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Radar Electronic Warfare Electromagnetics and Optics Antennas and Arrays Microwave and RF Communications


2008-2009 Catalog of New & Best Selling Technical Publications

A Message from the Publisher

Ten years ago the rst SciTech publication rolled off the presses: Introduction to Airborne Radar, 2nd Edition by George W. Stimson. I wish every product we publish could be as successful: six printings and 30,000 copies in circulation. We strive to maintain that same high level of quality, that same emphasis on timeless principles and practical application for working engineers, and, most recently, the support of todays ECE education through price control, computer simulations, and textbook support materials for readers and instructors. In short, we make products with an old-fashioned view towards quality peer reviews, copy editing, proofreading and a deep respect for our authors and customers. We take everything personally, in the best sense of that expression.

Dudley R. Kay

With the acquisition of Noble Publishing in 2006, our author and customer base has expanded from military/defense applications to a broader range of both military and commercial subjects in radar, electronic warfare, antennas, microwave/rf and wireless, optics, applied math and computational electromagnetics. In the coming 2008-2009 publishing year, we will publish more original new books and revisions than we have published cumulatively in the past ve years, a tribute to the word-of-mouth praise for our efforts, I believe. Our distribution is global with partners Login Brothers of Canada, Eurospan, Applied Media of India, and iGroup for all of Southeast Asia and Australia/New Zealand. Major training companies come to SciTech to ll their needs, with condence in our best prices and timely service, too. Good authors, we know, often emerge from the ranks of our best customers. You are our most important resource, a partner in knowledge and the awesome challenge of enlightening an eagerly awaiting world of students, new and experienced engineers who have never stopped learning. What wonderful company we keep. On behalf of the team of SciTech Publishing staff, authors, and advisors, all our best wishes,
P.S. May I speak with you about YOUR writing plans? Please contact me directly.
Dudley R. Kay
Founder and President SciTech Publishing, Raleigh, NC

Radar . . . . . . . . . . . . . pages 1-4 Electronic Warfare . . . . pages 4-5 Electromagnetics and Optics . . . . . . . . . . . . page 6 Antennas and Arrays . . . . page 7 Microwave and RF . . . . pages 8-9 Communications Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . page 10 Technology Reference . . . page 11 RF & Microwave CD Videos . . . . . . . . . pages 12-13


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Destined to be the leading radar textbook and reference by Georgia Techs Mark Richards, William Holm and James Scheer.


Principles of Modern Radar

Vol. I: Basic Principles
Hardcover, 750 pages, Est. 2009 ISBN13: 9791891121524

List Price $129.95

Now, a modern core textbook for university and training courses that offers just the right balance of quantitative rigor in support of the essential principles. Draws on the extensive experience of nineteen contributors who teach Defense short courses and perform active research within their specialty areas. Care taken to blend all chapters into a coherent, consistent whole

Vol. II: Advanced Radar Techniques & Applications

List Price $99.95

Principles of Modern Radar

Hardcover, 450 pages, Est. 2009 ISBN13: 9791891121531

Electronic Warfare & Information Operations

Extensive graphics developed over many years of teaching Extensive problem sets with partial answers - with solutions available for instructors Quantity discounts for training courses

Volumes 1 & II as a Set for Substantial Savings!


Assuming the background knowledge built in Volume I, Volume II addresses emerging technologies and advanced radar techniques. Mathematical tools and models show the integration of concepts that affect entire systems. Employs unifying themes such as matched filters, coherent integration, and digital implementation

Introduction to Airborne Radar, 2nd Ed.

George W. Stimson Hughes Aircraft Company (retired)
Hardcover, 584 pages, 1998 ISBN13: 9781891121012

List Price $145.00


! er ell S st Be

An all-time favorite among engineers, managers and pilots for its accessible level and graphical full color format. Presents the basics in 14 chapters and builds on that knowledge to present systems, specic radars, countermeasures, counter-countermeasures, and emerging technologies and applications. Anything mathematical or complex is set off in a blue box that can be skipped by the reader Side notes in the margins provide helpful comments and caveats Historical paintings and modern photos enhance interest and understanding In its 6th printing with 30,000 copies sold worldwide

Also on CD as a searchable PDF handy for travel and home study. Buy both and save 50% off the CD price!

Understanding Radar: The ABCs of How Radar Systems Work

Arnold E. Acker
CD, 2008 ISBN13: 9781891121173

Radar Principles for the Non-Specialist, 3rd Ed.

J. C. Toomay and Paul J. Hannen
Hardcover and Paperback, 300 pages, 2004 ISBN13: 9781891121340

Antennas & Arrays

List Price $59.00 PB, $85.00 HB

List Price $99.00

Self-teaching program presents the fundamentals and operations of radar for those needing a broad overview. With limited math, provides concepts and techniques for emerging applications. Lesson quizzes include scoring and help links that test understanding and remedy learning deficiencies Uses static pictures and animations with text explanations

One of the best-selling and popular texts distills the complex technology of radar to fundamentals by tying them to the laws of nature. Denes meanings of each term, moving through antennas, detection and tracking, radar crosssection, waveforms and signal processing, and systems applications. Includes 97 figures, 6 tables, 253 equations; 61 exercises that reinforce concepts and real-life applications Concise, self-contained chapters, glossary of key terms, chapter exercises with solutions in Word and Mathcad - as web download

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Understanding Radar Systems

Simon Kingsley and Shaun Quegan
Hardcover, 384 pages, 1999 ISBN13: 9781891121050

Fundamentals of Ground Radar: for Air Trafc Control Engineers and Technicians
Ronald Bouwman FAA (Retired)
Hardcover, 560 pages, 2009 ISBN13: 9781891121753

Microwave & Radio Frequency

List Price $85.00

Extensive coverage of the specialized language and calculations of modern radar engineering. Covers Over-the-Horizon Radar, Synthetic Aperture Radar, Ground-probing Radar, Bistatic Radar; based on real radar systems rather than theoretical studies. Provides technical analysis of the future of radar, based on systems currently in use or development Practical concepts that apply to all radar systems, minimal math

List Price $129.00

Unique approach combines historical insight and technical information; hard to find information is presented in an easy-to-access style. Topics including moving-target-indicator (MTI), moving-target-detector (MTD, and air traffic control radar beacon systems (ATCRBS) receive distinctive treatment. Theory explanations are easy and useful for all background levels; abundant illustrations aid the reader in visualizing and assimilating concepts End of chapter review problems, answers provided separately

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Radar Handbook, 3rd Ed.

