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Chapter 1 Role of Yoga in total health 3-18 Chapter 2 Health management through Yoga and naturopathy 19-34 Chapter 3 Utility of science of li ing in life !uilding 3"-4# Chapter 4 Common Yogic and naturopathic $rescription for healthy li ing 4%-%3 Chapter " &utcome of spirituality' asudhai (utum!a(am %4-%# Chapter # )ormation of sacraments in girls' first through pre(shdhyan Yoga %%-9* Chapter % Concept of thought 91-9" Chapter 8 $hysiological effects of asans and pranayam 9#-1*4 Chapter 9 Role of Yoga in coronary heart +isease 1*"-113 Chapter 1* Yogic ,anagement of +ia!etes 114-121 Chapter 11 Yogic management of hypertensi e $atient 122-12% Chapter 12 &!esity- causes complications and Yogic management 128-13# Chapter 13 .he spiritual and scientific aspects of /uryanamas(ar 13%-14% Chapter 14 /pecial situation in modern life in relation to pro!lems of infusing of Yogic practices in day to day life 148-1"# Chapter 1" 0mportance of Yogic lifestyle for school children 1"%-1#3 Chapter 1# 0mportance of Yoga in the de elopment of ideal life style' 1ith special reference to uni ersity student 1#4-1%2 Chapter 1% ,anagement of dietary fats for healthy li ing 1%3-1%9 Chapter 18 2ffect of Yoga-nidra on hypertensi e patients 18*-2**

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Role of Yoga in total health
What is Yoga?
Yoga is the science of life and the art of living. 0t is the common sense ans1er to o erall physical and mental fitness3 4asically Yoga is a system of physical and mental self impro ement and final li!eration- that people ha e !een using for thousands of years3 Yoga arose in the age of the 5edas and Upanishads3 It is India's oldest scientific, perfect spiritual discipline. Yoga is a method of training the mind and de eloping its po1er of su!tle perceptions so that man may disco er for himself the spiritual truths on 1hich religion- !eliefs and moral alues finally rest3 0t is reali6ation of our hidden po1ers3 /1ami /hi ananda said- 7He 1ho radiates good- di ine thoughts does immense good unto himself and to the 1orld also73 Yoga is science of life, it offers us simple, easy remedies and techniques and methods of health and hygiene to assure physical and mental fitness with a minimum of time, effort and expense. Yoga in other term $re(sha +hyan in ented !y prominent 8ainacharya ,ahapra9na is such an uncomplicated- easy to learn techni:ue of meditation3 0t comprised of the follo1ing; i3 <ayotsarga =.otal rela>ation? ii3 @ntaryatra =0nternal trip? iii3 / ash pre(sha =$erception of !reath? i 3 /harir pre(sha =$erception of !ody? 3 Chaitnya-(endra pre(sha =$erception of psychic centers? i3 Aeshya dhyan =$erception of psychic spectrum? ii3 $erception of the present moment iii3 $erception of thoughts i>3 /elf-discipline >3 4ha na =counter- i!rations? >i3 @nupre(sha =contemplation? >ii3 Concentration3 Yoga is one of the most ancient metaphysical sciences- 1hich in estigates the nature of soul and- through its discipline- a1a(ens the super-conscious mind of the man 1hich unites the moral !eing 1ith the immortal supreme spirit3 Yoga leads to !alance and also pro ides !oth a philosophy and a religion3 .he real 9oy of life appears 1hen 1e can unify nature and culture- 1ealth and po erty- mo ement and stillnessattachment and detachment3 Yoga can ser e !oth the indi idual and society3 Yoga is neither a sect nor an ideology but a practical training of mind and body. 4roadly spea(ing- it has three main outcomes ' it ma(es us more a1are of our natural 1isdom- it strengthens the !odyBs a!ility to reco er from illness or in9uryC it teaches us ho1 to co-operate 1ith others3 Yoga teaches us truth through mind and !ody rather than theory- it !rings a!out deep change of attitude3 .he entire thrust of

7&.to trust in the po1er of sacred3 2ight stages of $atan9al Yoga are ' i3 Yama : ./outh <orea.o acti ely 1or( to1ards this condition is to cure illness and to de elop ma>imum health3 Yoga is !oth a philosophy and a li ing religion.!elie es that the !ody is so important and trains it so strictly3 %ithout health we can neither practice meditation nor attain enlightenment.he term Yoga means a systematic practice and implementation of mind and !ody in the li ing process of man to (eep harmony 1ith in self.oday some (ind of reconstruction of thought is necessary to understand clearly 1hat the great Yoga teachers of the past ha e taught3 $atan9ali.aims at stimulating it3 $rominent health specialist 4en 8onson said.1ithin the society and 1ith nature3 <undalini Yoga is a systematic and integrated practice for !ody and mind and its thrust to ma(e a man creati e3 4y a ne1 method./ingapore. devoid of all thoughts and sensations.he !ody mind system possesses the innate po1er of reco ering health and the yogic method of curing human ills..1hich is 1holly safe.he 1ithdra1l of the senses from the outer en ironment3 i3 "harana : Concentration3 ii3 "hyana : .a!!re iated to 7/<Y73 <aya(alpa is the culmination of <undalini Yoga and its o!9ecti e is to ena!le the practitioner to postpone the ageing process and death3 0n all s(y centers in 0ndia.hese t1o yogic practices are ery important in (arma Yoga.8apan and U/@<aya(alpa Yoga is no1 !eing taught at regular inter als3 .alaysia.Page 2 our life is to de ote total attention to e ery action and.editation3 iii3 #amadhi : 2nlightenment3 Yoga is also a technique for achieving purest form of selfawareness.the systematiser of Yoga.!y means of the !reath3 3 !ratyahara : . . .healthE healthE the !lessing of richE the riches of the poorE 1ho can !uy thee at too dear a rate.since there is no en9oying the 1orld 1ithout theeEF .the 1orld religion3 What is total health $ealth is can get the <undalini po1er aroused in minutes3 Hence this method is called the simplified <undalini Yoga. that condition in which human being has full sensitivity and in which all his faculties are operating the same time. )or total health one should see( the truth !y s(epticism3 .has e>plained the thoughts through Yogasutra3 0n the Dita and Upanishads 1e find a !roader and positi e e>pression of Yoga3 &ur ancient masters through Yoga teach us an art of li ing a life for eternally !lissful e>periences of e en flo1 of happiness !y remo al of miseries and sufferings of our limited life3 .he uni ersal moral la1s3 ii3 Niyama : $ersonal moral roots of conduct3 iii3 san : Yogic postures3 i 3 !ranayama : @c:uiring and controlling prana or energy.

ner ous as 1ell as spiritual energies3 s per prominent &ainacharya 'ahapra(na inventor of !re)sha "hyan Yoga total health consists of helps each !odily cell to re itali6e itselfC it facilitates digestionit ma(es inspiration more efficient and impro es circulation and :uality of !lood3 ii3 &n mental le el it pro es to !e an applied method to train the mind to concentrateC it offers 1ay to treat serious psychosomatic illness 1ithout drugsC it is an efficient tool for ending addictions and other !ad ha!itsC it re eals to one the mysteries of his mind !y the reali6ation and real e>perience of the inner consciousness 1hich includes the su!conscious and the unconscious3 iii3 &n the emotional le el.he follo1ing sho1s the relation !et1een endocrine glands G the Chaitnya-kendras ' Endocrine glands Chaitnya-kendras Pineal Jyoti-kendra Pituitary Darshan-kendra Thyroids Vishudhi-kendra Thymus Anand-kendra Adrenals Taijas-kendra Gonads Swasthya-kendra and Shakti-kendra Constant triggering o erreaction of the lo1er endocrine glands i63 adrenals and gonads result in pernicious ha!its.effecting our physical and mental health3 )or good physical health +r +astur recommends' • /leep on a thin firm mattress 1ith a 1ooden !oard underneath3 +onBt sleep on foam ru!!er mattress3 • $rolonged standing in one place puts great pressure on the spine.the strengthening of conscious reasoning controls reactions to en ironmental conditions. mental. i3 &n physical le el. emotional and spiritual health.regulation and transformation of !loodchemistry through proper synthesi6ation of neuroendocrinal secretions.results in control and ultimate eradication of psychological distortions3 i 3 &n spiritual le el.Page 3 $re(sha =means to see inside 1ith full concentration? may appear to mean different things to different people !ecause it contri!utes to increase physical.shift your 1eight from one foot to other to relie e the strain3 • Aearn to rela> 1hen under stress3 .dispassionate internal i!rations leads one to attain the po1er to control the mind and to !ecome free from the effect of e>ternal forces compelling one to lose to e:uanimity3 .situations and !eha iour of othersC harmoni6ation of the functioning of ner ous and endocrine system.

hese fi e should not !e neglected. harmony and peace. 'ind is the peripheral stage of present or in future.1hether thought.oats.soya!eans.• +o not lift a hea y load 1ith straight (nees from the floor3 Page 4 • 4end your (nees and lift it up3 8ainacharya .ahapra9na in entor of $re(sha +hyan Yoga inspires for maintenance of total health' i3 )or maintenance of physical health one should al1ays 1al( in morning fresh air and should o!ser e @sans and $ranayama3 ii3 )or maintenance of mental health one should get rid of 1orries and should deep di e in meditation and (ayotsarga3 iii3 )or achie ing emotional health one should thin( positi e and should al1ays li e in present and not in past or future3 sound health and peaceful mind are a must for man to en(oy the material world and develop the consciousness to its force and se>ual ital fluid3 0f he neglects.1hich is consciousness3 *y reali+ing consciousness man can live with satisfaction. .chapatti.he should deal 1ith allthe " aspects of life in .follo1ing moderation in the follo1ing fi e aspects of life ' i3 )oodii3 Hor(iii3 Resti 3 /e>3 Use of thought-force3 .prosperous and peaceful life3 ll experiences in life are en(oyed only by the mind.anBs e>istence is connected 1ith physical cells.1or(rest.hus <arma Yoga is a system of life utili6ing the full potential of the !ody and mind 1ith understanding and a1areness for a happy.1ith a perspecti e a1areness not to inflict pain to self or others.grains. &ne should do e ery action.!iomagnetism.mai6.drynuts. 0n order to achie e this purpose of !irth one has to maintain harmony !et1een !ody and life force. -he mind is nothing but the extended and perceptional activity of the consciousness.1ord or> and use of thought-force.4*I car!ohydrates and 4*I egeta!les and fruits3 $ !est pro ided !y mil(. 0n the infinite statethe consciousness itself is the truth3 @s a man is endo1ed 1ith the si>th sense 1hich inherits the purpose of the reali6ation of self.the essential food-element.o erindulges or improperly deals 1ith food.he has to suffer from illness and sorro13 @s e ery action !rings an appropriate result.!et1een indi iduals and society and !et1een nature and 1ill3 $racticing appropriate e>ercises of !ody and mind and a irtuous 1ay of li ing to maintain the harmonies descri!ed a!o e constitute Yoga3 .o er-indulged or improperly dealt 1ith3 .potatoes etc3 .life force and the !ody or mind3 $hysical and mental health are important for a happy and successful life3 &ne has to maintain these 1ith due care.pulses and lentils3 Car!ohydrates are starchy food consist in time he should reali6e the self.1*I fat.he proportional re:uirements of daily food are 1*I protein.!rain.curd.eali+ation of consciousness is the only one perfect and higher )nowledge by which one can )now everything in the universe.

the renunciation of 1ealth and possessions as 1ell as li ing are se en centres for meditation in the !ody3 2ach centre is connected 1ith its rele ant endocrine gland as !elo13 . proves a blessing in the form of spiritual illumination which slowly develops into awareness of reality.there are many 1ays of doing it3 )asting is the most natural and fundamental training for the control of desire.the mind can percei e its e>istence and functions3 /o in Yoga practice.!eing practiced instincti ely !y animals and primiti e men 1ho li e close to nature3 . . .eeping the physical body in a healthy condition and the mind is Page 5 highly culturally enlightened level and thereby leading a creative life so as to be a useful member of the society thoughtout the span of one's life is the chief aim and thrust of . @n integrated practice of reorgani6ing and restructuring the !ody and the mind for a ne1ly planned life is <undalini Yoga3 .editation on any cha(ra should !e learnt and practiced under the guidance of a master in <undalini Yoga3 /elf effort in this Yoga should !e strictly a oided as it could lead to complications3 Chakra Endocrine gland Mooldhara Swadhisthana Mani"uraka Anahata Vishuddhi A ya #rahmarandhra : : : : : : : Sex land Conne!tin sex land and adrenals Adrenal land Thymus land Thyroid land Pituitary Pineal regular practice of Yoga /0 to 10 minutes daily with faith in 2self2. Aife al1ays see(s to restore !alance and the ideal state is that in 1hich static force and dynamic po1er are in harmony3 0n this state.he aim is al1ays same to control desires and since desire is mental and emotional.moderation3 )ollo1ing the principle of limit G method in e ery en9oyment is detachment3 .he first step is to harmoni6epurity and strengthen !oth !ody and mind3 0n Yoga 1e find people practicing fastingceli!acy.for !y utili6ing this discipline.he !asic characteristic of Yoga is its use of meditation.the mind and !ody are purified and ad9usted and personality is heightened3 Yoga enables everyone to more towards that state of developed consciousness which is oneness with the sacred.raising the 1or(ing centre of the life force and ma(ing the aspirant to feel it at the @gya cha(ra point is initiation3 Role of Yoga in total health Yoga blends the two states tension and relaxation. )or all human !eings the 1or(ing centre of the life force is in the se>ual gland called technically mooladhar in spiritual terminology3 &nly 1hen the 1or(ing centre is shifted to the point !et1een the eye!ro1s =@gya cha(ra?.the deepest rela>ation is found 1ithin the highest tension and this forms the !asic for the ne1 life of ser ice and cooperation3 .arma Yoga.undalini is the life force.lo ed ones and society3 .

=iii? relati es.=ii? family.peace of mind automatically surfaces3 4alance of minde:uanimity and the state of 1ell-!eing are also e>perienced simultaneously3 0t should al1ays !e remem!ered that the ultimate aim of /adhna is purity and e:uanimityfreedom from contamination of passions3 .!osses and assistants and enemies tooif any.=i ? society and = ? 1orld community.the 1hole 1orld of humanity for indi idual peace.figurati ely spea(ing.ind is constantly choc(ed !y contaminating urges.aniii3 /pinal t1el e 2>ercisesi 3 Ketra-8yoti-$ra(ashini Keti3 $ranayamai3 Kauli <riyaii3 )irm !elief in Dod =spirituality?3 Yogis and mysties ha e proclaimed that coiled serpentine po1er lies loc(ed in <undalini.he state of 1ell-!eing is not our ultimate aimC it 1ill ine ita!ly ensureC ne erthelessit is not the o!9ecti e3 /imilarly peacefulness is also a secondary !enefit and 1ill al1ays !e achie ed.Page 6 -he main purpose of practice of !re)sha "hyan Yoga 3-o see inside with deep concentration4 is to purify the mental states.and that the spinal chord 1ith its se en cha(ras is the mystic reser oir of human energy3 @ ery large percentage of human illness can !e attri!uted to the 1rong posture and conse:uent distortion or malfunctioning of the spinal chord3 /o. .gi ing importance to each in the a!o e order 1ithout neglecting any of the other four3 &ne should allot at least 1I of his income to !e spent only for the help and 1elfare of the needy3 0n order to achie e the purpose of life and de elop oneBs consciousness.charging the spinal chord is recharging the human !attery and !uild up an immense reser oir of human energy3 Right physical and mental posture for effecti e meditation are ' Page 7 .close-friends.aisa .life-partnerchildren.his hampers the flo1 of 1isdom3 .emotions and passions3 .physical health and enlightenment of consciousness3 Yoga maharshi s1ami +e a-.he hurdles of uncleanliness must first !e remo ed3 Hhen the mind is cleaned.ruth 1hen they 1ish for it3 @ (arma Yogi can do immense good to himself and others !y !lessing self.urti offers to e ery earnest see(er his se en master (eys 1hich 1ill also ensure reali6ation of his spiritual goal and destiny' i3 &ne mother.harmony in the society and peace among all nations3 &ne should steadfastly o!ser e fi e duties in life to1ards ' =i? self.1hich 1ill result in peace of mind.!ut not the aim3 He ha e to transcend !oth these mental states to reach our ultimate purpose3 5i63 total purity of mind and goodness3 Reali6ation of truth is the !irthright of e eryoneC e eryone has the natural potential 1ith in3 <arma Yoga 1ill add all people to reali6e the .one 1ifeJhus!andii3 8aisa @nna .sisters and ! must learn and practice meditation on the lifeforce.

perfect spiritual discipline3 Yoga is a method of training the mind and !ody for disco ering spiritual truths3 Yoga is science of life.mental.o a1a(en in us the mind of ser ice3 iii3 .de oid of all thoughts3 Health is precisely. because such a way of life is balanced.that condition in 1hich human !eing has full sensiti ity and in 1hich all his faculties are operating fully3 @ccording to prominent 8ainacharya . It does not come to those who merely accept this or that ready made system.strengthened and acti e3 .he mind of faith arising from a de eloped physical and emotional centre of the !ody3 Yoga !egan at least si> thousand years ago and has continuously !een enriched !y the 1isdom accumulating from humanityBs struggle for sur i al3 4ut such practices as right posture. 6ne sided training ma)es people unbalanced and neurotic.i3 !hysical 5 @ sta!ili6ed posture 1hich is.for they can !e seen as the factors necessary for maintaining the integrity of the actually harms people !y de eloping them one sidedly3 If a human being can live strictly according to nature he will have total health and happiness.hat is !ecause it neither pursues nor maintains these aims3 ) to understand the aims of Yoga3 @ims of Yoga are' i3 .detached.emotional and spiritual health3 /ound health and peaceful mind are a must for man to en9oy the material 1orld and de elop the consciousness to its perfection3 4y reali6ing consciousness man can li e 1ith satisfaction.the natural !ody3 4alanced !reathe and the practice of right diet3 ii3 'ental 5 &riginal mind. -he blessing of total health comes to those who find their own individual life5style and adhere to it.ost of the Yoga that is taught today is not real Yoga3 .healthsociety and e en the cosmic la1s3 .effort and e>pense3 Yoga is neither a sect nor an ideology !ut a practical training of mind and !ody3 Yoga is also a techni:ue for achie ing purest form of self a1areness.easy remedies.harmony and peace3 Page 8 .hose people 1ho use Yoga 9ust for e>ercise or rela>ation or to calm the mind.!ecause most Yoga is un!alanced.ahapra9na in entor of $re(sha +hyan Yoga.techni:ues and methods of health and hygiene to assure physical and mental fitness 1ith a minimum of fact. Conclusion Yoga is the science of life and the art of li ing3 0t is 0ndiaBs oldest scientific.purified.o !ring us to greater humanity3 ii3 . total health consists of physical.correct !reathing and sound diet ha e a 1ider rele offers us simple.o !ring us to true meditation3 .

+undu!hi printers.Aadnun =Ra93?.pro es a !lessing in the form of spiritual illumination 1hich slo1ly de elops into a1areness of reality3 0f a human !eing can li e strictly according to nature he 1ill ha e total health and happiness.editation and Yoga.Reali6ation of consciousness is the only one perfect and higher (no1ledge !y 1hich one can (no1 e erything in the uni erse3 .he man is nothing !ut the e>tended and perceptional acti ity of consciousness3 <eeping the physical !ody in a healthy condition and the mind in highly culturally enlightened le el and there!y leading a creati e life so as to !e a useful mem!er of the society throughout the span of oneBs life is the chief aim and thrust of <arma Yoga3 Yoga !lends the t1o states tension and rela>ation3 Yoga ena!les e eryone to mo e to1ards that state of de eloped consciousness 1hich is oneness 1ith the sacred3 .19%1-%2./1ami .19%83 23 Yoga and Health.199"3 %3 Yoga-$ra>is.first edition.anu arya9i .edition 19933 #3 <arma Yoga.8ain 5ish a 4harati.Yoga .0nternational Yoga Centre/chloss @u!ach.heory and $ractice.5ethathiri pu!lications.he !lessing of total health comes to those 1ho find their o1n indi idual life18 style and adhere to it3 0t does not come to those 1ho merely accept this or that ready made system3 References 13 .8anuary-2**33 "3 $re(sha +hyan Human 4ody =part-00?.8ain 5ish a 4harati..he main purpose of practice of $re(sha +hyan Yoga =to see inside 1ith deep concentration? is to purify the mental state3 @ regular practice of Yoga 3* to "* minutes daily 1ith faith in 7self7.Aadnun =Ra93?8anuary-2**33 43 $re(sha +hyan .ahapra9na.pu!lished !y &(i Yoga pu!lications.@charya .@charya .aharshi.ahapra9na.urti.19943 33 $re(sha +hyan 4asic $rinciples.3K3?.Hest Dermany.2rode =.third edition.aharshi /1ami +e a .first edition.ahara9.!ecause such a 1ay of life is !alanced3 &ne side training ma(es people un!alanced and neurotic3 .Health Care.asahiro &(i. Page 9 Chapter- .83/3 La eri.Yogira9 5ethathiri .8ain 5ish a 4haratiAadnun=Ra93?.8apan.

perfect spiritual discipline3 Yoga is a method of training the mind and !ody for disco ering spiritual truths3 Yoga is science of life. Yoga is also a technique for achieving purest form of self5awareness. devoid of all thoughts.caste. 0ntegral Yoga e:uips us 1ith the right tools to handle lifeBs uncertainties in a remar(a!le calm manner3 0t is nothing mystical9ust a practical and scientific guide to an impro ed 1ay of life3 0t is the science that harmoni6es the mind !ody connection most effecti ely3 0t is a po1er tool for facing lifeBs challenges 1ith an attitude that 1ill delight us3 0t has four ma9or tools 1hich are 1ell meshed into one another ' =i? $ostures =@sanas? for physical e>ercise3 =ii? . 0t is 0ndiaBs oldest offers us simple.creed and any other !oundaries and can !e practiced !y those 1ho see( an education on !etter li ing and those 1ho 1ant to ha e a more meaningful life3 Yoga is the surest way of complete health.agese>.easy remedies.!ealth "anage"ent through yoga and Naturopathy What is Yoga? Yoga is a science as 1ell as an art of healthy li ing3 0t is no 1ay limited !y race.religion.pre ent stress and distress on the organs and promotes o erall 1ell-!eing and re9u enation3 #enefits of Yoga @t the physical le el Yoga and its cleansing practices ha e pro en to !e e>tremely effecti e for arious disorders3 Yoga is !eneficial as follo1' $a% &ncreasing fle'i(ility Yoga has position that act upon the arious 9oints of the !ody including those 9oints that are ne er really on the 7radar screen7 let alone e>ercised3 Page 10 $(% &ncreasing lu(rication of the )oints* liga"ents and tendons .editation for mind e>ercise3 =iii? 4reathing =$ranayam? for channeling energy correctly3 =i ? +eep rela>ation3 Katuropathy is a philosophy of !alancing the energy system of the !ody-physicalemotional and spiritual using the natural methods. Yoga is the science of life and the art of living.techni:ues and methods of health and hygiene to assure physical and mental fitness 1ith a minimum of timeeffort and e>pense3 Yoga is neither a sect nor an ideology but a practical training of mind and body.

positi e attitude.he 1ell researched Yoga positions e>ercise the different tendons and ligaments of the !ody3 /urprisingly it has !een found that the !ody 1hich may ha e !een :uite rigid starts e>periencing a remar(a!le fle>i!ility in e en those parts 1hich ha e not !een consciously 1or( upon3 $c% +assaging of all organs of the (ody Yoga is perhaps the only form of acti ity 1hich massages all the internal glands and organs of the !ody in a thorough manner.he traditional poses are not at all suita!le to the needs of the men of this age 1here our life style is completely different from those of the old days3 0t is more important to teach more simplified ersions as Yoga is nonspecific 1hen it comes to effecti e and positi e results.including those such as prostate-that hardly get e>ternally stimulated during our entire lifetime3 Yoga acts in a 1holesome manner on the arious !ody parts3 .hese other factors are ' Page 11 $i% ..his helps in flushing out of to>ins from e ery noo( and cranny as 1ell as delayed ageing.only @sanas or $ranayam is not going to help if it is done in a mechanical pattern or form3 .-areness @ person 1ho is practicing Yoga as a therapy must understand the reason for this practice3 0t is not important that the pose should !e perfect in order to get its !enefit !ut more important is the a1areness of the !ody and attitude3 .ttitude training in Yoga therapy .1ee( or slothy are stimulated separately to shed e>cess fla! and flaccidity3 .he Yoga therapist must and should impart the technology and philosophy of this science 1hile pro iding the training to their patients3 .routine.ost of the @sans and $ranayam are classified as if they are for particular physical or mental pro!lems3 )or e>ample matsyendrasan @sana is good for a dia!etic patient or sa asana is good for controlling high !lood pressure3 @s a matter of fact.uscles that ha e !ecome flaccid.his in turn ena!les the person to ta(e pre-empti e correcti e action 3 $d% Co"plete deto'ification 4y gentle stretching muscles and 9oints as 1ell as massaging the arious organsYoga ensures the optimum !lood supply to arious parts of the !ody3 .openness to accept the changes and learning ne1 healthy ha!its etc3 .diet.for e> and remar(a!le 6est of life3 $e% E'cellent toning of the "uscles .here are other factors.his stimulation and massage of the organs in turn !enefits us !y (eeping a1ay disease and pro iding a fore1arning at the first possi!le instance of a li(ely onset of disease or disorder3 &ne of the far-reaching !enefits of Yoga is the uncanny sense of a1areness that it de elops in the practioner of an impending health disorder or infection3 .1hich are playing a ma9or role in reco ery process3 .especially if other factors are not incorporated.

% Trust and faith 8ust as a patient trusts his doctor or any other health practioner.more than a mechanical practice e3g3 chanting of &.in the same 1ay there has to !e a faith and trust in 1hate er the patient is practicing during Yoga therapeutic sessions3 0t is ery important that a good relation is maintained during the treatment and follo1 up sessions3 $.$ii% Concept .here must !e a mutual understanding that one is there to e>plain and teach and the other is these to hour practice is not going to help3 $.70 1ant to learn s1imming !ut 1ithout getting 1et3 0t is ery important far a therapist to pro ide the scientific e>planations 1ith spiritual support3 @ll Yoga practices are !ased on the la1s of the nature3 0t is ery true that the science of Yoga 1as de eloped in 0ndia and ma9ority of Hindu people practice that3 .people come to Yoga practice and e>pect a miracle or instance change or reco ery3 8ust as there is a !ig difference in allopathic medicines and her!al medicines.people 1ho !elie e in other faiths or religions are not ready for certain Yoga practices 1hen it comes to the philosophy and de otional practices for rela>ation and meditation3 .he !ase is of Hindu.Health Yoga $radipi(a and such te>ts3 Here the intention is not to teach the religion !ut the philosophy !ehind the practice3 0f certain techni:ues are practiced 1ith a certain attitude then it helps. as an uni ersal sound3 .8ainism and 4uddhism faith-!ut Page 12 as a 1ay of life3 @ll Hindu.0 am here to learn only poses and !reathing37 0n other 1ords.i% .here has to !e a commitment from !oth the sides-the therapist and the practioner3 .any attitudes are .ttitude &ften.reco er and gain3 $i.% /edication Muite often people are ta(ing up Yoga as an e>periment3 /ometime 1hen all other doors are closed.he scientific e>planation is a must3 ery clear $iii% Co""it"ent .he attitude is that 70 1ant to learn Yoga !ut 0 do not 1ant to learn philosophy.he concept of pose and $ranayam must !e e>plained and should !e !efore its practice3 .li(e1ise there is a !ig difference !et1een other holistic physical training and Yoga3 &nce the person feels some positi e resultshe has to practice on a regular !asis as a routine3 &nce a 1ea(.$re(sha +hyan$atan9ali Yoga /utra.4uddhist and 8ains scriptures and literature are e>plaining Yoga3 &ne has to ha e some sort of (no1ledge of 4hag1at Dita.

peace of mind automatically surfaces3 4alance of minde:uanimity and the state of 1ell !eing are also e>perienced simultaneously3 .a specific Yoga routine must !e de eloped !y first !asic positions to free arious rigid 9oints and get the mind in suita!le mode3 &nly then 1e should !e mo ing to these positions3 .ligaments and muscles3 0n other 1ords.that 1ill help the practitioner in the long run to change his life style and in culti ating healthy ha!its3 !ealth "anage"ent through Yoga positions $.culti ated 1hile practicing any pose3 2ach and e ery mo e can pro ide a space to learn a certain attitude if e>plained and de eloped during its regular practice3 0t could !e from gross to the su!tlest le el.o increase endurance and impro e fle>i!ility.for this it is essential to e:uip o er sel es 1ith the other tool of 0ntegral Yoga3 He must al1ays !egin 1ith simple poses and gradually o ertime mo e to1ards the comple> ones3 0t is not as if ma>imum !enefits cannot !e achie ed 1ith simple positions3 Muite contrary.Yoga e>ercises are the most comprehensi e method of self care3 @lthough the asanas are ery po1erful.glands.he process of Yoga is 9ust as important as the result3 Page 13 !ealth "anage"ent through 0reksha /hyan .emotions and passions3 .ma>imum !enefits 1ould !e achie ed !y 1hat is 7accepta!le7 to our !ody3 .firm the stomach and redistri!ute !ody 1eight3 Yoga e>ercises stretch and tone the !ody muscles3 .hey 1or( 1onders in (eeping the !ody healthy and the mind peaceful3 @sanas e>ercise the ner es.hey ha e !een found to !e e>tremely effecti e3 He should adopt Yoga positions and prefera!ly Yoga routine in our life3 Yoga results in huge !enefit in terms of ' =i? Correcting meta!olic disorders3 =ii? & ercoming stress and mind !eha iors that seem !eyond our control3 =iii? Changing firmly entrenched attitudes or personality disorders3 0ntegral Yoga ensures all round personality and health de elopment !y concentrating on Yoga positions.sanas% Yoga poses ha e !an de eloped o er centuries of research and e>perience3 .he hurdles of uncleanliness must first !e remo ed3 Hhen the mind is!ricating 9oints and massaging the !ody3 Yoga postures !ring physical as 1ell as mental sta!ility3 .ind is constantly cho(ed !y contaminating urges.meditationpranayam techni:ues and !ody cleansing methods3 Yoga has simple and effecti e !ody mo ements that strengthen our !ac(.Yoga asanas or positions are the !est among all e>ercises for toning muscles.he mind must !e in harmony 1ith the !ody mo ements.hese asanas 1ere de eloped thousands of years ago and ha e e ol ed o er centuries3 .he main purpose of the practice of $re(sha +hyan is to purify the mental states3 .o achie e the ma>imum !enefits of Yoga.the effect !ecomes dramatic 1hen they are done the right 1ay3 .his hampers the flo1 of 1isdom3 .

