informed about the work of interest to them The most reliable convolutional coding scheme for error detection The highest frequency that can be used for skywave propagation between two specific points on earths surface. The dots in the corners of the color TV are caused by ___. Any transmission system which conveys more than one signal simultaneously can experience this type of interference due to the reception of portions of a signal from one channel in another channel. It is a potential problem whenever two metallic conductors carrying different signals are located in close proximity to each other. type of interference due to the reception of portions of a signal from one channel in another channel Is an access method used primarily with LANs configured in a bus topology? Method used when measuring power from one point and 2 meters from that point. A spin oriented antenna is ___ in shape. What is the lowest layer of the ionosphere? Layer affected by SID. Handles error recovery, flow control (synchronization), and sequencing (which terminals are sending and which are receiving). It is considered the media access control layer. Is an OSI Layer which is responsible for providing error-free communications across the physical link connecting primary and secondary stations (nodes) Mac Layer "media access control" The NRZ digital signal-encoding format has a ________ component in the waveform. What circuit is used to return the frequency response of a signal to its normal, flat level? Is a PCM system which uses a single bit PCM code to achieve digital transmission of analog signals? Occurs when the radio beam is at point of grazing over an obstacle. In operation, many modern codecs achieved compression by first encoding the signals using a 12-bit linear PCM code, then converting the 12-bit linear code into an 8-bit compressed code by discarding some of the bits. This is a simple example of: What European system is intended to bring digital signals to

correspondent member

CRC Critical Frequency Cross Luminance Crosstalk

Crosstalk CROSSTALKS CSMA/CD Cutback Method Cylindrical D layer D Layer Data Link Layer

Data Link layer Data Link Layer dc de-emphasis Delta modulation diffraction

Digital Signal Processing

Digital Video Broadcasting

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318 319

320 321 322 323 324

home? What determines the gain and directivity of rhombic antenna? A device launches or receives a wave in a transmission line or waveguide in one direction only. The ratio comparing the power density generated by a practical antenna in some direction, with that due to an isotopic antenna radiating the same total power. The ability of an antenna to send or receive signals over a narrow horizontal directional range is referred to as It refers to the maximum antenna gain. What is the opposite of VCO? ______ is a circuit used to detect frequency modulated signal?

(DVB) Direction of radiated wave directional coupler Directive gain directivity directivity Discriminator Discriminator Distributed feedback (DFB) and vertical cavity surface emitting (VCSEL) Dominant Doppler shift/ DOPPLER SHIFT IN THE RECEIVE SIGNAL Double Conversion Downward Modulation DPSK Duct Silencer DVB-S DVB-SI Dynamic range Dynamic Range dynamic range

Recent laser developments for fiber-optic communication 325 include Most efficient transfer of energy is done by what waveguide 326 mode? 327 Doppler Modulator Process of converting the received signal to the first IF, and 328 converting it again to the final IF. The process of decreasing the current instead of increasing it 329 during modulation is called ___. The technique that uses the BPSK vector relationship to generate an output with logical 0s and 1s determined by 330 comparing the phase of two successive data bits is An instrument used to reduce the sound power transmitted 331 along a duct. Class of DVB used in satellite occupying the frequency range 332 of 26 to 72 MHz. 333 "Viewer of the future" In PCM system, it is the ratio of the maximum input voltage 334 level to the smallest voltage level that can be quantized It is the ratio of the largest possible magnitude to the smallest possible magnitude that can easily be decoded by 335 the digital to analog converter in the receiver. The difference in dB between the loudest level of sound and 336 the softest passage of sound is known as _ The lowest portion of the ionosphere that is useful for longdistance communication by amateurs; about 100 to 115 km above the earth is known as the layer. This is often termed 337 as the Kennely-Heavyside layer. 338 Two types of T junctions. 339 Is an eight-bit fixed length character set developed in 1962

E E and H EBCDIC code

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340 341 342 343 344 345

by the International Business Machines Corporation? It is used on long distance circuits, in an effort to overcome echoes caused by circuit imbalances. Longer wavelength the greater BW What LED has a data rate of 400 Mbps. Kennaly-Heavside lowest layer of ionosphere...ranging from 100km to 115km It may be defined as any undesired voltages or currents that ultimately end up appearing in the receiver output. Which of the following factors must be considered in the transmission of a surface wave to reduce attenuation? Recorder for measuring galvanic skin resistance A method of nonspontaneous lysing (splitting) of a substance by the input of electrical energy, and is often used to decompose a compound into its elements. It represents the simplest whole number ratio of the various types of atoms in a compound. The adding of control information on either side of the data text of a block In pulse-code modulation, it translates the quantized samples into digital code words. It is a phenomenon caused by any support insulators used at the ends of the wire antenna. Typical mode of radiation of helical antenna is: The bit ________ is the amount of power in a digital bit for a given amount of time. Pink noise is _______ "Pink" noise has: Telephone traffic is measured _____ MNP2, MNP3, MNP4, and MNP10 are all Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is also known as ___. Using an oscilloscope to display overlayed received data bits that provide information on noise, jitter, and linearity is called a(n) Which region of the ionosphere is mainly responsible for long-distance night time communications? Absorption layer of ionosphere. Absorp un tp 100kHz/ An ionosphere layer also termed as absorption layer because it absorbs most of the frequencies above 100khz is known as Variation in received field strength over time due to changes in propagation conditions The government agencies that regulates radio communications in the US is the ________. It is a mixed, multiple-service standard to allow the