Merrill I. Skolnik
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Hardcover, 1200 pages, 2008 ISBN13: 9780071485470

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List Price $ $165.00

Thoroughly updated bible reference on radar technology provides the foremost trends and advances of the past seventeen years. Covers the entire scope of the eldfrom basic theory to real-world applications. Each of the 25 chapters is written by an expert in the eld; nearly 75 percent of the material is new.

Electronic Warfare & Information Operations

Classic chapters from the previous edition have been revised by a new generation of radar experts Includes detailed discussions about modern radar transmitters and receivers Covers development and application of both civilian and military radar, reflecting growth in utility and in improved technology in digital methods for improved signal processing, data processing, decision-making, flexible radar control, and multifunction radar

Phased-Array Radar Design: Application of Radar Fundamentals

Tom Jeffrey
Hardcover, 320 pages, 2008 ISBN13: 9781891121692

Design of Multi-Frequency CW Radars

Mohinder Jankiraman
Hardcover, 350 pages, 2007 ISBN13: 9781891121562

List Price $89.00

List Price $129.00


Concise text focuses on surface-based radars and the relationship between mission-level and specic hardware/software requirements and capabilities. Covers all phases of design and development, including development of initial concepts, system requirements, system architecture, hardware/software subsystem requirements, detailed algorithms, and system integration and tests. Provides a hands on and how to perspective applying radar theory to design and analysis Overviews radar reference architectures for modern phased-array radars (ESA) radars); 15 chapters with many illustrations

Features design tools for development, design, and analysis of high- resolution radar systems for commercial/military applications and PANDORA, LPI radar. Theory of design and analysis of Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) radar systems software (MATLAB and C++) provided to guide calculations for radar parameters and ambiguity function analysis. Introduces FMCW theory; provides design details, performance of recent FMCW radars. Discusses signal level calculations, phase noise estimates/measurements, self-noise considerations and estimated dynamic range

Radar Design Principles: Signal Processing and the Environment, 2nd Ed.

Radar Detection
J. V. DiFranco and W. L. Rubin
Paperback, 654 pages, 2004 ISBN13: 9781891121364

Antennas & Arrays

Fred E. Nathanson, J. Patrick Reilly, and Marvin N. Cohen

Paperback, 650 pages, 1999 ISBN13: 9781891121500

List Price $115.00

List Price $115.00

Sourcebook on radar design offers coverage of digital technology, weather radar, microburst detection, and digital correlators. Provides broad look at modern theory, reviews developments in practical equipment design and construction. Includes chapters on equations and detection theory, waveforms, signal processing, radar targets and propagation Emphasis on specialized radar techniques: scattering from simple shapes, polarization properties, RCS distributions, and frequency agility effects

Comprehensive tutorial about radar detection; uses mathematical statistical methods and techniques. Divided into six parts: covers radar detection problems, mathematical tools, tutorial expositions, classical signal-to-noise, and posteriori theories. Statistical decision theory; applies sequential detection theory to the radar detection problem Includes Marcus and Swerling test strategy, and development of Bayes decision rules and Bayes receivers

Bistatic Radar
Microwave & Radio Frequency
Nicholas J. Willis
Paperback, 329 pages ISBN10: 9781891121456

Advances in Bistatic Radar

Buy both as a set for exceptional savings ! Check the website for latest savings. Nicholas J. Willis and Hugh D. Grifths, Editors
Hardcover, 494 pages. 2007 ISBN10: 9781891121487

List Price


List Price


Accessible and rigorous, this is useful for professional reference as well as classroom use.

New and recently declassified military applications are documented; civil applications are detailed including commercial and scientific systems. Bistatic/Multistatic Radar Systems and Bistatic Clutter and Signal Processing are the two major sections covered in this text. Documents unclassified bistatic clutter scattering coefficient database, and theory and analysis supporting its development Written by leading bistatic radar experts; updates new developments in bistatic radar since 1990

Extends developments from where Bistatic Radar left off. New and recently declassified military applications are documented; civil applications are detailed including commercial and scientific systems. Bistatic/Multistatic Radar Systems and Bistatic Clutter and Signal Processing are the two major sections. Documents unclassified bistatic clutter scattering coefficient database, and theory and analysis supporting its development Contributions from leading bistatic radar experts: Barton, Skolnik, Weiner, Melvin, Lyons, Simpson, Sahr, etc.

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Introduction to Sensors for Imaging and Ranging

Graham M. Brooker University of Sydney
Hardcover, 600 pages, 2009 ISBN13: 9781891121746


List Price $ $99.00

Provides solid background in active sensing technology at an accessible level for non-specialists and managers. Beginning with signal generation, followed by radiometry; the core focus is on active sensing, starting with basics of time-of-ight sensors through the derivation of the radar range equation. Also addresses range measurement process, active imaging, Doppler processing, target tracking along with other basic concepts. Extensive use of worked examples based on sensors Examples illustrate the process of designing a sensor for a particular application; ranges from design of ship-borne fire control radar to UAV based lidar

Electronic Warfare & Information Operations

572 figures: 20% are photographs, drawings and 25 tables

Radar Foundations for Imaging and Advanced Concepts

Roger J. Sullivan
Paperback, 476 pages, 2004 ISBN13: 9781891121227

Understanding Synthetic Aperture Radar Images (with CD)

Chris Oliver and Shaun Quegan
Paperback, 464 pages, 2004 ISBN13: 9781891121319

List Price $105.00

List Price $109.00


Comprehensive look at imaging radar; covers essential quantitative aspects of general radar by providing relevant applications and advanced concepts. Best source of basic airborne radar understanding, as well as a broad introduction to the eld of radar imaging. Essential reference features theory and practical application of formulas used daily in radar design Considered by many to offer the clearest chapters on SAR and ISAR

Describes how SAR imagery is formed and how processing affects image properties. Shows how to produce higher quality SAR images using datadriven algorithms, and how to apply new techniques to measure and analyze image content. Gives specific guidance for selections and application of analytical techniques Real-world examples from various SAR systems CD provides lite version of authors InfoSAR program

Spotlight-Mode Synthetic Aperture Radar: A Signal Processing Approach

Publisher: Springer Hardcover, 448 pages, 1996 ISBN13: 9780792396772

Introduction to RF Stealth (with CD)

David Lynch, Jr.
Hardcover, 560 pages, 2004 ISBN13: 9781891121210

Charles V. Jakowatz, Paul Thompson, Daniel E. Wahl, Paul H. Eichel and Dennis C. Ghiglia

Antennas & Arrays

List Price $149.00

List Price $139.00

Comprehensive look at imaging radar; covers essential quantitative Describes several modern areas in the complex subject of SAR processing: interferometric SAR for change detection and terrain elevation mapping, or modern non-parametric approaches to SAR autofocus. Discusses interferometry, from spotlight-mode SAR imagery, that is an important topic currently the subject of extensive research Understanding of basic signal processing concepts is required

Provides designers with proven basis for new stealth technology developments covering everything from Electronic Order of Battle to key component design. Completely explains rst order methods for the design of active and passive stealth properties. Practical How to approach incorporates recipes and examples for estimation of critical performance parameters Includes 368 figures, 74 tables, 328 equations and 108 items of analytical software and extensive sets of data and appendices on an CDROM

Eugene F. Knott, Michael T. Tuley, and John F. Shaeffer

Hardcover, 611 pages, 2004 ISBN10: 9781891121258

Radar Cross Section, 2nd Ed.