(eeps the !lood circulation continuous3 4ut 1hen there is a !rea( do1n of this complicated mechanism.hese and many other insolu!le difficulties appear to ha e !een !uilt into our daily life3 4odily mo ements.!ut not the aim3 He ha e to transcend !oth these mental states to reach our ultimate purpose.hree types of meditational practices thus ensure from the trinity of acti ities3 @s per prominent 8ainacharya .heart attac(s and premature deaths3 &ur most pernicious an>iety in ol es common pro!lems of daily life such as the daily commute in a congested city.hence diminishing the supply of !lood3 .otal rela>ation? =ii? @ntaryatra =0nternal trip? =iii? /1ash pre(sha =$erception of !reathing? =i ? /harir pre(sha =$erception of !ody? = ? Chaitnya (endra pre(sha =$erception of psychic centres? = i? Aesya +hyan =$erception of psychic colours? = ii? 4ha ana =@uto-suggestion? = iii? @nupre(sha =contemplation? He li e in the age of tensions and !ecause 1e are confronted 1ith more and more situations that produce stress.illions of people in the 1orld suffer from the diseases of the heart and !lood essels3 .i63 total purity of mind and goodness3 $re(sha +hyan is an uncomplicatedeasy to lean techni:ue of meditation3 0t is comprised of the follo1ing ' =i? <ayotsarga =.hrom!osis .rising cost of li ing.increasing num!ers of people at younger ages are suffering from hypertension 1hich results in high !lood pressures.he state of 1ell-!eing is not our ultimate aim C it 1ill ine ita!ly ensure C ne ertheless it is not the o!9ecti e3 /imilarly peacefulness is also a secondary !enefit and 1ill al1ays !e achie ed.una!ating shortages of daily necessities.mental.his leads to hardening of !lood essels.polluted air and 1ater3 .sudden !loc(ing of one of the arteries3 rteriosclerosis5hardening of arteries.0t should al1ays !e remem!ered that the ultimate aim of sadhana is purity and e:uanimity-freedom from contamination of passions3 . +egenerati e heart disease-gradual decay of !lood essels due to e>cessi e smo(ing of to!acco3 Hypertensi e heart disease29 straining of !lood essels due to high !lood pressure3 .he heart 1hich is muscular pump.ahapragya in entor of $re(sha +hyan total health consists of physical.!lood supply to a Page 14 part of the !ody may !e affected leading to 1hat is (no1n as heart attac(3 4ut 1ith naturopathy the follo1ing cardio ascular diseases can !e cured ' Coronary .speech and mental functions are three fold acti ities of our organism3 &ne of the facets of meditation practice is reduction or total cessation of each of these acti ities3 .emotional and spiritual health3 !ealth "anage"ent through Naturopathy $&% Cure of heart disease (y Naturopathy .

partial massage to a!domen.steam !!ohydrates and fat and increase the supply of mineral and itamins and also increase e>ercises3 Nature cure .cold circular 9et3 Page 15 $&1% O(esity &!esity is !ecoming a common health ha6ard and leads to many other diseases li(e coronary heart disease.has a common feature e>cessi e accumulation of sugar in !lood.mudpac(.1heat grass 9uice therapy.cold hip !ath3 $&&&% Cancer Cancer has affected millions in the entire 1orld3 0t is the pho!ia of the disease 1hich causes more suffering than the caner itself3 0n cancer.full massage=re erse direction?.high !lood pressure.dia!etes.grape diet3 • /pecific-full massage.cold a!domen pac(.neutral spinal spray.floating star ed non-functional cells group together and manifest themsel es as tumors.he yogic treatment restores the normal functioning of the pancreas and other endocrine glands3 .under 1ater massage.he chemistry of the !ody !ecomes normal leading to a healthy !ody3 Nature cure • Routine-enema.he !est method to control 1eight is to reduce the inta(e of protein.ulcers and cancer3 Nature cure • Routine-enema.he general pre alent method of treating the dia!etic patient is to in9ect insulin to compensate 1hat could !e produced !y the pancreas3 .isionary trou!les.due to malfunctioning of pancreas3 .!ad temper.psychosomatic disorders and a shorten life span3 -he main cause of obesity is excessive eating.mudpac( • /pecific-full massage.coldness of hands and feet3 Nature cure • Routine-mudpac( • /pecific.headache.cold spinal sprayJ!ath.High !lood pressure =Hypertension?-4lood pressure remains high leading to disorder li(e lac( of strength. .ice massage to spine3 $&&% /ia(etes +ia!etes a ery old disease.tiredness.

our !iological prana a1a(ens to its e olutionary potential3 @1a(ened prana.our fire =spiritual heat? is stimulated3 He 79ump-start7 the !attery of the !ody.the physical storehouse of energy.his method of cure in ol es !ody purification3 .!uilding a1areness and strength in the legs especially all standing poses3 @nything that sta!ili6es and roots the foundation reinforces muladhara3 $ii% S-adhisthana chakra $sensation* flo-* -ater% 0n s1adhisthana cha(ra 1e !ecome a1are of the senses."rit Yoga-chakra 1 to 4 @ primary focus of @mrit Yoga is to !uild heat !y charging !attery of the !ody.he procedures are ' )ull !ody dry friction-for 1* minutes daily3 2nema =colon irrigation?-1ith Au(e 1arm 1ater.carries out healing and cleansing at an accelerated le el resulting in the purification of the ner e channels in the !ody as 1ell as cleansing (riyas-all of 1hich prepare the !ody for accelerated spiritual de elopment3 $i% +uladhara chakra $roots* align"ent* earth% ..sta!ility and foundation3 0n @mrit Yoga.!ridge and he spinal t1ist3 Page 16 $iii% +anipura chakra $flo-er* fire% 0n manipura.el-& of .de eloping grounded ness.he 1illful aspect of the practice is also associated 1ith cha(ra three3 Here 1e are !uilding the !attery in the !elly and then consciously directing that energy up1ard3 .his re:uires spiritual commitment to let the ego drop a1ay3 0n @mrit Yoga the heart energy is engaged 1ith the use of the .called (undalini." days per 1ee(3 !eath "anage"ent through chakras2 centres of consciousness 3e.nahat chakra $.1hich is !ased in the lo1er three centres3 @s this energy is aroused and consciously directed from the lo1er cha(ras to the upper ones.alternate days3 /team !ath-2* minutes.his is an essential part of conscious generation and directing of energy is necessary for prana to a1a(en and mo e up1ard to higher centres3 $i.t1ice in a 1ee(3 Hot foot !ath-2* minutes.sensation =pleasureJpain? and emotions that accompany each pose3 He allo1 our a1areness of ecstatic energy to !uild in the second half of the pose3 /uggested poses include pigeon.through strong standing poses li(e the 1arrior3 .-akening to the spiritual path% 0n @nahat.he method lightens the !ody and ma(es it free from to>ins and mor!id matter 1hich in turn results in pro!lem free 1eight loss3 .the attention is alignment in all poses.1e are as(ed to open the heart3 .% .uladhara is the !ody in physical space and time.

his is the entry into the !liss !ody 1hich can happen in the second half of the pose.aharshi-5ethathiripu!lications-2rode=.i(ration 5isuddha cha(ra is more apparent in le el 00 of @mrit Yoga.pratyahar.edition 2**33 =2? @rticle !y .&ntario3 =3? He!site.3K3?-3rdedition-199"3 =#? Yoga $ra>is."rit Yoga $chakra 5 to 6% $.ii% Sahasrar chakra $silence% 0n the sahasrar.1113real!ondmar(eting3com =4? .deep a!sorption 1ithout choosing for or against 1hat is present in @9na cha(ra3 0n the second half of the pose and third eye integration consciously allo1 energies to gro1 1ith meditati e attention and dra1 freed energies up1ards to1ard the third eye for integration3 @ll for1ard !ending poses 1here the head is lo1er than the heart !rings attention and energy to the third eye =child.Yoga 2ducationcentre.8ain 5ish a 4harati.19%83 ="?<armaYoga.i% ing and recei ing mo ements.aharshi /1ami +e a .in third eye meditation integration or in any pose3 @ll these practices of @mrit Yoga are intended to reach the final point of stilling the modifications of the mind1hich is al1ays associated 1ith the se enth cha(ra3 Page 17 References =1? $re(sha +hyan ' theory and practice.some heart opening poses can !e camel.Yogira95ethathiri.1ide angle for1ard !end? $.Yoga mudra.meditati e.pu!lished !y &(i Yoga pu!lication-8apan-firstedition.ahapragya.1itness.1e turn into i!ration of prana that sources the mo ement3 Use sound i!ration 1hen in the pose and the po1er of our 1ord =opening intention and om? to create the i!ration field 1e intend3 4ecome a1are of our o1n inner dialogue and if it ser es us or not3 0n @mrit Yoga the throat cha(ra may !e stimulated through chanting.Hest Dermany3 .an9ari 4hatt-Yoga teacher G therapist.arms.19%1-%2.!ridgecamel and shoulder stand postures3 $.)na chakra2the third eye .Aadnun =Ra93?.el-&& of .Yoga mudra.editationGYoga-.% 1isuddha chakra $&nternal7e'ternal%2the po-er of sound .0nternational Yoga centre/chloss @u!!ra.1ith mudras.@charya .urti.editation.the eli>ir of @mrita comes through silencing the fluctuations of the mind3 .half locust =opens arms and heart meridians? 4reathe =lungs? and the forth cha(ra are closely connected3 3e.!ut also in le el 0.asahiro &(i.Yoga .

terror.fear and discontentment are on the spread3 .hat is 1hy the importance of !alance !et1een indi idual li!erty and administrati e control is !eing increasingly felt3 .non iolence.he sources of fears his fello1! in (uilding our life /eterioration of cultural .Page 18 Chapter-8 9tility of Science of 3i.hat is 1hy immorality iolence.happiness and sensiti ity ha e dried up3 .callousness.intolerance.alues He see that there has !een a great deterioration in human alues all o er the 1orld3 2ternal alues li(e is restlessfrightened and scared3 .there is no trust3 .tolerance and truth etc3 are getting deteriorated3 .

@dministration.harmony. only that culture flourishes and succeeds that produces persons de oted to duty3 @ country maintains and preser es its should !e !rotherhood among neigh!ors.the only thing that can pro ide dignity to man(ind is its spiritual endea our3 Ko culture can !e permanent until it practices and supports this spiritual endea our33 /1ami 5i e(anand proclaimed.his is the first and the foremost peculiarity of 0ndian culture3# 0t is clear no1 that the alues of human life and the gist of culture can !e learnt and taught in early childhood only3 @ igilant and cultured man glo1s 1ith the sense of life and sense of the 1orld3 Hithout this igilance and a1areness.0ndians do not proud of !eing 0ndians and ho1 can they do soN /o long as there is no 0ndiani6ation of education.he 1hole concept of Yoga and the different methods of meditation are the result of this ery peculiarity3 Ko1here else do 1e find such an arrangement for stri( disrespect !et1een man and man3 0nstead.70ndia cannot die.(een intellect.economic relations should !e !ased on cooperation.7Culture comprises human relations3 +eformity occurs 1hen iolence gains entry in these relations and it then poses a great threat to culture37 8ainendra (umar has suggested a remedy too for this malady3 @ccording to him.mental and spiritual de elopment3 $utting into practice the famous saying.mental and spiritual faculties.scruple.people should !e 1illing to help other and pri acy and indi iduality of man should !e maintained3 @ll these factors are !oth the necessities and the characteristics of culture32 @ccording to prominent @charya .the founder of @nu rata mo ement.respect and co-operation3 .sense of the !est forms of man.healthy feelings of heart.e:uanimityrespect for all religions.coordination.there should !e no pressure.ulsi.!alance !et1een li!erty and .the importance of alues cannot !e appreciated3 @1areness of !eauty.tolerance.respect for nationality 1ill not de elop3 He said that no importance is gi en to 0ndian ernaculars and 0ndian culture3 He cannot ha e good and healthy citi6ens so long as 0ndian spirit is not introduced in education3" Page 19 +easures to (e adopted for the protection of &ndian culture .it is immortal and 1ill remain so long as a ma9ority of people do not gi e up spirituality34 0n the present ili6ationart and national integrity only on the force of its saints and mon(s3 @ccording to +r3 Radha(rishanan.affection.discipline and self-restraint all the three are essential to society3 Ai!erty in the a!sence of self-restraint amounts to madness and crime31 @ccording to the famous literary figure 8ainendra <umar.he main characteristic of 0ndian culture is the formation of such rules and life-style that !ring a!out the de elopment of physical.2#ound mind in a sound body2.a 1ell-planned programme 1as made for physical de elopment that helped in mental and spiritual de elopment as 1ell3 0n no other culture of the 1orld is found such an organi6ed programme3 .an o erall de elopment of personality3 .there should !e sympathy.

ulsi @dhyatma KeedamB from 2"-12.Yoga and moral education 1as organi6ed in B.pure conscience and inner-self can !e aroused3 .he tragedy is that our language and culture ha e !een reduced to a secondary le el in our o1n country and conse:uently the desired results are not !eing o!tained3 Children are not !eing taught 1hat they ought to !e taught3 0t is futile to !lame children for 1hat they are learning in the name of standard of life.ahapra9na.moral education and internal change3 0t has !een de eloped in the sphere to education 1ith the coordination of @nu rata and $re(sha +hyan37 .ing : .false !eliefs and refines life3 2ducation has a t1o-fold function3 &n the one hand it teaches the art of li ing and on the other hand adds s(ill and efficiency to traditional arts3 2ducated persons are conscious of their aims and goals and at the same time they are ready to meet the challenges of time3 4ut all these things are possi!le only 1hen alue-!ased education is imparted3 .he acute pro!lems of thepresent time need as immediate and sure solution and for thisit is necessary to understand life and to ma(e suita!le changes in lifestyle.e:uality.his is the greatest re:uirement and the urgent need of the period3 .emotional and practical3 /cience of li ing aims at : =i? )inding out the rules of life !y 1hich all these three aspects can !e achie ed3 =ii? )inding out the rules !y 1hich a proper !alance !et1een emotional and intellectual de elopment can !e esta!lished3 =iii? )inding out the rules !y 1hich intellect.iolence.he education that is imparted to the students in the present time.he present education system pro ides nothing of the sort3 .duties and rights are the essential elements of culture3 .as the 0ndian spirit is missing in their education3 &ur culture can !e preser ed only through the medium of education38 /cience of li ing has emerged as a ray of hope in this dar( and gloomy 1orld3 0t is the lamp that 1ill remo e the dar(ness of ignorance3 Science of li. sure "eans of (uilding of life 0t 1as 1inter !rea( in the educational institutes3 @ .eacherBs training camp pertaining to e ils.he main aim of /cience of li ing is the !uilding of spiritual-scientific personality3 &ne.if needed3 -here are three aspects of #cience of living ' conati e.ahapra9na graced the occasion 1ith his !ene olent presence3 .7/cience of li ing is the name of a coordinated and harmoni6ed system3 .here is in it a coordination of non.@charya .does not pro ide these alues to students3% 2ducation is an indispensa!le part of de elopment3 0t remo es superstitions.he need for a ne1 system of education 1as !eing (eenly felt3 .ahapra9na named this mammoth tas( of pro iding Page 20 this spiritual.taught !y this method 1ill neither !e a scientist nor a spiritual entity only3 &ne 1ill ha e all the attri!utes of !oth a scientist and a spiritual personality3 .Yoga and moral education as /C02KC2 &) A050KD3 His suggestion 1as appro ed and applauded unanimously and this ne1 programme came to !e implemented as /cience of li ing3 @ccording to @charya .19%8 to 31-12-19%83 @charya .here 1as a long discussion as to 1hat name should !e gi en to this ne1 acti ity3 @fter much thin(ing.

moral alues and !rings a!out internal change3 =iii? /cience of li ing is the co-ordination of @nu rata and $re(shadhyan3 =i ? /cience of li ing is the study of anatomy of !ody and to o!ser e e>periments 1ith them3 Science of li. #ody .he first component of life is !ody3 2 erything lies in !ody3 @ physician too e>amines the !ody first of all.they are (no1n as centers of psyche3 2>periments in meditation are carried out on them3 0f spiritual po1er is to !e aroused. #reathing .he components of life are ' 13 4ody"3 2motionsJauraJpsychic colours23 4reathing#3 <arma33 5itality%3 Consciousness43 .ner ous system.respiratory system etc3 are responsi!le for the arious acti ities of !ody3 @ll these systems are closely related not only to the physical acti ities !ut to human !eha ior also3 .charya 'ahapra(na has brought out the following aspects of the science of righteous living : =i? /cience of li ing is training of righteous li ing3 =ii? /cience of li ing imparts training in non.indAet us ponder o er them one !y one ' Page 21 1.nothing 1ill happen3 @ll the acti ities follo1 life3 .one has to concentrate on the ear3 5igilance center is the center for deaddiction3 .right side and left side3 .!ody and speech3 0t is a !ig :uestion !ecause the things ha e alue 1hen life e>ists and !ecome meaningless 1ith the end of life3 .1hen someone complains of some ailment3 @nd it is ery mysterious3 @ physician e>amines the !ody from medical point of ie13 He tries to understand !oth the ner ous system and the glandular system3 4ut the concept changes 1hen the !ody is studied from the point of ie1 of /cience of li ing3 .he arious e>periments made in !reathing help in !ringing a!out emotional change3 .here are certain centers in the !ody 1here consciousness is highly dense centred3 0n $re(shadhyan.iolence.1e 1ill ha e to concentrate on the center of intuition3 0f 1e 1ant to !e ! and the co"ponents of life Hhat is lifeN .he !reathe ta(en 1ith the right nostril acti ates the left side of !rain3 .he end of life signifies the end of all the acti ities of mind.he !rain has t1o sides.disciplined and self-restrained1e 1ill ha e to concentrate on the center of purity3 0f the ha!it of drin(ing is to !e gi en up.such as digesti e system.he second component of life is !reathing3 .en systems in all.his is the first and foremost :uestion that confronts e ery rational !eing3 0t is the first :uestion !ecause e erything depends on life3 2 erything may happen 1hen there is life3 0f there is no life.

he means !y 1hich concentration can !e gained are as follo1 ' =i? $erception of deep !reathing.ai9as center=iii? $erception of purifying center=i ? $erception of e:uanimous !reathing3 Health means !alance of itality3 .there are many means that can maintain !alance in itality.affects our gross !ody . 0t aims at remo ing anything that co ers consciousness so that no dirt of delusion may defile it3 .emory.8.he fifth ingredient of life is psyche3 $syche is a ray of the light of (no1ledge3 0t is affected !y our consciousness and in return.he fourth ingredient of life is mind3 . 1ital force 5itality is the main source of our life-force3 4ody is conducted !y itality3 4reathing is conducted !y itality3 .insta!ility and concentration3 @n insta!le mind is responsi!le for failure and a concentrated mind is the (ey to success3 .ind and speech too are conducted !y the force of 1ill and speech3 4alance of itality controls the 1hole life3 Hhen it gets im!alanced.rhythmic deep !reathing3 =ii? Restraint in !reathing !y adopting some particular procedure. =i? $erception of !ody=ii? $erception of .e:uanimity3 =i ? . -hrough brain and nervous system. -he aim of !re)sha meditation is7 purification of psyche.percei er feeling3 = i? $sychical acti ity3 .oo much insta!ility of mind causes many pro!lems3 &n the other handconcentration of mind pro ides solution to many pro!lems3 . it conducts and controls every activity of life7body.he means that help purifying psyche are as follo1 ' =i? $erception of the centers of consciousness3 =ii? 2>perience of attachment and a ersion free moment3 =iii? 2>perience of pure consciousness.imagination and thin(ing all three are the !usiness of mind3 Hhen these three reach to an undesira!le point.hought-free meditation3 = ? 2>periment of ( gets sic( 1hen this !alance is distur!ed3 5itality is a su!tle element3 0t is not percei ed !y any instrument3 Hence it is un(no1n3 4.!reath stopping3 =iii? $erception of itality center3 =i ? $erception of 0ntuition center3 Page 22 = ? $erception of thoughts3 = i? $erception 1ithout a 1in(3 = ii? Contemplation3 .they cause mental tension3 are t1o stages of mind.the physical health is affected ad ersely and the 1hole system of life gets distur!ed3 0n $re(shadhyan. speech and mind. +ind . 0syche .

.emotional health is gi en the utmost importance3 0f one is fit emotionally. through the brain.psychic colour and aura3 /uccess and contentment are gained !y positi e emotions3 Healthy emotion is the !asis of the mental health3 -he basic aphorism of !re)sha meditation is freedom from physical. affects and conducts all the activities of life.he first step to1ards the search of the soul is the search of (arma3 .did not come for1ard to search the soul3 .ind is a nonsentinent element3 0t is not self-conducted3 0ts moti ating force is emotions3 .(arma3 <arma is the result of human endea our3 .hat is an electrical !ody3 In the center of that body are formed emotions.his in isi!le force can neither !e denied nor can it !e regarded as supreme3 Hhate er happens in life is not al1ays accidental.1ithout rhyme or reason or result of circumstances3 /ome incidents may !e affected !y circumstances !ut !ehind most of them there is some reason and that is (arma3 /ome diseases too are the result of (armas3 0t is surprising that the physiologists 1ho ha e in estigated each and e ery cell of !ody and ha e tried to find out the !io-chemicals.he test of the purity or the impurity of psyche is the purity or the impurity of is a su!tle !ody 1ithin the gross !ody and that is (no1n as .ai9as !ody3 .he aim and o!9ect of /cience of li ing is to study the effect of $re(sha meditation on these se en aspects of life 1ith scientific tools and psychological tests in order to reali6e the innumera!le mysteries of life and for the !uilding of life3 0n the direction of understanding life as a is sure to !e fit mentally and physically too3 .$<% E"otions : 0sychic colours : aura .he e>periments for gaining emotional health are as follo1 ' =i? $sychic colour meditation3 =ii? Contemplation of friendship3 =iii? Contemplation of compassion3 =i ? Contemplation of tolerance3 . mental and emotional ailments.hey affects the psyche in the gross !ody3 -his psyche.he endea our of the present is (no1n as self-e>ertion and that of the past is (no1n as (arma3 <arma is one of the elements that affect human life the most3 .he si>th ingredient of life is emotions3 . 2motions are the moti ating and determining factors of life3 . Page 23 $6% =ar"a .concentrating on these se en points and constantly trying to refine them is the first step to !e ta(en !y any human !eing3 4y paying full .he 1ays !y 1hich (armas can !e transformed are as follo1s ' =i? 0ndeterminate meditation3 =ii? Congitational meditation on 1orldly trou!les3 =iii? Righteous analysis3 =i ? $sychic colour meditation3 = ? $sychic center meditation3 = i? $rayer3 .an instincti ely 1ants to lead a life of ecstacy3 $hysical.mental and emotional ailment are the o!stacles in gaining this state of a!solute meditation3 0n $re(sha meditation.he se enth components of life is.ind is related to su!tle !ody3 .

$ranayam.nutrition and e>cretion3 .he ma9or !iological systems function in a typical manner only on the !asis of the functioning of the a!o e process3 Hith achie es an ele ated status of healthy li ing3 @ healthy daily routine lays the foundation of a healthy life style3 @ person 1ith healthy life style.84-8"3 &ur culture.4**3 &utline of culture and science3 $re(shadhyan maga6ine.8ainendra < &ntroduction +uring the prolonged process of e olution of Uni erse the human !ody is a creation of nature3 @ healthy human !eing in a span of 24 hours produces 4"* cu!ic tones of energy3 He can spea( 48** 1ordsC he can utili6e %"* muscles.Kiyam.respires 23*4* times and heart !eats 1*3#89 times3 4lood circulates through !lood essels to a distance of 13#8 !illion (ilometers3 .Chromo therapy.+ecem!er.attention to these aspects and !y follo1ing them 1e can !uild our life and can mould our character3 References 13 23 33 43 "3 #3 %3 83 &utline of culture and science3 2ducation and Culture.hese ital processes are possi!le to continue in normal pattern only 1hen there is a proper co-ordination and !alance !et1een the process of respiration.socially and spiritually3 0n Yoga science.$ratyahar.there is significance of Yama.digestion.+r3 Radha(rishanan3 +e elopment of 0ndian culture3 &ne drop ' one ocean3 Horld religion perception.19943 Page 24 Chapter-4 Co""on Yogic > Naturopathic prescriptions for healthy li.@sana.rela>es % million ner e cells.for healthy li ing.compared to others de elops much !etter physicallymentally.)asting therapy.+hyan and /amadhi3 0n Katuropathy arious therapeutic measures 1hich contri!ute significantly to1ards the healthy li ing includeC Hydrotherapy.@ir etc3 )or a healthy li ing it is also important to follo1 the la1s of nature3 @long 1ith this one must discard the ill ha!its 1hich cause ad erse effects on health3 .+harana.

