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UNIT PLAN (Guide) Subject Grading: Content(Topic


Unit Plan Title:

Time Frame:

STAGE 1-DESIRED RESULT To what extend does the design: focus on the big ideas of targeted content and on transfer: ESTABLISHING GOALS TRANSFER Dep Ed’s Content Standard: Transfer Goal(s): This goal seeks to support the learners ability to transfer their learning autonomously, in a new, challenging and real life situation.

Dep Ed’s Performance Standard:

Formation Standard: (align with School’s Vision Mission:)

Essential Questions(EQ):

MEANING Enduring Understanding (EU):

What thought provoking questions will foster inquiry, meaning making and transfer?

What specific do you want students to understand? What inference(s) or generalization(s) should they make?


ACQUISITION Skills(S) What discrete processes and skills should students be able to use?

What facts and basic concepts should students know and be able to recall?

valid. reliable and sufficient measures of the desired results of Stage 1? EVALUATIVE CRITERIA ASSESSMENT EVIDENCIES Are all desired Evidences at the level of Transfer or Performance Task(T) results being Performance appropriately Gauging Students/Engaging Scenario assessed? Performance Criteria: (How will students demonstrate their understanding (meaning making and transfer) through (What criteria will be used complex performance?) in each assessment to evaluate attainment of the Analytic Rubric desired results) Other Evidences of Learning (OE) (Regardless of the format of the assessment. what Students will show they have achieved Stage 1 goals by… qualities are most important?) (What other evidences you will collect to determine whether Stage 1 goals s were achieved?) Evidences at the level of Understanding Assessment Diagnostic: Before project work begins Formative: Students work in progress and complete tasks Summative: After project work is completed .STAGE 2 – EVIDENCES OF LEARNING To what extent do the assessments provide: fair.

skills level and potential misconceptions What are potential rough spots and student’s mis Learning Activities understanding? How will students get feedback they needed?  Are all three types of goals (acquisition. What pre-assessment will you use to check student’s prior meaning and transfer during lesson events? knowledge. meaning and transfer) addressed in the learning plan?  Does the learning plan reflect principles of learning and best practices(21st century skills)?  Is there tight alignment with stages 1 and 2?  Is the plan likely to be engaging and effective for all students? .What’s the goal for(or type of) each learning event? STAGE 3 LEARNING PLAN To what extent is the learning plan likely to be: effective and engaging? PERFORMANCE TASKS LEARNIG EVENTS PROGRESS MONITORING PRE-ASSESSMENT How will you monitor student’s progress toward acquisition.

Learning Plan: .

UNIT PLAN Subject: Grading: Time Frame: Topic: Unit title: Unit Summary: Goals: Transfer Goal(s): Enduring Understanding: Essential Questions: Knowledge: Skills: Assessment Processes: (refer to Module 3 lesson 4 and Intel teach assessment guide) Summary only. Learning Plan: .

times new roman etc) With Cover page (same with Website review) To be passed on the day of your Prelim Exam together with your Website Review .intel.References: Intel Teach to the future http://educate. K-12 Curriculum Guide Task 2 Task 3 Consider the ff: Softcopy Output Hardcopy Output: Short folder Letter size bond paper Font size: 12 Font style: any formal font (arial.