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Nov 18th

COEX Toastmasters Meeting Agenda
Club # 1403902, Area #31 District 93P

EveryMonday 7:30pm TOZ Samsung

★The mission of a Toastmasters Club "We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth" Theme Question "What do you like to do on the first snow fall of the winter season?" Mohammad Al Matthew Kindig, ACB, n/a Chairperson Thought of the Day Timer ALB Qahtani Toastmaster General Evaluator
Matthew Kindig, ACB, Table Topic Master ALB

JeongMi Kim

Ah Counter YongHyun Shin Grammarian Jungik Cho

PilSoo Oh, ACS, CL

Ballot Counter

7:15-7:30 Reception COEX TM Officers (7/1/2013 ~ 12/31/2013) 7:20-7:30 President: Matthew Kindig, ACB, ALB Evaluation Team Meeting (General Evaluator, Lobby) 7:30 (10 mins) VP Education: MinJung Park, TM Call meeting to order (Chairperson) Recite the Toastmasters Mission, Find evaluators for CC & CL manuals VP Membership: Erica Hong, TM Guest self-introduction VP PR: InHye Kim, TM Announcement of role changes filling vacant roles Secretary: Janice Kim, TM Introduce Toastmaster of the meeting Treasurer: PilSoo Oh, ACS, CL 7:40 (10mins) Toastmaster Session (Toastmaster) Sergeant at Arms: A.Jay Sung-Jae Lee, TM Opening Remarks (1min) Deputy SAA Jeong-Mi Kim, CC, CL Deputy Education Introduce Roles in order; Naomi Kim, TM Timer, Ah Counter, Grammarian, and General Evaluator explain their roles (I Min)Past President: Carl Kimball, CC, CL Thought of thd Day session Announcement Introduce Table Topic Master LET'S GO TO BUSAN TOGETHER! 7:50 (10 mins) Table Topic Session Explain the rules and theme, 1 to 2 minute impromtu speaking, Timers Report, vote for the Best Table topic speaker

ㄴ Fall Busan National Conference on Nov 23rd! ㄴ Early bird registration is available until Nov 15! ㄴ Don't miss the best speeches and a hangout chance! around beautiful beaches with COEX Members! There's no Meeting on Nov25th Officer roles for 2014 Spring are open! ㄴ Great opportunity to build your leadership skill ㄴ Contact Matthew Kindig
ㄴContact President: (Matthew Kindig)

8:00 (10mins) Break Speakers Briefing (Toastmasters, Lobby) Socialize in the meeting room, Room fee collection 8:10 (45mins) Prepared Speech Session (Toastmaster) Introduce each speaker with project and speeches. Allow two minutes of silence for writing comments after each speech

Speakers Amber Burnett Jason Song

Manual & Project CC#1 Icebreaker


CC#1 Icebreaker CC#8 Get Comfortable with Roger Fusselman Visual Aids Richard Kim, PS#2 Speaking to ACS Entertain

"Jason, Man of Curiosity"

Time (min) 4-5-6(+/0.5) 4-5-6(+/0.5)

Evaluator MinJung Park Erica Hong

"Tips for Producing Funny Ideas" "The Life of Caterina de Medici" By When?

* PS : The Professional Speaker 8:55 (20 mins) Evaluation Session (General Evaluator) Explain the session Prepared Speech Evaluation (2-3 min each) Timers report for evaluators and vote for the best evaluator Ah Counter Report (2 min) Grammarian Report (3min) GE Comments (3min) 9:15 (5mins) Awards Presentation (Toastmaster) Present Best Table Topics Speaker, Best Evaluator, and Best Speaker awards Closing remartk (1 min) 9:20 (10mins) Club Business Session (Chairperson) Club Announcements Guest comments (2 min) Role sign-up for the next meeting (1min)

Jeong-Mi Kim, CC, 5-6-7(+/CL 0.5) 15-17-20(+/- Matthew Kindig, ACB, ALB 0.5) Weekly Schedule Who? What to do?

Edu Team Post all Line-up to FB Toastmaster Post theme to FB Friday Grammarian Post 'Word of the Day' All speakers Send title&project to VPE Sunday Edu Team Post Agenda to FB Monday All Meeting ㄴ contact VPE : (MinJung Park)

Word of the Day Brisk
1. Quick or busy (ex) Brisk walking is often recommended for fitness. 2. Very active.(ex) Our business is fairly brisk due to rising of US dollars. 3. Cold or fresh on weather (ex) The brisk autumn days make me feel alive.

9:30 Adjourn the meeting & Group photos .