)ollo1ing are the typical characters of healthy li ing'13 @ilments free life3 23 +esired pre enti e measure to1ards the physical- mental and emotional factors3 33 $erception 1ith realities3 43 Co-operati e attitude and co-operati e !eha iour3 "3 @d9ustment 1ith the changed circumstances3 #3 /ensi!ility3 %3 @1areness of realities3 83 +esired social and spiritual characters3 93 4alanced emotional control and reconstitution3 1*3 Aac( of 9ealously- comple>ity and hatred3 113 Unified personality3 Page 25 123 @ proper co-ordination o er the psychic stage- psychosomatic stage and organic stage to1ards the a aila!le health3

Standards of healthy
Healthy li ing is go erned !y se eral factors3 Healthy li ing on one side affects physical and mental health and on other side is influenced !y li ing en ironment personal factors- family relation and the consuma!le food ingredients normally3 )ollo1ing are the ma9or factors'13 23 33 43 "3 #3 %3 $hysical and mental disorders3 o er all food and nutrition3 2>ercise3 Regulated respiration process3 Kormal digestion and e>cretion3 /tress-free routine3 Contentment3 83 Ae el of moral and traditional alues3 93 $hysical and mental paucity3 1*3 $ositi e thin(ing3 113 +aily routine in compliance 1ith nature3 123 Control of lust and su!mission to Dod3 133 $hysical and mental total rela>ation3

#arriers of healthy
0n the ancient time man used to li e in the midst of nature3 @s a result he 1as the master of health- personality- e>cellence- contentment and pleasure3 &n the other hand as of today ad ancement of science and technology as !rought forth a heap of option for physical comfort3 Ke ertheless- there is oid 1ith respect to physical and mental health3 0n this !ac(ground there is a !est possi!ility of healthy li ing3 )ollo1ing are the !arriers for healthy li ing'-

13 23 33 43 "3 #3 %3

Uncontrolled food ha!it3 Ai:uor consumption and smo(ing3 Cardiac disorders3 Hypertension3 +ia!etes3 &!esity3 /tress3

83 0nsomnia3 93 .ension3 1*3 @rthritis and other 9oint disorders3 113 Constipation3 123 +istress and disappointment3 133 )rustration3

Role of Yoga in healthy
Yoga is a su!9ect of science of high order- 1hich carries in it the mystery of conser ation of health and transformation of life3 @ complete e>pression of life is possi!le only through Yoga3 Yogasana- pranayammeditation de elops faith in a person- chiefly !ecause it is half a therapy3 0t is common saying that confidence is half the cure3 .he concept of @shtanga Yoga proposed !y ,ahrashi $atan9ali 1ith different aspects ha e enormous contri!ution to1ards healthy li ing as out li ed here' Page 26

1; Ya"a
Under this include different aspects such as @hinsa- /atya- @steya- 4hramcharya and @parigraha3 .hrough this first step of @shtanga Yoga one turns to more ideal in his day to day life3 Hith this he discharges his duties to1ards society in a more orderly manner3

2. Niya"a
.he ma9or components under this include /hauch- /antosh- .apa- /1adhyaya0sh1arpranidhan3 $ractice of this aspect of Yoga turns a person- more disciplined and orderly3 Hith this one can o ercome the deformities of personal senses3 0n fact the reformation of personal actions for us is the !asic foundation of healthy li ing3

3. ,sanas
Ha ing achie ed the perfection o er the guideline of Yama and Kiyama only then one must commit for the practice of Yogasanas3 Hithout this the Yoga practices is ineffecti e3 )or arious Yogasanas !ody is fle>ed for an specific posture regularly at a gi en time for a gi en purpose3 .his e>erts special effect on different !ody 9ointsmuscles- heart- digesti e system- endocrine glands- lungs G ner ous system3 .his re i es the normal functioning of respecti e organs and !ody system3 @t present time special significance to Yogasana is direct relation to healthy li ing3

4; 0ranaya"a
$ranayam is a highly sophisticated procedure of Yoga- 1here !y one achie es a total control o er the ital force 1hich go erns the proper functioning of !odyOs life process3 $ranayam helps to tone-up the most ital acti ities of the !ody- such as respiratory system- cardio- ascular system3 0n addition- it strengthens the !ody

immunity 1hich is e>tremely important for maintaining the :uality of life and healthy li ing3

5. 0ratyahar
.he real purpose of this Yoga practice is to dri e the !odyOs consciousness in1ardly and focus at a pleasant thought or a point of auspicious feeling3 0n a daily life the practice of such yogic terms helps to achie e a high order of :uality life3

6. /harna
)or the purpose of achie ing the spiritual e>cellence- this type of yogic e>ercisecalled +harna carries special significance3

Page 27 0t is mainly for the reason that +harna itself means to focus on a solitary point through flo1 of thought3 Continuity of this state is termed as- +hyan- 1hich is the final o!9ecti e of Yoga practice for healthy li ing3

7. +editation
,editation acts as a po1erful tonic3 0t is a mental and ner ing tonic as 1ell3 .he holy i!rations penetrate all the cells of the !ody and cure the diseases of the !ody3 .hose 1ho meditate sa e doctorOs !ills3 .he po1erful- soothing 1a es that arise during meditaion e>ercise a !enign influence on the mind- ner es- organs and the cells of !ody3 .he di ine energy freely flo1s li(e .ailadhara =flo1s of oil from one essel to another? from the feet of the Aord to the different systems of the /adha(as3 Considera!le changes ta(e place in the mind- !rain and the ner ous system !y the practice of meditation3 Ke1 ner e-currents- ne1 i!rations- ne1 a enues- ne1 groo es- ne1 cells- ne1 channels are formed3 .he 1hole mind and ner ous system are remodeled3 You 1ill de elop a ne1 heart- a ne1 ie1 of mind- ne1 sensationsne1 feeling- ne1 mode of thin(ing- acting and a ie1 of the uni erse =as Dod in manifestation?3 .he fire of meditation annihilates all foulness due to ice3 .hen suddenly comes (no1ledge or di ine 1isdom- 1hich directly leads to final emancipation3 Real peace and @nanda =!liss? manifest only 1hen /an(alpas get e>tinguished3 Hhen you fi> the mind on the supreme energy e en for fi e minutes /att a guna is infused into the mind3 5asanas =impression? are thinned out and the force of san(alpa !ecome less and less3 You 1ill feel peace and !liss during the fi e minutes3 You can compare this @nanda from meditation 1ith the transitory sensual pleasures3 You 1ill find that this @nanda from meditation is a million times superior to sensual pleasure3 ,editate and feel this @nanda3 .hen you 1ill (no1 its real alue3 You 1ill get the full @nanda of the di ine glory only 1hen you merge deep into silent meditation3 Hhen you are on the !order

/ar angasana =/houlder-stand?/irshasana =Head-stand?.he Aocust $osture?.you 1ill not get the ma>imum peace and !liss3 8.pineapple etc3 'editation : /ilent meditation for 2* minutes3 8.he 4o1 $osture?.ri(onasna =triangle posture?.1ist?.non egetarian of di inity of Dod.editation for 1"-3* minutes3 .@rdhamatsyendrasana =/implified ersion of the Yogi .he 0n erted posture?./a asana =Complete Rela>ation $osture?3 "iet : Change o er to foods rich in iron and 5itamin-4 9uice of 1heat sprouts=grass?uncoo(ed 8uices or soups of leafy egeta!les.5a(rasana =/pinal . .fresh fruits.5iparita(arani =.Kadi-/odhana=alternate !reathing?3 sanas : .eat fruits and egeta!les in season and coo(ed rather than ra1 egeta!les3 'editation : /ilent .rthritis !ranayama : Rhythmic !reathing./a asana =Complete Rela>ation $osture?3 "iet : @ oid mil( and mil( product.1hen you are in the outer s(irts. .nae"ia 0ranaya"a : Ujjayi (energy-renewing Pranayama).sth"a !ranayama : Rhythmic !reathing.1ist?.germinated corn and !eans. sanas : $aschimottanasans =stretching the !ac( and legs?.$admasana =. Sa"adhi /amadhi is pro ided to super normal healthy person3 Role of .atsyendra $osture?. Nadi-Sodhana (al ena e !rea hing).5iparita(arani =.pulses etc3 .a(e al(aline content fruits li(e s1eet lemon and orange. .he 0n erted posture?./a asana =Complete Rela>ation $osture?3 "iet : @ oid sours and masala food3 2at light egeta!le foods3 .+hanurasana =.1hen you are at threshold of Dod.he lotus $osition?/ala!hasana =.$aschimottanasans =stretching the !ac( and legs?.sanas* 0ranaya" > +editation in co""on diseases 1.Kadi-/odhana =alternate !reathing 1ithout retention of the !reath?3 sanas : 5a(rasana =/pinal .

he fish posture?. Constipation !ranayama : 4hastri(a=!ello1s? sanas : Uddiyana =Rising of the diapharm?.5a9rasana = .5iparita(arni =.5a(rasana =spinal t1ist?-$aschimottanasans =stretching the !ac( and legs?./a asana =Complete Rela>ation $osture?3 ./ar angasana= shoulder..@rdhamatsyendrasana =/implified ersion of the Yogi .ri(onasana= triangle posture?5a(rasana =spinal t1ist?.he /upine $el ic $osture?3 "iet5 0nclude food 1ith flares and roughage in daily diet3 $lenty of ra1 fruits. E'haustion !ranayama : Rhythmic retention of the !reath?3 !reathingKadi-/odhana =alternate !reathing1ithout sanas: Halasana =./a asana =Complete Rela>ation $osture?3 "iet : @ oid starchy food.he $lough posture?.restrictions should !e follo1ed3 <.stand?.stand?.he 0n erted posture?./irshasana =Head./a asana= Complete Rela>ation $osture? 6.. !ae"orroids !ranayama : Rhythmic !reathing.he fish posture?.atsyasanas =.atsyendra $osture?/ar angasana = shoulderstand?./hirsasana =Headstand?.stand?. !eadaches !ranayama : Rhythmic !reathing.1hole 1heat chapaties etc3 should !e ta(en3 egeta!le- more fi!!ers and protein content food.atasyasana =. /ia(etes !ranayama : Rhythmic retention of the !reath?3 !reathingKadi-/odhana=alternate !reathing 1ithout sanas : Uddiyana =Rising of the diapharm?.he 0n erted $osture?/ar angasana=shoulder-stand?.4.$aschimottanasans =stretching the !ac( and legs?.that re itali6es the ner ous system3 sanas : Uddiyana =Rising of the diapharm?.Kadi-/odhana =alternate !reathing?3 sanas : 5iparita(arani =./a asana =Complete Rela>ation $osture?3 "iet : &nly light easily digesta!le food 1ith plenty of fi!orous materials should !e ta(en3 ?../upta.$aschimottanasans =stretching the !ac( and legs?/ar angasana = shoulder.

&ndigestion !ranayama : 4hastri(a =4ello1s?..he 4o1 $osture? ./ala!hasana =./a asna =Complete Rela>ation $osture?3 "iet : @ oid foods containing fats and cholesterol3 2at more .ayurasana =."iet : 2asily digesta!le food3 @.$achimottanasana =/tretching the !ac( and legs?.a(e li:uid diet for a period and gradually change o er to our usual3 2liminate fatty food and alcohol from diet3 .4addha <onasana =Yoga-.he 0n erted $osture?.he Aocust $osture?.riangle $osture?..feet 9ointed?.nadi-sodhna =alternate !reathing.Kadi-/odhana =alternate !reathing?3 sanas : +epending on the case Uddiyana =Rising of the +iapharm?.he $osture?. 3i.ri(onasana =.4hu9angasana"ents !ranayama : Rhythmic ! ./ar angasana =/houlder-stand?./a asana =Complete Rela>ation $osture?3 "iet : .5iprita(arani =.a(e light egetarian meals3 'editation : /ilent meditation for 2*-3* minutes3 egeta!le and fruits3 1A. !eart Trou(le !ranayama : Rhythmic !reathing. !igh (lood pressure !ranayama : Rhythmic !reathing.riangle $osture?.$achimottanasana =/tretching the !ac( and legs?./a asana =Complete Rela>ation $osture?3 "iet : 0nclude food 1ith flares and roughage in daily diet3 $lenty of ra1 fruit 1hole-1heat chapaties etc3 should !e ta(e3 egeta!le- 1 .ri(onasana =.he Co!ra $osition?/ala!hasana =.Kadi-/odhana =alternate !reathing?3 sanas Uddiyana =Raising of diaphram?.+hanurasana =./irshasana =Head-stand?.undra.he $eacoc( $osture?.1ithout retention of the !reath?3 sanas : $admasana =the lotus position?sa asana =complete rela>ation posture?3 iparita(arani =the in erted posture?- "iet : Consume less salt and fat3 2at 1* egeta!les more3 'editation : /ilent meditation for 2* minutes3 11.Kadi-/odhana =alternate !reathing?3 sanas : Uddiyana =Raising of diapharm?.

/a asana =Complete Rela>ation $osture?3 14.ri(onasana =..riangle $osture?+hanurasana =.ri(onasana =./ar angasans =/houlder-stand?/irshasana =Head-stand?.18.4hastri(a =4ello1s?3 sanas : /iddhasana =$osture of the @c?. Sinus Trou(le !ranayama : Kadi./a asana =Complete Rela>ation $osture?3 1<.Kadi-/odhana =alternati e !reathing?3 sanas : 5iparita(arani =.Kadi.#lood 0ressure !ranayama : Rhythmic !reathing./odhana =alternati e !reathing?3 <um!ha(a =retention of the !reath?3 sanas : /upta a9rasana =./a asana =Complete Rela>ation $osture?3 "iet : .he in erted $osture?.n'iety !ranayama : <apala!hati =!reathing and re i es the !ody?./odhana =alternate !reathing?.he 4o1 $osture?3 "iet : Restriction in diet are una oida!le.. 3o.he /upine $el ie $osture?.he 4o1$osture?./ar angasana=/houlder-stand?-/a asana =Complete Rela>ation $osture?3 .a(e rich protein diet3 'editation : /ilent meditation for 1"-3* minutes3 16. Tu(erculosis !ranayama : Rhythmic !reathing./irshasana =Head-stand?. O(esity or O..Halasana =.atsyendrasana =/implified ersion of the Yogi .@rdha.+hanurasana =.he $lough $osture?$achimottasana =/tretching the !ac( and legs ?.if reduction in 1eight is desired3 Reduce drastically the in ta(e of foods containing high proportion of car!ohydrate and ra1 egeta!les should form a ma9or part of daily diet3 15./ar angasana =/houlder-stand?/irshasana =Head-stand?.riangle $osture?. .5a(rasna =/pinal ./urya 4hedana3 sanas : 5iparita(arni =.$achimottanasana =/tretching the !ac( and legs?.er-eight !ranayama : 4hastri(a =4ello1s?.1ist?/ar angasans =/houlder-stand?.<apala !hati =!reathing that re itali6es the !ody?3 sanas : Uddiyana =Raising of the disphram?.atsyendra $osture?.he 0n erted $osture?.U99ayi =energy-rene1ing $ranayama?.

he $lough $osture?.1ist?.@9apa silent meditation for 1"-3* minutes3 1?.feet 9ointed?.1ist?$aschimottanasana =/tretching the !ac( and legs?.4hastri(a =4ello1s?3 sanas : 5a(rasans =/pinal .he fish posture?.ousness !ranayama : Rhythmic !reathing./ala!hasana =.he Co!ra $osition?./a asana =Complete Rela>ation $osture?3 Note: @!o e is a short list of arious $ranayama.he locust $osture?./ar angasana =/houlder-stand?/a asana =Complete Rela>ation $osture?3 'editation : /ilent meditation for 1"-2* minutes and antara mouna3 1@.1ist?.udra.Halasana =.!reathing that purifies3 sanas : 4addha <onasana =Yoga-.5a(rasana =/pinal .editation and @sana e>ercises corresponding to different disorders and illnesses.Kadi-/odhana =alternati e !reathing?3 sanas : Yoga-./irshasana =Head-stand? /a asana =Complete Rela>ation $osture?3 'editation : /ilent meditation for 1"-3* minutes3 A.he $lough $osture?../ar angasana.@rdha .he 0n erted $osture?..ayurasana =.5a(rasana =/pinal . /epression !ranayama : Rhythmic !reathing.he $lough $osture?.Kadi-/odhana =alternati e !reathing?..$aschimottanasana =/tretching the !ac( and legs?.udra =.5a(rasana =/pinal .Kadi-/odhana =alternati e !reathing?.he /ym!ol of Yoga?.he $lough $osture?.5iparita(arni =.!oth functional and organic3 0t is a!solutely essential to ensure the guidance of a properly trained and e>perienced .atsyasana =./ala!hasana =.Halasana =.atsyendra $osture?.U99ayi =energy-rene1ing $ranayama?3 sanas : Halasana =.1ist?. Batigue !ranayama : Rhythmic !reathing./a asana =Complete Rela>ation $osture?3 'editation : /ilent meditation for 1"-3* minutes3 1 Brustration !ranayama: Rhythmic !reathing.he $eacoc( $osture?.'editation : 8apa. Ner./ar angasana =/houlder stand?.Halasana =.he Aocust $osture?.4hu9angasana =./urya-4hedana =!reathing that re itali6es the ner ous system?.atsyendrasans =/implified ersion of the Yogi .

9ood and nutrition )or an ideal life style !alanced diet plays a ital role3 @s 1e (no1 there are four ma9or aspects of healthC physical./att ic.he !asic concept of naturopathy is that a man is an integral component of nature and he is made up of fi e !asic elements earth.hydro pero>ides used for food processing.he most suita!le food is that 1hich offers itality to the !ody.mental.alcoholic drin(s.!ased on long e>perience of Yoga.mental and spiritual health.they must opt for Ra9si( diet3 Hith pure food mental re9u enation is the needs of the indi idual3 Naturopathic techniCues for healthy li.reduces destructi e forces.Ra9sic and .it means that it helps to control !odyOs functional components i3e3 0ndryas3 )urther.he coo(ed food entirely lac(s the en6ymesC as a result the !ody runs into en6ymes deficiency3 2n6ymes are the (ey factor for health and longe ity3 2n6ymes are present essentially in the sprouted and uncoo(ed food material3 .must !e digesta!le.longe ity strength.air ides desired !ody temperature.they must go for satt ic diet3 .a!le to adapt these e>ercises.his is significant since the !ody mind and the inner conscience all the three are the strong pillars of health3 Until all the three are healthy one can not term it as a complete health3 0n the ancient 0ndian literature the food has !een classified under three ma9or categories.meat products.plastic 1ares.sunrays are employed to treat a patient3 Under naturopathy !odyOs in !uilt po1er or immunity is toned-up to reconstitute healthy li ing through follo1ing techni:ue'- 8.ether and air3 0n a state of im!alance of these elements the mor!id matters start accumulating in the !ody and a person turns sic(3 Under naturopathy mud.mercy and co-operation3 @ll type of synthetic and confectionery food products.toilet products and arious chemicals 1hich come under the direct contact 1ith the !ody may cause diseases on prolonged use3 .non-stimulant and promotes food helps to generate mental concentration3 .oreo and spiritual3 @ll these ma9or aspects must !e !uilt-up for achie ing an ideal health3 .itamins and essential minerals3 2n6ymes play a ital role in the !iological process of digesti e system3 .ing Katuropathy is a uni:ue therapeutic system 1here the natural measures and sources are employed to (eep a person hale and hearty3 .it helps in pro iding essential portions for the regeneration of !ody cells.amasic3 0t is mentioned that those 1ho desire for a good physical.hose 1ho loo( for the t1o aspects of health i3e3 physical and mental only.en6ymes and also purifies the ital !ody fluidC !lood3 .he sprouted food and fresh eata!les carry 1ith them a higher percentage of en6ymes.e>pert.he purpose of food is not to satisfy the hunger or the taste of tongue3 0nstead of this the purpose of diet must !e to offer nutrition to !ody along 1ith toning-up the mental spiritual health3 .pesticides3 Chemical fertili6ers and food.salt.courage.cosmetics.

A.intestinal disorders.paralysisarthritis.pneumonia sciatica.choline.o!esity.C.agnesium.ild steam !ath is e>tremely useful for arious ailments./accharomyces proteins.2.apart from this it relie es li er disorders.indigestion etc3 se eral such clinical symptoms3 +ue to the presence of e>cess salt.lac( of concentration.asthma.Aife promoting food includes fresh unripe fruits.C.such as 9oint disorders.fresh green egeta!les.respiratory pro!lems.psoriasiscystitis etc3 .nephritis and pre ents (idney failure3 :4 Neutral5 full tub immersion bath : Under massage during full immersion tu! !ath stimulates the functional acti ity of (idney and lungs 1hich stimulates !odyOs immunity3 0t relie es !lood circulatory pro!lems3 .oedema.ore o er it tones up the mental capacity and heartOs strength3 /4 $ot full tub immersion bath : 0t stimulates e>cretion of to>ic 1astes including uria.oedema.oly!denum.his may not !e possi!le 1ith other e>pensi e therapies3 @ll types of fast food lac( ital elements eg3 5itamin @.@.heart and (idney disorders.lac( of interest in studies.Chromium.contain high :uality and partially digested car!ohydrates.0odine.0ron.uria acid.D.phosphorus.pain in their calf muscles hand and feet!reathlessness. $ydrotherapy 84 #team bath : ..2.sprouted cereals.respiratory congestion./ulphur.5itamin-@./odium.<.+.anganeseCopper.amino acid etc3 0t reli es serious clinical pro!lems such as ascites.ammonia.Cadmium.$hosphorus and 0ron3 +ue to the deficiency of the essential nutrients the persons 1ho consume the fast food.4.anemia.he special feature of sauna !ath is the use of hot and dry flo1 of air o er the !ody3 +ue to this the !lood capillaries get dilated and their o>ygen retention capacity increases3 +ue to the hyper-thermic effect the melanin cells get acti ated3 .silicon etc3 /uch ma9or mineral elements and those en6ymes 1hich participate in !iological reactionsfor com!ating physical and mental disorders and for maintenance of normal health3 Aife supporting food items carry clinical importance in fighting against common ailments3 Aeading scientists related to 4ionutrition such as +r3 5igmor and other 4iochemists ha e in estigated the role of micro-nutrition for the management of arious chronic disorders such as cancer.!ody im!alance.sugar and se eral synthetic chemicals the fast food turn e>tremely poisonous and to>ic3 @s a result the symptoms of li er.1heat a:ueous e>tractC mil(y 8uice of sprouted seeds etc3 /uch !iologically li e food stuffs.Calcium..fat.non-coo(ed or sprouted cereals may !uilt up the deteriorating physical and mental health of entire 1orld3 .arthritis.4 #auna bath : .Chlorine.pantothenic>trosesucrose lacto!acilli..ec6ema.4.$ara amino !en6oic acid itamin.4-12 !iotin.asthma.turn highly irrita!le.ri!ofla inniacin.psoriasis.hysteria.posrosis etc3 Hith this it may !e inferred that food of !iological origin especially egeta!le.Linc.pyrido>ine. and H all sorts of itaminscalcium.4oron..thiamine.inosital.folic acid.(idney disordershypertension and dia!etes start appearing3 :.

allo1ing the pores to !reath freely3 .sciatica and spondilitis3 =.he infra rays e>ert the temperature regulation effect3 Hhere as the ultra iolet rays e>ert the physio-chemical and physio-!iological effect and thus regulate the !lood pressure3 Hhen sun rays !elong to *34P to *3#"P 1a e length they turn useful to man(ind.14 $ipbath : 0t suits to relie e constipation.he sun rays are indispensa!le not only for conser ation of health !ut also for maintaining a healthy daily routine3 .purifies the !ody and thus can pre ent the inception of diseases3 References 13 23 33 43 "3 #3 +r3 /ingh /383.$ra(ritic Chi(itsa @ am Yoga' 5aigyanic $rayog3 .regulates the peripheral resistance and thus lo1ers !lood pressure3 . ?hromothrerapy@$eliotherapy /un is the @tman of 1orld3 /un controls the !iological cloc(3 .Katuropathy3 83 during sunrise.e en one is in good during morning and e ening stimulates melamine formation and controls the synthesis3 4.his means that once e ery so often one remo es the clothing.insomnia. #pinal bath : Cold spinal !ath acts as ner ine tonic and general tonic3 0t tonesup the entire spinal ner ous system3 >4 $ot5cold fermentation : +ifferent !ody parts are se:uentially e>posed to hot and cold treatment3 .Rogo <i /ahi Chi(itsa3 K3 <umar.his is e>tremely good for the !ody and impro es the e>terior tone of the nuro egetati e system so that the !ody de elops a 1onderful po1er of resistance3 5.he sun rays of lo1 density.Chromotherapy3 +r3 /ingh /383.anemia etc3 <4 $ot hipbath : 0t is useful to relie e inflammation of colon.irings or D.3.his acti ates the sensory ner ous systeme>pands the constricted cells.1here it tones up !lood essels3 /uch rays di ert the !lood flo1 to1ards s(in and thus nourishes it3 . .ir (athingE .prostrate glandOs disordersulcer.urinary !ladderuterus prostate gland neuralgia.(eep healthy and thus a ail an ideal healthy life3 /.0ndia3 K3<umar.3-@natomyGphysiology ofYogic $ractice.<anchan $u!lication lona ala-$une.$ra(riticayur 5igyan3 Dore . Basting )asting for one day in e en ten or t1el e days.indigestion.hus employing arious techni:ues of hydrotherapy it is possi!le to pre ent arious ailments.

hecomplete 4oo( of Yoga Harmony of 4odyG.4oston.Health and 2fficiency through Yogasanas.19%"3 Chapter-5 Outco"e of spirituality : .hough 1e ha e ad anced technologically.ind &rient $aper!ac(-Ke1 +elhi3 193 Dupta.@llaha!ad -191"3 1%3 @charya.ohan4asu.1e need to understand 1hat is lac(ing in society and ho1 1e can nurture the human alues 1ithout 1hich his earth cannot !e sustained3 &nce the spinning impact of 1est !ecomes 1ea(.19893 83 Creating Health.4antam 4oo( $u!lisher.asudhai.%3 Chopra +r3 +eepa(.+odd mead .culture or !ac( ground.198%3 93 4agchi 43<3 and Hender K3@3.2lectrophysiological Correlates of some Yogic 2>ercises2lectroencephalography and Keurophysiology. 0t is only 1hen 1e introspect a!out good things that 1e try to im!i!e them in out life3 Aistening to the !est of things 1ithout reflecting !ac( on them has only superficial the need of the hour3 He need to loo( !ac( and learn from the mista(es of the past.hat alone 1ill help resol e the conflicts of the present situation and reconcile the seeming contradictions in a harmonious and holistic ision3 .he complete !oo( of Yoga.Yoga and Aong.there is !ound to !e a more helpful and harmonious process of mutual gi e and ta(e3 @nd that 1ill !e for the !enefit of all3 4ut for this to happen.=$hysiology and $sychic $rocesses? 133 4a(hru H3<3.Hand 4oo( of Kature cure3 143 .19"83 2*3 Carrington $.1e need to glo!ali6e 1isdom3 .53<3/3 0yengar3 123 +utta /3 Ray.hat is the role 1hich 0ndia is declined to play in the ne1 millennium3 .19#"3 1"3 Ra1ls.Ke1 Yor(.Rider $u!lication3 113 $ranayam.$undit.the$anini &ffice.Ke1 Yor(.19"%3 1*3 He1itt 8ames.odern li ing.Houghton ..1e ha e cared ery little for the emotional and spiritual needs of people3 @ sense of !elongingness 1ith the 1hole 1orld-rising a!o e the narro1 considerations of color.ar1ah3 43/3.0ndia 1ill ha e to inter ene 1ith his po1erful spiritual influence and his characteristic integral philosophy and 1ay of life3 .4reath is life.a kutu"(aka" Bunda"entals of Spirituality He are not li ing in isolated compartments the 1orld has !ecome one family3 0n a society plagued 1ith domestic and communal iolence. 2one hour of reflection is equal to seventy years of pious worship.23/3.4y$ar(er 1ast Kya(.19393 183/ir@nanda-.@rmy 2ducational $u!licatonKe1 +elhi.Ke1 +elhi.ifflin Company.editation as on ad9ured of $sychotherapy3 0n QKe1 +imensions in $sychiatryF 2d @rieti3 / and Chr6ano1s(i D Hiley 0nterscience $u!lication.and 2phron /' .K3Y3.$erfect Health.ere listening to spiritual discourses is not enough3 &ne should al1ays sit !ac( and reflect on 1hat had !een said to actually !enefit from them3 It is can reali6e the depth of the issue and its meaning3 .oronto.Hatha Yoga $radipi(a-Aalit .Yogic 2>ercises.19##3 1#3 /ingh3$ancham.$rana $ress.@ Hand !oo( of Yoga for .Yogi.

-here is nothing in the world or even out of it that can be called good except the principle of nonviolence of all living beings.he highest aim of human life is to attain eternal !liss3 @ll the conduct should !e such as 1ould !ring us the ma>imum of happiness and remo e miseries from our li es3 .Aiolence begets violence.meditate./elf control and austerity37i $ositi e emotions !ring pleasure and negati e emotions ma(e life misera!le3 Non5violence is the heart of &ainism.he misery in the 1orld is !ecause 1e through a1ay the !anana and are holding on to the s(in3ii <no1ledge and spiritual a1areness should go hand in hand 1in social and political systems3 Religious leaders.actions.compassion.and 1e 1ill here that inner oice.1hich means 7to !ind73 .the rule of religion is to !ind.mentally or spiritually3 He ought to !e sensiti e to the cause of the society and humanity3 He must in ol e oursel es in the acti ities of the society and try to reform it from 1ithin as much as 1e can3 He should not shut out eyes to the crimes ta(ing place in the society3 He are a!out to enter a ne1 era.the 1orld 1ill not !e a safe place3 /it a 1hile in solitude.DodBs Dod and one humanity3 Remem!er.egeta!les and small creatures? !y reducing our day to day re:uirement !y reducing our greed3 He should meet on in9ustice not 1ith the force !ut 1ith for!earance. @ll 1orldly pro!lems can !e sol ed !y (eeping non iolence in center3 He can protect en ironment =i-e earth1ater.forgi eness and good conduct3 . Aet our thought !e pure.reflect on your thoughts.eep it pure and radiant.he root course of iolence is material goods3 .1hich 1ill see the da1n of a ne1 di ine ci ili6ation on earth3 Aet us no1 try not to di ide the people into smaller sects or sections !ut unite them to accept one religion. . .hese shared alues ha e to reach e ery corner of the 1orld3 2 en if one poc(et of the 1orld remains ignorant of these our soul al1ays3 Ke er let dust or dirt settle on it and distort our ision3 <eep it !right and /hining3 -he heart is Cod's treasury.air.your immediate en ironment the 1orld around us3 .hus.hin( o er and o er again.let our 1hole life !e pure3 0t is also ary necessary to teach our children a!out the importance of purity of life3 .introspect.1e are not an integral part of Dod3 @ll religions emphasi6e moral and spiritual alues of lo emercy. emity leads to Bmity.8anism says that the dharma is made up of 7Kon.!usiness esta!lishments and social 1or(ers should get together and spread the message of unity3 @ll religions and traditions ha e a common alue system3 .political leaders.iolence.eligion is the banana s)in and spirituality is the banana.he irtue of non.oral education is a must today3 Young children ha e impressiona!le minds and 1e should try to de elop a spiritual outloo( in them from a ery young age3 He should help them inculcate good alues and thoughts3 Religion comes from the Aatin 1ord religate. .iolence and @parigraha are capa!le of esta!lishing uni ersal peace3 @nand =!liss? is e>perienced !y the sage 1ho is free from all desires3 Dita tells us that the actions should !e performed after !rushing aside all attachment and the desire for the fruit3 .to unite3 Religion is a unifying force that 1hich unites man to man3 Religion simply !inds us !y commands so that 1e may no degenerate in misery!odily.

he Hindu system of arnashram dharma and the four $urushartha reinforce unity as 1ell3 .as in a family3 Katurally the idea of e>ploitation is alien3 0ndi idual and collecti e interests are complimentary to each other3 Unlimited consumerism is ruled out.rishna himself made it clear in *hagavad Cita that a person's action determines his caste. Ao e and harmony.7.utumba)am is essential a cultural and spiritual concept.the concept of immortalality of the soul gi e hope and light.he 9oint family system of 0ndian is an e>ample of unity in di ersity3 0n mast 0ndian homes it is normal to see a family li ing together 1ith the grand parents3 . .yet they are all united and happy3 @ll this is due to the great teachings of our religion3 Hinduism !elie e in uni ersal unity and happiness3 @s one of its prayer says.9undamentals of Aasudhaiva .he cause of todayBs dangerous situation is the ignorance of man(ind 3 0t is .that country is yoursN Hhy not say the entire uni erse is mine and thineN @re 1e not foolish for fighting each other in the name of religion or nationality3 Hhen the entire uni erse is ours and the @lmighty Dod is one3 .the 1hole 1orld is 9ust one family3iii .religionlanguage or nation3 Unless our mental hori6on and perception is !road 1e cannot achie e success in life3 +ue to our ignorance 1e are trying to esta!lish the superiority of our o1n race and religion3 .utumba)am Aasudhaiva .hin( o er it3 .hey are meant for the proper de elopment of society3 #hri .he concept of human unity is ery old3 0ndian seers had une:ui ocally proclaimed that not only humans !ut the entire creation is one single family3 )or those 1ho ha e a refined and generous outloo(.co-operation and mutual support are the !asic ingredients here.creeds and religions3 0t is considered a uni ersal gospel3 $eace and harmony in the 1orld 1ill come through !rotherhood and lo e3 Hith true enlightenment a person rises a!o e the le el of !oundaries of race.hey are of different age. It loo)s upon the whole world us one's own is hardly any sense in fighting each other and destroying DodBs creations3 0t is not painfulN .he famous la1 of (arma and re!irth.he 0ndian sages and seers propounded the gospel truth 75asudhai a <utum!a(am73 Aet us 5o1 to follo1 this di ine teachings and consider oursel es as the citi6en of the 1orld3 He need unity to !uild a ne1 one 1orld country3 . Aet us not spoil it3 Aet us not annoy Dod !y destroying 1hat he had !uilt 1ith lo e3 .so may races li e in unity in di ersity in peaceful coe>istence in 0ndia3 .ay all !e happy37i .peace and solace to people of all castes.hat is 1hy some religions.he !est thing is to !egin 1ith children3 Aet us so1 the seed of lo e in them and not to say or do anything that 1ould create feelings of hatred in them3 Hhy say this country is mine.!ecause e ery one has to !e pro ided 1ith the necessitiesthe ca(e has to he shared more or less e:ually3 @ccording to 5edic traditions Dod has gifted intelligence to man3 Aet us ma(e full use of this intelligence in uniting the man(ind3 -he earth is the garden of Cod.he message of 4haga ad Dita is addressed to all men 1ithout distinction3 .