List Price $109.00

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Radar Cross Section Measurements

Eugene F. Knott
List Price

Microwave & Radio Frequency

Hardcover, 546 pages, 2006 ISBN13: 9781891121555


Covers all aspects of Radar Cross Section (RCS), from definition, measurement and prediction, to testing targets (indoors and out). Clearly explains comparison of two radar signal strengths, so a novice can make close predictions. Shows how the RCS gauge can be predicted for theoretical objects and how it can be measured for real targets Provides a critical foundation for engineers involved in planning RCS test programs or evaluating test results

Explains how RCS is measured on test range, and how testing is tailored to meet specific requirements. Provides basic and advanced information on instrumentation systems, test range design, and measurement technology. Presents rules of good measurement practice; rules assure that the electromagnetic test environment is optimized for the particular object being measured Chapters describe design and operation of outdoor test ranges, indoor chambers, dynamic test ranges, and near-field (compact) ranges

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Radar Signal Analysis and Processing Using MATLAB

Bassem R. Mahafza
List Price $ $99.95
Using congurable MATLAB code, this book shows how to apply signal processing to radar applications with many examples and problems to illustrate practical application. It explores radar target detection and pulse integration, emphasizing the constant false alarm rate. It also covers the stretch processor, the moving target indicator, radar Doppler processing, beamforming, and adaptive array processing. Publisher: CRC Press Hardcover, 504 pages, 2008 ISBN13: 9781420066432

Electronic Warfare & Information Operations

Presents easy-to-follow mathematical derivations of all equations and formulas Includes a complete set of downloadable MATLAB functions and routines Contains numerous graphical plots, common radar-related functions, table format outputs, and end-of-chapter problems

Radar System Analysis and Modeling (with CD)

David K. Barton
Publisher: Artech House Hardcover, 700 pages, 2005 ISBN13: 9781580536813

Airborne Early Warning System Concepts, 3rd Ed.

Maurice W. Long
Hardcover, 476 pages, 2004 ISBN13: 9781891121326

List Price $137.00

List Price $115.00


Comprehensive introduction to radar systems design and performance estimation. Presents knowledge to specify, evaluate, or apply radar technology in civilian or military systems; accurate detection range equations to realistically estimate radar performance. Modeling procedures to analyze enemy systems or evaluate radar integrated into new weapon systems; covers ECM and ECCM for both surveillance and tracking CD-ROM contains example calculations, exercise problems, and analysis programs written in MathCad 11 and HTML

Comprehensive discourse of airborne early warning (AEW) system concepts and enabling technologies. Covers wide range of issues, including capabilities and limitations, developmental trends and opportunities for improvement. Consists of contributions from experts in the field, presented at varying levels of complexity Photographs of early and modern AEW aircraft; separate chapters emphasize radar surveillance issues and other topics

Electronic Warfare

Dave Adamy, former president of the Association of Old Crows and popular short course instructor, presents EW concepts simply and clearly in these four books.
Antennas & Arrays

EW101: A First Course in Electronic Warfare

David L. Adamy
Hardcover, 328 pages, 2001 ISBN13: 9781580531696

EW102: A Second Course in Electronic Warfare

David L. Adamy
Hardcover, 276 pages, 2004 ISBN13: 9781580536868

List Price $103.00

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List Price $103.00

Concise, well-illustrated examinations of critical topics such as: antenna parameters, receiver sensitivity, processing tasks, and search strategies, LPI signals, jamming, communication links, and simulation. Chapters dene key terms and explain how and why particular technologies are relevant to electronic defense.

Extends concepts from EW101 to include tutorials on radar characteristics, infrared and electro-optical systems, signal jamming, spectrum spreading, satellite communications, and emitter location systems. Includes challenging problem set for each class of EW technology, complete with solutions. Index cross-references EW 102 with EW101.

Microwave & Radio Frequency

Introduction to Electronic Warfare Modeling and Simulation

David L. Adamy
Paperback, 240 pages, 2006 ISBN13: 9781891121623

Practical Communication Theory

David L. Adamy
Hardcover, 160 pages, 1994 ISBN13: 9781885897046

List Price $50.00

List Price $65.00

Systems level coverage of entire eld of electronic warfare modeling and simulation; includes chapters describing basic electronic warfare concepts. Explores EW applications and techniques and the radio frequency spectrum, with primary emphasis on HF (high frequency) to microwave.

Provides techniques to generate accurate antenna, receiver and propagation answers to communications, electronic warfare and reconnaissance system questions. Covers challenging conditions, receiver sensitivity, link equation, communication link, and signal-to-noise ratio.

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Introduction to Electronic Defense Systems

2nd Edition
Filippo Neri
Paperback, 644 pages, 2006 ISBN13: 9781891121494

List Price $109.00

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This revised edition offers a thorough, up-to-date survey of sophisticated weapon and electronic warfare systems and covers recent technological advances. Includes indepth explanation of modern radar techniques such as digital receivers, SAR/SSAR/ISAR/DBS, LPI radar, and more), the latest advances in infrared techniques (Rosette Scan seeker analysis, DIRCM, etc.) and EW techniques (DRFM, Digital Receiver, New Passive Location systems, DRFM, Solid State technology, High Resolution Radar Jamming, etc.) as well as an introduction to Information Operations and Information Warfare. Shows how sophisticated EW weapon systems work and how these weapons can be intercepted and electronically jammed Explains how EW systems operate, the advantages and drawbacks of each system, and the theories on which these systems are based Includes 320 illustrations and 360 equations

Electronic Warfare & Information Operations

Classic, authoritative works by EW-expert James Tsui of the Air Force Research Lab

Microwave Receivers with Electronic Warfare Applications

James B. Tsui
Paperback, 608 pages, 2005 ISBN13: 9781891121401

Digital Techniques for Wideband Receivers, 2nd Edition

James B. Tsui


List Price $109.00

Denitive work on electronic warfare (EW) receiver design and performance. Relevant insight into EW receivers or for need to know intricate details of cause and effect behavior in EW receiver theory and design.

