The Lord bade come forth but in life’s throw of dice Came fourth and lost but in retrospect

of 3 days of Easter moved on from the 3rd of Christmas CHRIST !S Consecrated Humanity Ri"hteous In Sanctimonious Transparency $f veils and turbans of the %ay %ar# !byss yo#e In a world of desperate separate %espairin" hope Humanity no soap &or not but dopes $f hemp I smo#e The 'ama#a I fear most !t the head I vision the (ope !las with no rope $ne day all to"ether heavenly )mas in common place of common lie *&ine words and an insinuatin" appearance are seldom associated with true virtue+ as#in" !rtificial Self

The truth was always there front and center before their eyes belies the lies of their resurrection to the heavens in spiritual tran,uility -

http.//en0wi#ipedia0or"/wi#i/1in"dom2of23od The Catechism of the Catholic Church 4CCC5 teaches that the comin" Rei"n of 3od will be a #in"dom of love6 peace6 and 7ustice0893: ;ustice is defined as a virtue whereby one respects the ri"hts of all persons6 livin" in harmony and e,uity with all089<: The 1in"dom of 3od be"an with Christ=s death and Resurrection and must be further e>tended by Christians until it has been brou"ht into perfection by Christ at the end of time0 89?: The Christian does this by livin" the way Christ lived6 by thin#in" the way Christ thou"ht6893: and by promotin" peace and 7ustice089@: This can be accomplished by discernin" how the Holy Spirit 43od5 is callin" one to act in the concrete circumstances of one=s life089@: Christians must also pray6 as#in" 3od for what is necessary to cooperate with the comin" of 3od=s 1in"dom0 89A: ;esus "athered disciples to be the seed and the be"innin" of 3od=s Rei"n on earth6 and ;esus sent the Holy Spirit to "uide them089B: ;esus continues to call all people to come to"ether around him89C: and to spread the 1in"dom of 3od across the entire world083D: However6 the ultimate triumph of Christ=s 1in"dom will not come about until Christ=s return to earth at the end of time083-: %urin" Christ=s second comin"6 he will 7ud"e the livin" and the dead0 $nly those who are 7ud"ed to be ri"hteous and 7ust will rei"n with Christ forever0839: Christ=s second comin" will also mar# the absolute defeat of all evil powers6 includin" Satan0833: Entil then6 the comin" of the 1in"dom will continue to be attac#ed by evil powers as Christians wait with hope for the second comin" of their Savior083<: This is why Christians pray to hasten Christ=s return by sayin" to him F aranathaGF which means FCome6 Lord ;esusGF083?: http.//en0wi#ipedia0or"/wi#i/ResurrectionHE>ternal2lin#s Iombies became a popular device in modern horror fiction6 lar"ely because of the success of 3eor"e !0 Romero=s -C@B film Ji"ht of the Livin" %ead8-A: and they have appeared as plot devices in various boo#s6 films and in television shows0 Iombie fiction is now a siKeable subL"enre of horror6 usually describin" a brea#down of civiliKation occurrin" when most of the population become fleshLeatin" Kombies M a Kombie apocalypse0 The monsters are usually hun"ry for human flesh6 often specifically brains0 Sometimes they are victims of a fictional pandemic illness causin" the dead to reanimate or the livin" to behave this way6 but often no cause is "iven in the story0 http.//en0wi#ipedia0or"/wi#i/End2time Nhile some who believe in the literal interpretation of the Oible insist that the prediction of dates or times is futile6 some other writers believe that ;esus foretold of si"ns which would indicate that the Fend of daysF was near0 Some of these si"ns include earth,ua#es6 natural disasters6 civil problems6 Fwars and rumors of wars6F and other catastrophes0 $f the precise time6 however6 it will come li#e a Fthief in the ni"htF 4- Thess0 ?.950

3enocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction6 in whole or in part6 of an ethnic6 racial6 reli"ious6 or national "roup08-: Nhile a precise definition varies amon" "enocide scholars6 a le"al definition is found in the -C<B Enited Jations Convention on the (revention and (unishment of the Crime of 3enocide 4C((C350 !rticle 9 of this convention defines "enocide as Fany of the followin" acts committed with intent to destroy6 in whole or in part6 a national6 ethnical6 racial or reli"ious "roup6 9

as such. #illin" members of the "roupP causin" serious bodily or mental harm to members of the "roupP deliberately inflictin" on the "roup conditions of life6 calculated to brin" about its physical destruction in whole or in partP imposin" measures intended to prevent births within the "roupP 8and: forcibly transferrin" children of the "roup to another "roup0F89: Oecause of the influence of ;oseph Stalin6

this definition of genocide under international law

does not include political groups.


!nother criticism of the C((C3 is that when its provisions have been invo#ed by the Enited Jations Security Council6 they have only been invo#ed to punish those who have already committed "enocide and

been foolish enough to leave a paper trail.
It was this criticism that led to the adoption of EJ Security Council Resolution -@A< by the Enited Jations Security Council on 9B !pril 9DD@ commits the Council to action to protect civilians in armed conflict and to protect populations from "enocide6 war crimes6 ethnic cleansin" and crimes a"ainst humanity0 3enocide scholars such as 3re"ory Stanton have postulated that conditions and acts that often occur before6 durin"6 and after "enocideQ such as dehumaniKation of victim "roups6 stron" or"aniKation of "enocidal "roups6 and denial of "enocide by its perpetratorsQ can be identified and

actions taken to stop genocides before they happen.
Critics of this approach such as %ir# oses assert that this is unrealistic and that6 for e>ample6

"Darfur will end when it suits the great powers that have a stake in the region".

e not here today in remembrance of mama E M other Earth for li#e a thief in the ni"ht !ll "one superseded as their minds &or the "reat powers were the se"re"ated self in Enited Jations solidarity www0!men@@@0com Out wait www0(alsC(R0com (opulace a"ainst law societies Coherent (eople Resurrection http.//www0scribd0com/doc/-BDD3@9B@/ItalianLpoliticiansLa"reeLtoLaidLa"ainstLlastLRatKL(ope



new F7esuit popeF francis0 controlled by blac# pope
!nd then turned the pa"e to <th when their minds came forth to focus on thin air in common interest

&orthri"ht &orthwith &orthcomin" &&&

In the name of 3od of6 for and with the (eople NT& http.//www0youtube0com/watchRvSEb!CC3f@,Lc

&&& &ic#le &ate &in"er

$n pa"e five turned a new leaf movin" on to @th sense


Nhere there’s thin air there must be "old from onshore drillin" traced to offshore accounts !ccountin" to how they found the 3old in Tatican crypts repos un#nowin"ly but of course proclaimin" doin" 3od’s wor# &or they had chanced upon the true nature of )mas yet unaware to this very day and on to perpetuity

(irate planet ) masticatin" alien salacious mortals self proclaimed 3od’s were smothered in own environment for there were no 3old returns from Earth as natural bias repos had ta#en place in 3od’s "race The pirates had intended to leave Earth as they did ars and 3od #nows how many others of His Eniverse

'es Indeed U the Lord wor#s in mysterious ways ?

$n the @th a brand new due process restin" on the Ath to an eventuality of 9</A for the people had Chosen 7obs they li#e never to wor# a day in their lives

ES( Elementary Solidarity (rofitcy



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