Hatred in society has caused immense harm to the society3 Horship is that 1hich inspires us to perform a good deed.has accumulated 1eapons of mass destruction3 4ut through such 1eapons peace cannot come in this 1orld3 0n this dangerous situation respect for all religions and 2Aasudhaiva .2 ccording to Islam.1ho is smallN i3e3 all are e:ual3 4i!le teachers.oday the 1orld is on the erge of total destruction3 2 ery country in the 1orld.!y understanding the spirit of 2Aasudhaiva .he !est ser ice to Dod is ser ice to society3 Aet us turn our o1n self-interest into pu!lic interest3 #elfless actions are the actual prayers to Cod.enouncing selfish desire is the highest state of renunciation.a =utu"(aka" -he aim of life should be to reali+e Cod and follow his teachings.the entire humanity is !ut one family3 Ramayana preaches Dod is present in all human !eings3 -he Cita teaches. 2*e involved in the good of all the name of peace and self defence./hai ism and /ha(tism3 . a child should learn that Cod is one. body and speech in the evil of all other creatures.he Hindu religion itself is made of many creeds li(e 5aishna ism.he simple truth is that e ery one of us !elongs to this uni erse and the uni erse !elongs to us3 .7@ll humanity has sprung from light of one source i3e3 Dod3 Hho is !ig.he all human !eings are small part of this great uni erse3 .7Dod con eyed his message through his messengers that 1e are all his o1n creation3 +oes this message not en9oin us to li e in unity. 2 6 CodD give prosperity to all humanity.4uddhism.hen 1hy this disunity. .7Ao e they neigh!or and the 1orld is !ut family3 @ll religions gi e the same di ine message of unity of Dod3 @ll schools should.1orship is that acti ity 1hich ma(es other happy3 Horship is that 1hich pro ides succour to the needy3 .thereforeteach children to follo1 the teaching of all prophets3 9rom the first day in school.utumba)am2 can usher peace in this 1orld3 0ndia is land 1here ideal of unity in di ersity has e>isted for long3 @ ariety of religions li(e Hinduism. religion is one.he !asic teachings of all religion are same3 $rophets of all religions ha e stressed upon the need of (no1ing and reali6ing Dod !y follo1ing his teachings3 5edas sayfor 1ise people.religion or culture3 /uch a selfless person is a citi6en of the 1orld3 Aet us follo1 selfless person for achie ing one 1orld dream3 .peace and harmonyN He all are e:ual in his eyes3 . %hen such divine state is achieved one dedicates oneself to the service of man)ind. &nly a selfless person is 1orthy of leading the man(ind3 @ selfless person !elongs to no particular nation.utumba)am2 that 1orld peace can !e ushered in this 1orld3 . He should thin( t1ice !efore 1e act so that our actions do not cause miseries to others3 Aet us dedicate the rest of our life in the ser ice of Dod3 . ccording to &ainism 2"o not indulge mind.8ainism.2 @ccording to Duru Dranth /ahe!.1hy this mutual hatred3 Hhy this mutual suspicionN @ccording to 5edic philosophy. humanity is one.his clearly gi e us an idea of unity in di ersity e>isting in the heart of Hindu religion3 India is a world in itself for its diversity.0slam and Christianity flourish there3 . Outco"e of Spirituality : 1asudhai./i((hism.

vi 8ainism teaches us 7@ttainment of total freedom from the cycle of !irth.+hammo mamgala mu((itham ahimsa sam9amo ta o3 /ri /ri Ra isan(er.utumba)am.let us all 9oin in this Horld o ernment mo ement3 Humanity 1ill fore er remem!er 0ndia for e:ueathing to it the ideal of Aasudhiva .chastity3 Complete detachment from people.iolence. -here is only one caste namely manhood.131.he time has arri ed 1hen 1e should come close to each other for reali6ing the one 1orld dream3 Conclusion Bvery creature of globe wants to live and no body li)es to die.he e>isting stoc(pile of nuclear 1eapons 1ill !e destroyed !y the Horld Do ernment thus formed3 @ ne1 era of e erlasting peace 1ill then pre ail on earth.deception.anusya9atire(ai a3 Chapter-< Bor"ation of secra"ents in girls through 0rekshadhyan Yoga . -herefore no one has any right to destroy or harm any other living being.herefore.1113 asudhai a(utum!a(am3com3 Udara charitanam tu asudhai a (utum!a(am3 /ar e !ha antu su(hinah ' sar e !ha antu niramaya3 are countless persons or organi6ations in the 1orld 1ho ad ocate 1orld peace and 1orld unity3 &ur forefathers 1ere great isionaries for ad ocating 1orld peace and 1orld unity3 .egoism.they incorporate article "1 in the constitution of 0ndia to en9oin the Do ernment to 1or( for the unity of man(ind in the spirit of our ancient !elief of Aasudhaiva .places and material things3 Aord maha iraBs teachings are to highlight the importance of practicing unity.iolence and gi ing up anger. .ushering in a ne1 ci ili6ation3 Come. &ain ethics believes non5violence means universal truth.greed and similar ices to !e a!le to attain sal ation3 that the entire 1orld !ecome one country and the man(ind its citi6ens3 @ll 1ars 1ill come to an end 1hen the Horld Do ernment is framed3 .non.painmisery.unity.p3 4-133 @dipurana 3834".Hhy should 1e then create differences and manipulate things to act against DodBs designN .utumba)am3 References 13 23 33 43 "3 #3 +asa ai(ali(a.a(ing a cue from this article of the constitution of 0ndia 1e should try to !uild a glo!al opinion for formation of a Horld $arliament and Horld Do and achie ing the !lissful state of oneBs pure self..ushering in a ne1 era of e erlasting peace 1ill then pre ail on earth.truthfulness.

dishonesty.things ha e changed immensely3 Dlo!ali6ation has reduced the 1hole 1orld to .1e 1ill ha e to thin( of the 1ays of impro ing man.he ones 1ho are still clinging to the good human alues.compassion.cruelty.he :uest for con enience has gi en !irth to materialism3 $resently.he present age is an age of science and of materialism3 4y ma(ing ne1 disco eries in all the fields of life.insensiti society is nothing else !ut a group of indi iduals3 @nd if society is impro ed.distrust.materialism is at its highest le el and the 1hole 1orld is da66led !y it3 Ko dou!t there has !een a great de elopment in the 1hole 1orld !ut the fact that there has !een a great deterioration in alues 1hich cannot !e denied3 .oday.or !ringing a!out refinement and purification means inculcation of human irtues in man3 @ll the philosophies and ideologies agree to this definition3 .Need for the for"ation of sacra"ents 0ndian philosophy and the philosophies other than the 0ndian one ha e e>patiated the 1ord 7sacraments7 or ha!its in their o1n 1ay3 Considering from a !roader point of ie1.nation 1ill impro e automatically3 0n order to !ring a!out and esta!lish peace in the 1orld. Apna sudhar sansar ki sabse badi seva hain 0mpro ing oneself is the greatest ser ice to 1orld3 0f e ery person !rings a!out a change in has !een aptly said. one can render the greatest service to the world.!rotherhoodsensiti has made life e>tremely comforta!le and con enient3 .there can !e no happiness and prosperity in the 1orld3 .ulsi has rightly said.simplicity and positi e thin(ing etc3 are no1here to !e found3 . Sudhre vyakti. samaj vyakti se! Rastra svayam sudhrega!! )irst of all there should !e impro ement in an indi idual3 0f the indi iduals are impro ed.the smallest unit3 0n this regard.terrorismimmorality.honesty.for!earance.he fact most alarming is that the greatest deterioration has !een there in human alues3 He see that human alues li(e the feeling of friendship.society 1ill impro e.the 1orld 1ill !e automatically changed and impro ed3 *y improving oneself.hat is 1hy human :ualities li(e.resentment and a!sence of peace etc3 are pre ailing e ery1here3 .renunciation.corruption. @charya .for !ringing a!out refinement and for the de elopment of human alues is !eing acutely felt3 Dood ha!its are important for and useful to each and e ery!ody.formation of good ha!its.impro es himself. .selfishness.stressnegati e thin(ing.!ut here 1e are particularly concerned a!out the need for and utility of forming sacraments in girls3 He 1ill try to thro1 light on the 1ays and the e>periments !y 1hich this purification may !e !rought a!out3 'an is the smallest unit of world peace.are feeling suffocated3 Hence a great need for the formation of sacraments.morality.he first thing re:uired for impro ing the 1orld is to ma(e man a 'good man'3 @ll the great thin(ers of the 1orld are emphasi6ing the fact that 1ithout the restoration of human alues.

e-mail and mo!ile3 .he :uality and form of a tree depends on the seed3 0f the :uality of seed is impro ed.the :uality of the tree 1ill automatically !e impro ed3 .!y instinct.immediately spreads all o er the 1orld through .anBs life is incomplete 1ithout 1oman3 .he 1hole society .hey play on important role in esta!lishing menBs households3 @ mother can rear up ten children !ut 1ithout her a man cannot properly rear up e en one child3 @ffection d1ells in the heart of a mother3 .353 03/3+.hus the num!er of the people refined in this 1ay 1ill go on increasing and their ratio 1ill also increase.the :ueen of 8hansi if an occasion arises3 0n the present day 1orld1omen are pro ing themsel es superior to men in e ery field of life.his is human 1ea(ness that a person grasps e il earlier than he grasps good3 He 1ill ha e to arouse a1areness for human aluesC 1e 1ill ha e to attract man to goodness3 and 1oman are the t1o 1heels of the chariot of household3 Homan is an em!odiment of lo e and affection !ut she can !e as !ra e as goddess +urga and Aa>mi 4ai.echnology.hey are said to !e the ornaments and dignity of the family3 .she 1ill remain refined and cultured e en 1hen she !ecomes a mother3 .!lood and heart from his motherBs !lood and menstruation and hard parts li(e !ones.the le el of a small illage3 @ illage !eing ery small. 9tility of the for"ation of sacra"ents in girls @ Dirl is a seedC a mother is a tree and a grandmother is a !anyan tree3 .she ta(es care of the household of her parents and after marriageC she manages and loo(s after the household of her in-la1s3 @ girl today is the mother of tomorro13 0f a girl has de eloped and inculcated good alues and ha!its.telecommunication.1e 1ill ha e to start a campaign for the formation of good ha!its3 .the mother rears him up3 Homen are the em!odiments of and medical science3 .anything that happens in the remotest corner of the otion and tenderness3 .politicsadministration.he life of a girl is li(e a plain paper3 He can 1rite and imprint on it 1hate er 1e li(e3 Childhood is the !est period for the formation of good ha!its3 Ha!its ac:uired in childhood persist for the 1hole life3 @ girl puts t1o families in proper order3 4efore and nails from the sperms of his father3 +uring pregnancy the child feeds on his motherBs !lood and the food that she ta(es3 Hhen he is !orn.he need for !ringing a!out refinement and purification in man 1ith the help of e>periments and training is !eing felt all o er the 1orld3 /uch a refined person can !ring a!out refinement in others as 1ell3 .is dra1n to e il3 0n order to restore human alues.a child gets his !odyBs tender parts li(e !rain.he !ac(ground of a 1oman is a girl3 @ 1oman is initially a girl3 Hence to form good ha!its in her is ery important3 0f a girl is not refined and cultured in early childhoodshe presents a ery ugly picture 1hen she gro1s up into a 1oman3 .anything happening in itimmediately comes to the (no1ledge of each and e ery!ody li ing in it3 0n the same 1ay !ecause of the great re olution in the field of 0nformation and .!usiness.other is the first school of a child3 @ child gets all his sacraments and characteristics from his mother3 @ccording to @yur eda.

e9us !ody is (no1n as electric.!ut if 1e 1ant a good and decent society.mind.! stained and 1e ha e to !o1 our heads 1ith shame 1hen 1e !ehold the ugly form of a 1oman3 Homen not ha ing good alues are responsi!le to a great e>tent for the increasing corruption in society3 @ refined 1oman is the !asis.e9us !ody3 @ll the 1onderful acts of itality are performed through .prudence and emotions are the parts of out life3 )or the formation of ha!its 1e 1ill ha e to go to the su!tle 1orld.his conscious mind pertains to all the three periods.ransformation !egins to ta(e place 1hen something enters su!conscious mind3 .speculation.1e come to the su!tle-.e9us!ody3 .present.there are three le els of mind =1? conscious mind =2? su!-conscious mind and =3? unconscious mind3 Conscious mind 1or(s at the le el of !rain3 0magining.sacraments ac:uired today may rise e en after thousands of years3 @ccording to the (armic theory of 8ain philosophy.ransformation ta(es place in the su!-conscious mind3 @ccording to )rayed the famous psychologist.the !ac(!one of society 1hereas an unrefined 1oman !rings only 1astage and destruction in life3 0f 1e 1ant to remo e corruption.past and future3 @ll the function of the material 1orld is controlled !y conscious mind3 4ody and speech too are controlled !y it3 Ko1 1e come from gross !ody to su!tle !ody3 @fter coming in contact 1ith the gross !ody.he sacraments that ha e !een accumulated for thousands of years may rise no1 in the present3 0n the same 1ay.:uantity and nature etc3 .perceptional 9udgment and retention ha e !een said to the means of gaining (no1ledge3 Retention means storing our sacraments3 /acraments may rise in our present !irth and they may rise in our future !irths also3 Hhat are sacramentsN /acraments are the deeds done !y us3 .etheric or astral !ody3 5itality is controlled !y .he ha!its earned pre iously are our fortune =(armas? of today3 0n 8ain philosophyapprehension.ind.1e 1ill ha e to gi e good sacraments to our childrenC 1e 1ill ha e to ma(e them reali6e the importance of alues3 You may thin( from any point of is no reach of 1ords thereC it is a 1orld of i!rations3 .1e 1ill ha e to gi e good ha!its to girls specially3 The -ays of for"ing sacra"ents &ur ha!its of today form our fortune =(arma? of tomorro13 .e9us !ody3 .his .to the su!conscious mind3 .e9us !ody3 .the condition of (armas depends on the stages of !ondage li(e duration.thin(ing and memory are the functions of the conscious mind3 0t is the controller of all the acti ities of out gross !ody3 /enses recei es the su!9ects from outside and carry them to the conscious mind3 0t is the controller of all the acti ities of our gross !ody3 /enses recei es the su!9ects from outside and carry them to the conscious mind3 .e9us !ody are aura and olitions3 /u!-conscious mind is related to .fruition.!ody and speech are the parts of our attitudes3 /imilarly.he parts of .

He are transformed if 1e manage to carry our emotions to su!conscious mind through contemplation3 0n order to form good ha!its in girls- 1e 1ill ha e to carry them to their su!-conscious minds through rela>ation- meditation and contemplation3 .hese ha!its are permanently fi>ed there3 @ thing- once recei ed !y su!-conscious mind- can ne er !e forgotten3 @ person may !e transformed as 1e li(e !y putting the feelings in the su!conscious mind again and again3 0f human alues are carried again and again through contemplation to the su!-conscious minds of girls- they may !e moulded as 1e 1ish them to !e moulded3 Ko1 let us proceed e en !eyond su!-conscious mind3 .he su!tlest !ody is the (armic !ody that is mi>ed 1ith our soul in the same 1ay as mil( and sugar-candy are mi>ed together3 .here are i!rations in soul3 .here are i!rations in (armic !ody also3 Connected 1ith our (armic !ody is our unconscious mind3 @ll our sacraments are stored there as goods are stored in a godo1n and are e>posed 1hen they get a chance of rising3 Enconscious mind is our ware5house in which all our auspicious and inauspicious habits of many lives are stored. 6ur desires, that are not fulfilled, are all stored in our unconscious mind. .he .e9us !odythat is coming in contact 1ith the gross !ody- is !ringing the ra1-material from the 1are-house of unconscious mind3 @s @charya ,ahapragya9i says- 1e should try to understand the process of refinement and then refine and purify our (armas3

The practical aspect of the for"ation of sacra"ents
0n order to pro ide permanence to ha!its- practice and training are re:uired3 )amilies 1ill !e refined 1hen girls are refined3 0t is a girl 1ho ac:uires the status of a mother 1hen she gro1s up3 ,other is the first school of a child3 @ child gets most of his sacraments from his mother3 @lthough each and e ery!ody should inculcate good ha!its and honour alues- yet forming good ha!its in girls 1ill !e all the more fruitful3 0n my opinion- $re(sha meditation is the !est means of forming good ha!its3 Dood ha!its can !e de eloped in girls !y means of practice and training in $re(sha meditation3 Here 0 am presenting the practical forms of the eight steps of $re(sha meditation and their ad antages '

1; Rela'ation
0n this method- the !ody is rela>ed3 &ne forgets the e>istence of !ody e en 1hen it is there3 2 ery lim! of the !ody is rela>ed and distressed !y auto-suggestions3 &ne feels that e ery part of the !ody is rela>ed and distressed3 &ne feels ery light3 Hhen 1e reach this stage 1e forget the e>istence of our !ody though it is there3 ,ay people go to such depths during rela>ation that their .e9us =astral? !ody comes out of the gross !ody and tra els to faroff places3 .he great ad antage of this practice is that 1e come to (no1 the science of differentiation3 %e feel that soul is different from body. .his science of differentiation teaches us right faith and the transformation of life !egins3

$ % 0erception of (reathing
0n this e>periment- the speed of !reathing is slo1ed do1n3 4reathing is long- slo1 and at an e:ual inter al3 .he !reath- that come in and goes out in !et1een the t1o

nostrils- is reflected on3 4y training one learns to ta(e as much time in !reathing out as in !reathing in3 .he num!er of !reathing is slo1ed do1n from 1"-1# to #-% per minute3 ,ental concentration 1ill increase in proportion to the decrease in the num!er of !reaths3 .he greatest ad antage of perception of !reathing is that one gets rid of stresses and e>citement3 .his riddance increases the feeling of 8oy in life3 $erception of !reathing gi es mental peace and increases mental concentration3

$8% Fourney to the inner-self
0n this e>perimentC energy is raised from the lo1est point of the spinal chord and ta(en to the center of (no1ledge- the highest point of head through the spinal chord3 2nergy is ta(en from the center of energy to the center of (no1ledge 1ith e ery !reath3 $syche is again concentrated on the center of energy 1hile !reathing out3 .he greatest ad antage of this 9ourney to the inner self is that one is freed from lust and the feelings of se>ual en9oyment3 <no1ledge and memory are enhanced- as the center of (no1ledge gets acti e3 .hrough this 9ourney- energy is transferred from the center of energy to the center of (no1ledge3

$4% 0erception of (ody
2 ery e>ternal and internal part of !ody is reflected on !y autosuggestions3 $syche is concentrated on e ery part of the !ody3 .he latter gets rela>ed as it is reflected on and !egins to function properly3 .he greatest ad antage of reflection in !ody is that one gains physical and mental health3 .he part of the !ody that is ha ing pain is relie ed of pain 1hen it is concentrated on3

$5% 0erception of psychic centers
.here are- in all- 13 spots in the !ody- 1hich are the centers of soul =consciousness?they are centers of;(no1ledge- peace- light- perception- purification- 9oy- health and energy etc3 .hese centers get acti e 1hen psyche is concentrated on them and the energy of the soul is centred on these spots3 $erception on different centers of consciousness yields different ad antages3 )or e>ample- e>citement is su!sided 1hen the center of light is concentrated on3 2:uanimity is enhanced and transcendental (no1ledge is gained 1hen the center of perception is reflected on3 .issues of (no1ledge are de eloped 1hen the center of (no1ledge is concentrated on3 Aust and the feelings of se> are purified 1hen the center of purification is concentrated on )eelings are purified 1hen psyche is concentrated on the center of 9oy3

$<% ,ural "editation
@ural meditation is !rought a!out !y concentrating on colours3 .he center of consciousness is concentrated on (eeping different colours in mind3 ,emory is enhanced 1hen yello1 colour is concentrated on the center of (no1ledge3 $assions li(e anger- anity- illusion and greed etc3 are su!sided 1hen the 1hite moon is e>perienced 1hile concentrating on the center of light3

.ranscendental (no1ledge is gained !y gradual and constant practice3 Hith the result that 1e mo e from the gross 1orld to the su!tle 1orld of intellect3 .houghts and ideas gets purified 1hen yello1 colour is reali6ed 1hile concentrating on the center of purification3 )eelings are purified and 9oy is gained 1hen green colour is reali6ed 1hile concentrating on the center of 9oy3 5itality gets enhanced 1hen !lue colour is e>perienced 1hile concentrating on the center of .e9us3 Hill po1er is enhanced 1hen !lue colour is thought of 1hile concentrating on the center of health3 Austs are su!sided 1hen !lue colour is reali6ed in mind 1hile concentrating on the center of energy3

$6% 1olition
4y auto-suggestions- mind is filled 1ith the feelings of noneternal- !irth- non-shelteroneness- separateness- non-greediness- stoppage- influ>- dissociation- religionenlightenment- friendship- and compassion etc3 4y the de elopment of these feelings- psyche is purified- fic(leness of mind is remo ed- attachment is destroyed and the feeling of renunciation is encouraged3 @ttempt is made to fill mind and soul 1ith each and e ery feeling3 4y doing so again and again- this act is formed into a ha!it 1ith the result that there is no chance of e il ha!its getting de eloped3 Dood ha!its may !e de eloped in girls !y filling their minds 1ith these positi e feelings3

$?% Conte"plation
.hin(ing again and again for 1hich $re(sha meditation is carried out in mind- is (no1n as contemplation3 0n order to form good ha!its in girls- practice of the reflection on compassion- friendship- mutual trust- ad9ustment- humility- morality and authenticity is gi en to them3 Hhile reflecting- first of all mind is concentrated !y rela>ation and aspirate sound3 Hhen mind is concentrated- it is gi en autosuggestions that the feelings of compassion- friendship and morality are getting strengthened3 .his process is repeated many times3 @ttempts are mode to carry these feelings upto the su!-conscious mind3 /o that they are retained and get permanent and strong3 4y reflection on these feelings- 1e are moulded into their form3 He get accustomed to these ha!its and 1e !egin to !eha e accordingly3 @charya ,ahapragya says- 7You 1ill ha e the feelings as you ha e the auras- the thoughts as you ha e the feelings and the !eha iour as you ha e the thoughts37 He ha e to purify our feelings and this can !e done only !y the practice of reflection3 .hus- 1ith the practice of these eight steps of $re(sha meditation- the feelings of girls are purified3 @fter doing that- good ha!its may easily !e formed in them3 0f these steps are practiced daily- there 1ill !e no possi!ility of inauspicious ha!its getting de eloped3 .he ideas 1ith 1hich 1e fill our mind and soul are al1ays ho ering in them and 1e !eha e 1ith our mind- !ody and speech in conformity 1ith them3 4ringing a!out refinement in a girl means !ringing a!out refinement in t1o families3 @ girl is the plant that gro1s into a !ig tree in the form of a sister- a mothera 1ife and a grand mother3 /he gets an e en greater form as a !anyan tree3 Harmony in families is ery necessary to remo e and sol e the present day pro!lems3 0n order to esta!lish this harmony- gi ing good ha!its to girls is the first priority of the present age3 .he follo1ing lines of @charyashri .ulsi 1ill automatically !e reali6ed if the girls de elop good ha!its3

1ords and actions gro13 .this type of thought has a high tempo !ut adds to 6ero3 .honesty.peace.or a!out the future.e Thoughts $ositi e thoughts include thoughts a!out lo e.if this had not happened.1hich then automatically !ecomes our future3 0ositi.0 hope if he does not sho1 up3 &ne could say that these thoughts are not realistic !ecause the past has already gone !y and the future is yet to come3 0n other 1ords 1e are not li ing in present.!ut feel difficulty in 1riting positi e thoughts3 Hho can accept a compliment 1ithout feeling em!arrassedN 0t sho1s ho1 little 1e (no1 oursel es3 .!rooding.society 1ill !e impro ed and e entually the nation 1ill !e impro ed3 Chapter-6 Concept of Thought &ntroduction .Sudhare vyakti samaj vyakti se.his list ma(es some people feel a !it faint or e en stu!!orn3 &nce there 1as a 1oman 1ho did not consider lo e positi e at all.enthusiasmshappiness.thoughts running around in your 1e see ho1 important it is to re alidate all these :ualities to separate personal feeling due to !ad e>periences from the common sentiment people ha e3 .9oy.mercy.!ut li ing in the past3 He ma(e our past into our present. Rastra svayam sudhrega.hin(ing is the ma>imum used and most underestimated po1erC that is e eryone thin(s all day long and e en at night 1e still thin( =dreaming?3 4ut ho1 conscious 1e are of our thoughts and the effects they ha e on oursel es and othersN Necessary Thoughts Hhat shall 0 ha e for dinner to nightC at 1hat time do 0 pic( my children from school1hat is the num!er of my !an( accountall necessary and practical thoughts to see to your daily needs3 4ut if these thoughts are repeated again and again they !ecome 1aste =superfluous thoughts?3 Waste $superfluous Thoughts% Horrying.she only had !ad e>periences 1ith it. 0f an indi idual is impro ed.harmony.hought are li(e seeds from 1hich feelings.hope.tolerance and understanding3 .ost people ha e no pro!lems at all in 1riting a list of their o1n negati e character traits.if only 0 had.respect.ha!its.hey only cost our energy3 Haste thoughts are often a!out the past.

our car or !an( account3 Kegati e thoughts includes thoughts a!out criticism.racism3 Effects of Thoughts .greed.carelessnesslust of engese>ism. Essence of !u"an Nature Pea!e $o%e Power Purity &a""iness .anger.his has another side to it also.pre9udice.egoism.9ealousy.called place!o pill =influence our imagination and !elief in our healing process? is already 1ell (no1n and is e en effecti ely used for treating patients3 0f 1e donOt as( oursel es the :uestion3 F+o you lo e meNF in order to resta!lish the !ro(en relationship inside.or can 1e also gi e mind and confess 1e ha e made a mista(eN +o 1e accept oursel esN Hhat do 1e accept and 1hat do 1e denyN Hhate er 1e accept in oursel es 1ill lead to self respect3 2 en accepting certain 1ea(ness 1ill e entually add to more self respect.itOs interesting to see ho1 the relationship inside of me is3 +o 1e suppress feeling and intution or do 1e gi e them a chance3 +o 1e dare to ta(e ma9or decision and to thin( !igN @re 1e a!le to e>press our opinion or 1e are afraid and hide oursel es a1ay and apologi6e e en for our !eing there3 +o 1e al1ays 1ant to !e right a!out e erything and ha e things our 1ay.$ositi e thoughts !y nature are slo13 0n !et1een positi e thoughts there is a space or gap. "hi# i# who we really are !ehind he o' er $orm.!ecause of these positi e thoughts gi es rest to the mind3 &ne feels rela>ed and also gets happiness3 Negati.ore and more scientist and doctors are !ecoming a1are of the enormous effect thoughts ha e on the physical health3 He literally thin( oursel es sic(3 .desires and pre9udices.+o you really li(e meN ReallyN &nly meN @nd still 1e 1ill not !elie e it3 0nstead of loo(ing at others all the time.attachment.rather than on inner =spiritual? alues and :ualities3 He 9udge each other !y the color of our s(in.1e 1ill (eep on as(ing other.1e can thin( oursel es 1ell again.and the effect of the so.stress.e Thoughts Ha e a negati e result3 &ne might also call these thoughts materialistic !ecause they are mostly !ased on materialistic needs.sta!ility and independence3 He 1ill not !e so ulnera!le 1hen other remar( on these 1ea(nesesC 1e (no1 they are there and that 1e are 1or(ing on them3 He do not ha e to defend oursel es or get angry on it3 Essence of hu"an nature "he#e $i%e &'ali ie# are he e##en(e o$ h'man na 're.la6iness.