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Paperback, 608 pages, 2004 ISBN13: 9781891121265

List Price $109.00

Comprehensive design guide for digital processing work on complex receiver systems. Provides current information on wideband electronic warfare receivers, the ADC testing procedure, frequency channelization and decoding schemes, and the operation of monobit receivers.

Microwave Passive Direction Finding

Stephen E. Lipsky
List Price $95.00
Paperback, 320 pages, 2004 ISBN13: 9781891121234

ELINT: The Interception and Analysis of Radar Signals

Richard Wiley
Hardcover, 478 pages, 2006 ISBN13: 9781580539258

Antennas & Arrays

List Price $139.00

Classic and authoritative reference presents Direction Finding (DF) theory with wide-ranging information on the technology of measuring the direction-of-arrival of microwave signals. Covers systems concepts: digital preprocessing, supercommutation, and wide RF bandwidth signal detection methods. Diagrams and photographs depict discussed methods, and equations and charts facilitate a hands-on approach to calculating system performance.

Updating the authors two denitive volumes on electronic intelligence (ELINT), this is your indispensable reference on radars role in ELINT. Starting with the basic theory of range equations and probability of intercept, the book examines ELINT systems characteristics, performance issues, and essential functions. Gives new insight into PRI and intrapulse analysis to obtain better results and more data for identifying signals.

Purchase the 3-volume set of The History of Electronic Warfare by Dr. Alfred Price for only $99.00 The History of US Electronic Warfare, Volume I
Hardcover, 312 pages, 1984 ISBN13: 9789996430886

The History of US Electronic Warfare, Volume II

Hardcover, 391 pages, 1989 ISBN13: 9789991416892

The History of US Electronic Warfare, Volume III

Hardcover, 608 pages, 2000 ISBN13: 9780970379405

Microwave & Radio Frequency

List Price $39.00

List Price $49.00

List Price $59.00

Covers the beginnings of eletronic warfare through WWII.

Discusses the Cold War through 1964.

Vol. III traces upsurges in technology establishing electronic warfare as a major defense and security component.

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Fundamentals of Electromagnetics with MATLAB, 2nd Ed

(with 2CDs)

Karl LonngrenUniversity of Iowa Sava SavovTechnical University at Varna Randy JostUtah State University
Hardcover, 576 pages, 2007 ISBN13: 9781891121586

List Price $119.00

Successful and widely-adopted introductory textbook offers unmatched flexibility and modern approaches to a classical subject through use MATLAB, extensive examples, creative problem sets, animations, and a dedicated website packed with ever-growing student and instructor resources. Transmission Lines is a 100% independent chapter that can be placed anywhere in the syllabus MATLAB is offered plentifully but optionally as a problem-solving and visualization tool An 11-lesson MATLAB tutorial, using M-files from the text, is offered FREE to adopters Price is ALWAYS maintained 25% or more below competing books SciTech support, response, and text enhancement available 24/7 through our dedicated website Supplemental texts like Nasars (below) discounted to students of adopting schools Intermediate and Advanced EM texts are half-price to adopting schools Learn more at

Electronic Warfare & Information Operations

2008 + Solved Problems in Electromagnetics

Paperback, 467 pages, 2007 ISBN13: 9781891121463

Syed NasarUniversity of Kentucky - Emeritus

List Price $34.95

The Finite Difference Time Domain Method for Electromagnetics: with MATLAB Simulations
Atef Elsherbeni and Veysel Demir
Hardcover, 484 pages, 2009 ISBN13: 9781891121715


List Price $119.00

A valuable learning resource for students and those refreshing their understanding of electromagnetics. Topics (Vector Analysis, Electrostatics, Magnetostatics, Maxwells Equations, Plane Waves, Transmission Lines, Waveguides, Cavity Resonators, and Antennas) are presented with an array of problems, followed by solutions. Learn the best strategies for solving tough problems in step-by-step detail Great instructors resource for homework, quizzes, and exams

For graduate student courses and EM practitioner use, this innovative book presents fundamentals uses of the FDTD method with the help of MATLAB to build solutions and visualize results. Equations are built step-by-step and many M-le codes are supplied. Instructors can obtain them all upon adoption. Detailed explanations take readers from conceptual understanding to actual program development Fully functional MATLAB codes are provided

Electronic Applications of the Smith Chart

Phillip H. Smith

Electromagnetic Field Measurements in the Near Field

Hubert Trzaska
List Price
Hardcover, 232 pages, 2001 ISBN13: 978188492106

Antennas & Arrays

Hardcover, 264 pages, 1995 ISBN13: 9781884932397

List Price



Explains how the Smith Chart is used for designing lumped element and transmission line circuits. A tutorial on transmission line theory and behavior, circuit representation on the chart, matching networks, network transformations and broadband matching. Includes a new chapter with examples designs and description of the winSMITH software accessory Training tool that is a display grid on computer and instrument screens Smith chart transparencies are included

Presents specic problems of EMF measurements in the near eld; examines main factors limiting measurement accuracy. Describes methods that provide accurate data ensuring improved measurement standards surrounding potential health risks of elds. Measuring methods are examined for electromagnetic fields (EMF) electric fields and magnetic fields Measurement discussions include power density and photonic EMF measurements

Microwave & Radio Frequency

Introduction to the Smith Chart

Glenn Parker
CD with 12 page manual, 2003 ISBN13: 9781884932489

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winSMITH 2.0
Agilent Technologies
CD with Manual, 1998 ISBN13: 9781884932908

List Price $149.00

List Price


Ideal supplement to Electronic Applications of the Smith Chart by Philip Smith. Combination is best way to start using the Smith Chart, an important tool in microwave and RF design. course contains 50 minutes of video Topics include: gamma plane, rotation through transmission lines, transmission line matching, synthesis techniques for broadband matching, resistance circles and reactance arcs, using winSmith software, Admittance Smith Chart, radially scaled parameters, lumped-element matching, lossy lines

Program automates the graphical solution of transmission line and lumped element matching networks of the Smith Chart. Simplies the process with computerized screen graphics offering speed, accuracy, repeatability, and data readout in multiple formats. Excellent training aid for RF and microwave circuit design Presents power of the Smith charts ability to present complex data visually, making possible informed judgments regarding transmission line systems, measured data, antennas, matching and other networks

