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SUMMARY Analisa kinerja sistem OFDM clustered dengan pengkodean Low Density Parity Check (LDPC)
PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF CLUSTERED OFDM WITH LOW DENSITY PARITY CHECK(LDPC) CODING Created by Astuti, Mariska Febi Subject Keyword : : sistem transmisi data : Low Density Parity Check (LDPC); OFDM Clustered; dan multipath fading

Description :
Salah satu teknik pengembangan dari sistem OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) adalah OFDM clustered. OFDM clustered merupakan sebuah teknik pengalokasian subcarrier dari sinyal OFDM konvensional multiuser yang kemudian dikelompokkan dalam kelompok tertentu atau cluster. Dengan pengelompokkan tersebut OFDM menjadi lebih tahan terhadap lintasan jamak (multipath fading), karena dalam cluster urutan subcarrier di buat berselang-seling berasal dari beberapa user sehingga apabila data dari satu user hilang karena pengaruh dari multipath fading, data yang lain masih ada tersimpan dalam cluster yang lain. Penggunaan Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) sebagai error correction coding menambah ketahanan terhadap multipath fading pada sistem OFDM Clustered. Metode OFDM clustered mampu mencapai nilai BER 10 −4 pada saat nilai Eb/No 21 dB, sedangkan untuk OFDM konvensional mencapai nilai BER 10 −4 pada saat nilai Eb/No 22 dB. Penghematan nilai Eb/No sebesar 1dB menunjukkan ketahanan OFDM clustered lebih baik dibandingkan OFDM konvensional dalam ketahanannya pada multipath fading. Penambahan pengkodean LDPC pada ofdm clustered membuat sistem mencapai nilai BER ~10 −3 pada saat nilai Eb/No 17 dB sedangkan OFDM clustered tanpa pengkodean LDPC mencapai nilai ~10 −3 pada nilai Eb/No 19dB. Dari hasil tersebut sistem OFDM clustered dengan pengkodean LDPC mempunyai performansi sistem lebih baik dalam mengatasi multipath fading dibandingkan sistem OFDM konvensional.

Description Alt:
The one of development technique of system OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) is clustered OFDM. Clustered OFDM represent an allocation technique of subcarrier from conventional OFDM multiuser, then grouped named is cluster. Clustered OFDM is better performance in multipath fading, because in sequence cluster of subcarrier making at intervals from some user , if data from one user lose because influence of fading multipath, other data still be on file in other cluster. Using Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) as error correction coding can add resilience to multipath fading in system OFDM Clustered.

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id ) Page 2 .ac. for conventional OFDM reach value of BER 10 −4 at the value of Eb/No 22 Efficiency Eb/No 1dB showing resilience of OFDM clustered better than conventional OFDM in resilience at multipath fading. Titiek Taufik Rachmanu (taujack@its. Nur Hasan ( hassane@its. electronic.Please Register as MEMBER Contact Person : Administrator (timit_perpus@its.Member Only If You want to view FullText. 2008 : ITS Community Only : Copyright @2008 by ITS Library. storage in a retrievel Aprillia Tri Wulansari (rezha_la2@ymail. RSE 621. MT : 08/05/2009 : Text : pdf. recording.382 16 Ast a : Undergraduate Theses of Electrical Tondo Indra Nyata (tondoindra@gmail. This publication is protected by copyright and permission should be obtained from the ITS Library prior to any prohibited reproduction. Dewi Eka Agustina (dee@its. or likewise.Method of OFDM clustered can reach value of BER 10 −4 at the value of Eb/No 21 dB. photocopying. or transmission in any form or by any means. write to ITS Library Full file . For information regarding permission(s). : Indonesian : ITS-Undergraduate-3100009034226 : 3100009034226 : RSE 621.. Contributor Date Create Type Format Language Identifier Collection Call Number Source COverage Right : Thank Ansi Aflacha Putri ( Addition of LDPC coding at clustered OFDM make system reach value of BER ~10 −3 at the Eb/No 17 dB while OFDM clustered without LDPC coding reach value ~10 −3 at the Eb/No 16 Ast a.. From the result system OFDM clustered with code of LDPC have better performance system in overcoming multipath fading compared to system of OFDM conventional.

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