@l1in $u!lication Chennai3 is recogni6ed as one of the most important and alua!le gifts of our culture3 .ind. Yoga refers to a science.sta!ility and functional integrity of ner a science and art of pure life style3 Yoga offers man a conscious process to sol e his pro!lems3 Yoga helps the man to e o(e the hidden potentialities of man in a systematic and scientific 1ay !y 1hich man !ecomes a full indi idual3 @ll his faculties physical.mental elegance and e>cellence of consciousness3 Yoga refers to an utmost height of physical mental and spiritual health3 Yoga refers to a science of total transformation of life3 Yoga is an e>periment for e>pression of truth of life3 Yoga is the scientific process of transition of mind to a state of thoughtless su!-consciousness3 Yoga is the philosophy of en9oying a life filled 1ith comfort and pleasure3 Hith Yoga practice each and e ery part of the !ody is affected 1ith positi e responses3 Yoga and @sanas practice leads to fle>i!ility.!lood circulation etc such !iological processes are toned-up3 Specific effect of Yogasana on different syste"s 1.musclesessels and !lood capillaries3 @sanas e>ert influences particularly o er the heartlungs.e syste" .Concept of Chitta and .$o1er of ..1hich helps to recei e an ideal !ody !uild-up.1ith its hectic speed the specialty of the yogic process is that the faculties get sharpened in time 1ith the spiritual progress of!ai3 Chapter-? 0hysiological effect of ../3K.ind.@ncient $u!lication.ind..1ith the de elopment of /cience and .um!ai3 @charaya /ridhar.fle>i!ility and contracti!ility of muscles ital capacity of lungs.References 13 23 33 43 /en Dupta./ilence of thought.spinal cord and endocrine glands3 Yoga and !ealth Yoga asanas impart physical and mental health o er the !ody !y controllingregulating and !alancing the effect o er the sympathetic and parasympathetic ner ous system3 .sanas and 0ranaya"a &ntroduction Yoga is great ancient discipline.u(her9ee ./3<.restlessness.he modern era.conditional im!alance etc3 Ko1 the time has come to thin( of change in attitude and ta(e a ne1 dimension to sol e the pro!lems3 . /igesti.<ol(ata3 .echnology pro ides man more comfort for his !asic necessities3 4ut 1ith these comforts only today the 1orld is loo(ing for solutions to sol e the menacing pro!lems of is the importance of Yoga and spiritual lure3 Yoga is the gift of our Rishi culture.mental.Dena $u!lication.$hilosophy of .hrough regular practice of Yoga normal physiological acti ities of ner ous system.intellectual and emotional R de eloped in a harmony and integrated fashion to meet the all-round challenge3 @t the modern technological era.)riends $u!lication.

meditati e asanas such as $admasana helps to control such secretions3 .343 @part from this.@rdhayamatyasendrasana.pneumonia etc3 Effects on Endocrine Glands 0t has !een re ealed through e>tensi e researches that arious meditati e asansespecially.such as high 43$3.such as !ronchitis.helps to relie e pulmonary disorders.oreo er.huse ery asana regulate one or the other endocrine gland and thus offers physical and mental health and alle iate disorders3 Hyperacti ity of parasympathetic ner ous system results into aggressi eness and criminal !eha iors in a person3 &n the other side.oreo er the a!sor!ing capacity of 5illi of small intestine is promoted !y asanas3 @s a result of 1hich ade:uate amount ofnutrients are a!sor!ed and desired supply of nutrition is made a aila!le to respecti e part of the !ody3 Yogasanas help to regulate these !ody minute le els it reconstitutes any damage to muscles3 Yogasana accelerates the o>ygen supply to !lood and thus promotes the normal cata!olism of glycogen to release desired le el of energy3 .helps to regulate endocrine secretion of serotonin and dopamine3 0n such persons in 1hom there is more secretion of adrenaline and ides ade:uate amount of o>ygen in the !ody3 &>ygen gets attached to !lood and circulates the entire !ody3 @ regular practice of $ranayam helps to pre ent the infestation of !acterial infection in the lungs.Regular practice of Yogasanas acti ates the contracti!ility and physiological acti ity of stomach3 /ecretion of gastric 8uices and hormones is increased3 .his helps to normali6e the digesti e processes3 .such as constipation.$admasana5a9rasana.indigestion and acidity chiefly Yogasans.more specifically the apical region of lungs3 2specially the saprolactic !acteria are pre ented.$admasana./ha asana helps to regulate inspiration and e>piration. Respiratory Syste" @ regular practice of deep $ranayarna.1hich cause positi e effects on digesti e system include Udar /ha(ti 5i(asa( <riya.stress and an>iety3 .his helps to regulate the lactic acid le el in !lood and energy !ased different meta!olic processes continue in a normal manner3 turn.1hich leads to progressi e gro1th and de elopment of the person3 Effects on +uscular Syste" @ regular practice of Yogic @sanas and Yogic processes tones up muscles and offers fle>i!ility3 0t normali6es the physiological acti ities of muscles3 .Domu(hasana.the practice of finer techni:ues of paranayam.+hanurasana etc3 .1hich there!y control gastric disorders.hrough arious studies it has !een o!ser ed that !y Yogasanas the peristaltic acti ity of intestines is increased3 .his helps to control serious disorders.hyperacti ity of sympathetic ner ous system leads to inferiority comple> and do1n 1ith undue terror3 Hith the result of Yogasanas the acti ity of !oth these ner ures systems are 1ell regulated and !alanced.1hich su!se:uently cause .

he enous return is much !etter due to phasic changes in !reathing3 .he proper return of lymph and enous !lood impro es the digesti e.propermaintenance of pH is achie ed3 .1hich promotes e>cellent e>cretion of to>ins and gases3 %3 +ue to more efficient changes in !lood gases.he al eoli are e>ercised.the mo ements are so slo1 that there is ade:uate time for e ery al eoli to soa( in o>ygen3 13 .he intestines are contracted and refle> e>pansion promote e>cellent !lood flo1 and enous return3 33 .he concept of pranayama is often mista(en for deep !reathing3 0n the later situation.Effect of Yogasanas on Circulatory Syste" Regular practice of Yogasana promotes purification and circulation of !lood in different systems of the !ody3 @n accelerated !lood flo1 during Yoga practice helps to deplete arious harmful deposits.his is the most importantre:uisite.he hemoglo!inJo>ygen saturation is enhanced during (um!ha( ement of !reath is fast and forceful3 .here is no time for the cells to get soa(ed in the inhaled o>ygen3 0n ity3 0hysiological Effects of 0ranaya" on /igesti.the sali ary glands get rest3 13 .he /tomach is massaged3 .he flo1 of !reath in sitali pranayama stimulates the taste !uds3 0n other types.e syste" .impro ing their function3 43 +ie to reduction in sympathetic tone.he entilation of sinuses is made e>cellent.he pulmonary ascular !ed rela>es to accommodate more inflo1 of o>ygen and !lood3 4etter diffusion of gases occurs3 33 2lasticity of the lungs and the entire respiratory tract is maintained to a ripe old age3 43 .he ital capacity.he healthy mo ement of diaphragm massages the a!dominal organs.such as cholesterol in the !lood essels3 .a!sorpti e and eliminating functions of the a!dominal organs3 23 Constipation is relie ed3 .he residual olume is decreased as more complete e>halation is performed3 #3 .impro ing their !lood supply and aidingthe enous drainage to the thoracic.promotinggood drainage3 93 .as there is enough time for saturation3 "3 .acid secretion diminishes.hrough regular practice of Yoga normal physiological acti ities of ner ous system.for !etter cellular function3 83 .he respiratory system is geared to aerate the internalatmosphere3 23 .fle>i!ility and contracti!ility of muscles.ital capacity of lungs!lood circulation etc such !iological processes are toned-up3 .hus Yogasanas helps to pre ent arious disorders related to cardio ascular system3 0hysiological Effects of 0ranaya"a on Respiratory syste" .inspiratory olumes are increased3 .he li er and gall !ladder are massaged.he dead space is reduced3 .relie ing stressrelated peptic disorders3 Conclusion Yogic asanas impart physical and mental health all o er the !ody !y controllingregulating and !alancing the effect o er the sympathetic arid parasympathetic ner ous system3 .

$u!lication./3 +utta.2**43 93 /ingh.ner ous system and on endocrine glands3 $ranayama and other yogic processes control arious clinical disorders3 0t promotes ital capacities of arious endocrine and e>ocrine glands3 .19833 %3 $andiamani.his helps to regulate and normali6es the physical.Ke1 Yor(.$u!lication.$u!lication.edicine.Random House.2**43 83 5ish anathan /3.Ke1 +elhi 19983 "3 <umar3 K.8aipur.1hereas QCoronary arteriesF 1hich come out of the aortasupply the !lood and feed the heart muscles themsel es3 .Ke1 Yor(.$u!lication.Yoga and ./3)3.he result is organ fran:uility3 Yogasanas.he heart functions as the pumping station for the supply of !lood to the 1hole !ody.he Complete Yoga 4oo(.oreo er.0nternational Yoga Conference-Uni ersity of 8ammu.43<3.+hyan etc3 such yogic processes carry specific effects on heart.he practice of Yoga @sanas and $ranayama is un:uestiona!ly an ideal method to preser e the health and longe ity of our !ody3 Yoga is uni:ue in that it recuperates the entire system3 0n the Yogic system.Durucharan.2**33 Chapter-@ Role of Yoga in Coronary heart disease &ntroduction Coronary heart disease is the commonest cause of the cardio ascular disa!ility and death3 ..$rinciples G $ractice of Yoga therapy-$u!lication-.yogic e>ercises regulates ner ous system e>cretory system and normali6es the ner e stimuli3 .social s(ills and li ing alue !ased education@nnamalai Uni ersity $u!lication.19%23 23 4ernard.8ulian $ress.Colum!ia Uni ersity $ress.Contours of Yoga Hith Reference .R353./cience of Yoga.his pathological state includes Q@rteriosclerotic Coronary @rterty +iseaseF and Q0schemic heart diseaseF3 .1hich in turn.$ranayam.Kirogi +uniya.$ra(ritic Chi(itsa A am Yoga.3H3 .lungs.19%23 43 Ray.Yogic 2>ercises.$u!lication.@ regular practice of +eep $ranayarma.8aypee 4rothers./ha asana helps to regulate inspiration and e>piration..1hich itself relie es arious aliments and offers a hea enly life3 References 13 Drade.heos.o Religious @pproach..$rinciples of Yoga ides ade:uate amount of o>ygen in the !ody3 &>ygen gets attached to !lood and circulates the entire !ody3 &ur human !ody is a mar elous piece of machinery3 $roper maintenance of it (eeps it going 1ithout pro!lems to a ripe old age3 .@nnamalai Uni ersity $u!lication.4andh.amilnadu.19443 33 4rena.arapore ala 4om!ay./hat(arma.Hatha Yoga.mental and social state of the person to lead a normal day to day life3 & erall the Yoga practice !uilds-up a positi e attitude in a person..he main coronary arteries lie on the surface of the heart and small arteries penetrate into the cardiac muscle .2**23 #3 He1itt 8ames.the mechanism is :uiet and restful3 @sanas pro ide a soothing effect on !oth the outer and inner organs.

or !? @ profound spasm of the essel.1hich is a!out 4 to " percentage of the total cardiac output3 +uring e>tra 1or( period the heart increase its cardiac output as much as four to fi e folds.mass3 .he underlying causes of this disease are many and aried3 .he Sleft coronary arteryO supplies mainly the anterior part of the left entricle1hereas the Qright coronary arteryF supplies most of the left entricle3 .he fresting coronary !lood flo1s in the human !eing a erages appro>imately 22" ml per minute.tery Spas" $C.often leading ultimately to complete occlusion3 @cute coronary occlusion may occur !ecause of /udden formation of !lood clot on the roughened essel surfacea? .symptoms can range from a mild chest pain to a full scale heart attac(3 Denerally.his is usually progressi e.he !rea(ing off of a fragment of !lood clot or fat then loges do1nstreamcompletely !loc(ing smaller essel.the symptoms manifest themsel es 1hen there is a!out a %" percent narro1ing of coronary artery lumen3 .S% C@/ is a condition in 1hich the smooth muscle of a coronary artery undergoes a sudden contraction.he coronary !lood flo1 also increases four to fi e folds to supply the e>tra nutrients needed !y the heart3 Coronary Heart disease is a condition in 1hich the heart muscle recei es an inade:uate amount of !lood !ecause of an interruption on its !lood supply3 +epending on the degree of interruption.heart attac(s and sudden death3 @lthough the .smooth muscle3 Coronary .1o of the principal ones are Q@terosclerosisF and QCoronary artery spasmF3 Causes .resulting in asoconstriction3 0t typically occurs in indi iduals 1ith atherosclerosis and may result in chest pain during rest.dia!etes and se eral other factors increase the incidence and the se erity of the atherosclerotic process3 .terosclerosis @terosclerosis =/omething called Shardening of the arteries? is a situation characteri6ed !y thic(ening of the arterial 1all 1ith'.Aarge num!er of smoothmuscle cells3 +eposits of cholesterol and other su!stances in the portion of the to the lumen3 essel 1all closest .he mechanism that initiates this thic(ening is not clear.!ut it is (no1n that cigarette smo(ing.high plasma cholesterol concentration hypertension.he e>tra muscle cells and arious deposit in the 1all !ulge into the lumen of the essel and increase resistance to flo13 .and it pumps the !lood against a higher than normal arterial pressure3 Conse:uently the 1or( output of the heart under se ere conditions may increase as si> to eight folds3 .chest pain during e>ertion.

he most common symptom is angina.or the presence of hypertension3 Yogic +anage"ent Yoga insists that pre ention is !etter than cure3 @sanas relie e angina pain ery :uic(ly3 @sanas and pranayama practiced regularly (eep CH+ at !ay.1here the patient suffers recurrent chest pain of effort.sanas .the !lood essels are narro1ed !eyond a critical degree3 /o stro(ers.sanas /tanding poses strength the cardiac reser e3 Ko lactic acid is formed and hence fatigue of the muscle does not occur3 Aung capacity can !e increased !y standing poses3 @s the arious returns are higher.giddiness.(idneys3 Effect of Bor-ard #ending .hus.1hich means that the !lood flo1 to the heart is grossly reduced3 2mergency !ypass surgery may !e re:uired3 Yet another manifestation of underlying ischemia is occasional chest pain often o erloo(ed as !eing due to 1ind.stress and alcoholism are said to !e the triggering is a fall in perfusion pressure.1hich is difficult to sta!ili6e 1ith drugs3 Rhythmicity is lost3 0n unsta!le angina. Sy"pto"s .causes of coronary artery spasm are not 1ell (no1n.1hich normally does not produce pain.the elasticity of the !lood essels is lost and pressure rises in the !lood essels3 @sanas maintain the elasticity of tissues and pre ent changes in pressure3 Yoga is the 1onderful solution to all circulatory pro!lems3 0t 1or(s !y (eeping the t1o gates of the !ody-the circulatory system and the respiratory system-clean3 Regional circulation =!lood flo1 to each organ? reduces.his is due to poor circulation of !lood and o>ygen to the heart muscle3 Unsta!le angina is the condition 1here the patient suffers chest one gro1s older3 .spleen.the pain occurs at rest =$rin6metalOs angina?.heart attac(s and malfunctioing of all organs occur3 .smo(ing.aricose eins do not occur and the pumping efficiency of the heart is higherC 2ndurance is !uilt up3 @ll standing poses alternati ely increase and decrease the flo1 of !lood to the other organs li(e the li er.dampening the flo1 of !lood to ital organs3 Effect of Standing .such as 1al(ing on le el ground or clim!ing a flight of stairs3 .each of the different practices contri!uting in its o1n 1ay3 Hhen the process of aterosclerosis ad ances.

the myocardium gets the !enefits as the o>ygen rich !lood flo1 into the heart3 Effect of &n.he cere!ral ner es are rested in this pose and one feels soothed 1ith re itali6ation of the centers in the !rain that control the heart3 0ranaya"a @s a deep inhalation is done.he constant strain of gra ity and the effort needed to pump the !lood up1ard to the heart is remo ed and rest is gi en to the entire musculature and ner es of the leg3 /o.)or1ard !ends stretch the posterior surface of the a!dominal organs3 )or1ard !ends soothe the ner es and impro e the function of the sympathetic ner ous system3 )or1ard !ends !ring do1n the heart rate and pulse3 /ince the !ody is parallel to the floor.sanas @ll !ac( !ends stretch the cardiac essels.he coronary cells cannot die prematurely3 .so that !lood flo1 increases and !loc(s cannot occur3 0t is precisely for this reason that patients 1ith coronary ischemia are taught !ac( !ends and no for1ard !ending asanas initially3 .o>ygen upta(e is stimulated3 .he :uality of contraction of a muscle fi!re is directly proportional to the initial length of the muscle3 @s all !ac( !ends stretch the thoracic organs.he small muscles inside the calf.enous return is enhanced3 0t impro es coronary !lood flo13 .increasing their circulation and efficiency3 4lood flo1 changes in the (idneys.gra ity does not affect the heart and !lood flo1s to !oth e>tremities 1ithout strain3 .erted .permitting !etter filtering action of 1ater and solutes3 .1hich continuously pump the lymph up the !ody.he sympathetic ner ous system is gi en a tremendous !oost of energy so that 1hen these poses are completed one feels e>tremely energetic and refreshed3 )or1ard !ends trend to close the cham!ers of the heart3 Effect of #ack-#ending .he massaging force literally !rea(s do1n the molecules of o!struction in the arteries3 .re itali6ing them 1ith fresh !lood3 @n important effect of in erted poses is on the asculature of the legs3 .enhanced enous return occurs along 1ith !etter lymphatic drainage3 .get rest3 $ractice of in erted postures re-esta!lishes the !lood flo1 to the heart and penetrates to the le el of the microcirculation3 .here 1ill !e no areas of hypo perfusion in the lungs of a yogi3 @ healthy lung leads to a healthy heart3 0f the lungs perform efficiently 1ith e>cellent inta(e of o>ygen.sanas 0n erted poses drain all the enous !lood from all organs.his natural outcome is called Sphysiological !ypass3 .he flo1 of !lood to the frontal lungs is greatly increased in all !ac( !ending asanas3 2lasticity of the tissues is maintained so that the ital capacity of the lungs does not decrease 1ith age3 4ecause of increased !lood flo1 to the lungs.he rhythmic up and do1n mo ement of the diaphragm massages the a!dominal organs.aricose eins do not occur3 .

@rmy 2ducational $u!licationsKe1 +elhi..ar1aha.19%23 23 8ames He1itt.R353 $rinciples of Yoga .horsomns.$? molecules at the cellular le el.he input of healthy !lood into the lungs increases.4om!ay.1hich is the source of energy to the cell3 4lood flo1 in the !rain can change 1ith pranayama 1here a prolonged e>halation soothes the neurons !y increasing the !lood flo13 Muietening of the mind during pranayama is reducing stress on the sympathetic ner es3 ery !eneficial to cardiac patient- Rela>ation of the ner ous system allo1s e>cellent perfusion of !lood 1ith the coronaries relie ing o>ygen star ation of tissues3 @ngina anishes rapidly after pranayamic practice3 0t is the only science that deli ers o>ygen directly 1ithout strain and facilitates storage at the cellular le el3 Suggested 0ractices .a(e light egetarian meals3 .Rider $u!lication-19833 33 Dupta.he Complete Yoga.( Makrasana -( Padmasana .83.19#"3 "3 /inh $ancham-=.herapy.allo1ing !etter upta(e of o>ygen and !uild up of adenosine triphophate =@..$sycomatic Yoga .arapore ala.19#"3 43 .+odd .allo1ing more !lood to flo1 into the coronary essels3 ..191"3 #3 .eferences 13 Drade.Yogi.Y3 Dupta.Health and 2fficiency through Yoga @sanas.R?-HathaYoga$radipi(a-Aalit.ohan4asu.oronto.19"8..umford.Changes in coronary flo1 occur during paranayama.43/3.19#23 Chapter-1A Yogic "anage"ent of /ia(etes &ntroduction +ia!etes is a disease of the prosperous and in 1ealthy countries3 0t is one of the ma9or health pro!lems3 +ietary sugars and starch are !ro(en do1n to glucose !y the process of digestion and this glucose is the ma9or fuel for the arious processes- .ead.ne1 Yor(..( Sa%asana 0ranaya"a '( Se!tional /reathin )( 0adi Sodhan +( *jjayi "ranayama 'editation : /ilent mediation for 2*-3* mints3 "iet : @ oid foods containing fats and cholesterol3 2at more egeta!les and fruits3 .Yoga and Aong Aife.he$anini &ffice-@llaha!ad.sanas '( #reathin "ra!ti!es )( *ttkatasana +( #hujan asana .

1hich is secreted !y the pancreas.glucose le el3 0t can occur at any agethough it most commonly occurs during younger age3 Type &&: Non-&nsulin /ependent /ia(etes +ellitus $N&//+% or +aturity Onset .it is then only a matter of time !efore dia!etes is diagnosed3 .the hormone insulin !ecomes deficient in :uantity or sensiti ity3 @s a is termed as maturity onset dia!etes3 0n this condition of dia!etes the hormone insulin is often present in plasma at near-normal or e en a!o e normal le el and additional insulin is not re:uired to sustain life and to maintain normal !lood glucose le el3 $atient 1ith this type of dia!etes produces little or e>cessi e insulin in their control the rise of !lood.hat is 1hy this dia!etes is called non.his happen pro!a!ly due to defects in molecular machinery that mediates the action of insulin on its target cells3 .organs and cells of the !ody3 Dlucose meta!olism is under the control of the harmone insulin.a large gland !ehind the stomach3 Hhen this gland !ecomes stressed or e> either is not enough for proper function or is not !eing produced :uic(ly enough to influence glucose le els in the !lood effecti ely3 .the pancreas is !eing called upon constantly to secrete enormous amounts of insulin.and it !egins to get tired and !ecome depleted3 0nsulin production in response to sugar stimulation !ecomes increasingly inade:uate3 @s a result.enile onset 0n this type of dia!etes the hormone insulin is completely or almost completely a!sent from the islets of langerhans and plasma.and insulin treatment is essential3 0t is called insulin dependent dia!etes !ecause of compulsory periodic insulin administration.s1eets or chocolates etc3 then his pancreas is ready to respond !y pouring out a large amount of insulin to rapidly manage the roc(eting !lood sugar le el 1ithout incident3 Ho1e er.his usually occurs 1hen the patient attends the doctor for in estigation of one of the symptoms of high !lood sugar e3g3 an e>cessi e thirst or urination.insulin dependent dia!etes mellitus3 Causes Yogic science recogni6es t1o interrelated causes of dia!etes3 )irstly long term de ital6aticm and sluggishness of the digesti e process due to dietary a!useo ereating.his type of dia!etes is much more common than 9u enile onset and most often occurs in people 1ho are o er 4* and o er 1eight3 /ince it occur in the later stage in life.if such a sugar-rich diet is eaten e ery day.then patient suffers from +ia!etes3 Type &: &nsulin /ependent /ia(etes +ellitus $&//+% or Fu.the !lood remains saturated 1ith sugar for long periods of time.o!esity and lac( of e>ercise3 High inta(e of sugar and car!ohydrate rich diet is especially implicated3 0f a person ta(es a large amount of sugar.a resistant s(in or urinary infection or failing eyesight3 .the !lood sugar le el !ecomes high and uncontrolled.

1hich needs more sugar3 .if the person is o!ese.his is a potent stimulus to the !ody to mo!ili6e glucose into the !lood3 0n this 1ay a constant hea y !urden of 1orries and an an>ieties imposes a constant demand for insulin secretion1hich can ultimately precipitates especially in con9unction 1ith a sugar3 Sy"pto"s .1eight loss and easy suscepti!ility to infections.the fasting le el of !lood glucose is less than 9* mgJdl and the post prandial =2 hours? le el is less than 12* mgJdl3 0f the post.1hich 1ill increase the cellular acti ity of the muscle.he stress and frustrations of modern sedentary man largely manifest on the mental and emotional planes.cra ing for s1eets and s1eating are some of the other symptoms3 Kormally.are not the normal presentation3 /ometimes the patient suffers a fro6en shoulder and this can !e a manifestation of dia!etes3 Aethargy.he patient may pass lot of urine in 24 hours3 .1hich is of immense use in the dia!etic state3 0n standing poses.he urine is clear and of lo1 specific gra ity =1**2-2**4? and osmolatity3 .he ad anced asanas re:uire a lot of energy and this helps normali6e !lood sugar !ut.he single ad antage of the asana system is that the internal organs.1hich are directly affected !y the geometric shape of the asana itself3 2 en an elderly dia!etic can practice it 1ithout any danger3 .particularly of the s(in =li(e a simple !oil or fungal infection? e>cessi e hunger.hese classified symptoms.the condition is la!eled as an impaired tolerance.the adrenal glands are in a constant state of acti ationspilling the Qstress hormoneF adrenaline into the !lood stream3 .he osmotic effect of increased le els of !lood glucose causes more thirst and hunger3 .asanas help to pre ent an increase in insulin re:uired o er the years3 0n K0++.prandial sugar le el is !et1een 1"* and 2** mg.ellitus3 0n 0nsulin +ependent dia!etes .asana practice is difficult and it is easier to reduce 1eight !y other means and then ta(e up Yoga3 .the s(eletal muscles increase their upta(e of sugar3 ..depending on the clinical condition3 Young acti e dia!etics can !e made to practice ery intense asanas in a dynamic manner.ellitus.he most mar(ed symptoms are polyuria and polydipsia3 .asanas help to normali6e !lood sugar due to the high intensity 1or(out3 Yogic e>ercises can either !e of high or lo1 intensity.ho1e er.unli(e our ancestors 1ho had to 1age a physical !attle for sur i al3 Ke ertheless..he force of arterial flo1 can !e increased and directed to any organ.he second causati e factor is that dia!etes is stress related3 .and if a!o e 2**3 0t is fran( dia!etes3 Yogic +anage"ent of /ia(etes Yogasana is ideally suited for !oth types of +ia!etes .

