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December 5, 2013 Miguel Santiago 534d A.D., District Director 320 West 4th Street Room 1050 os Angeles !A "0013 #a$% &213' (20)(31" Dear Miguel% *oll+,ood #ore-er !emeter+ is located ,ithin the 53 rd Assembl+ District. .n /o-ember 1", 2013 0rent !assit+ ,as sentenced in !ase /o. 4%0")!R)0050")1!*)4, 2SA -s. !assit+, to ma3e restitution in the amount o4 5435,515,234.00 and a 5400.00 6enalt+ assessment concerning their criminal management o4 -arious cemeteries, including *oll+,ood #ore-er. Man+ o4 the transgressions at issue in the criminal &and related ci-il litigation' connected ,ith *oll+,ood #ore-er in-ol-e the 4raudulent sale o4 6re)need insurance contracts and 6lots at cemeteries in an ongoing 7on8i scheme. Man+ o4 the -ictims ,e belie-e to be residents o4 the 53rd District, including lo,)income atino immigrant 4amilies and A9DS:*9; 6atients ,ho ,ere 6re+ed u6on b+ the !assit+ 4amil+. 2nder the authorit+ o4 <o-ernment !ode Section 10501, 9 am

re=uesting that S6ea3er 7ere8 assign that the 1oint egislati-e Audit !ommittee be assigned to in-estigate these matters and their im6acts on state and local go-ernment costs, including but not limited to% • Whether the !ount+ !oroner ,ill be im6acted b+ ha-ing to bear the cost o4 burial 4or 6eo6le cheated out o4 their burial 6lots b+ the !assit+ 4amil+ • >he cost and e44icac+ o4 in-estigation and o-ersight o4 the *oll+,ood #ore-er and #ern,ood &Marin !ount+' cemeteries b+ the !emeter+ ? #uneral 0oard • >he cost and e44icac+ o4 in-estigation b+ the De6artment o4 9nsurance in connection ,ith the li4e)insurance 6olicies sold in con@unction ,ith the 6re)need contracts 9n connection ,ith this in=uir+ it ,ould certainl+ behoo-e the !ommittee to ascertain the identities o4 the actual indi-iduals ,ho sold these bogus ser-ices in the 6ast and ,ho as 4ar as 9 3no,, continue to sell these ser-ices. Additionall+, this in=uir+ should ascertain ,hether the State o4 !ali4ornia can recou6 an+ o4 its e$6enditures 4rom the ordered restitution that ,ill be made b+ the !assit+ 4amil+. 9 am also inde6endentl+ going to contact 9nsurance !ommissioner Da-e 1ones to see i4 his o44ice intends to become 6art+ to ci-il litigation the ci-il matter, 4%0")c-)01252)ARW 1o Ann *o,ard and Associates, 7.!. et al -. !assit+ et al. >han3ing +ou 4or +our 6rom6t attention, 9 remain, Res6ect4ull+ Bours,

1an 0. >uc3er State Director !ali4ornia eague o4 atin American !iti8ens

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