Echo Suppressors Edge Emitting LED Edge-emitting LED (ELED) E-Layer E-Layer Electrical noise electrical properties of the terrain, antenna polarization, frequency electrodermograph electrolysis empirical formula encapsulation encoder end effect end fire energy Equal power per octave equal power per octave Erlangs error-correction protocols Eureka 147 Eye pattern F layer F2 F2-Layer Fading FCC (Federal Communications Commission) FDDI - II

346 347

348 349 350 351 352 353 354 355 356 357 358 359

360 361 362

363 364 365 366

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367 368

369 370 371


373 374 375 376

377 378 379 380

transmission of voice and video over an FDDJ network. In luminance, the flicker just become perceptible to vary logarithmically with luminance. Field strength at a distance from an antenna is measured with Sampling of an analog signal using a sample-and-hold circuit such that the sample has the same amplitude for its whole duration. Error signals associated with the sampling process are called The outline of a communications satellite antenna pattern on the earth is known as: It is the only error-correction scheme that actually detects and corrects transmission errors when they are received without requiring a transmission. Error-correction scheme that actually detect and corrects transmission errors when they are received without requiring a retransmission. In Cellular Telephone Systems, these are transmissions from base stations to mobile units (Downlink) Masking that occurs when sounds arrive earlier than the intended time. He developed the oldest type of fuel cells which is the Alkaline Fuel Cells It is often defined as the loss incurred by an electromagnetic wave as it propagates in a straight line through a vacuum with no absorption or reflection of energy from nearby objects. What is a diversity scheme that uses two (2) different frequencies in a simplex path? In Mobile Communications, GSM uses: Used by satellite transponder even before the inception of the satellite.

Ferry-Porter Law field-strength meter Flat-topped Sampling Foldover distortion and aliasing footprint Forward Error Correction

Forward Error Correction forward links Forward Masking Francis Bacon

free space path loss

frequency diversity frequency hopping Frequency Translation Transponder Frequency Translation Transponder Fresnel From transmitter to receiver FSK

381 Also known as "Beam Pipe". 382 In 1815, the correct explanation of diffraction was given by Shadow zone is the area opposite the obstruction and is in 383 line-of-sight ___. What type of digital modulation scheme uses two or more 384 different output frequencies? Is a form of constant amplitude angle modulation similar to standard frequency modulation except the modulating signal is a binary signal that varies between two discrete voltage 385 levels rather than a continuously changing analog waveform. The acronym for the form of data transmission in which the modulating wave shifts the output between two 386 predetermined frequencies is _____. 387 The quality of a space-link is measured in terms of the



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388 389 390 391 392 393

394 395 396

397 398 399

400 401 402 403 404 405 406 407 408 409 410 411 412

______ ratio. A satellite-dish owner has a 3 meter dish designed for Cband (4 GHz) operation. The owner wants to use the same dish with a new feed horn, for Ku-band (12 GHz) satellites. What effect will the change in frequency have on the gain and beamwidth of the antenna? It is a connecting device between two internetworks that use different models notoriously high leakage current Who is known as THE PROPHET OF INTEGRATED CIRCUIT? Signal wavelength in waveguide is ______ in free space Formed by the combination of ITU recommendation C.653 and CCITT recommendation T.6. It is a standard designed by ITU to allow telephones in the public telephone network to talk to computers/terminals connected to the internet Is an error-correcting code used for correcting transmission errors in synchronous data streams. fiber material Showed mathematically that it is possible to reconstruct a band-limited analog signal from periodic samples, as long as the sampling rate is at least twice the frequency of the highest frequency component of the signal. Radiation doses in the range of approximately 200 to 1000 rad produce the A half-wave dipole is sometimes called: The output of a modulator/heterodyne consists of two signals: sum of signals and difference of signals. These signals are called ___. Line of sight communications is not a factor in which frequency range? 128 horizontal frequency on DTMF In DTMF, the horizontal frequencies is also known as If the input in a transmitter is collector-modulated, the system is called a _______________________. Satellite situated at high latitude. A wave guide acts a/an _______ filter A type of microwave protection system where each working channel has a dedicated back up or spare channel. Who completes the development of first computed tomographic (CT) scanner (EMI, Ltd.) in 1973? Specific implementation of W-CDMA. Hue, Saturation and Brightness What is the central device in star topology? A data compression scheme that uses fewer bits to represent more frequently occurring characters or bit