-han'ra#ana. /iet : )%oid # ar(hy 1ood.his pre ents fluctuations of sugar le els in a dia!etic3 4urning up of e>cess sugar is promoted !y the stimulation of gastric fire3 $ranayama definitely increase the natural immunity of !ody and ital capacity of lungs3 $ranayama is highly alua!le for impro ing o>ygen perfusion to tissues3 @s it also remo es stress on the system.his ensures healthy cellular integrity and due to the massage no deposit are formed3 )or1ard !ends increase the gastric fire and help healthy digestion of food3 . $ollowed.!eing ery strenuous. Sa%a#ana. ea more 1i!er# and Pro ein (on en 1ood2e# ri( ion# #ho'ld !e. .specific @sanas.h'janga#ana.edi a ion $or /5-20 min' e#.sanas : )rdha ma #yendra#ana * "ri*ona#ana* +a*ra#ana.sensiti ity to insulin and upta(e of sugar are enhanced3 .stagnation of colonic contents due to autonomic dysfunction cannot occur3 @sanas also pressuri6e the pancreas in an effort to impro e the secretary status3 .help to reduce !lood sugar3 4ac(!ends impro e !lood supply to all a!dominal and pel ic organs3 .progression of !loc(age is arrested3 &>ygen deli ery to the tissue is systematic and sure3 .$ranayamas 1ill !e stimulating auto healing systems of !ody as a result of that remo e the complications of the dia!etic state3 +ia!etes is one of the most common disease in human !eing3 0t is a meta!olic disease in 1hich primary pro!lem is the defecti e utili6ation of sugar !y the !ody3 . .1isting poses s:uee6e the intestines and massage them3 Hence.a #ya#ana.the tissues retain insulin sensiti ity3 Capillary changes are easily pre ented !y Yoga as the action is on the essel 1all3 Yoga is microcellular in its action3 @t the internal organs are massaged.Hence. 0ranaya"a : +i!haga Nadi#hodhan.retinopathy and peripheral arterial occlusi e conditions3 Si"plified Yogic 0ractice Chart Bor /ia(etic 0atient . .he massage of the pancreas !y for1ard !ends and t1isting helps to release more insulin in response to food3 4ac(1ard !ends.hramari +editation : Silen .issue hypo>ia ne er occurs3 /ympathetic and parasympathetic sta!ili6ation pre ent autonomic dysfunction3 0t is ery useful for all complication of the dia!etic state particularly cardiac autonomic dysfunction. Conclusions )rom the a!o e facts it is clear that +ia!etes is life style disease3 0t decreases the auto 0mmune system of human !ody and produces lot of complication in life3 4ut yogic life style.

the stress faced !y the !ody and the mind3 Hence rennin secretion may 1ell !e under mental influences3 Rennin reacts 1ith a chemical (no1n as angiotensinogen and this sets off a series of chemical changes producing an end product (no1n as angiotenson 1hich causes aso-constriction and ele ated !lood . Nagandra.adrenal hyper secretion etc3 $sychological. "he 5om6le e !oo* o$ 3oga.causing e>cessi e amounts to !e released in to the !lood and also passed out 1ith the urine3 . 2. Chapter-11 Yogic "anage"ent of !ypertensi. 7rien 6a6er !a(* P'!li(a ion.his dangerous and 1ide spread disease is (no1n as dia!etes3 /pecific Yogasana and $ranayanama should !e done daily3 Aife style is ery useful for all complication of the dia!etic state3 References /.$ancreas gland produces the hormone insulin. New -elhi.physiological and en ironmental factors are only three of the many factors that lead to high !lood pressure3 @ common misconception is that ageing causes hypertension3 0t doesnOt al1ays though the uni ersal a erage for the onset of hypertension in the late thirties3 & er1eight people and those 1ho are tense and e>cita!le are especially suscepti!le to hypertensionC emotional conflicts are also a cause3 . Sri )nand. 3. +inod. . 3oga !oo* $or -o( er#. . Pra*a#h.eeraj.he cells of the (idneys secrete the hormone rennin 1hich is influenced !y sympathetic stress. )n ar Par*a#h P'!li(a ion. 2aja# han.e 0atient Hypertension or high !lood pressure is the most common disease affecting the heart and !lood essels .adh'meha laelaj nahi.he remaining percentage is secondary hypertension 1hich has an identifia!le underlying cause such as (idney diseases. 4.1hich controls the !odyOs a!ility to store and utili6e sugar3 0n sufficient production of insulin result in the ina!ility of the !ody of use indigestion is an agreement at large that !lood pressure of 12*J8* is normal in a healthy adult3 4orderline high !lood pressure is defined as diastolic pressure !et1een 8" and 9* mild high !lood pressure is diastolic pressure !et1een 91 and 1*4 and moderate high !lood pressure is diastolic pressure !et1een 1*" and 11" se ere high !lood pressure is diastolic pressure of 11# or higher3 0solated systolic hypertension is systolic pressure greater than 1#* in those 1hose diastolic pressure is less than 9*3 Hypertension could !e caused !y an increase in cardiac output or in total peripheral resistance or !oth3 0n reality ho1e er the ma9or a!normality in most cases of 1ellesta!lished hypertension is increased total peripheral resistance caused !y a!normally reduced arteriolar lumen for more than 9" percent of the persons 1ith hypertension3 . Nirogi -'nia P'!li(a ion.he cause of hypertension is (no1n and in that condition it is called Sessential hypertensionO3 . )y'r%ed# $or li$e. +erma. .al#he.

his situation is also influenced !y the hormone aldosterone 1hich retains salt and 1ater through the (idneys aggra ating the condition3 .he state of ner es in a hypertensi e is one of o eruse and decreased e>cita!ility3 2>cita!ilites means the a!ility to transmit an impulse3 0n a hypertensi e the ner es are e>hausted and o erstrained3 @s the e>cita!ility of the ner e is in ersely proportional to the degree of acti ity.he delicate !iorhythm in the !ody 1hich influences the neuro-endocrine circuit should ne er !e upset3 .he latter is a dangerous can produce a stro(e high !lood pressure 1or(s insidiously3 0t affects the heart and !lood essels and then indirectly other organs3 Hhen !lood essels get constricted.he le el at 1hich the systolic pressure should !e treated is 14*mm and the diastolic 9*mm3 $ressure of 13* to 13"mm systolic and 8" to88 diastolic are la!eled as high normal /ystolic pressure is the measurement made 1hen the heart is contracting and the muscle pushes out !lood from the entricles and in the process presses on the coronary arteries reducing its o1n !lood supply3 Hence if the diastolic pressure remains a!o e 9*mm coronary artery filling 1ill !e 9eopardi6ed3 .the heart must 1or( harder and a time comes 1hen its o1n coronary arteries can no longer nourish the heart then heart disease de elops3 /imilarly hypertension affects the !rain and (idneys resulting in stro(e and uraemia !oth fatal conditions3 Yoga is an e>cellent means of treating high !lood pressure3 @s hypertension !egins in the mind Yoga is of prime alue3 Ho1e er 1eight loss is essential for yogic management to !e of use and only dynamic e>ercises can reduce 1eight3 Yoga can !e practiced side !y side 1ith 1eight-reducing e>ercises as Yoga alone can pre ent ascular complications due to its massaging effect on the arteries @sanas ma(e the arteries and capillaries elastic and allo1 more !lood to flo1 into arious areas resulting in !etter rela>ation of those tissues3 .he normal !lood pressure under resting conditions should !e 12*J8*mm of mercury3 4oth the systolic and diastolic pressure can !e affected3 4oth ha e to !e made normal 1ith treatment3 .(idney trou!le and hardening of the arteries3 .Yoga restores the elasticity of the ner ous system3 @ proper sleep pattern is essential for all particularity for a hypertension patient3 .he sympathetic ner ous system is al1ays set on higher le el of charge in hypertensi e3 4y the practice of Yoga the tone of sympathetic discharge is !rought do1n /ha asana rela>ation is li(e sleep3 0t is conscious sleep3 0n sleep the ner ous system recoups itself the same happens in Yoga3 .his sympathetic stress is reduced the diastolic pressure is reduced and coronary filling is normali6ed3 High !lood pressure is a serious condition and re:uires prompt attention !ecause it is an underlying factor that !rings a!out other cardio ascular and renal disorders li(e stro(e heart is yet another difference3 0n sleep the su!conscious mind is still acti e and the ner es are still tense3 0n Yoga e ery part of the ner ous system is (ept passi e and the rela>ation of the ner es is far !etter3 .he pressure can remain sta!le or fluctuate3 .pressure3 .

Rogon <i Kayi Chi(itsha3 $ar(.he hi!ernati e state remo es the accumulated stress all this happens o er a period of time 9seful Yoga 0ractices .he longer e>halation rela>es the sympathetic ner es and the 4$ is controlled $ranayama greatly influences the circularly system3 Hith each inhalation and e>halation the output of !lood flo1 to the !ody aries3 .832.@ Hand !oo( of Kature Cure3 Keera9 Kagendra. References 13 23 33 43 "3 #3 4a( is then a decrease in the tone of the asomotor centre in the !rain =1hich controls the tone of the arteries? and !lood pressure drops3 /etu !andha.his changes the !lood pressure3 0n prolonged inhalation =ne er done !y normal people? the right entricular =R5?output increases and left entricular =A5? output falls3 0n e>halation the re erse occurs3 +ue to the increase in duration of inhalation and e>halation significant pressure changes can occurs3 .he steady rhythmic !reathing helps control the autonomic system3 @s the !reathing rate reduces the stress on the !ody is reduced3 .)or1ard !ends are the linchpin of yogic management 1ithout 1hich the pressure ne er normali6es3 )luctuations of !lood pressure are controlled !y these poses3 Hhen these posses are practiced the thoracic cage is !rought parallel to the ground and the heart slo1s do1n as there is no strain to push the !lood against gra ity to the !rain3 Hith the heart rate slo1ing the cardiac output also slo1s3 .Katural .he elasticity of the aorta and ma9or !lood essels is 1ell maintained3 .edicine3 .Rogon <i /ahi Chi(itsha3 8ussa1ala..he lift of the diaphragm and lungs and the emotional centre on the heart 1hich occurs in this asana sta!ili6es the !lood pressure3 /a asana 1ith normal inhalation and prolonged e>halation sta!ili6es the sympathetic ner ous system3 .H3<.e>t !oo( of $re enti e and /ocial .he o erdri e of the sympathetic ner ous system is most amena!le to reduction !y the practice of pranayama3 .odi.sanas 0ranaya"a 13@rdha(ati cha(rasana 13 /ectional !reathing 23Darudasana 23Kadishodhan pranayama 3@drhamatsyendrasana 334rahmari 434hu9angasana "3Usthrasana #3/a asana /iet : 5on#'me le## #al and $a 8a lea$y %ege a!le# more..he emphasis on inhalation or e>halation depends on !lood pressure !eing high or lo13 .hese poses increase in the tone and the e>cess sympathetic tone is reduced3 .herapeutics3 .53+3 Rogon <i /aral Chi(itsha3 Aouis <uhne.83.sar angasana rests the !rain and again the cortical centers are rested and the mind is (ept at its root3 .

here are se eral theories to e>plain this Ho1e er gi en the facts that o!esity leads to se eral complications it must !e considered the condition to !e treated 1ith utmost priority3 Hhile there are se eral facts to the pro!lem of o!esity3 0t is clear that o!esity is associated 1ith shortening of life span and complications 1hich ma(e life difficult for the indi idual3 0t is also commonly !elie ed that o!esity often result from endocrine distur!ances !ut in fact that is e>ceedingly rare apart from hyper insulinism3 Crushing disease and occasionally my>oedema.Culture and Community3 Chapter-1 o(esity* Causes* Co"plications and Yogic +anage"ent &ntroduction &!esity is spreading li(e an epidemic not only in the de eloped countries !ut also in the de eloping cur!s appetite3 0f leptin production is hindered.%3 $aul 4en9amin.and =ii? a!normal hereditary psychic factors that either 1atch the appetite or causes the person to eat as a release mechanism3 $iii% Genetics-3eptin 0t is 1idely accepted that leptin Ra naturally occurring hormone that controls the appetite-may !e one of the causes of o!esity3 Hhen full fat cells release the hormone leptin.all are facing this pro!lem a li(e3 Hhy there is this sudden increase in the incidence of o!esityN .the fat cells are una!le to signal that they are full.he o!esity 1hich so commonly starts after the pregnancy or the menopause has pro!a!ly little or no endocrine connection3 Causes $i% 0sychogenic O(esity /tudies of o!ese patients sho1 that a large proportion of o!esity results from psychogenic factors3 $erhaps the most common psychogenic factor contri!uting to o!esity is the pre alent idea that healthy eating ha!its re:uires three meals a day and that each meal must !e filing3 .he genes can direct the degree of feeding in se eral different 1ays including =i? a genetic a!normality of feeding centre that sets the le el of nutrient storage high or lo1.any children are forced into this ha!it !y o er R solicitous parents and the children continue to practice it throughout life3 $ii% Genetic Bactors in O(esity .% Genes-!or"ones .Health.frotlichOs syndrome is due to hypothalamic and not due to pituitary dysfunction3 .and 1eight gain occurs3 Research into leptin is only 9ust !eginning although the leptinRo!esity lin( appears to ha e !een dispro ed !y some initial studies3 $i.

er nutrition .i% Childhood o.pregnancy and the menopause3 Changes in energy inta(e desire for food and specific cra ings occur at arious stages of the menstrual cycle3 /ome 1oman appear to !e more suscepti!ly than others to hormonal changes and many o er1eight 1oman cite pregnancy as the time 1hen their pro!lem started3 $.especially in infancy and to a lesser e>tent during the older years of childhood.he rate of formation of ne1 fat cells is especially rapid in o!ese infants and it continues at a lesser rate in o!ese children until adolescence thereafter the num!er of fat cells remains almost constant throughout the life3 .hus it is !elie ed that o erfeeding children. .1here there is not enough thyroid hormone to control normal rates of meta!olism3 0n CrushingOs syndrome also 1here the production of the corticosteroid hormones is a!normal se> hormones can also affect o!esity3 0n 1oman.eins .his can lead to symptoms such as heart!urn and sour regurgitation .orturous eins in the legs result from damage to their directly related 1ith o!esity and it has !een documented that a 1eight reduction !rings the !lood pressure do1n 1ithout the use of drugs3 $iii% !iatus hernia @ large accumulation of fat in the a!dominal ca ity pushes the uppermost part of stomach into the thora> through the diaphragmatic aperture3 .% &llness and 7or /rugs /ome illness can lead to o!esity or a tendency to gain 1eight3 /o far 1e ha e dealt 1ith an e>cess of energy Jcalories.@ small minority of cases of o!esity can !e e>plained !y glandular or hormonal pro!lems3 &ne such pro!lem is clinical hypothyroidism.or playing too many computer games is strongly associated 1ith o!esity le els especially in young people3 $.the !alance of female se> hormones determines !ody fat le el during !ut lac( of calories out is also one of the ma9or causes of 1eight gain and o!esity3 Aac( of physical acti ity caused !y 1atching too much .can lead to lifetime o!esity3 Co"plication of o(esity $i% Osteoarthritis of knees 0n almost any o!ese indi idual some degree of osteoarthritis of the (nees is ine ita!le so that they de elop pain in (nees !y the age of "* and 1al( 1ith a 1adding gait3 $ii% 1aricose .5.he num!er of fat cells in the adult !ody is determined almost entirely !y the amount of fat stored in the !ody during early life3 .

$i.his is pro!a!ly the only 1ay a aila!le to reduce !ody 1eight in o!ese persons 0f 1e ta(e into account the daily calorie consumption as around 22**-24** cals and the fact that 0D of fat produces 9 Cals then it can !e calculated that a totally fasting indi idual 1ill lose around "*D of fat per day3 Hhen the o! ious 1eight loss is much more then this it is due to the loss of 1ater and electrolytes and 1hich is soon regain once normal diet is resumed3 $ii% Yogic "anage"ent .this is not all3 .i% Coronary heart /isease 4oth sudden death and clinically documented heart attac(s are more common in o!ese people especially males 1hile females suffer from coronary heart disease3 $.here is an associated increase in !lood pressure3 @ll these factors may lead to a mild heart failureC 1hich also may contri!ute to the !reathlessness e>perienced !y o!ese indi iduals3 Height reduction may reduce the symptoms3 $.% Sleep .here are almost 2*-"* a1a(enings per night 1ith the result of that the indi idual !ecomes sleep-depri ed and feels dro1sy in the daytime3 &f late SC$@$ therapyO has !een de eloped for such sufferers3 0t is gi en using a machine 1hich deli ers positi es pressure !reathing a tu!e fitted in the mouth3 .the tongue falls !ac( and closes the throat3 @ choc(ing sensation results 1hich a1a(es the patient from sleep3 .ii% /ia(etes-$N&//+% 0t is not unusual to see an o!ese person !ecoming a dia!etic3 0n fact o!esity is al1ays associated 1ith insulin resistance lac( of affecti eness of insulin-the !lood sugar lo1ering hormone $.iii% #ack 0ro(le"s /ince the enlarges protu!erant a!domen changes the 1ay a person stands it deforms the !ac(!one and leads to 1hat is (no1n as spondylolisthesis3 &nce ac:uired the 1rong posture cannot !e corrected unless the e>cess of !ody fat is got rid of3 +anage"ent of O(esity $i% /iet "anage"ent .he e>tra fat has its o1n !lood supply and in this 1ay puts some demand on the heart3 .% #reathlessness @n a erage o!ese indi idual is all time carrying an e>tra load of fat of a!out 1"-2* (g3 )or this reason alone one can !ecome !reathless 1hile clim!ing up stairs3 Ho1e er.pnea @ grossly o!ese indi idual 1ho has a!out 2* (g e>tra fat in the !ody has a!out 3**4** gms3 e>tra fat in the tissues of the throat and !ac( of tongue3 /noring is a common pro!lem3 0n these indi idualsC 1hen they sleep.he person has to sleep 1ith the gadget put on 1ith the tu!e in his mouth and tied securely to the head3 $.

atsyana3 3iii4 !ranayama : /urya!hedi.hese practices are ery good for strengthening the a!dominal muscles 1hich are usually ery flaccid in the o!ese patient3 0t also helps to !urn the e>tra fat tissue of the momentum 1hich is fold of peritoneum in the a!domen ery rich in fat tissue3 .shan(ha.<alpala!hati3 3v4 'editation : /ilent meditation 1"-2* minutes3 Conclusion )rom the a!o e facts it is clear that o!esity is life style disease3 0t decreases the auto lmmune system of human !ody and produce lot of complication in life3 4ut yogic life style.0n Yoga there!y 1e practice asanas not only for the sa(e of !urning e>tra calories!ut also to de elop !ody a1areness to understand the language of our !ody the 1ay it 1or(s and 1hat suits it !est3 )rom this understanding 1e can modify or ad9ust our diet and lifestyle to suit the needs of our !ody and mind3 2 en though the aim of Yoga is not 9ust reduction of 1eight this is !ound to happen as an outcome of our increased self-a1areness3 /urya Kamas(ar =salutation to the sun ?is most important for the treatment of o!esity3 /urya Kamas(ar is a complete practice itself !ecause it is a com!ination of asana.pranayama.mantra and meditation3 .riya : 4hastri(a.sheetali and sheet(ari are rela>ing cooling practices 1hich influence different hypothalamic centers 1hich gi e control o er thirst and the feeling of satisfaction 1ith healthy :uantities and :ualities of food3 9seful practices 3i4 #uryanamas)ar 3ii4 sanas : $ari art-.he practices from the sha(thi !andha series are also effecti e in reducing o!esity <riyas li(e 9aladhauti.he pranayama practices recommended for o!esity are also the more dynamic forms 1hich stimulate the meta!olism they include !hastri(a.Yoga .pranayamas 1ill stimulate auto human system of !ody as a result of that reduce the complication of o!esity state and their complications .U99ayi..Kadisodhan3 3iv4 .udra@rthamatsyendrasa.u99ayi./ar anagasana.pra(shalana etc3 and asanas li(e halasanapaschimottansanadhaurasanasar angasanamatsyasanapadhastasanaYogamudra massage the a!dominal organ and to release the po1er of the manipura( cha(ra the source of 1illpo1er and self-asserti eness =1hich is often 1ea( in the o!ese patient? and that go erns all our meta!olic processes3 .he !est asanas for o!esity are the $a1anamu(tasana3 /eries for the digesti e system 1hich help to remo e e>tra fat from the a!domen hips and thighs and acti ate the energy in the lo1er pranic centers3 .Halasana.ri(onasana-$aschimotanasana-Usthrasana.(apala!hati and surya!hedi 1hich are performed along 1ith !alancing practices li(e nadi shodhan.+hanurasana.Ka asana.specific asanas.his practice has a uni:ue influence on the endocrine and ner ous system helping to correct meta!olic im!alance that cause and perpetuate o!esity3 4eing a dynamic practice it is also an e>cellent e>ercise e:uated to cycling 9ogging or s1imming3 .

Rogo (i sahi chi(itsa3 83 /ou enir./ymposium on Yoga and health current trends.his can !e reali6ed !y the practice of /urya Kamas(ar each morning as 1ell as !eing fine 1ay to pay tri!ute to the source of creation and life3 /urya Kamas(ar is a series of t1el e phyiscal postures3 .Yoga philosophy3 1*3 5erma 5inod.4HU3 93 +as gupta /3K.amend all that it represents on the micro and macrocosmic le els3 0n yogic terms this indicates that the practice of /urya Kamas(ar a1a(ens the solar aspects of manOs nature and releases this irtual energy for the de elopment of higher a1areness3 .0ndian @cademy of Yoga.1hich is the most important and fundamental issue in terms of our !etterment3 /urya Kamas(ar is an integral part of the yogic approach and can !e easily integrated into our daily li es for it re:uires only 1" to 2" minutes of practice daily to o!tain remar(a!ly fast and !eneficial results3 /urya Kamas(ar is a practice 1hose origins date far !ac( to the earliest epochs of history.meaning Qsalutation to the sunF.mental and spiritual e olution has !een recogni6ed3 .he a1areness is the foundation of Yoga3 /urya Kamas(ar.Current status of Yoga therapy3 "3 <3+3.1hen man first !ecome a1are of a spiritual po1er 1ithin himself.he fast pace of modern li ing ma(es it difficult for e en the most determined indi idual to implement Yoga practice3 @nd it is practice.Yoga !oo( for doctors3 33 Dupta surendra nath.hrough the need for techni:ues to enhance physical.@yur eda for life3 Chapter-15 The Spirtual and Scientific aspect of Surya Na"askar &ntroduction /urya Kamas(ar is a 1ell (no1n ital method 1ithin the yogic practices3 0ts ersatility and application ma(e it one of the most useful methods to induce a healthy..alshe pra(ash./a!hyata (e Rog 3 43 /ingh R D..can !e seen as a form of 1orship of the sun.igorous and acti e life and at the same time prepare for spiritual a1a(ening and the resultant e>pansion of a1areness3 0n recent years more and more people ha e mo ed a1ay from mere ritual and are turning to Yogasana method for e>ploring and impro ing their inner li es3 .hese alternating !ac(1ard and for1ard !ending asanas fle> and stretch the spinal column and lim!s through their ma>imum range3 .$harmacology3 #3 Dala +3R.reflected in the material uni erse3 .e>t !oo( of medical treatment3 23 . References 13 /tanley @lstead.!ecause although yogic practices has !een more of a protecti e techni:ues for o!esity.Kature cure for common diseases3 %3 Kira9 nagendra.

so important for the !ody3 .ta(ing a !athand practicing /urya Kamas(ar3 Hhene er possi!le.practice in the open air.1hen the atmosphere is full of the sunOs ultra iolet rays.and e>halation 1ith for1ard !ending postures.hermal or Heating 2ffect3 $hoto /ynthesis3 .1earing light and loose clothing to allo1 the s(in to !reathe and to a!sor! the sunOs energy3 Sun rays and its Effect /un rays affect human !ody !y follo1ing methods'.he series gi es such a profound stretch to the 1hole of the !ody fe1 other forms of e>ercise can !e compared 1ith it3 /ynchroni6ing the !reathing principle follo1ed is inhalation during !ac(1ard !ending postures.(ic( the right leg !ac(.after the utterance of S&m(arO 1ith the appropriate Q4i9aF .a(e the hands a!o e the head and !end the trun( !ac(1ards3 Here..he 12 steps of the suryanamas(ar are as follo1s' #teps 8 : /tand erect 1ith the legs together and palms together3 .he follo1ing reactions ta(e place in the human !ody 1hen ultra iolet energy stri(es it'=i? Calcium meta!olism is profoundly impro ed !y increased !lood content3 =ii? 4acteria in the !ody are (illed !y the direct action of the U5 rays and indirectly !y increased local and systemic resistance3 =iii? .he ideal time to practice /urya Kamas(ar is at sunrise.loo( up and inhale-press the !uttoc( close to the heel3 .$hoto Chemical Reaction3 .along 1ith the corresponding name of /un Dod in the follo1ing step3 2ach stage of /uryanamas(ar is accompanied !y regulation of !reath3 .o>ins in the !ody are rendered inert3 =i ? Kormal Chemical !alances in the !ody are restored3 = ?Cellular im!alance in the !lood is corrected if U5 is administered in suita!le doses3 = i? )at element in the !lood that 1as altered in character !y disease are restored to normal si6e through 4ro1nian mo ement3 =4ro1nian mo ement is the random mo ement of small particles suspended in a fluid caused !y the statistical pressure fluctuations o er the practical3? = ii? &>ygen a!sorption is increased follo1ing U5 radiation of auto transfused !lood3 TechniCues of Surya Na"askar 2ach round of /uryanamas(ar is done.inhale fully3 #teps : : 4end the !ody to the front and touch the (nees !y the forehead3 <eep the palms on the floor on either side of the legs3 2>hale fully3 #teps / : 0n the stage.ans1ering the call of nature.due to compression of the chest and a!domen3 .a(e a ha!it of rising early.antra.ta(e the left (nee for1ard.due to e>pansion of the chest.the most peaceful time of the day.

forehead.1hich completely empties the lungs of all.palms.#teps .he o>ygen content of the !lood is increased.1hich de elop in the little usedstagnant regions of the lungs3 Circulatory Syste" . : 0n the ne>t step.raise the !uttoc(s.!y applying pressure.ta(e the left leg also !ac( resting only on palms and toesC (eep the !ody straight from head to toes inclined to the ground at a!out 3* degree3 Here e>hale completely3 #tep 1 : Ko1.traces of stale gas and refills them 1ith fresh.massaging.stand erect 1ith hands along the !ody rela>3 Effect of Surya Na"askar on different syste" of (ody /urya Kamas(ar practice interacts 1ith the physical organs of the !ody directly.chest.clean.!end at the (nee and rest the (nees on the floor 1ithout altering the positions of the palms and toes3 Rest the forehead on the ground3 0n this position inhale 1hile mo ing !ac(1ards and then e>hale completely3 +o not stretch the an(les3 #tep < : Hithout mo ing the hands and toes.o>ygenated air3 @ll the poc(ets of the lungs are e>panded stimulated and then cleaned3 .1hich impro es the o erall itality and o>ygenation of the cells and tissue of the !ody and !rain3 /luggishness and lethargy are rapidly o ercome3 .stretching and generally toning up and supporting internal tissue structures3 .his aids the eliminati e functions as 1ell as stimulating ner ous energy3 0t enhances our 1ell!eing3 Respiratory Syste" 0n /urya Kamas(ar a deep rhythmic !reathing process is synchroni6ed 1ith each mo ement.push the head do1n and ha e a complete each 1ith the heels touching the ground and palms on the floor #tep F : /ame as "th step3 0nhale and e>hale3 #tep 80 : 0nhale !ac( !ring the right leg in !et1een the t1o hands and in line 1ith them3 @rch the !ac( conca e up1ards as in step 3 #tep 88 : 2>hale G!ring the foot for1ard ne>t to the right foot G touch the (nee 1ith forehead as in 23 #tep 8: : 0nhale3 comp up.(nees and feet are the eight organs that 1ill !e touching the ground3 .his practice is also good for the pre ention of diseases such as tu!erculosis.he !uttoc(s 1ill !e raised up3 /tay in S4reath-outO condition3 =4ahya <um!ha(a?3 #tep = : 0nhaleC raise the head and trun( ma(ing the spine conca e up1ards 1ithout changing the position of the hands and feet3 <eep the (nee off the ground3 #tep > : 2>hale.come for1ard on the chest and rest the forehead3 in this position sastanga Kamas(ar.

he main function of the endocrine glands is the production and secretion of hormones.ous Syste" 0n the t1el e mo ements of /urya Kamas(ar.these rays are at their greatest intensity and are thought to !e ery !eneficial for healthy as 1ell as !eing responsi!le for itamin + production3 speeds up the elimination of mor!id matter and introduces fresh o>ygen and nutrient of all the cellsand general circulation is impro ed3 .1hich acti ates !rain centers3 .1hich is prime importance in fluid !alance and in com!ating infections.and a !etter a!ility to heal.he cardiac muscles are strengthened3 .1hich is an important sign of health3 . /igesti.!lood essel diseases and general fatigue can also !e eliminated3 .he endocrine glands are the most ital and mysterious of all systems of the !ody3 .and complete and rapid assimilation of food3 Skin .such as pimples and ec6ema.chemical su!stances .any s(in disease caused !y su!cutaneous to>in deposits.hey play an o erall role in the coordination and integration of all physiological process and yet ery little are actually (no1n a!out them3 .is toned.ultra iolet light rays are a!sor!ed through the s(in3 @t comes out through the s(in in the form of !oils.his not only enhances elimination !ut also increases the digesti e fire.1or( on the spine and enhances prans.speeds up circulation and enhances the elimination of 1astes through the digesti e and urinary systems.and all ner e ple>uses3 /urya Kamas(ar tones ner e flo1s !y stimulating internal organs3 0t stretches organs3 0t stretches ner es.rashes and pimples3 @s /urya Kamas(ar produces perspiration.can !e remo ed3 4ad odours from the !ody are eliminated.e Syste" .he circulation of lymph.icrocirculation to the heart is increased and reducing the chances of heart attac(3 /luggish 1ell as e>creting 1aste matter through perspiration3 Hhen there is an e>cess of poisonous matter in the !lood..he regular practice of /urya Kamas(ar impro es flo1 of !lood.cold hands and feet.the spinal column is systematically stretched and compressed to the ma>imum e>tent.promoting a healthy appetite.and the o erall circulation of !lood to the s(in is impro ed3 Hhen /urya Kamas(ar is practiced in the early morning hours 1hile facing the rising sun.the !ody gains an increased resistance to infections.he s(in is the important and Aargest !ody organ and apart from holding the !ody together ser es to regulate !ody temperature.stimulating circulation in the 1hole spinal cleanses and endo1s the practitioner 1ith a clean.he alternate stretching and compressing mo ements of /urya Kamas(ar tone the 1hole digesti e system !y thoroughly massaging all the a!dominal iscera3 .glo1ing comple>ion.he 1hole ner ous system is acti ated and seems to 1a(e up3 The Endocrine Syste" .