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Antennas: Fundamentals, Design, Measurement, 3rd Ed. Deluxe version with

Lamont Blake and Maurice W. Long
List Price $99.00
Hardcover, 650 pages, 2009 ISBN13: 9781891121784


Mathcad 14.0 CD


Professional level text on antenna principles, design, analysis, and measurements. This edition updates and expands original text to include: Antennas with Special Properties, Electronically Steered Arrays, and Measurements. Updated appendices to new text and CD-ROM provides data analyses and Mathcad les. Retains the clarity of writing and minimum of required math and theory so that a broad range of readers will benefit Problems and exercises are provided for homework or self-study tests of understanding Material and reviews provided by leading antenna experts and instructors: Donald Bodnar, Mark Mitchell, Ed Joy, and Andrew Peterson

Electronic Warfare & Information Operations

Introduction to Antenna Fundamentals Only $29

Steven Best
CD, 2004 ISBN13: 9781884932366

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Antenna Design and Visualization Using MATLAB Only $49

Atef Z. Elsherbeni and Matthew J. Inman
CD, 2006 ISBN13: 9781891121395

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use code ANTATEF

List Price $129.00

Tutorial A-V lecture provides a fundamental yet detailed discussion on antenna properties, design considerations, types of antennas, and RF propagation issues. This first lesson of a three course series of lectures presents an overview of specific antennas used in wireless communications markets. Classification of antennas and antenna performance characteristics Requires: Windows 98SE/2000/NT/XP or higher, Pentium II 333 MHz or faster, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, Sound card Windows Media Player

List Price $89.00

Interactive program for the visualization, design, and synthesis of antennas and associated arrays; allows for the design of many common types of elements. Visualization options permit inspection of the radiation pattern in full 3-D or in multiple 2-D and 3-D plane cuts. 110 page User Manual (Version 1.6) Comprehensive list of various types of antenna elements


Antenna Engineering Handbook, 4th Ed.

John L. Volakis
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Hardcover, 1400 pages
ISBN13: 9780071475747

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List Price $175.00

Authoritative antenna sourcebook reects the latest developments in engineering and design. Includes topics critical to successful antenna design and engineering: measurement techniques and computational methods, materials guide, wave propagation basics, microwave circuits and matching techniques. Also includes, diversity and MIMO propagation models, frequency selective surfaces and metamaterials. 1500 illustrations, 59 chapters with 21 new chapters from the previous edition, full-color insert illustrating many commercial and military antennas Step-by-step guidance on most antennas (modern and classic) More than 50 of the leading names in the field have completely updated this classic authoritative text with contributions from over 80 antenna experts

Antennas & Arrays

Microstrip and Printed Antenna Design 2nd Edition

Microstrip and Printed Antenna Design, 2nd Ed.

Randy Bancroft
Hardcover, 250 pages, 2009 ISBN13: 9781891121739

Introduction to Adaptive Arrays

Robert A. Monzingo and Thomas W. Miller
Paperback, 544 pages, 2004 ISBN13: 9781891121241

Microwave & Radio Frequency

List Price


Randy Bancroft

List Price $95.00

Succinct treatment of wireless designs with sufcient detail that CAD formulas may be implemented. Extensive coverage of rectangular, circular microstrip antennas, broadband microstrip antennas, dual band microstrip antennas, microstrip arrays, and printed antennas. Contains timely research useful for the experienced designer Detailed appendices

Serves as an introduction to adaptive-array sensor systems designed to enhance the detection and reception of certain desired signals. Presented with integrated treatment, organized into easily understood parts. Covers principles and techniques fundamentally important in modern adaptive array systems. Fundamental concepts are introduced and illustrated Problems, at the end of each chapter, illustrate and extend the material introducing actual adaptive array engineering problems

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Microwave and RF Design: A Systems Approach, Beta Ed.

Michael Steer North Carolina State University
Paperback, 624 pages, 2008
ISBN13: 9781891121821


List Price $75.00

Senior-Grad text and professional reference offers a modern, comprehensive introduction to RF and microwave design by employing a strong components and systems approach and less on abstract electromagnetic theory. The main emphasis is on RF systems, followed by transmission line theory, nally covering coupled lines, RF and microwave components, and their applications. A complete combline microstrip lter design is used to introduce advanced lter concepts. Extensive emphasis on design with many examples and discussion of manufacturability and practical design decisions The book is arranged as three modules so that any of the modules can be taught independently; addresses common questions from students Cell phone system is used as a running case study to motivate students and underscore principles

Electronic Warfare & Information Operations

Multifunctional Adaptive Microwave Circuits and Systems

Michael Steer and W. Devereux Palmer, Editors
Hardcover, 401 pages, 2008 ISBN13: 9781891121777

Wideband Amplifier Design

Allen L. Hollister
Hardcover, 400 pages, 2007 ISBN13: 9781891121517

List Price $135.00


List Price $139.00

Presents a systematic approach to the system level design required to develop MARRS technology. Describes the most viable tunable and re-configurable components retro-directive antenna arrays, multifunction radar, communication, and radiometry systems. Developments of the most viable tunable and re-configurable components are described using both semiconductor and ferroelectric varactors Summary of five year MARRS project; recognized contributors include: Tatsuo Itoh, Linda Katehi and Robert York

Theory presented with accurate, simplified models providing insight into the behavior of all kinds of analog circuits, including wideband amplifiers, RF amplifiers, and circuits used for audio frequencies. Uses a combination of simulation programs, including SPICE and Genesys, to compare real circuit performance to simulated data. Develops theory and techniques based on models for designing amplifiers with bandwidths extending from DC to the multi-GHz frequencies Expanded appendices: Gummel-Poon Models and ft, Two Port Parameters for the Simplified Models, and T-coils

Small Signal Microwave Amplier Design

Theodore Grosch
List Price $89.00

RF Power Ampliers
Mihai Albulet
Hardcover, 376 pages, 2001 ISBN13: 9781884932120

Antennas & Arrays

Hardcover, 280 pages, 2000 ISBN13: 9781884932069

List Price $95.00

Thorough discussion of linear network theory builds the foundation needed to develop actual designs. Explains techniques and examples for designing stable small-signal amplifiers for high-frequency linear applications. Examples show how to apply knowledge to the complex design of low noise amplifiers; helps students practice skills Uses the latest circuit analysis and CAD tools in a step-by-step design approach

Overview of RF amplifiers presented with basic principles and their applications. Detailed mathematical derivations indicate the assumptions and limitations of results that allow one to calculate usefulness in practical designs. Covers amplification classes, circuit topologies, bias circuits, and matching networks Includes chapters on: Classic RF Power Amplifiers, Class D RF Power Amplifiers, Class E Power Amplifiers, Class F Power Amplifiers, Class S Power Amplifiers and Modulators and RF Power Transistors

Transmission Line Transformers, 4th Ed.

