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SPECIAL WHEELCHAIR REPORT Canadian Tire Very Threatening To Wheelchair User DECEMBER 5, 2013 PLEASE GO TO THIS LINK TO SEE

PHOTOS AND WATCH THE VIDEOS. http: !h""#$h%&''&(ht).!*'+p'")).$*, 2013 12 05 )p"$&%#-!h""#$h%&'-'"p*'t-$%.%+&%.-t&'"-/"'0-th'"%t".&.(-t*-!h""#$h%&'1)"' Please scroll down for ideos and !hotos" I had no option but to do this report for my protection. If the Manager, If the Owner, If the Corporation of Canadian Tire had at anytime shown me due respect. This report would not have been done or published. This post has a video that has a part of my recording the owner of the Canadian Tire store on Quinpool Rd in alifa!, in which he clearly shows that truth means nothing to him, he lies out loud in the store about my previous behavior to lie to the customers in the store and mislead them, then near the end he threatens me and says "If I was not in a wheelchair# Insinuating to do me physical harm. The owner can e en #e heard saying that $he cares not nor does it concern hi% that I a% disa#led& Which is exactly why I am having to do this wheelchair report. Then I said, "If I was not in a wheelchair I would not of had this problem# $hen you listen to this video, you will hear the narrated part I did at the beginning. %ou will &now why I got loud with the manager. I did that because he moved in very close to me and leaned over me in a very menacing way. $here I was par&ed in my wheelchair, I could not bac& up of move anywhere to get away from him. $hich is why we were in that spot to begin with. I was showing him how I could not move past all the obstructions. e had me trapped and was smir&ing and laughing when he reali'ed that I was afraid of him. $hen I as&ed him loud to move away from me he would not. (t that point is when I became very scared for my safety and is why I spo&e loud until I left the store. I needed to ma&e sure that other people were watching what was happening. I felt very much in danger for my physical being from the moment that manager leaned into me very close and would not move away from me. I even told the manger that I was spea&ing loud to ma&e sure that the customers in the store would see and hear what was going on. )eing disabled and in a very fragile condition I am in. The only defense I have is my voice by getting other peoples attention. In this video you will hear the same menacing and threatening behavior from the owner. )ut first I want you to ta&e notice that the first thing I said to the owner of the Canadian Tire *tore +ranchise, was that I was tal&ing with the corporate offices of Canadian Tire in Toronto. Ta&e notice that immediately the owner made it very clear that he absolutely did not care to tal& about or &now what I was tal&ing to head office about. e made it clear that the Corporation of Canadian Tire involvement is of no concern to him. *howing that his attitude should definitely be of serious concern for The Canadian Tire Corporation.

Immediately you can hear that this owner had absolutely no intention of being civili'ed and reasonable. *o now you the viewers and readers of my post here can understand that the owner is the problem. e made that very clear from the start. $hen his voice gets very loud is because he was leaning up really close to my face and was very threatening by his being overbearingly close to me. (gain I was trapped. )ecause in the entrance of the store to the left is the customer service counter. The only way I can get close to it so I can reach the counter is by bac&ing up in a very tight spot and put the bac& of my wheelchair against the post that holds the security sensors for the anti theft alarms when people enter or e!it the store. *o this owner did the same thing. e became very threatening when I was trapped. I had many witnesses at this time and I was recording the sound. *O I did not need to get loud to draw attention to me for my protection. If this store was wheelchair accessible it would not have the customer service counter bloc&ed to wheelchairs. *o later that day when it was dar& out I decided to do a $heelchair Report about the conditions of the outside grounds of Quinpool Mall and the ad,oining properties that are also owned by Quingate -roperties. (I will be posting a separate wheelchair report for Quinpool Mall - Quingate properties) *o at the end when I was done. I ended up at the front of the Canadian Tire *tore where I was spea&ing with some friends. Then the security guy comes out of the Canadian Tire store yelling at me and telling me that I have to leave. *o then I turned on my camera and caught a few seconds when the security guy ran bac& into the store because he did not want to be on video. This report will also include video wheelchair rights reports to other issues about the Quingate -roperties at Quinpool Rd in alifa! that this Canadian Tire is on.