1hich controls the !odyOs a!ility to store and utili6e sugar3 /urya Kamas(ar compresses the a!dominal organs.he $ancreas is located !ehind the stomach at the le el of the solar ple>us3 $arts of this important gland produce the hormone insulin.@sanas3 /1amiram.he pituitary gland is master gland of human !ody3 0t has many hormonal secretions -1hich control the !odyOs gro1th and de elopment3 4y increasing the flo1 of !lood to the head and through its effects on the ner ous system3 /urya Kamas(ar stimulate the hypothalamus.0ntroduction of Yogs3 Dupta Ramesh1ardas.Yoga $sychology3 Chapter-14 Special Situation in "odern life in relation to pro(le"s of infusing of Yogic practices in day to day life .Yogs Rashmian3 Ais!eth @ndre1 ar RYoga self thought3 /1ami <a alayanand.he practice of /urya Kamas(ar there!y has a direct and !eneficial effect on this ital centre and the 1hole !ody3 0ineal Gland .1hich press onto the pancreas especially during !ac(1ard !ending in !hu9angasana3 Conclusion )rom the a!o e facts it is clear that /urya Kamas(ar is an ancient (no1ledge of this country 1hich pro ides physical and spiritual health !y affecting different acti ities of human !ody !ased on !ody.are released into the !loodstream and carried throughout the !ody to act upon particular organs3 0ituitary Gland .1hich regulates the pituitary action3 .Yogas philosophy3 /ingh /urendra.mind and !reath concept3 References 13 23 33 43 "3 #3 /ampuranand.he pineal gland is a situated in the !rain3 Yogic /cience states that it has a ital function and acts as connecting lin( !et1een the different le els of a1areness a!o e and !eyond the physical plane3 /urya Kamas(ar plays an ideal role in the maintenance of this important gland3 0ancreas .

here is lac( of 1ill po1er and mental peace3 $o1er of concentration is diminishing amongst all states of life3 &ur food and li ing ha!its are fast !ecoming 1esterni6ed from traditional3 .an is the most precious and enlightened creation of nature3 stylepsyche all are seen to !e influenced !y 1estern culture32 is running !lindly after material pleasures and is ready to pay any price for it3 &ne is so engrossed in attaining success in life that he is ready to ta(e any path e en if it is immoral and against principles3 0n this 1orld of cut throat competition man does not e en ha e time for is great similarity !et1een the constitution of man and nature so it !ecomes necessary that human life style should !e in accordance 1ith nature31 Ho1e er in present modern life styleman is drifting a1ay from nature3 Hestern culture has in aded our life style in a drastic manner3 &ur and emotions3 Human life today is more stressful and pro!lem nature no1 a day3 0t is a uni ersally (no1n and accepted fact that Yoga has a solution to all pro!lems of man !e it has entered the 21st century 1ith a lot of pro!lems3 0n this modern age of ad anced ha!its.1e can see that it is a mere medium to attain material and physical gains3 .physical or spiritual !ut one does not ha e time to incorporate Yoga in present day lifestyle3 &ne does not ha e time for self or may !e there is lac( of time management and self management3 .culture.&ntroduction is 9ust engaged in ma(ing more and more money3 0n this life of !lind race lo etolerance.the le el of facilities a aila!le for our con enience has increased !ut it has some ho1 also lead to an increase in our pro!lems related to health.mental.he le el of health in general is decreasing in the society3 0t is these situations that discourage Yogic practices from !ecoming a part of our day today life3 Bactors that li"it Yogic 0ractice in day to day "odern life &n ie1ing modern life on a higher perspecti e.happiness are of the greatest need.odern life style has !ecome a means of attaining material gains and pleasures3 /uch circumstances ha e gi en rise to physical.!ut these feelings ha e !ecome meaningless despite their importance in human life33 .electronic and spiritual deformities3 +ue to lac( of self management.&ne does not ha e time to thin( a!out his o1n identity as a human !eing and life has !ecome totally mechani6ed3 +iscarding the need of his o1n !ody and is limited to a narro1 spectrum and !ecomes self centered due to 1hich Yogic practices cannot !e infused in day today life34 .aterialistic achie ements are more important for their physical and spiritual gains3 .

% 0hysical capacity .o !e successful in life.al1ays needs something or the other3 &nce he gets something.he structure of modern life is such that there 1ill al1ays !e lac( of peace3 0n todayOs life am!itions are unlimited and 1hen the percentage of am!itions is high.Yoga cannot !e practiced properly and correctly38 Yam Kiyam.should !e follo1ed along 1ith time management and lead to Yogic asanas3 0n a!sence of a!o e ingredients.oney is the prime need of most people3 .percentage of peace 1ill al1ays !e lo1 !ecause am!itions are achie ed !y gi ing a1ay peace of mind3 Hhen there is no peace there is no concentration and hence no inclination to1ards Yoga3% $ii% Ti"e +anage"ent .asanas are reduced to mere physical e>ercise and this practice is gaining more popularity these days3 @sanas should !e done at sunrise starting 1ith su(shma (riyas to 1arm up the !ody3 0f one !egins the day at sunrise 1ith Yogic asanas.energetic and happy throughout the day3 4ut in modern practice.ery fe1 people reali6e the alue of time and its proper management3 .Health and peace do not find priority in modern life3 .Yoga has no meaning in life39 $iii% 3acking or fulfill"ent in 3ife @ person may either li e a life that is al1ays lac(ing in something or a life that is fulfilled3 @ person 1hose life is lac(ing.ime management has great importance in Yoga3 0f there is lac( of time.he feels fresh.his life is consistent 1hich is important for a meaningful and 1orthy life3 $resent life is mostly unfulfilled for many3 .due to lac( of time management.o actually pro e utility and meaning of life one has to remain healthy and happy3 &nly a healthy !ody 1ith a healthy mind can ma(e use of physical and material pleasures pro ided to him and he can find the true meaning of life3 Certain factors that inhi!it Yogic practices in modern life can !e enumerated" $i% 0eace &ne cannot include Yoga in day to day life till he is internally and e>ternally at peace 1ith himself3# .one has to learn to manage time !ecause it is the most important re:uirement of success3 @ person 1ho has learnt to manage his time is more successful than others in all spheres of life3 Unfortunately in this rat race.he 1ants something else and is ne er satisfied3 @ person 1ho li es a fulfilled life is content and happy 1ith 1hate er he has his life is content and happy 1ith 1hate er he has3 .people stay a1a(e till late night and get up late in the morning only to start a !usy day3 0n this is al1ays a constant need for something or the other and is al1ays running after something or others to fulfill his needs3 @ll the efforts are asted to attain material pleasures and one is left 1ith no 1ill po1er to do any other thing31* $i.

a person 1or(s ery hard and 1asting all of his time and effort on this3 0t is strange that people are lost in the material 1orld and running directionless3 Aife has !ecome artificial and mechani6ed and full of e>ternal sho1 off3 .it does more harm than any !enefit to the !ody311 $.mental.iron"ental Bactors 0n present day life.acidity etc3 .lu>ury and ad ancement create an en ironment 1hich is not appropriate for Yogic practices3 .ii% 3ack of Yogic education $resently there is lac( of Yogic education3 $eople are not a1are of the !enefits of Yogic philosophy and asanas3 /ome people associate Yoga to !e a part of a particular religion or caste 1hich is not true3 Yoga is a 1ay of life.hese things pre ent people from accepting Yogic practices as part of their daily life313 $...olerance.high !lood pressure.honesty friendship.iii% !ar"ful effects of Yoga .Yogic asanas are performed is a great relationship !et1een food and Yogic life3 .politeness.i% En.he type of food 1e eat reflects in our ha!its and personality3 )ood has a great import on !ody and mind3 .his !ody !ecomes e>hausted and old age is painful due to infestation of many diseases3 Continuous la!our ma(es the !ody internally 1ea( and hollo1 and after crossing 4*immunity !ecomes lo13 @t this time diseases start affecting the !ody3 Unhealthy !ody cannot get relief e en !y Yoga3 0f at this stage.odern day foods ha e high :uantity of chemicals and products 1hich cause irritation.% &rregular diet +iet is the !asic epicenter of life3 +iet is the main pre re:uisite of Yoga and healthy li ing3 0n Yogic philosophy.o attain physical and material things.his is definitely affecting the physical and mental capacity of a person3 @ person has no time to thin( a!out the needs of !ody and mind3 He can 1or( 12-18 hrs3 for the sa(e of money !ut cannot in est e en T an hour for the 1ell-!eing of his !ody3 @ person 1ho o er !urdens his !ody 1ith stressful 1or( from the age of 2*4*.truthfulness.hey are not properly coo(ed and lay more stress on taste of tongue rather than 1hole !ody3 +ue to this a person !ecomes irrita!le.compassion!rotherhood R all these :ualities are on a decline in society3 $eople ha e lost faith in these :ualities3 $resent day en ironment of the 1orld is !ecoming negati e 1ith degeneration of moral and social alues 1hich is promoting 1rong things and ideologies to prosper3 .food is mainly of three types =/at i(.amasi(?3 .hus in this state there is lac( of concentration and 1ill po1er and a person cannot ta(e interest in Yoga312 $.idealism.spiritual !enefits of Yoga3 +ue to lac( of proper (no1ledge many people (eep Yoga out of their daily life 19 $.meant for all people3 0t is a!o e the !oundaries of caste or religion3 0t is important to educate people 1ith the physical.Ra9asi(.and there is emotional im!alance3 .

Health pu!lication.<ol(ata.p3 23 Chapter-15 &"portance of Yogic lifestyle for School children &ntroduction ./urat.)ood and Kutrition.p3 233 23 5erma.Ke1 4haratiya 4oo( Corporation.5inod.@ur $ranayama.K3R3 4rother $u!lication.353 or reading !oo(s3 0t is not correct to perform Yogic practices in a!sence of a trained instructor3 $eople thin( that all diseases can !e cured !y 9ust doing asanas 1ithout understanding the true philosophy of Yoga.$rinciples of Yoga .Ra9.2(# p3 11*3 43 4hag1andas.iolence.$ra(rati( @yur igyan.2**#.orient paper!ac(s $u!lication-Ke1 +elhi-1993-p3 1#3 93 .0ndore p3 2# 143 8indal.his saying ery aptly reflects the importance of children in our li es3 Up!ringing of children therefore has to !e ery disciplined and proper to ma(e them good human !eings to that they pro e to !e producti e for the society3 0f a plant is rooted firmly to the ground it 1ill !ranch out into a tree that gi es shelter to many li ing !eings3 /imilarly if a child is !rought up 1ith discipline.+elhi.physically./cience of Yoga.Yoga $hilosophy./343 $ra(ashan 0ndore..heComplete !oo( of Yoga.$sychiatry.aurya .@rogya /e1a $ra(ashan.Yogasana.Ra(esh.heropy.$ra(rati( Chi(itsa@ am Yoga.p3 1*3 %3 +as Dupta /3K..aruti $u!lication .self management etc3 0n a student life it is ery important that he de elops good ha!its3 .8ain 5isha 4harati $u!lication.any people try to perform Yoga !y 1atching .culture and alues he 1ill gro1 up into a good.uni +harmesh R /cience of li ing $re(sha meditation and Yoga.p3 213 113 /ingh /urendra.uni+harmesh.time management.mentally.he /cience of /elf.19## p3 1*#3 "3 /3 5isha nathan.@yur eda for life.5aranasi.$eace.p3 "*3 133 /3 /1ami Kathan.4harat 4oo( Company Auc(no1.!eha iorhealth are lac(ing in life distracting a person from 1al(ing on a path of Yogic principles and one is not a!le to incorporate Yoga in day to day life3 References 13 Keera9Kagendra.+elhi.Yoga comes out as the !est remedy and tool to discipline oneOs life3 Yoga teaches the 1ay of life in all aspects li(e..K3R3 4rother $u!lication 0ndore./elfmanagemt../han(ar.1999 p3 "23 123 <3<uru ila.disasters.2**1.8ain5isha a4harati Uni ersity $u!lication.19#".full of deformities3 $eace.p3 "# 1#3 Dupta.socially and healthy human !eing3 0n modern society 1ith increase in stress.p3 2*2 1"3 /uresh.2**2.ha!its.p3 2*13 #3 .otilal 4anarsidas $u!lication.p3 "83 33 .2**2.Yoga3 @n 0ntroduction.eerut.@nnamalai Uni ersity $u!lication.Ra9.anu $u!lication.1998.Yoga and mental health.proper food.1hich leads to harmful effects on !ody3 /uch practices should !e discouraged altogether3 1" Conclusion 0n the light of a!o e facts it is clear that modern life gi es more stress on lu>ury and material pleasures and these !ecome priority for most people leading to an im!alanced life.U3$ 2**2.cleanliness.3R.199# p3 113 83 /ri3 @nand-.2**3.p 983 1*3 /harma 83K..Kirogi duniya $u!lication-8aipur.2(2.eating.2(4.<ashi 5idyapith $u!lication.

ik /at i( food is positi e.pure.his type of food e>cites emotions.ea and coffee are acidic and their consumption should !e restricted to minimum3 Children should refrain from eating 9un( food li(e pi66as.causes diseaseo!esity and restricts the soul to material achie ements3 $iii% Ta"sik .light and nutritious food3 0t should ha e cereals li(e 1heat.cold drin(s.+hanurasan helps in general fitness and /urya Kamas(ar .!anana etc3 Children can also ha e dry fruits li(e almonds and 1alnuts3 /pices should !e a oided as they irritate the system and cause anger and an>iety3 .Role of Yoga in good food ha(its @ccording to Yoga food is of follo1ing three types R /at i(.adasan helps in increase of height.agreea! that they can gro13 Certain Yogic asanas can !e ery good for children3 $ranayam purifies the system !y supplying fresh air and o>ygen3 @nulom R 5iloma helps in strengthening memory and also impro es eye and dairy products li(e curd.noodles.fats that are difficult to digest and assimilate3 .! moong.apples.citrus fruits.mattha.pulses.hese foods use refined products 1hich if used e>cessi ely results is o!esity and dia!etes later in life3 .nourishing and easily digesti!le3 0t promotes purity of mind and inner strength and is conduci e to higher thin(ing and intelligence3 <eeps !ody healthy and mind at peace3 $ii% Ra)sik Ra9si( food is negati e and irritant3 0t comprises of hea y proteins.amsi(3 $i% leafy egeta!les coo(ed in mustard or groundnut oil3 .confectionary items as these are harmful for the system as 1ell as for teeth!ones etc3 .ore stress should !e laid on consuming coloured egeta!les and fruits 1hich are a good source of itamins e3g3 !rin9al.paneer should also !e included in diet3 .Ra9si( and .amsi( food is de italising and stale3 0t comprises mostly of processed and tinned foods3 )ood if reheated se eral times looses its :ualities and harms the systems3 Yoga prescri!es a !alanced diet that comprises of pure.he child gradually loses interest in positi e acti ities and !ecomes irrita!le 7@ Healthy !ody houses a healthy mind73 /o one has to !e physically fit to compete and e>cel in life3 Role of 0hysical E'ercise 0t is important for children going to school to in ol e in some (ind of physical acti ity.non-irritant.

practicing good toilet ha! is ery important to guide the children at a young age.stress etc3 Conclusion 0n modern life.iolence.a!use.!lood pressure.after 1hich he feels fresh and full of positi e thoughts and energy3 Role of !ygienic 0ractices $ersonal hygiene is ery important for a positi e approach in life for e eryone3 2specially students getting up early in the morning.(eeping ones !elongings carefully.going to school timely and neatly dressed.physically.and (eep themsel es rela>ed3 Yoga gi es inner po1er and strength to discard the e ils of society and not get affected !y negati e things li(e.cartoon sho1s etc.!athing daily.drugs a!use.corruption.he arious films.meditation can pro e to !e ery !eneficial for students3 0t is not necessary for one to try ery hard for hours3 8ust a fe1 minutes de oted daily !y chanting some or imaging something can help in meditation3 2 en loo(ing at the night s(y or 1atching !irds :uietly can relie e stress from the students mind.cutting nails.spondilytis in the future 1hen they gro1 up3 Role of "editation .eating meals in time etc are all part of good !eha iour3 @ child 1ho follo1 yogic principles is a!le to easily discipline his life and ma(e a positi e impact in the life of others also3 &"pact of Yogic life style on the "ind and soul of children Yogic philosophy not only lays stress on physical 1ell!eing !ut also on mental and spiritual fitness3 0n modern times many things li(e teeth.dia!etes.they can !e molded into any shape and form3 /o it is important to guide them through yogic asanas philosophy and meditation to1ards a !right and successful future 1hich 1ill !righter the future of this country as youth are the foundation pillars of a gro1ing nation3 +espite the utility of Yoga in all fields of life one thing should !e clearly (ept in mindthat is.spiritually healthy human !eing 1ho are useful to the society3 Yoga ser es as a important tool to groom the personality of an indi idual !y sho1ing the 1ay to a healthy and prosperous life3 Young minds are li(e clay.he after effects are drastic and the instructor should (no1 the need of the students3 @!le guidance is a must for proper de elopment of mind and !ody3 .Yoga should !e practiced under proper guidance of a trained instructor3 & er doing it or doing it incorrectly can lead to a lot of pro!lems3 .depict a lot of iolence 1hich ma(es the child aggressi e there after gro1s up into an impulsi e and iolent indi idual3 4y adopting Yoga in life young children can control their minds.o (eep the mind free from stress and enhance connection.promotes o erall 1ell !eing of the !ody and mind3 0f started from young ageYogasan can help children to stay fit and (eep a1ay from many diseases li(e.etc3 ha e a negati e impact in the delicate minds of children3 .anger.tele ision programmes.corruption.(eeping hair gro1 up into mentally.

3H3 .19983 "3 <umar3 K.nutrition and de elopment3 0ncorporating Yoga in daily life of school children can help to de elop then into physically.edicine.amilnadu.2**43 Chapter-1< &"portance of Yoga in the de.Ke1 Yor(.@nnamalai Uni ersity $u!lication..$u!lication .$u!lication Kirogi +uniya.8aipur.$ra(ritic Chi(itsa A am Yoga./cience of Yoga.2**23 #3 He1itt 8ames.19833 %3 $andiamani.sympathy.ersity Student &ntroduction Human !ody is one of the miraculous creation of the nature3 .Ke1 Yor( 19443 33 4rena.he arious systems of our !ody should ha e essential3 .!rotherhood etc3 @ healthy mind and !ody 1ill ma(e a healthy indi idual and many such indi idual ma(e a healthy nation3 Children are the future of the nation3 /o it is ery important to ta(e care of their up!ringing.arapore ala 4om!ay19%23 23 4ernard.$rinciples of Yoga therapy.thoughts.$u!lication 8aypee 4rothers./3 +utta.43<3.Yoga and .duty dedicationlo e.he Complete Yoga 4oo(.hey ha e to !e taught morals li(e s(ills and li ing alue !ased education@nnamalai Uni ersity $u!lication.hose 1ho are ha ing good functioning of all the acti ities li(e respiration.elop"ent of &deal 3ife Style: -ith Special reference of 9ni.certain philosophy of Yoga cannot !e taught li(e /amadhi etc3 as they are not meant for young and tender minds3 /tudents ha e to !e dealt 1ith differently3 ./3)3.R353.0f arious pranayama and asanas are done correctly then an ideal life style can !e de eloped in student life !ecause of 1hich studentOs personal life.heos.mentally.digestion.$u!lication 8ulian $ress.he human !ody is not merely a !undle of !ones and flesh !ut it has a 1onderful collection of (no1ledge3 ..Ke1 +elhi.Hatha Yoga..alues are and .$u!lication Colum!ia Uni ersity $ress.19%23 43 Ray.$rinciples and $ractice of Yoga therapy.emotionally and spiritually strong indi iduals3 Reference 13 Darde.$u!lication Random health.@ll asanas are not meat for all people3 +ifferent age groups need to practice different asanas3 @lso the physical and mental status of the people has to !e considered3 $erson suffering from any (ind of mental or physical illness should !e treated accordingly3 @t student le el.Yogic 2>ercises.e>cretion and nutritionthen it is ery helpful for the de elopment of an ideal life style and the possi!ility of the end of disease from our life3 )inally there is the attainment of a healthy life and the person !ecomes the o1ner of a healthy and an attracti e life3 @ll the a!o e :ualities are essential for a student life !ecause it is a stage in 1hich the !ase of the de elopment of life is made3 0f the a!o e sited :ualities are there in a student life and if his life is !alanced and controlled then the possi!ility of a good and a real meaningful life gets increased3 0n todayBs time of the good !eha iour.2**43 83 5ish anathan /3.

cold drin( etc are used3 @ll these are intensely attracti einto>icating and tasteful poisons3 0n order to lead a 1ell !alanced and controlled life it is ery necessary for the students to a!andon the fast foods and increase the inta(e of li ing food3 .health.namrata and da(shta should !e created ha!its3 +ue to the gi en 1rong ha!its.national health.thin(ing and eating ha!its nearly e erything is completely engrossed in 1estern effects3 Resulting to this.dia!etes.diseases of 9oints etc3 The 1 Century and the 3ifestyle 0n this century man is touching the great heights of de elopment3 2 ery day there are arious ne1 disco eries and in entions3 .!urger.1hich is the !asic need.thoughts.pastry.instead of de elopment of life.religion.resulting to 1hich our life is getting trapped into stress and 1orries3 4y practising the unnatural life style 1e are slo1ly spoiling our health3 He are in iting.the alue of life and health of the student is !eing moc(ed at3 a% /iet Hestern life style has attac(ed our lifeBs arious and nearly e ery areas3 Aanguageeducation.throughout 1hich our 1hole life re ol es3 Aord <rishna also said 'vEu)fn $)oafr $)wfru' meaning-the e>istence of all li ing organism is due to diet3 +ue to diet our !eha iour and thoughts are greatly influenced and changed3 0t is recreated3 .his unnatural en ironment is greatly influencing the society.pi66a.for attaining (no1ledge and learning!ecause during the student life are so1ed the seed of their future lifeBs de elopment3 /istur(ed daily life routines /tudents life should !e !alanced and controlled so that in his an e>ample.1ill !e on the 1ay to progress and student life 1ill !e safe from arious diseases li(e o!esity.high 43$3.he highly en9oyed and lip smac(ing fast food is poisoning our 1hole society also gi ing !irth to arious diseases3 )ast food li(e.pressure.o !e called 1ell dog.noodlescandy.a!sence of has measured the depth of the sea and the heights of the moon !ut the man is slo1ly getting far a1ay from his real self3 He neither tried nor are trying to (no1 oursel es3 He ha e 1asted all our energy for the attainment of materialistic needs3 He are so much engrossed in attaining these 1orldly materialistic things that 1e ha e no time for oursel es.modern.his is :uite thought pro o(ing3 .arious diseases3 .1ell cultured.the four ie1point samta.the so called fast foods are destroying our national health3 .de eloped.toffee.our family mem!ers and also it is ha ing a ery !ad effect on our studentBs li es3 Young po1er is !eing moc(ed3 0t is ery essential for one to ha e peace in oneBs life.mamta.he unnutritional fast food plays important role in polluting the en ironment of the stomach3 .odern scientist also follo1 that if internal micro!iological en ironment is strong and healthy then our ital capacity gets stronger resulting that 1e remain healthy3 &ur internal micro!iological en ironment gets polluted due to the 1rong food ha!its3 .home and family and also society.younger generation has got s1ayed a1ay from their real and main aim3 0f 1e ta(e diet.

of thinking &ptimistic thin(ing of the student.2*I through facessali a and salts are emitted out of the !ody 2I of 1ater is used for correct functioning of !lood and other parts3 /o 1e must ta(e the 1ater in a!undant :uantity3 e% Neck throat co"petition /tudents 1ithout realising their a!ility.are constantly running in the !lind race of achie ing success3 .there is no rule for sleep.regardless of ho1 important sleep is for the !ody3 +ue to deep sleep.encourage him to1ards his aim3 0n order to achie e success one has to !e successful in himself and not !y running or chasing for success3 .!rain and muscles ha e %"I of 1ater3 @ normal person has 33 to ""I of 1ater in his !ody3 )rom the total amount of 1ater in ta(e in our !ody.males ha e #"I-%"I 1ater in the !ody3 4lood has 83I of 1ater.3"I is emitted out through!ut in the modern 21 century.!ones ha e 22I.the !rain de elops an alpha state of mind3 +uring sleep the filtration of 1aste material from our (idneys are enhanced3 +uring sleep the e>cess heat of our !ody is emitted out and the !lood pressure and the !ody temperature are controlled and !alanced3 /leep is a !iggest remedy for gaining !ac( our 1asted energy le el i3e3 re9u enation of the !ody and gaining the ital capacity3 d% 9n(alanced -ater intake &ur !ody is made up of 2J3 of 1ater.his instead !rings failure and gi es !irth to mental tension and disorders and there!y increasing the possi!ility of mental diseases3 f% 0essi"istic .(% Wrong sitting > standing posture 0n modern lifestyle there are some mista(e that ha e accumulated due to 1hich students are getting a1ay from an ideal lifestyle and disease are accumulating in the !ody3 +ue to 1rong posture the muscles and the shape of our !ody gets !adly affected3 Hrong posture further affects our arious !ody systems ma(ing a place and a suita!le en ironment for the !irth of disease in the !ody3 @ll the parts of our !ody are connected 1ith !ac( area or the !ac( !one and due to 1rong posture the !ac( !one cannot remain the 1ay it should !e due to 1hich arious diseases related to !ac( !egin to de elop and affect the health3 c% /istur(ed sleep /leep is one of the important part of our life.98I of 1ater is used for e>cretion of 1aste and harmful materials from the !ody3 4*I in the urine.

sleep disorder.ono>ide.Cynogin.pranayam and meditation in our are 19 types of harmful su!stances li(e $erforal and $olyneum 1hich are emitted out.ruins the studentBs life3 .hysteria.!ad eyesight..he !iological cloc( affects the emotional and mental state of the person !ut the im!alanced life style affects the !iological cloc( and also the health3 +istur!ed and uncontrolled life style li(e !eing a1a(e till late night.@monia.o!acco gi es !irth to mouth cancer3 @ll these things are ma(ing a place in the lifestyle of the students 1hich are harmful for their personal and social lifestyle3 h% #iological clock and hu"an (ody .!eing in the haste and 1orry.the shrin(ing of mind etc3 Cigarette has 1** types of poison 1hich include.dia!etes.353 1or(ing at night.Car!olic @cid.he feeling of 9ealousy.@yoline are the main3 .hen !y correct diet and life style .1hich harm the sensory parts of the !rain3 $yrodin causes dryness.hus in order to achie e ones aim 1e ha e to lea e the 1rong and pessimistic thin(ing and ac:uire the ! lifestyle and there!y try to achie e the aim3 g% &ntake of &nto'icating su(stances .$yrodin$ycholine.acute shortage of itamin 4 and thymene.his causes the most dangerous disease of li er called li er cirrhosis and result of this disease is death3 4esides all this.paralysis.asthama.cataract and other respiratory disorder.@-Choline..sleep disorder.Kicotine.memory loss.anger.not ta(ing food 1hen hungry.tension.1atching late night .heart disease etc3 B4idiB is more harmful for !ody than cigarette3 .cholidine.anemia and Cancer3 0t also affects ad ersely li(e causing cough.using alcohol causes physical and mental disease called Carra Copus syndrome.$erforate.he 1hole human race (no1s that alcohol is ery harmful for oneOs health3 4y use of alcohol our mind and li er are ery ad ersely affected3 .he society and the students ha e !een affected !y these diseases3 .practising Yoga.a1a(e at the time of sleep and sleeping at the time of 1or(ing time.staying in the !ed after !eing a1a(e due to la6iness.o!>iety are the main and there are not much methods of cure for it3 .!alanced and 1ell maintained and can mo e to1ards de elopment3 4ut for this it is necessary that 1e go according to our !ody cloc( or the !iological cloc( 1ithout distur!ing it3 i% +odern 3ife Style diseases +ue to the modern life style personBs health is decreasing day !y day3 $hysical and mental disorders are increasing and a large population in !eing affected !y modern life style in iting arious diseases3 $resent day life style disease include high 43$3.asthma.s(in disease.depression.selfishness.all these distur! !ody cloc(3 4ut 1e can ma(e our life controlled.Uric @cidCar!on .arshgas.1e can cure as 1ell as 1e can !e safe from all these diseases3 .9oint diseases.

student life is one of the !asic pillars3 Kature has its certain uni ersal la1s and li ing according to these natural la1s is called an ideal lifestyle3 .+harna.Yoga and .+hyan.$u!lication.cholesterol and arious phospholipids3 0n addition. 3H3 .$ra(ratic Chi(itsa am Yoga.humans can synthesi6e saturated and monounsaturated .Kiyam.polyunsaturated fats are needed in our !ody to maintain cell mem!rane.19%23 43 Ray.he dietary fats that 1e consume may !e saturatedunsaturated or trans fats3 /aturated and trans fats are the most harmful type of fatsas they get deposited in the !ody causing arious ailments including heart attac( and Cancer3 Unsaturated fats are !oth monounsaturated and $olyunsaturated3 4oth of these are needed for proper functioning of our !ody3 Ho1e er.Auc(no13 1*3 /ingh.edicine.fatty acids.@asana$ranayam.8ulian $ress.43<3.$rinciples of Yoga therapy.$u!lication.$u!lication.arapore al 4om!ay.1hich is more than t1ice of Car!ohydrates and proteins 1hich is only 4 < calJgram3 ./3$3.19%23 23 4ernard.Ke1 Yor(./3 )ats are the most concentrated form of energy and one of the important component of our diet i3e3 calories.2**43 83 5ish anathan /3.$u!lication.$u!lication.2**43 93 Dupta.s% )rom fats eaten do1n to stomach 1e synthesi6e our o1n fat./3$3 Aife /tyle G +isease.Ke1 +elhi.2 and < to !e a!sor!ed from food and for regulating !ody cholesterol meta!olism3 .hose 1ho are healthy 1ith healthy thoughts can only lead an ideal life style3 )or all the a!o e :ualities.8aypee 4rothers.$ratyahar./3)3.Yogic 2>ercises.H3K3 $u!lication.minerals and itamins3 0ts energy alue is 9 <3 calJgram.4y de eloping the concept of Yoga and disease free lifestyle.hese fats are the parent source for essential fatty acids3 Essential Batty s(ills and li ing alue !ased education@nnamalai Uni ersity $u!lication.$u!lication.@nnamalai Uni ersity $u!lication.1hich regulate processes including !lood clotting and inflammation3 0t is also needed to ena!le fat solu!le itamins @.1e can de elop the concept of o er all health and de elopment in studentOs life3 4y 1hich students can achie e their aim and can !e the o1ner of a successful life3 Su""ary Human life is miraculous3 .amino acids.heos.amilnadu.8aipur.Kirogi +uniya.Auc(no13 Chapter-16 +anage"ent of dietary fats for healthy li.Random House.he arious parts of Yoga play a ery important role in presenting an ideal lifestyle3 )or leading Yogic lifestyle Yama.2**23 #3 He1itt 8ames./a!hyata <e Rog.he Complete Yoga 4oo(./cience of Yoga...Ke1 Yor(./ura!hi $u!lication.for ma(ing prostaglandins.19443 33 4rena...R353-$rinciples G $ractice of Yoga therapy.19833 %3 $andiamani.Colum!ia Uni ersity $ress.cids $EB.19983 "3 <umar3 K.Hatha Yoga./amadhi and yogic diet are the main components3 References 13 Darde.

many e>perts recommend consuming a !etter !alance of these t1o 2)@s3 Types of O"ega-8 EB.follo1ing fatty acids can not !e synthesi6ed !y our !ody from any other fatty acids or car!ohydrate and must !e incorporated directly into the diet3 Hence these are called 2ssential fatty acids3 .they are not necessary to !e added in the diet3 Ho1e er.ype-2 dia!etes >3 Renal disease >i3 Reduces hypercholesterolemia atherosclerosis >ii3 0schemic heart disease >iii3 Hyper lipidemia >i 3 0ncreases elasticity of arterial system > 3 0mpro es arterial function .odulation of chronic diseases ii3 Kormal functioning during gro1th and de elopment iii3 Hypertension i>3 .!oth found primarily in oily cold-1ater fish such as tuna.s Help in pre ention of'i3 Coronary heart diseases ii3 /udden death from heart arrhythmias iii3 Cancer i 3 Rheumatoid arthritis 3 /lo1 do1n postmenopausal !one loss i3 .1ithout reports of another health !enefit associated 1ith omega-3s3 )or this reason.a staple of many cultures.plant foods rarely contain 2$@ or +H@3 Ho1e er.s <ey &mega-3 fatty acids include eicosapentaenoic acid =2$@? and docosahe>anoic acid =+H@?.ho1e er.called alpha-linolenic acid =@A@?.ha e dou!le !onds3 4alanced proportion of 2)@s in the !ody actually help !urn e>cess calories instead of depositing them as fatty tissues and also act as sol ents to help the !ody dissol e and remo e hard fats deposited !y long-term !ad dietary ha!its3 @lthough the !ody needs !oth omega-3s omega-#s to thri e3 .fats from other sources in the diet.the !ody has en6ymes that can con ert @A@ to 2$@3 @ll three are important to human health3 Characteristics of Essential Batty acids $EB.therefore.salmon and mac(erel3 @side from fresh sea1eed.hese are'=i? &mega-# fatty acids =ii? &mega-3 fatty acids @ll these 2)@ are unsaturatedC that found primarily in dar( green leafy egeta!les hemp and !asil oils.ost people consume far more &mega #s than &mega 3s3 Hardly a day goes !y.a third &mega-3.and certain egeta!le oils3 @lthough @A@ has different effects on the !ody than 2$@ and +H@ do.s% O"ega-8* EB.