Microwave & Radio Frequency

Jerry Sevick
Hardcover, 304 pages, 2001 ISBN13: 9781884932182

Radio-Electronic Transmission Fundamentals, 2nd Ed.

B. Whiteld Grifth, Jr.
Hardcover, 648 pages, 2000 ISBN13: 9781884932137

List Price $75.00

List Price


Classic text describes high frequencies including: transmission line transformer efficiency, power combiners, mixer transformers, and equal-delay transformers. Contains hundreds of real transformers constructed and measured establishing practical levels of bandwidth and loss performance. Provides information from earlier editions, and classic techniques of Guanella and Ruthroff Encourages focus beyond the design examples to learn the basic theory that makes transmission line transformers different

Classic volume (reprint of 1962 edition) on electromagnetic eld theory and RF circuits. Clear and concise explanation of antenna, transmission lines and RF networks from the perspective of electromagnetic eld theory. Recommended for graduate students and engineers working with RF energy Short chapters are useful for self-study and as a reference tool for those seeking quick access on RF energy

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Transceiver and System Design for Digital Communications, 3d Ed.

Scott R. Bullock
Hardcover, 364 pages, 2008 ISBN13: 9781891121722

List Price $95.00

New edition provides an intuitive approach to transceiver design, allowing a broad spectrum of readers to understand the topics clearly. Covers a wide range of data link communication and design techniques; various techniques and designs are evaluated for modulating and sending digital data, includes section on broadband communications and home networking. Covers digital modulation, spread-spectrum modulation and demodulation, link budgets, error detection and correction, probability applications, and broad coverage of all the elements comprising a digital modulated data link Includes extra topics such as: adaptive process to mitigate narrow band jammers in a broadband communications link, GPS, multipath, and satellite communications for commercial and military sectors A text-reference for digital communication engineers who design and analyze wireless, spread spectrum, and basic transceiver-system design, applicable in college or professional training courses

Electronic Warfare & Information Operations

Radio Receiver Design

Kevin McClaning and Tom Vito
Hardcover, 796 pages, 2001 ISBN13: 9781884932076

HF Radio Systems & Circuits, 2nd Ed.

William E. Sabin and Edgar O. Schoenike, Editors
Hardcover, 672 pages, 1998 ISBN13: 9781884932045

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List Price


Comprehensive reference, lled with information on lters, ampliers and mixers, presents a systematic discussion of the characteristics of individual receiver components and their interaction in cascade. Offers exhaustive discussion of basic concepts, techniques, and design implications for the design of radio receivers. Numerous practice examples and exercises serve as an integral part of each components specification Focuses on useful and proven concepts that can be used daily by working engineers


Comprehensive text used for design of radio transmitters and receivers highfrequency communications systems and equipment. Loaded with practical data, approach follows system denition and performance requirements to the individual circuit elements Accompanying disk contains software on filters, matching networks and receiver analysis Useful information for radio communications engineers; covers overview of single sideboard, receiver design, IF analog filters to receiver measurements and EMI techniques

Oscillator Design and Computer Simulation

Randall W. Rhea
List Price $95.00
Hardcover, 320 pages, 1995 ISBN13: 9781884932304

HF Filter Design and Computer Simulation

Randall W. Rhea
List Price $95.00
Hardcover, 448 pages, 1994 ISBN13: 9781884932250

Antennas & Arrays

Comprehensive approach to oscillator design that can be used with a wide range of active devices and resonator types. Covers modern CAD synthesis and analysis techniques. Resonator types covered include: L-C, crystal, SAW, dielectric resonator, coaxial line, stripline and microstrip Valuable resource for those new to oscillator design and experienced engineers; includes case studies

Thorough review of classic, filter-design techniques, including network fundamentals. Covers different types of filters, including lumped element, coaxial, helical, dielectric resonator, stripline and microstrip. Excellent for the design and construction of microstrip filters; symbols and PWB manufacturing covered in appendices Contains extensive practical-design information of passband characteristics, topologies and transformations, component effects and matching

Dielectric Resonators, 2nd Ed.

Darko Kajfez and Pierre Guillon, Editors
Hardcover, 576 pages, 1998 ISBN13: 9781884932052

Modern Filter Design: Active RC and Switched Capacitor

Mohammed S. Ghausi and Kenneth R. Laker
Hardcover, 546 pages, 2003 ISBN: 9781884932380

Microwave & Radio Frequency

List Price $99.00

List Price $95.00

Reference text for microwave and RF engineers on dielectric resonators used in filters and oscillators. Sections are devoted to properties of materials, coupling techniques and filter and oscillator designs. Aims to serve as prerequisite for understanding of the basic principles of dielectric resonators The accompanying programs provided on disk (how to use the program) implement the models presented in the book and identify the frequencies of all resonance modes

Classic statement of principles underlying the analysis and design of active RC and switched capacitor filters. Authors discuss the design of continuous-time, second order active sections (biquads), and various measures of sensitivity. Originally published in 1981; contains detailed appendices with tables, terminologies and data sheets Covers basic properties and classification of continuous-time and sampled data systems, together with filter transfer functions and approximations

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Communication Systems


Introduction to Broadband Communication Systems

Cajetan M. Akujuobi and Matthew N.O. Sadiku
Hardcover, 440 pages, 2008 ISBN13: 9781420061499

List Price $99.95

Covers typical broadband communication network system by providing fundamental concepts; discusses brand of services where data, voice, and video or multimedia are delivered together as one packet. Available networks include: Asynchronous Transfer Mode, frame relay, and leased lines. Discusses X.25 and frame relay, synchronous-optical network, virtual-private network, digitalsubscriber line, integrated-service digital network, broadband ISDN, asynchronous-transfer mode, switched multimegabit digital service, wireless-data services, personal communications service, fibre channel, internet, intranets and extranets, network management, and network security Intended for universities and colleges offering courses in broadband communications; also serves as a modern overview reference or a quick review for telecom industry

Electronic Warfare & Information Operations

The Radiomans Manual of RF Devices

Harold Kinley
Hardcover, 315 pages, 2003 ISBN13: 9781884932458

Spectrum and Network Measurements

Robert A. Witte
Hardcover, 320 pages, 2001 ISBN13: 9781884932168

List Price: $75.00

List Price



Provides indispensable information about technical aspects of radio communications. Covers principles essential to a good understanding. Covers: RF Units of Measure, The Smith Chart, Using the Spectrum Analyzer, Test and Measurement Instruments, Accessories. Fully explains and answers questions about tuning and testing duplexers; addresses intermodulation interference, transmitter noise and receiver defense problems and issues Excellent reference for anyone involved with radio communications

Covers theory and practice of spectrum and network measurements in electronic systems. Intended for those with background in electrical engineering; pertinent theory is consolidated into one comprehensive treatment of frequency domain measurements. Thorough coverage of critical concepts, such as Fourier analysis, transmission lines, intermodulation distortion, signal-to-noise ratio and S-parameters Promotes understanding of the basic theory of signals and systems, relating it to measured results, and application to new designs

Telecommunications Measurements: Analysis & Instrumentation

Kamilo Feher, et al.