There is also a *uperstore, .i/uor *tore, a $endys, a *hoppers Mart and a few other smaller stores on this property. (ll the reports I have done about this property shows that the Quingate -roperty owners do not care at all about the safety of people who have to use mobility devices, nor do they care about any pedestrians that are endangered every time they come in from the neighborhood on foot. (s the interior lot of this property where the par&ing lot is located and all the store entrances are, dose not have any safe sidewal&s and many parts have no sidewal&s at all. .i&e all Corporate -roperty owners in alifa!. They do not care if you are disabled and upset about something.

0o not dare to spea& up as the managers will not listen and if you continue to spea& up for your safety. %ou will be banned under the Tyrannic .aw "-rotection of property act# that violates any due process of law by being arbitrary and gives you no mechanism to have your day in court. 1ven if you accept their fines and go to court to fight against the fines, as I have already done about the " alifa! $aterfront Commission# %ou will discover that courts of ,ustice do not e!ist in M(+IO*O. The -rovincial government of 6ova *cotia, The City of alifa!. 1verything here is completely 2334 corrupt5 alifa! needs to create legislation, rules, guidelines,

inspections, and every other departments of government no need to have effects in place to abide by The International uman Rights of the 0isabled7 enforced. -resently the second you become disabled in 6ova *cotia, you discover that unli&e able bodied people. There are no laws of any &ind at any levels of any governments to protect the rights and safety of disable people. There are no rules, regulations, guidelines, standards etc etc in any government documentation as to how to construct, build or maintain anything for the special needs of disabled mobility challenged people. City, -rovincial and even +ederal inspectors have absolutely no power to do anything, nor do they &now how to do anything about, for e!ample, building proper and safe wheelchair bathrooms. doors, ramps or anything else. .i&e I said disabled people are completely ignored are every level of society. But I have to add a disclaimer. When I did the research for some of my previous reports. I asked many property owners and developers why was it that what they built is not done properly or safely for the needs of wheelchair users. They told me that the city and it’s inspectors are the ones who supervised and authorized things to be done wrong.. Many developers or business owners are good caring people who want to do what they can to make things good for the needs of the disabled. But there is nothing anywhere to guide them as how things should be done or built. That is e actly why I created this Wheelchair !ights website. To be a research site for concerned people. "ne more note. We are a civilized society and the government is not only to blame. #eople are to blame for allowing mistreating and violating the human rights of mobility challenged people. This report about Canadian Tire shows clearly what the problem is. It is a universal attitude of total ignorance5 I a% disa#led and I do not acce!t #eing treated with total ignorance #y Cor!orate !eo!le"" Canadian Tire Cor!oration Very Threatening To 'an In Wheelchair htt!s())www"yo*t*#e"co%)watch+ ,OH-ISR.I/AE Published on Dec 5, 2013 Th" !*')" p%'t %2*1t th&) &) th"0 %'" (*&.( t* 2%. ," 3'*, th" *.#0 p#%$" I $%. ("t ('*$"'&")... th"0 %'" (*&.( t* 2%. ," 3'*, th" ,%##.

I these two ideos are showing the dangero*s conditions aro*nd the o*tside area of 0*in!ool 'all" Wheelchair Report - Quinpool Mall Quingate Properties Halifax (1of2) http: !!!.0*1t12".$*, !%t$h4/56M76,6VE-B8 Wheelchair Report - Quinpool Mall Quingate Properties Halifax (2of2) http: !!!.0*1t12".$*, !%t$h4/591*L+,#A#3: Wheelchair Re!ort 1 0*ingate Place 23of45 http: !!!.0*1t12".$*, !%t$h4/51(5K2.O201;

Wheelchair Report - Quingate Place (2of2) http: !!!.0*1t12".$*, !%t$h4/5V)$(6V<V:=I

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