/imopoulos @$...4#3.enison and !uffalo are !oth good sources of omega-3s and ma(e a healthy choice for people cra ing for meat3 0lant Sources Canola oil.199#3 43 /imopoulos $3 2ssential )atty @cids in Health and Chronic +isease3 $resentation.1alnuts.!luefish.editerranean type of diet on the rate of cardio ascular complications in patients 1ith coronary artery disease3 0nsights into the effects of certain nutriments3 8 @m Coll Cardiol 28'11*3-8.s High inta(e of H-# fatty acids shifts the physiologic state to one that is characteri6ed !y increases in'i3 4lood iscosity ii3 5asospasm iii3 5asoconstriction i 3 +ecreases in !leeding time 3 $lus numerous other scourges of modern times trapping one in a spiral of disease i3 0nflammatory condition ii3 +epression iii3 2c6ematous and other s(in derangementOs i>3 &!esity >3 @cne >i3 Chronic iral fatigue >ii3 @rthritis and other inflammatory conditions >iii3 Heart and circulatory derangements >i 3 0mmune system !rea(do1n > 3 Cancer Sources of EB.199#3 33 de lorgeril .Dalli C.he .amelle K.19913 23 /alem K..hemp seed oil.he @merican Heart @ssociation recommends that people can eat tuna or salmon at least t1ice a 1ee(3 @s a reasona!le su!stitute =or e en an occasional alternati e? for fresh fishcommercial fish oil capsules are a aila!le containing omega-3s such as +H@ and 2$@3 Wild ga"e /urprisingly.Aagarde .s +arine sources @tlantic salmon and other fatty marine sources prefera!ly cold-1ater fish.<napp HR..O"ega-< EB.Renaud /.including herring =!oth @tlantic and $acific?.arch.and leafy green egeta!les such as purslance are all good sources of the plant!ased omega-3 fatty acids3 References 13 /imopoulos @$3 &mega-3 fatty acids in health and disease and in gro1th and de elopment@m 8 clin Kutr "4'438.eds3 )atty acids and lipids from cell !iology to human disease3 31=suppl?.tuna and @tlantic mac(erel3 .hird 0nternational Congress on 5egetarian Kutrition..sardines./1-/ al3 2ffect of a .199%3 .@tlantic hali!ut.

Hofman +..@%.such as (idney disease =secondary or symptomatic hypertension?3 0t is controlled 1ith a lo1salt diet and drugs3 Hypertension is one of the ma9or pu!lic health pro!lems especially !ecause it has no symptoms3 .et al3 Role of essential fatty acids in the function of the de eloping ner ous system3 Aipids 31=/?' 1#%-%#.rise in the le el of stress hormones and increased heart !eat rate and higher le els of !lood pressure une>pectedly3 Hypertension or high !lood pressure may !e of un(no1n cause =essential hypertension?./torlien 1hich the tension possi!ly has its roots3 @ num!er of e ents can !e rated as pro!a!le stress causes3 .he effectof a modified fat diet on insulin resistance and meta!olic parameters in type 00 dia!etes3 +ia!etologia 39=1?.utanen .$eirano $.1e encounter a num!er of challenges and o!stacles in our daily 1al(s of life3 @t times 1e ha e faced un!eara!le pressure and 1e cannot (eep up to unusual demands of our peers3 He should try to stay determined and alert e ery moment for e eryday tas( that 1e do and this has caused the stress causes gro1 up high3 @ stress cause is mostly psychological and often has a num!er of physiological causes !ehind it3 @t times 1e are upset to that e>tent that 1e completely lose control of our personal !alance3 Hhat matters most are factors li(e emotional e:uili!rium and it mostly e o(es a defensi e response3 @ num!er of symptoms can !e noted as the pro!a!le stress causes3 He note a num!er of symptoms li(e and palpitation or our heart !eats pounding faster and our muscles stretching and gasping hea ily at e ery sight or sound that 1e percei e3 He can also percei e other psychological and physical treats.@m 8 ClinKutr ##'"91-8.e patients @s 1e ha e entered the era of fast al3 .199#3 #3 )reese R./6ilasi 8."3 )anaian .199%3 %3 Uauy R.199#3 Chapter-1? Effect of Yoga nidra on hypertensi.3 @lpha-Ainolenic acid and marine long-chain fatty acids differ only slightly in their effects on hemostatic factorsin health su!9ects.any people ha e hypertension 1ithout (no1ing it3 0n the United /tatesa!out "* million people of all ages and se> ha e high !lood pressure3 Hypertension is more common in men than 1omen and in people o er the age of #" ha e hypertension3 0t also is more common in @frican-@mericans than in 1hite @mericans3 Hypertension is serious !ecause people 1ith the condition ha e a higher ris( for heart disease and other medical pro!lems than people 1ith normal !lood pressure3 /erious .or it may occur in association 1ith some other condition.he usual causes are remaining stuc( for long hours in the traffic congestion and may !e attending phone calls from near ones or some stri(ing ne1s3 Hhat affects us in a round a!out manner are factors li(e..

hus the influence of heredity does play a part in the causation of hypertension !y laying do1n the !asic characteristics 1hich 1ill !e modified !y the en ironment and learned patterns of !eha iour3 $ii% .though the num!er of young people 1ith hypertension is on the increase3 @geing and su!se:uent deterioration of the physical !ody facilitates the disease process3 @t the same time.complications can !e a oided !y getting regular !lood pressure chec(s and treating hypertension3 Sign and Sy"pto"s 0n the early .!reathlessness in lying posture.giddinessirrita!ility and fatigue3 Headache is generally locali6ed to the occipital region is present 1hen the patient a1a(ens in the morning and su!sides in a fe1 hours3 Hypertensi e ascular disease results in thic(ening of the main arteries 1hich are hard or palpation3 .he pea( incidence of hypertension falls in the forty to si>ty years age group.there is also a greater chance of hardening of the arteries 1ith its accompanying increased !lood pressure3 $iii% S"oking .stress hormones and tension results in adults and ery rarely in children3 Hith ad ancing may !e !leeding from nose or urinary tract3 0n ol ement of coronary arteries causes angina pain3 &ther sign and symptoms of cardiac in ol ement are palpitation.arget organ in ol ed i 3 Underlying disease in case of /econdary Hypertension3 /ymptoms due to ele ated 4$ itself are headache.!uild-up of to>ins.night urinationfatiga!ility and oedema of dependent part3 +edical Cause Hypertension has se eral specific causes3 0t appears that a com!ination of these is responsi!le for the increased incidence in high !lood pressure o er the last decadesome causes are gi en !elo1'- $i% !eredity 0f !oth parents ha e hypertension the chances of children also !ecoming hypertensi e are forty-fi e percent higher than normal3 0f one parent 1as hypertensi e the chances are thirty percent higher than normal3 .he symptoms depend upon' i3 Ae el of 4$3 ii3 Hypertensi e 5ascular +isease3 iii3 .ma9ority of hypertensi e ha e no signs and symptoms e>cept ele ated 4$3 &ften high 4$ is detected on routine medical chec( up3 .lightheadedness.

1hich is the gate1ay !et1een mind and !ody3 .1ho are most prone to hypertension.the 9unction of each indi idually.and a constant conflict ensures3 +ental Cause 2 ery person has some neurotic tendencies or mental pro!lems 1hich cause periods of unhappiness..% Sedentary 3ifestyle .% Cholesterol and !igh fat diet Cholesterol and increased !lood fats ha e !een correlated 1ith an increased incidence of !lood essel disorder3 Hhen essels are diseased there is a greater chance of de eloping high !lood pressure3 High !lood pressure plus e>cessi e dietary fat is thought to hasten the process of deposition of fat on the essel 1alls and speeds hardening of the arteries3 $.he mechani6ation of ci ili6ation and emphasis on city life has led to a decrease in the proportion of people 1ho ta(e igorous e>ercise3 .hey first gain access ia the !rain.lung disease in generalsmo(ing contri!utes to hardening of !lood essels of the heartC deterioration of the peripheral essel leading to greater peripheral resistanceC and to inflammation of the optic ner e3 $i.he !rain is the crossroads !et1een the inner and outer is no1 incontro erti!le e idence that smo(ing is harmful to the health3 0t is (no1n that as 1ell as the increased chance of lung cancer.he !rain is part of the physical !ody though it is intimately lin(ed 1ith the mental !ody3 .he proportion of sedentary 1or(ers and !usiness e>ecuti es.his has !een paralleled !y a massi e increase in the num!er of people 1ith high !lood pressure3 /tatistics and e>periments ha e pro ed that inade:uate physical e>ercise 1ea(ens the !ody.tension.1e get hypertension through e>cessi e sympathetic stimulation3 Yogic Cause .depression.he classical ie1point held !y many psychologists and psychiatrists of the role of personality in essential hypertension is one associated 1ith a picture of e>ternal friendliness and self control !eneath 1hich there are strong aggressions and an>iety3 @n>iety is intensified !y the patientOs fears of e>pressing his>iety to one degree or another3 .i% 0ersonality* Stress and E"otions .has increased3 .hese tensions filter into the physical ia the "rani! structure3 .ena!ling us to communicate our inner indi idual e>periences to the outside en ironment3 0t is our controlling instrument for e>ternal communication and self-e>pression3 .he !rain controls the autonomic ner ous system 1hich regulates the !lood pressure3 Hhen it is im!alanced due to higher and more su!tle distur!ances.lea ing it prone to high !lood pressureespecially 1hen it is associated 1ith mental stress3 $.

e>tro ersion and dynamism3 Hypertension is lin(ed to the "in ala nadi !ecause the arterial tree 1hich !ranches out from the heart is most dynamic3 .treatment can !e initiated as .reflect 1da nadi2 Sushumna nadi2 1hich lays in the centre of the spinal is need to regularly monitor 4$ of middle aged persons3 .hus.he nadis compose an energi6ing infrastructure 1ithin e ery cell.a specific cause can !e identified 1hich is generally renal or humeral3 .Prana and !hitta are circulated through a net1or( of flo1 1ays called Kadi3 .the cause of ele ated 4$ can not !e pin pointed3 .hese !ranches are su!di ided into finer and finer channels permeating e ery atom of the !ody3 .hus.hese patients ha e secondary hypertension of (no1n ctiology3 .the arteries 1hich are the acti e dynamic component of the circulatory system reflect "in ala nadi2 1hereas the organ in ol are %2.he !lood it carries is red !ecause of its high o>ygen content3 Classification of !ypertension Ai(e fe mirrored in the ast capillary net1or( 1hich e>tends throughout the 1hole !ody3 Hypertension is the result of an im!alance in the nadis in 1hich "in ala !ecomes predominant3 Pin ala is associated 1ith heat.the colour red.since it is a ery common disorder3 .hypertension is a sign of some underlying disorder3 @s pointed out a!o ehypertension can !e produced !y a ariety of causes3 0ncrease in sympathetic acti ity and asoconstrictor chemicals can produce spasm of !lood essels resulting in increase in peripheral resistance and 4$3 $eripheral resistance is also increased !y thic(ening of !lood essels and increase in !lood iscosity3 0ncrease in cardiac output also leads to increase in 4$3 Cardiac output is increased !y a num!er of factors li(e stimulation of heart !y neural and chemical influences and increase in !lood olume3 0n more than 9*I of adult hypertensi e.secondary hypertension is due to a specific organ defect 1hile primary hypertension is associated 1ith functional a!normalities3 Co"plications of !ypertension Hypertension decreases life !y 1*-12 years and the patients die prematurely due to heart disease.1hich are the passi e recepti e nadi component.the underlying disease in case of secondary hypertension and the presence of ris( factors3 Hypertension is a progressi e disease leading to se ere complications and ultimate death3 4eing asymptomatic in the !eginning it usually remains undiagnosed till the disease has progressed.essential or idiopathic hypertension3 0n rest of the patients.*** nadis or energy channels in the !ody3 .hey are organi6ed in much the same pattern as the !lood essels.hese patients are said to ha e primary.Pin ala =the ital channel? and Sushumna =the spiritual channel?3 .stro(e or (idney failure3 Complications depend upon the le el of 4$.for they ha e three main channels of flo1' 1da =the mental channel?.tissue and organ of the physical !ody3 @ny !loc(age or impurity in the nadis leads to disease3 4loc(ages are due to chaotic thought pattern or stressful lifestyle3 &n the physical le el.

hypertension is cured3 0f he stops drug therapy he ris(s his !lood pressure shooting up to its original le el or higher.1ith unpleasant effects3 .drugs can effecti ely reduce a dangerously high !lood pressure as a prelude to more long range yogic therapy and can then !e 1ithdra1n3 Role of Yoga Nidra for !ypertensi.only Yoga gets to the root cause of the disease in a the lo1est pre alence in rural su!9ects of &aryana in 0ndia =334I in men and #38I in 1omen? and the highest pre alence in Poland =#839I in men and %23"I in 1omen?3 0n 0ndia.his is (no1n as the re!ound phenomenon3 0t occurs !ecause drugs do not remo e the root cause of hypertension.efficient manner3 Ho1e er.he practice of Yoga nidra has a num!er of !enefits for hypertensi e patients3 0mportant among them are as follo1s'- +ini"iHes tension .here is no specific treatment for essential hypertension !ecause medical science has found no specific cause for this disorder3 .the patient must continue medication e en 1hen the symptoms are ameliorated and.!ut only suppress it3 +rugs can also cause unpleasant side effects.a oidance of stress and drugs3 General +edical .he aim of therapy is to lo1er the !lood pressure using rest.the pre alence is highest in Mum/ai =2%I male and 28I female? and lo1est pre alence in rural area of &aryana =334I and #38I in 1omen?3 Hhile according to 0ational Cardio%as!ular Disease Data/ase the pre alence of hypertension in Korth 0ndia is highest in +elhi i3e3 4"I and lo1est in rural area of Haryana i3e3 43"I3 Treat"ent Counseling on ho1 to li e a healthy life includes diet management to reduce the inta(e of fats and salts in order to lo1er the pressure and reduce the chance of hardening the arteries3 &!esity is reduced !y diet3 /mo(ing is stopped and emotional stress a oided3 2>ercise 1ithin the range of tolerance is recommended3 0n general to control the essential hypertension doctors prescri!e antihypertensi e drugs3 0n most cases drugs lo1er the !lood pressure 1ithout undue side effects3 Ho1e er.alence rate of hypertension @ccording to 0ational Center 3or #iote!hnolo y 1n3ormation2 U/@ pre alence of hypertension aried around the 1orld.soon as the condition is detected3 @doption of yogic life style 1ill go a long 1ay in pre enting the de elopment of hypertension in such indi iduals3 0re.the surface.e patients .

then repressed emotions are released and the practitioner !ecomes calm and tran:uil3 +ue to e>cessi e acti ity on the mental plane.1hich results in mental tension3 .drugs or fear of 1arC it is tension and only tension3 @ high percentage of people remain in a state of tension and frustration3 .uscular tension results from ner ous and endocrinal im!alances3 0t manifests in the form of stiffness and rigidity in the physical !ody.especially in rotation of consciousness and !reath a1areness.0n the modern 1orld the international pro!lem is not po erty.he essential thing is that the resol e should !e planted 1ith strong 1illpo1er and feeling3 .hroughout life the mind is fed 1ith negati e data3 0n the practice of Yoga nidra.emotional and mental le el can !e minimi6ed3 Trains the "ind .there!y releasing the mental tensions3 0n this 1ay.he su!conscious mind is ery o!edient and hence carries out the orders immediately3 0n Yoga nidra.0n the practice of Yoga nidra the !ody is progressi ely rela>ed.any people ma(e conscious resol es guided !y intellect.!ut not the san(alpa made during Yoga nidraF3 .he !rain is the lin(ing mediator !et1een the mind.he san(alpa helps in training the mind !ecause it is planted 1hen the mind is rela>ed and ready to a!sor! and accept3 .tensions at the physical.named !y researchers as Smotor .he san(alpa ta(en in each session of Yoga nidra is perhaps the most effecti e techni:ue for training the mind3 /1ami /atyananda =1998? says.the emotions are repressed and manifest in the form of emotional tension3 0n the practice of Yoga nidra.odern psychology as 1ell as yogic philosophy !elie es in three (inds of tension R muscular tensionsemotional tensions and mental tensions R 1hich can !e progressi ely released through the systematic and regular practice of Yoga nidra3 .the mind is rela>ed.1hich in turn releases the accumulated muscular tensions3 0n day to day life indi iduals fail to e>press their emotions freely and openly3 @s a result.his continuous le el of tension in the ! not only induces physical rela>ation !ut also clears the ner e path1ays to the !rain3 2ach of the !ody parts has an e>isting centre in the cere!ral 1hite matter.!ody and emotions3 0n Yoga nidra intensifying the a1areness of the !ody stimulates the !rain3 Hhen the a1areness is rotated on the different !ody parts.mind and emotions predisposes the indi idual to1ards psychological and psychosomatic disorders3 .the mind al1ays remains in a state of arousal.1hich rarely !rings results3 Rela'es the "ind .through the regular and sincere practice of Yoga nidra.the practitioner slo1ly mo es to1ards the deeper realms of the mind 1here he or she confronts the deep-rooted emotional tensions3 Hhen the practitioner recogni6es these emotional tensions 1ith full a1areness and a 1itnessing attitude.Qanything in life can fail you.the san(alpa trains the su!conscious mind and then the ordinary mind follo1s the path automatically3 .he san(alpa is ta(en and so1ed in the su!conscious mind 1hen it is rela>ed and recepti e3 .

1hich helps in cutting off the personal identification 1ith the e>perience3 Hhen the personal identification ceases to !e cut off.the practice of isuali6ation !rings the unconscious repressed desires.conflicts and frustrations to the conscious le el and then cut off the personal identification 1ith those e>periences3 @s a includes a flo1 of pranic energy 1ithin the neuronal circuit of the motor homunculus of the !rain3 .then its relayed impulse is no longer registered !y the !rain3 Researchers ha e called this Sphenomenon ha!ituationO3 Hhen the !rain !ecomes accustomed to the stimulus.if the teacher instructs the practitioner to isuali6e a dog.then gradually it !ecomes rela>ed3 .then they are in accordance 1ith the sym!ols of the unconscious3 @n a!stract association is created !et1een the guided imagery and the associated repressed e>periences of the unconscious3 )or e>ample.desires and conflicts3 Hhene er a situation threatens the ego.1hich may manifest in mental and physical symptoms of a!normality3 .the unconscious is cleared up3 Counteracts stress /tress is a cogniti e or emotional response made !y the indi idual to1ards any situation.this may !ring out a post traumatic childhood e>perience in 1hich the practitioner 1as !itten !y a dog3 .1hich demands ad9ustment3 Hhen the demands of the situations e>ceed the a!ility of the indi idual then distress results.the defense mechanisms are called upon and the conflicting situation is repressed or suppressed to the unconscious3 @ll the traumatic e>periences.homunculusO or Slittle manO3 .he se:uence of rotation of a1areness in Yoga nidra is in accordance 1ith the map in the cere!ral 1hite matter of the !rain3 Hhen the a1areness is rotated in the same se:uence again and again.unfulfilled desires and threatening situations are suppressed !y the ego to the su!conscious and unconscious realms of the mind3 0n the deeper realms of the mind this conflicting and frustrating matter does not die !ut remains ali e and later manifests in the form of arious pathological symptoms3 .he repressed desires.he practice of Yoga nidra helps in !uilding up the coping a!ility3 .his continuous in ocation of opposite feelings or sensations is in accordance 1ith the electrophysiological operating principles of the !rain3 Hhen a neuron fires it produces a ner e impulse 1hich is relayed and registered in the !rain3 4ut if the same neuron (eeps on firing again and again.he practitioner of Yoga .1ishes and situations remain in the form of sym!ols in the unconscious mind3 +uring the practice of Yoga nidra.the instructor as(s the practitioner to isuali6e certain sym!ols and images 1ith a 1itnessing attitude3 0f the sym!ols and images are selected properly.1e tend to repress many 1ishes.e>periences.the painful e>perience associated 1ith the dog is repressed again3 0n this 1ay.his pranic flo1 !rings in a su!9ecti e e>perience of rela>ation in the !rain3 0n one of the stages of Yoga nidra a pair of opposite feelings or sensations is intensified again and again in the practitioner3 .he state 1here the !rain is completely rela>ed results in mental rela>ation3 Clears up the unconscious )rom early childhood.he practitioner o!ser es this associated painful e>perience 1ith a 1itnessing attitude.

here 4$ 1as recorded e ery 1ee(3 .increasing stress resistance and o erall efficiency.and slo1ly a !alance !et1een the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems is achie ed !y inducing complete physical.!o1el disordersinsomnia.increased heart rate etc3 0n the third stage.fatigue.etc3 one other important result reported !y all the participants 1as the 1hole some feeling of 1ell !eing and goodness3 .ost of them 1ere !elong to !usiness class or sales or house1i es3 .psychological symptoms li(e an>iety and irrita!ility arise due to o er acti ation of the sympathetic ner ous system3 .suffer from hypertension 1ere selected from a naturopathic hospital of Auc(no13 .li ere symptoms in particular organs result 1hich need long-term medical management3 0n Yoga nidra an attempt is made to acti ate the parasympathetic system.pains and aches.fresh and rela>ed3 .the a!normalities manifest clinically in the organ systems3 0n the last is remar(a!le impro ement in the associated symptoms li(e an>iety.acti e people as a means of relie ing accumulated tensions.tension.he second stage is characteri6ed !y related physical symptoms li(e high !lood systolic and diastolic !lood pressure 1as measured !efore starting the program3 @ll the 2* patients 1ere !elonging to the essential class of hypertension3 0t 1as to ma(e sure !y ta(ing there medical history3 .ation 0nformation from the clinical data and narration !y the patients sho1s that all the participants felt energetic.and pre enting the de elopment of stressrelated diseases3 +aterial and +ethods 2* people in the age group of 4*-#* years.he 1hole program too( place under the super ision of trained Yoga 0nstructors3 O(ser.hey 1ant to reduce their 4$ naturally3 @ll these patients 1ere selected !y random sampling3 @n 8 1ee( yogic program in 1hich 3* minutes of Yoga nidra practice daily ta(e place 1as designed for these patients3 .emotional and mental rela>ation3 0n this 1ay the practice of Yoga nidra counteracts stress3 Carrington et al =198*? concluded that Yoga nidra has its most 1idespread application as a pre enti e measure to !e practiced !y healthy.nidra slo1ly !ecomes a1are of the inherent dormant potentialities and thus pre ents himself from !ecoming a ictim of distress3 Udupa =19%%? suggests that stress-related disorders e ol e gradually through four stages3 0n the first stage.hey 1ere not ta(ing any antihypertensi e medicine to reduce their 4$3 .

47 /24 84 /20 80 : 2. -.0ts @d antages and @pplicationsF.2 : 8.ation of the #lood 0ressure of the patients #efore .53D3 and 4asa araddi. )li .ge Systolic /iastolic Systolic /iastolic Re"arks &"pro. 56 /26 85 /20 80 : References 13 QControl of Hypertension !y 0negrated @pproach of Yoga .)ood for Re ersing Heart diseases3 "3 /1ami /han(arde anand. 9h'r#hida 1 52 /45 .the study also sho1s that Yoga nidra helps in reduction of systolic !lood pressure relati ely more than in the diastolic !lood pressure3 . 54 /50 . .4 /22 86 : /4. 60 /44 .&ur o!ser ation sho1s that the result of Yoga Kidra aries patient to patient3 /ome patients 1ere getting a :uic( relief and sho1ing remar(a!le changes..2**1 43 Chha9er 5imal.he reduced 4$ can !e maintained only if the Yoga nidra is continued on regular practice3 Ta(le for the o(ser.he @rt of meditation-@3 . 9'mar . -. +. )# hana . )hmad . 3. S.5 /3/ 87 : 3.3 : 4. 43 /40 .2 /42 86 : 5. ./ /25 8/ : /8.4husan /iddhartha.he effects of Yoga on HypertensionF.. 5ha 'r%edi . )wa# hi . S'nee a 1 4/ /40 ... Na"e of 0atient Se' . /20 88 /20 88 No 5hange . )garwal . Sha>iya 1 48 /40 88 /30 85 : 20 ). N'>ha 1 53 /34 88 //6 80 : /6.arch. 55 /20 86 /20 86 No 5hange 7. 5/ /40 88 /36 80 : /0.fter S.0sh1ar 53 23 Q. P.Yoga and Cardio ascular management3 %3 Cooper da id. 43 /35 .0 /30 88 : //.some patients sho1ed a erage change and some remain unchanged3 &ut of 2* patients. 9han .herapyF. N. ).ed /. "ri%edi .+r3 /1ami /han(arde ananda3 33 QYoga Kidra. 48 /45 87 /35 80 : /7. Nigam .0 /40 .0 /34 84 : /3. /38 . . 5. 46 /50 86 /28 80 : 6.eena*#hi 1 42 /50 /00 /36 . =.7 /37 . 58 /60 .Yoga on Hypertension3 #3 /1ami /atyanand /aras1ati. S.. 57 //5 85 /// 82 : /. 45 /57 .2 /40 85 : /5. Shi*ha 1 4. Sri%a# a%a ..the 4$ of 2 patients remains unchanged and there 1ere remar(a!le changes that 1ere isi!le in the !lood pressure of 18 patients3 Yoga nidra is helpful in reducing the !lood pressure of the patients !ecause it helps to reduce the intensity of the thoughts 1hich cause the mental illness for the man3 Conclusion &!ser ation from the study led us to conclusion that after practice of Yoga nidra is a /uper!ly effecti e system of meditation3 0t re9u enates the ner ous system and helps in o ercoming 1ith psychosomatic diseases3 2>cept it. 9hare .No. Pal . ).<under.8 : /2. <o#hi .

) .No 1 2 3 4 " # % 8 9 1* 11 12 13 14 1" 1# 1% 18 19 2* Na"e of 0atient S.ed : . 9'mar 9h'r#hida Se' .ge 47 "2 Systolic /iastoli c 84 /24 Systolic /iastoli c 8* /20 Re"arks &"pro.*efore fter S.