HERALD 3.1 Radio Link Design Software

Luigi Moreno
CD-ROM, 2006 ISBN13: 9781884932922

Antennas & Arrays

Hardcover, 432 pages, 1996 ISBN13: 9781884932038

List Price $199.00

List Price $65.00

Describes high performance measurement techniques for digital communications and digital signal processing in radio and microwave systems, wire line channels and measurements for analog communications channels. Sets a foundation for communications engineers. Stresses the measurements, experimental analysis and instrumentation problems related to communications systems Provides strong foundation for understanding problems associated with testing communications systems

HERALD (HElp for RAdio Link Design), program for Windows assists with design of point-to-point (multi-hop) microwave links and networks, working in the frequency range from 0.4 to 58 GHz. Process begins with basic hop conguration and link budget; reliable propagation models are applied to anomalous propagation events of rain, multipath, obstructions, and reections. HERALD can also be used as a training tool to show and test how propagation phenomena affect microwave link performance and how radio link engineering rules are implemented Productive, interactive, user-friendly environment with extensive contextsensitive Help support; covers the gap between simple spreadsheet computations and sophisticated design suites

Microwave & Radio Frequency

Advanced Digital Communications: Systems and Signal Processing Techniques

Kamilo Feher
Hardcover, 752 pages, 1997 ISBN13: 9781884932021

Digital Communications: Microwave Applications, 2nd Ed.

Kamilo Feher
Hardcover, 288 pages, 1997 ISBN13: 9781884932007

Digital Communications: Satellite/Earth Station Engineering, 2nd Ed.

Kamilo Feher
Hardcover, 494 pages, 1997 ISBN13: 9781884932014

List Price $69.00

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Classic text includes data on systems and techniques for ISDN, speech coding, echo cancellation, digital speech interpolation, digital television, modulation and demodulation methods, correlative coding, interference considerations, mobile radio and satellite systems, and adaptive equalization.

Covers transmission system environment, statistical analysis methods, digital modulation, system performance, PSK and QAM systems, correlative techniques and information on microwave system design. Presents unique engineering requirements with transmission concepts about digital systems.

Provides the tools and skills to analyze and design modern satellite communications systems. Addresses link calculations, the terrestrial interface, baseband systems and signal processing, modulation techniques, coding, synchronization, TDMA and onboard processing.


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Microwave Transmission Line Impedance Data

M.A.R. Gunston
Hardcover, 296 pages, 1997 ISBN13: 9781884932571

winLINE 6.0
Agilent Technologies
CD w/Manual, 1996 ISBN13: 9781884932915

List Price $149.00

List Price


Compendium of data calculating obstruction of transmission lines based on physical dimensions. Covers conventional structures and unusual geometries, including coaxial, eccentric and elliptic coaxial, twin-wire, wireabove-ground, microstrip and derivatives, stripline, slabline and trough line. Details configurations of coupled lines Also covers: Transmission Lines Utilizing Conductors of Circular CrossSection, Conductors of Rectangular Cross-Section , Conductors of Both Circular and Rectangular Cross-Section, Usual Cross-Section, and Coupled Transmission Lines

Program relates physical and electrical properties of various transmission line types by computing the characteristic impedance or synthesizing the required dimensions when certain elds are entered. Important output data is also generated. Program CD works with Windows 98/XP and above. Accompanying manual contains chapters on: winLINE operation, winLINE calculations, line types and references.

Electronic Warfare & Information Operations

Microwave Field-Effect Transistors: Theory, Design, and Application, 3rd Ed.

Raymond S. Pengelly
Hardcover, 704 pages, 1994 ISBN13: 9781884932502

Filtering in the Time and Frequency Domains

Herman J. Blinchikoff and Anatol I. Zverev
Hardcover, 520 pages, 2001 ISBN13: 9781884932175

List Price


List Price $95.00

Comprehensive text on solid state microwave devices, GaAs FET technology and its practical applications. Covers use of MESFET devices in microwave circuits, such as low-noise ampliers, mixers, oscillators, power ampliers, switches and multipliers. Covers devices in microwave circuits such as: semiconductor theory and transistor performance, CAD considerations, intermodulation, noise figure, signal handling and more Classic reference for engineers involved in the development microwave devices

Comprehensive treatment of filtering techniques, filter theory, design devices and concepts related to pertinent mathematical relationships. Analysis and theory are supplemented by detailed design curves; fully explained examples/ problems with answer sections. Invaluable information about possibilities and limitations of the filtering process Thorough discussion topics such as: effect of losses on theoretical responses, matched filtering, methods of time-domain synthesis, and digital filtering; other filters and functions


Optical Fibers and RF: A Natural Combination

Malcolm Romeiser
Hardcover, 271 pages, 2004 ISBN13: 9781884932342

Fiber Optic Technology: Applications to Commercial, Industrial, Military, and Space Optical Systems
Asu Ram Jha
Hardcover, 306 pages, 2005 ISBN13: 9781884932601

List Price


Antennas & Arrays

List Price $89.00

Explains basic optical concepts, applications, and systems; also the nature and performance characteristics of optical bers and optical sources, connectors and splices. Other chapters explore current applications of ber optic technology. Appropriate for a college text with review problems Thorough treatment of fiber optics, as an extension of RF-bases communications, without large amount of mathematical derivations

Offers the optimum design of a wide range of FO systems. avoiding complex mathematics but with the equations necessary to describe FO components and systems. Excellent gures, diagrams and graphs, plus a wide variety of applications to military and space, commercial and industrial sensors, telecommunications systems, and medical and scientic applications Detailed performance requirements for the core fiber, clad, and jacket Descriptions of components such as filters, isolators, switches, probes, combiners, sensors, collimators, polarizers, scramblers, and compensators