Gain increases by 9.54 dB, beamwidth decreases to 1/3 of its former value. gateway Ge PIN diode GodffreyDummer greater than Group 4 Facsimile H.323 Hamming code Hard metal fluoride Harry Nyquist

Hematologic syndrome Hertz antenna Heterodynes HF High Group high group frequencies high-level modulator Highly Elliptical Orbit (HEO) High-pass Hot Standby Hounsfield HSDPA HSV Hub/switch Huffman coding

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413 414 415 416 417 418 419 420 421 422 423

424 425

426 427

patterns and more bits to represent those occur less frequently. ______ implies that both analog and digital signals share the same channel bandwidth. Extrinsic absorption also occurs when _____... optical fiber CATV channel AA belongs to ___ band. What is the equation for Hartleys Law? A mechanism used by hosts and gateways to send notification of datagram problems back to the sender In radar mechanical beam system, the radar cannot be moved to vary the phase in ___. Telephone traffic is measured ____. What should be done to increase the transmission distance at frequencies higher than HF bands? If the frequency of a sound is increased, what will happen to its pitch? The most common light used in fiber-optic links is used by 900nm lasers and when high responsivity is required Characteristic impedance of a transmission line is the impedance measured at the _______ when its length is infinite. Random errors in navigation system are also called ___. ReedSolomon codes utilize a technique called ________ to rearrange the data into a nonlinear ordering scheme to improve the chance of data correction. X.75

Hybrid hydroxyl ions Hyper I=ktB ICMP In a multielement array in erlangs increase antenna height increases Infrared InGaAsP input Instrumental Errors interleaving International Gateway interface International Mobile Subscriber Identification Internet Control Message Protocol Inverse Square law INVERSE SQUARE LAW ionic bonding Ionosonde Ionospheric fading characteristics Ionospheric Scintillation is greater than in free space Isaac Newton ISM Band ISM Band ISO/IEC 14443

428 In Mobile Communications, IMSI stands for: A mechanism used by hosts and gatewayr to send 429 notification of datagram problems back to the user. The power density is inversely proportional to the square of 430 the distance from the source. This law is known as Power density inversely proportional to the square of the 431 distance from the source It is the electrostatic forces of attraction between oppositely 432 charged ions. Instrument used to measure the thickness of a layer of the 433 ionosphere. FSK systems are much superior to two-tone amplitude434 modulation systems with respect to 435 Fluctuations in the amplitude and phase of the signal. 436 The wavelength of a wave in a waveguide _________. 437 First to use the word "spectrum". 438 Band of frequency BLUETOOTH operates? 439 Band used by GSM. 440 The Standard that defines proximity cards used for

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441 442 443 444

445 446 447


449 450 451 452

453 454 455

456 457 458 459 460 461

identifications, and transmissions protocols for communicating with it It is a microwave device that allows RF energy to pass through in one direction with very little loss, but absorbs RF power in the opposite direction. 228 Microwave device that allows passing of one RF signal in one direction, and block RF signal in another direction The ratios of magnetic fields are achieved by what parameter? NOT an reason why half-wave antenna is mounted horizontally at lower frequencies. An ITU radio communication standards for satellite services which provides information on the range of frequencies that can be used by fixed satellite service systems for emergency and disaster relief operations. How many voice band channels are there in a mastergroup? ITU-R recommendation for data rate at 34 Mbps, which is similar to ETSI standard. In early 1900s, he showed that any composite signal is a sum of a set of sine waves of different frequencies, phases and amplitudes. It is an undesired shift or width change in digital bits of data due to circuitry action which causes bits to arrive at different times Problem if diff. packets of data encounter different delays Who coined the term Artificial Intelligence When was the NTC MC No. 02-06-2010 approved? Designed the switch that comes b4 the banyan switch and sorts the incoming packets according to their final destinations a secret key encryption technology that is used in client/server (TCP/IP) A type of linear-beam microwave tube that uses velocity modulation of the electron beam North-South station keeping tolerance similar to East-West station keeping tolerance of plus-minus 0.05 percent is achieved in which band? ________ is the difference signal in 23 to 53 KHz of FM Stereo transmission. One complete revolution around a Smith Chart represents _________ wavelengths Separation of two holes in waveguide. The reflector of a broadside array has how many wavelengths apart from the elements? Network that connects users who are in the same general location

isolator Isolator ISWR It is more effective.

ITU-R S.1001-2 J.81 J.81 Jean-Baptiste Fourier

jitter Jitter John McCarthy June 11, 2010 K.E. Batcher Kerberos klystron Ku Band L R lambda/2 lambda/4 lambda/8 LAN

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462 IEEE 802.3 standard is more popularly known as ________. 463 IEEE 802.3 standard is ______. The process of constructing an ILD that is similar to LED 464 except that the ends are highly polished. It refers to the time it takes for a single data transaction to 465 occur or the time between requesting data and receiving it. 466 The location of a satellite is generally specified in terms of The characteristic impedance of a transmission line does not 467 depend upon its 468 In OFCC, carries ___ fiber 469 value of normalized frequency (V) for single mode A procedure that decides which device has permission to 470 transmit at a given time is called 471 In LED, Other term of bandwidth in terms of light A lasers use organic dyes enclosed in a glass tube for an active medium, dye is circulated into the tube with a pump. 472 A powerful pulse of light excites the organic dye. Pair of wires that connects the central office to the users 473 phone 474 LPDA stands for Is a redundancy error detection scheme that uses parity to determine if a transmission error has occurred within a 475 message and is sometimes called message parity. 476 128 vertical frequency on DTMF 477 In DTMF, the Vertical frequencies is also known as 478 Advantage of rigid coaxial cable. 479 Device used when the transmission line is too long. 480 Device used when the transmission line is too short. A sublayer that defines how different stations can access 481 transmission medium? Low power capability and internal power losses are 482 characteristics of what junction? It is the oldest microwave tube design which is commonly used in radar transmitters where they can generate peak 483 power levels in the megawatt range. 484 IEEE 802.6 standard? Mode filter used to eliminate higher-order frequencies in the 485 waveguide. When the characteristic impedance of the transmission line matches the output impedance of the transmitter and the 486 impedance of the antenna itself, 487 light propagation follows What MC describes the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) in 488 the Philippines? 489 Used at 6 GHz using snap-on connector. 490 Phenomenon where a sound wave comes in contact with a

LAN LAN Lasing Latency latitude & longitude length less than 36 Less than or equal to 2.045 Line Control Linedwidth Liquid Lasers Local loop Log-Periodic Dipole Array Longitudinal redundancy check low group low group frequencies Low radiation loss Lumped Capacitive Reactance Lumped Inductive Reactance MAC Magic T Magnetron MAN Mandrel Wrap Filter maximum power transfer will take place maxwell MC No. 02-06-2010 MCX Mean Flow Interaction

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491 492

493 494 495 496 497 498

499 500 501 502 503 504 505 506

507 508 509 510 511

512 513 514

mean flow field, such as scattering and refraction. ___ is a type of inertia navigation system that drives a set of actuators to maintain the alignment of the platform with the coordinates axes of the platform with the coordinates axes of a desired avigation coordinates system independent of the motion of the vehicle relative to the navigational frame. entitled to participate and exercise full voting rights in ISO A source whose output satisfies the condition of statistical independence among letters in the sequence is said to be_____. Satellite used for station keeping and remote sensing. The basic building block of the FDM hierarchy. Basic Building Block of FDM Propagation by ionization of meteor showers. In what major RF band is ground wave basically applied? Which of the following is a flat conductor separated by an insulating dielectric from a large ground plane that is usually one-quarter or one-half wavelength long? A technique that is used to minimize the pulse dispersion effect is to In Cellular Radio, MSC stands for: It is an electronic device that is used for computer communications through telephone lines. A(n) ________ is used to allow a digital signal to be transmitted on an analog channel. electronic device that is used for computer communications through telephone line Most popular HEO satellite. Which of the following is not a reason why most half-wave antennas are mounted horizontally at low frequencies? In antenna mast or tower construction, the required obstruction painting and/or lighting must be imposed on mast or tower A coding technique developed by Gifted Alliance (GA) for system information and multiplexing in the United States. Fading that occurs mostly in ionospheric circuits. Who coined the word fiber optics? Uppermost of the chained OSI model layers What is a large, complex program that can manage the common resources on most local area networks, in addition to performing the standard operating system services? Defines the rules of the conversation the message passing among the network users Part of broadcasting in a day that refers to that period of time between 1000 UTC to 2200 UTC. UTC stands for


member bodies memoryless MEO Message Channel Message Channel Meteor Scatter MF (Medium Frequency) microstrip Minimize the core diameter Mobile Switching Center modem modem Modem MOLNIYA more cost-effective more than 150 ft from the ground level. MPEG 2 Multipath Fading N. S. Kapany Network layer Network Operating System network protocol nighttime period

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515 516 517 518

Universal Time Coordinates. PPM and PWM are superior to PAM systems in Equivalent temperature of a passive system having the same noise power output of a given system. Compared to standard PCM systems, the quality of the output of a vocoder is What is the color TV system adopted by the Philippines?