Technology Reference

MATLAB Tutorial for ECE Students and Engineers

Randy Jost and David Padgett
Paperback, 240 pages, 2009 ISBN: 9781891121760

Guide to Object Oriented Programming in MATLAB (with CD)

Andy Register
Paperback, 288 pages, 2007 ISBN13: 9781584889113

MATLAB for Advanced Users

Microwave & Radio Frequency

List Price $49.00 (free to Lonngren adopters as PDF les)

List Price


A MATLAB primer for those who work within Electrical or Computer engineering, with examples drawn from Electromagnetics, Control Systems, and Signal Processing. Practical and specic examples to ECE abound. Allows users to focus on MATLAB syntax and functionality using concepts with which they are familiar Includes solved problems and sample MATLAB code

Presents broad coverage of MATLABs object-oriented features. Discusses resolution of issues related to object-model completeness, public variables, mixing of objects and vector operations, and debugging of object-oriented code. Includes MATLAB requirements, member variables and functions, overloads, test drives, displaying objects, field names, code development, drawing shapes, building hierarchies, and the MATLAB Class Wizard Includes a CD with source code for experimentation and applying concepts

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Electronic Warfare & Information Operations


The RF/Microwave Video CD Library

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Antennas & Arrays

Learn the fundamentals of Microwave/RF design at your own chosen time and right at your personal computer from legendary teachers of Microwave/RF and Antenna principles. Watch again and again, share with others, hold brown bag lunch group discussions, pair the lectures up with a good book. The building block principles in these lectures NEVER go out of date.

These are lecture videos of expert instructors speaking directly to you Overheads or PowerPoint slides complement the lectures Several of the large sets are accompanied with manuals of supplemental data

Microwave & Radio Frequency

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RF/Microwave Library Excerpts excerpt of instruction from every program in the Library Introduction to Antenna Fundamentals Best
Theory and Practice of Transmission Line Transformers Sevick Filter Design by Transmission Zeros Rhea Lumped Element Transforms Rhea


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Besser, Les
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RF/Microwave Transistor Amplifier Design


6-CD set
1-884932-49-5 (Disk 1) (Disk 2) (Disk 3) (Disk 4) (Disk 5) (Disk 6)

Filter Techniques
Rhea, Randy

Fundamentals of Active Circuits CAD Concepts: Impedance Matching Gain Expressions, Stability,and DC Biasing Unila teral and Bilateral Design Broadband Amplifiers & Noise Figure Principles Low-Noise and Feedback Amplifiers Course Manual

Q from A to Z (Disk 1) $129 Filter Design by Transmission Zeros (Disk 2) $129 Lumped-Element Transforms (Disk 3) $129

3-CD set $297

(also sold individually)

1-884932-22-3 1-884932-23-1 1-884932-29-0
(also sold individually)

RF Circuit Fundamentals I
Besser, Les

Practical Issues in RF Design

1-884932-40-1 (Disk 1) (Disk 2) (Disk 3) (Disk 4) (Disk 5) (Disk 6)

3-CD set

6-CD set $595

RF Concepts & Component Models Resonant Circuits & Filters Transmission Lines and scattering Parameters Impedance Matching Techniques The Smith Chart and Its Applications Small-Signal Amplifier Design Course Manual

Rhea, Randy $297 Introduction to Practical Issues (Disk 1) $129 Distributed Circuits and Loss (Disk 2) $129 Examples, Unloaded Q, & Tuning (Disk 3) $129

1-884932-63-0 1-884932-42-8 1-884932-44-4 1-884932-43-6

High Frequency Oscillator Design

Rhea, Randy

RF Circuit Fundamentals II
Besser, Les

Microstrip Transmission Lines Power Combiners & Dividers Broadband Matching Networks Yield Analysis & PIN Diode Circuits Broadband Amplifiers Large-Signal Amplifiers Course Manual

6-CD set $595

1-884932-41-X (Disk 1) (Disk 2) (Disk 3) (Disk 4) (Disk 5) (Disk 6)

Loop Basics and Amplifiers Resonators and One-Port Method Output Coupling & Nonlinear Behavior Oscillator Noise and VCOs Distributed and Piezoelectric Examples

5-CD set $499

(Disk 1) (Disk 2) (Disk 3) (Disk 4) (Disk 5)

Theory and Practice of Transmission Line Transformers

Sevick, Jerry Wenzel, Robert $129 $1,195

1-CD 1-884932-33-9 6-CD set 1-884932-54-1

(Disk 1) (Disk 2) (Disk 3)

Introduction to Antennas
Best, Steven

Introduction to Antenna Fundamentals (Disk 1) $129 Performance of Fundamental Antenna Elements (Disk 2) $129 Advanced Antenna Considerations I (Disk 3) $129

3-CD set (also sold individually) $297 1-884932-69-X

1-884932-36-3 1-884932-55-X 1-884932-56-8

Microwave Filters, Couplers and Matching Networks

Transfer Approximations, Loss, and Delay Physical Realizations & Q Considerations Coupled Line Filters & CAD Applications Richards & Kuroda Transforms, Waveguide & Cavity Multiplexers Couplers, Combiners, and Splitters Matching Network Synthesis Course Manual

Microwave T-Lines & Their Physical Realization 6-CD set

March, Steve
Stripline and Coupled Stripline (Disk 1) Suspended Substrate Stripline & Coplanar Waveguide (Disk 2) Practical Issues of Microstrip (Disk 3) Microstrip Couplers (Disk 4) Metal Loss & Microstrip Discontinuities (Disk 5) Discontinuity Models & Pseudo Lumped Elements (Disk 6) Course Manual

(Disk 4) (Disk 5) (Disk 6)



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Introduction to the Smith Chart Glenn Parker, Instructor Applied Microwave and Wireless Archive over 500 practical articles in searchable PDF! Elekta Profesional Basic Version Electronic encyclopedia, data, utilities, and calculator
for HF electronics

Noise Concepts & Design

Grosch, Ted

1-CD $129 1-CD $129

1-884932-51-7 1-884832-48-7

Introduction to the Smith Chart

Parker, Glenn







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Antenna Engineering Handbook, 4th Ed.


Antennas: Fundamentals, Design, Measurement, 3rd Ed.


Microstrip and Printed Antennas, 2nd Ed.


Introduction to Sensors for Imaging and Ranging


Transceiver and System Multifunctional Adaptive Design for Digital Microwave Circuits Communications, 3d Ed. and Systems
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MATLAB Tutorial for ECE Students and Engineers


The Finite Difference Time Domain Method for Electromagnetics: with MATLAB Simulations

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