Noise characteristics noise temperature not as good NTSC occurs when the central office capacity is exceeded octave omnidirectional On hook On-line Processing Transponder Optical Fiber Optimum Viewing Distance Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing OSI

519 In telephony, call blocking is: A/an _______ is a range of frequency in which the upper 520 frequency is double the lower frequency. Antennas that transmit an equal amount of energy in the 521 horizontal direction are called A term used to describe a telephone instrument whose 522 handset is on its cradle, ready to receive a ring signal 523 Also known as "Smart Sender". 524 It is the central part of the optical communication system Distance that provides the viewer with the 525 optimum immersive visual HDTV experience 526 The acronym OFDM refers to ________. The name given for a set of standards for communicating among computers in which the primary purpose is to serve as a structural guideline for exchanging information between 527 computers, workstations and networks. What is the layer of X.25 protocol responsible for routing and 528 designation procedures similar to IP? A series of pulses in which the amplitude of each pulse represents the amplitude of the information signal at a given 529 time In radar, ___ transmit in some "base arrays" rather than the 530 axis rays. Used to transfer fly something/ used in high level 531 transmission such as ,medical imaging, At exactly one-quarter wavelength, the short-circuited 532 transmission line behaves as a(an) ___________ circuit. A basic antenna connected to a transmission line plus one or more additional conductors that are not connected to the 533 transmission line form a It is a simple means of error detection. It involves the 534 addition of one extra bit to the bits that encode a character. 535 Contains the service or services intended for satellite. 536 IEEE 802.11 is define in which MAC sublayer? 537 The most commonly used digital modulation scheme. Is one in which all computers share their resources with all 538 the other computers on the network.

Packet Layer Protocol PAM Parabasal Rays Parallel A/D & flash parallel-resonant parasitic array parity Payload PCF and DCF PCM Peer-to-peer client/server network

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539 540

541 542

543 544 545 546 547

548 549 550


552 553 554


556 557

558 559

A point in the orbit of an object orbiting the earth that is located closest to Earth. Recording of heart sounds It was first noted by Heinrich Hertz in 1887 and won Albert Einstein the Nobel Prize in 1905. It refers to the emission of electrons from a clean metallic surface (phototube) when electromagnetic radiation (light waves or X-rays) falls onto that surface. The science of measuring only light waves that are visible to the human eye Is the lowest Open System Interconnection hierarchy and is responsible for the actual propagation of unstructured data bits (1s and 0s) through a transmission medium. Refers to devices supported by Bluetooth? Distortion where magnification increases with axial distance. The most common circuit used for demodulating binary FSK signals. North-South station keeping tolerance similar to East-West station keeping tolerance for C band has how many percent? Refers to the direction in space of electric vector of the electromagnetic wave radiated from an antenna and is parallel to the antenna itself. It is a result of an increase in the charge density in dielectric materials. Which is not an important characteristic of a light detector? A series of pulses in which the timing of each pulse represents the amplitude of the information signal at a given time. Contains seven bytes (56 bits) of alternating 0s and 1s that alert the receiving system to the coming frame and enable it to synchronize its input timing Responsible for format and code conversion technique. Are based from the multiplexed arrangement of basic access users who share the common facility. An AM broadcast service area in which groundwave field of 1mV/m (60dBu) is not subject to objectionable interference or objectionable fading. What principle that states that the properties of an antenna are independent of whether it is used for transmission or reception. is the network node dedicated to interfacing b/n the network and one or more printers Project of computer society of IEEE that started in 1985 which sets standards to enable intercommunication among equipment from a variety of manufacturers. It is a means of transmitting data by shifting the phase angle of the transmitted signal.

perigee phonocardiography

Photoelectric effect

Photometry Physical Layer Piconet Pincushion Distortion PLL Plus-minus 0.1 degrees Polarization polarization Power consumption PPM

preamble Presentation Layer Primary Access primary service area

Principle of reciprocity Print server Project 802 PSK

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A series of pulses, in which the timing of each pulse represents the amplitude of the information signal at a given 560 time. A phenomenon in optical fibers communication system that is caused by the difference in the propagation times of light 561 rays that take different paths down the fiber. 562 Which is not a type of pulse modulation? It is a form of digital modulation similar to PSK except the digital information is contained in both amplitude and the 563 phase of the transmitted carrier. Once modem rates exceed 1200 bps, what is the digital 564 modulation technique usually used? Modulation technique used when the bit rate exceeds 1200 565 bps. The only way to achieve high data rates with a narrowband channel is to increase the number of bits per symbol, the most reliable way to do this is to use a combination of 566 amplitude and phase modulation known as _________. A special digital modulation technique that achieves high 567 data rates in limited-bandwidth channels is called The light energy that is always emitted or absorbed in 568 discrete units It is the process of converting an infinite number of 569 possibilities to a finite number of conditions. 570 At higher frequencies, what device acts as an insulator? 571 Philippine Building Code The shape of the electromagnetic energy radiated from or 572 received by an antenna is called the A graph which shows the radiation in actual field strength of electromagnetic fields at all points which are at equal 573 distance from the antenna is known as The maximum horizontal distance between the transmitter 574 and the receiver for line of sight propagation is known as: "Ground Effects" refers to the effects on an antenna's 575 radiation pattern caused by Using radio to transmit gathered data on some particular 576 phenomenon without human monitors is known as Developed the cavity magnetron, a high-power microwave 577 oscillator. 578 Noise floor is the same as ___. What principle that states that the properties of an antenna are independent of whether it is used for transmission or 579 reception Pseudorandom implies a sequence that can be _____ but has 580 the properties of randomness. 581 Adaptive delta pulse code modulation (ADPCM) converts

Pulse Position Modulation

Pulse spreading Pulse-frequency modulation (PFM) QAM QAM QAM quadrature amplitude modulation Quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) Quanta quantization Quarter-wave Short Section RA 1096 radiation pattern Radiation Pattern radio horizon radio signals reflecting off the ground Radio telemetry Randall and Boot Receiver Output Voltage Noise Reciprocity re-created Reduced by one-half of its

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582 583 584 585

586 587

588 589

590 591 592 593 594


596 597 598 599 600 601 602 603 604 605

sound into digital signal. What happens to the T1 lines sampling rate when using ADPCM? It involves transmitting each character twice. Duplicating each data unit for the purpose of detecting errors is a form of error detection called ___________. sending data TWICE Uses mirror or reflectors This is the highest-ranking office in the DDD network in telephony in terms of the size of the geographical area served and the trunking options available. 127 highest level in DDD network FM performs better in the presence of noise and interference, provided that the deviation ratio is ___ to overcome the undesired signals. Telemetry may be defined as _____ metering. A receiver-transmitter station used to increase the communications range of VHF, UHF and microwave signals is called a(n): In a cellular telephone system, each cell site contains a ____. A mismatched transmission line is also referred to as a ___________ line. Corresponds to a resonant transmission line, and the dipole antennas describe so far have been resonant. Which of the following considerations is important when deciding between using a diode laser or an LED? In fiber optics, it is a measure of the conversion efficiency of a photodetector. It is the ratio of the output current of a photodiode to the input optical power and has the unit of amperes per watt An acoustical phenomenon wherein the sound continues to persist after the cause of sound has stopped resulting in repeated reflections is called 138 mobile to base station In Cellular Telephone Systems, these are transmissions from mobile units to base stations (Uplink) What coaxial cable has a typical minimum run length of 700 meters? Most attenuated at 400MHZ Which is properly terminated antenna? Cable design stacked up to 125 m in height ribbon.. A network topology in which data circulates from one computer to the next in sequence. network topology in which data circulates from one computer to the next in sequence What is the modular connector type used in Category 5 cable terminations?

original rate Redundancy redundancy redundancy Reflected Star coupler regional center Regional Center Relatively Large Remote Repeater repeater resonant Resonant antenna Response time


reverberation Reverse Link reverse links RG-11 RG58/U rhombic ribbon cable design (204 cables) ring RING RJ-45

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606 607 608 609 610

Unit of radiation exposure or amount of X-ray radiation that will produce 2.08x10^9 ion pairs per cubic centimetre of air at standard temperature and pressure (STP). Distinct feature of rotatable log-periodic antenna. Is a device which operates in the Network layer and it makes forwarding decisions on the basis of network addresses. Hardware flow control uses Codes that have a restriction on the number of consecutive 1s or 0s in a sequence.

Roentgen Rotates 360 degrees Router RTS and CTS Run length limited code Safe for viewing with unaided eye Samuel F.B Morse SCTP sensitometry Servers

611 Class 3A is an optical source safety class defined as ___. 612 Who invented the telegraph? Provides support for newer applications such as voice over 613 the internet 614 It is the study of the response of an image receptor to x-rays The computers that hold shared files, programs and the network operating system. They also provide access to 615 network resources to all the users of the network. This OSI Layer is responsible for network availability, data storage and processor capacity. It also determines the type 616 of dialogue available. 617 141 Layer where packet switching occurs A metal wrapped around the parabolic antenna aperture to 618 eliminate sidelobes interfering nearby stations is called Also known as Pin 21 of the RS-232 interface on D connector, this connection allows signals to be transmitted from the DCE to the attached DTE whenever there is a high probability of an error in the received data due to the quality of the 619 circuit falling below a predefined level. 620 longer wavelength 621 Used to generate sharp pulses. What is the mode of radio wave propagation that utilized ionosphere as a medium of transmission and / or reception 622 of radio signals? Responsible for providing signals to the loop sensing activity 623 and sending phone signals at the end of the loop 624 The major difficulty faced by delta modulators is What results when the analog waveform rises or drops too quickly and the codec may not be able to keep up with the 625 change? 626 Used at 4 GHz using snap-on connector. Device that a network administrator can purchase and install 627 on a network workstations What is the combination of IP address and TCP port number 628 which is used to recognize an application on a server 629 What is a diversity scheme that uses two (2) separate

Session layer Session Layer shroud

signal quality detector

Silver Bromide Single-Swing Blocking Oscillator sky wave SLIC Slope overload Slope Overload Noise SMB Sniffer socket space diversity

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630 631 632 633 634

635 636 637 638 639


641 642

643 644

antennas and receivers for each single transmitter? It is a method of switching that provides a separate physical path for each symbol Switching where signals are spaced. Travel in a straight line from the transmitting antenna to the receiving antenna. Cat 6 brown color is for ___. Apparatus for measuring blood pressure It is used in wireless applications in which stations must be able to share the medium without interception by an eavesdropper and without being subject to jamming from a malicious intruder It is a modulation and multiplexing technique that distributes the signal and its sidebands over a very wide bandwidth. The type of radio transmission that uses pseudorandomly switched transmissions is known as Is not true about OTDR A measure of mismatch in a transmission line A local area network topology in which the individual terminal, microcomputers or workstations are connected directly to a central computer. Network topology wherein individual terminals, microcomputers and workstations are connected directly to a central computer. A network topology where each device is connected to a centre point and all data is routed through that point. This are very useful pictorial representations that clearly show the protocol operations such as words or conventional drawings. A phenomenon also called stress corrosion resulting if the glass fiber is exposed to long periods of high humidity?

space switching Space Switching space wave Spare sphygmomanometer spread spectrum

Spread spectrum Spread spectrum Standardized as IEEE 802.11b standing wave ratio Star

Star Star network State Transition Diagram Static fatigue Static in line-of-sight communications. Status Word register Step index

645 Not an advantage of E layer. Is an n-bit data register inside the UART that keeps track of 646 the UARTs transmit and receive buffer registers. The abrupt change in refractive index from core to cladding 647 of fiber-optic cable is called the ___ is a type of inertia navigation system that mounts the instrument platform directly to the vehicle chassis and transforms the inertial measurements to the 648 navigation frame computationally. It is a piece of transmission line which is normally short649 circuited at the far end. 11-year _____ is a phenomenon on the surface of the sun with appearance and disappearance of dark irregularly 650 shaped areas.

Strap down

stub sunspot

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651 What device can be modulated over 400 Mbps? 652 Is a multiport bridge that provides bridging function. 653 Period during which heart contracts. General index developed by IPS and Space Station of 654 Australia. 655 T-series standard for Group A fax. 656 Combination of PCM and TDM. Telephone switch that connects only to other switches, and 657 not to individual customers. 229 Switch that only connects other switches and not 658 customers Modulation which combines encoding and modulation to 659 reduce the probability of error. Used to established a point to point connection across a 660 network. A suite of protocols that allows a wide variety of computers 661 to share the same network. _______________ is used to position samples of the 662 different message signals in non-overlapping time slots. It is a digital process that allows several connections to share 663 the high bandwidth of a link. Technique used wherein users share the high bandwidth of 664 the channel. Accessing technique used wherein each station transmits 665 information for short burst of time. A satellite access technique where each earth station transmits a short burst of information during a specific time 666 slot. ___ equipment are the devices that comply with ISDN 667 standards. ___ equipment are the devices containing non-ISDN 668 interfaces such as RS-232 and CCITT X or V series. A signal propagated in a waveguide has a full wave of electric intensity change between two further walls, and no component of the electric field in the direction of 669 propagation. The mode is 670 The most ambitious LEO constellation to date is ______. 671 Technology where PC is connected directly to phone system 672 The speed of sequence of musical notes is called? Masking that occurs when sounds do not arrive at the same 673 time. 674 What makes optical fibers immune to EMI A channel model in which the input and output alphabets x 675 and y are discrete sets and the channel is memoryless

Superluminescent Diode (SLD) Switch Systole T Index T.6 T1 tandem office Tandem Switch TCM TCP TCP/IP TDM TDM TDM TDMA TDMA ( Time Division Multiple Access) TE1 TE2

TE20 Teledesic Telephony Application Programming system tempo Temporal Masking That transmit signals is light rather than electric current The discrete memoryless channel

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Why does the downlink frequency appear to vary by several 676 kHz during a low earth orbit satellite pass? What happens to the frequency of the wave and to its wavelength when a sound wave produced in one medium 677 enters another medium with a different speed? 678 As the length of a "long-wire" antenna is increased Two antennas have gains of 5.3 dBi and 4.5 dBd, 679 respectively. Which has a greater gain? One of the advantages of DSB is the savings of great deal of power. Which of the following is the reason why it is not 680 widely used? 681 Reason why optical fiber is immune to EMI. When the signal from a mobile cellular unit drops below a 682 certain level, what action occurs? 683 VLF waves are for some types of services because What is the termed refer as the rapid degradation of output 684 signal quality with channel induced errors? Refers to the degradation of the output signal quality with 685 induced internal errors. What is the standard that addresses the optical fiber color686 coding scheme? 687 Water vapor in a transmission line MAC Protocols for LAN with stations connected topologically 688 or logically in a ring. Or IEEE 802.5 LAN standard Which of the following methods is used to lower the 689 resonant frequency of a shortened vertical antenna? Placing a metallic array on the antenna effects to increase the current at the base of the antenna, and also to make the 690 current distribution more uniform. What is this called? 691 Voice channels in GSM are ___ channels. 692 In GSM, voice channels are called: What is the device that converts energy from one form to 693 another? Propagation during spring and fall in which sunspot is 694 minimum. Consists of microwave generator, amplifier, filter, which 695 converts the IF to RF and modulating the RF for transmission. Defined as the optimum level of a test tone on a channel at 696 same point in a communication system. A balanced modulator that will used in conjuction with a microwave generator, power amplifier, and band-pass filter, up-converts the IF carrier to an RF carrier and amplifies the 697 RF to the desired output power.

The distance between the satellite and ground station is changing, causing the Doppler effect the frequency of the wave stays the same while the wavelength changes. the number of lobes increases The second antenna has a higher gain. the signal is difficult to demodulate The transmit signals are as light rather than electric current. the unit is handed off to a closer cell they are very reliable threshold effect Threshold Effect TIA-598 to reduce the deionization time TOKEN RING top hat loading Top loading Traffic traffic channels transducer Trans-Equitorial Transit Modulator transmission level point

Transmit Modulator

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700 701 702 703 704


It allows the overall complexity of the system to be broken down into individual function layers- that operate essentially by themselves. The OSI Layer responsible for data tracking as it moves through a network. It controls and ensures the end to end integrity of the data message propagated through the network between two devices. The OSI Layer responsible for data tracking as it moves through a network. It controls and ensures the end to end integrity of the data message propagated through the network between two devices. Oversees the end-to-end process of the network. OSI layer responsible for data tracking. It controls and ensures end-to-end integrity A small variable capacitance in parallel with each section of ganged capacitor is called _______. Central offices are connected by: A land mobile station used for the transmission of TV program materials and related communications from the scenes of events occurring at remote points from TV broadcast station studios to TV broadcast station.



Transport Transport Layer Transport Layer trimmer trunk lines TV Pick-up station twice the highest frequency of a signal twisted-pair copper wire Two-wire open line Unicode

706 The minimum sampling rate according to Nyquist Theorem 707 The cable used for local loops in telephone system is mainly: 708 Transmission lines are constructed via ___. What is the computer industry standard that allows to consistently manipulate text expressed in many of the 709 worlds writing system? What is the modern standard for interconnecting many types of peripheral devices to computers which is also a digital interface that uses a standardized connector (plug) for 710 all serial and parallel type devices? 711 A measure of audible sound in the presence of ultraviolet. 712 V-series standard for 33 kbps modem. Modems under ITU-T _____ standard can have a data rates 713 up to 56 kbps in the downstream direction What standard is an improvement of the V.90 standard that provides a higher upstream data transfer rate and also provides a call waiting service, in which a users data connection is put on hold when someone calls the users 714 telephone number? 715 The electric field intensity is measured in: It is the ratio of the speed of propagation on a line to that of 716 light in free-space. Regarding the design of AM antenna, what should be the 717 polarization of the radiator? 718 The electric field is perpendicular to the earths surface, the

Universal Serial Bus (USB) U-Weighting V.27 V.90

V.92 standard

V/m velocity factor vertical vertical

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719 720 721 722 723 724 725 726 727 728 729 730 731


polarization is: It is an error detection technique in which a redundant bit is appended to every data unit so that the total number of 1s in the unit (including the parity bit) becomes even. The height above the earths surface from which a refracted wave appears to have been reflected What navigation system used for civil and military aircraft is not a passive user? A network that is composed of a smaller LAN that are closely link. It is needed for areas spread out geographically What pertains to a person who tries to pick up someone elses wireless LAN signals? Most efficient transfer of energy is done by what medium? The dispersion of light in fiber-optic cable caused by a portion of the light energy traveling in the cladding is called It is the distance between two wave fronts having the same phase at any given instant. Dispersion that occurs when signals travel in the cladding instead of in the core. The protocol use by the card readers OFDM was developed by ___. An antenna made up of a driven element and one or more parasitic elements is generally referred to as a Which of the following antenna types is not designed for transmitting at 10 Ghz This is often used to cure the problem of great thickness required of lenses used at lower microwave frequencies or for strong curved wavefronts.

vertical redundancy check virtual height VOR WAN war driver Waveguide Waveguide dispersion wavelength Wavelength Dispersion Wiegand Protocol Wi-LAN Yagi antenna Zepp antenna Zoning