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FCE Speaking Test Checklist

Put a check mark beside the statements that are true for the person/group. Expressions for paraphrasing: It s like!" It s something #ou need $hen!" %ou use it to!" Part One

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&nderstands the 'uestions b# ans$ering correctl# Expands ans$ers b# gi(ing examples or explaining $h#/$h# not &ses a $ide (ariet# of (ocabular# related to the topic )oes not repeat something the# ha(e alread# said *explanation or certain $ords+

Part Two Compare/Contrast Pictures  ,akes -/. comparisons


&ses phrases such as: one similarit# is that.." In this picture there s! $hereas in the other there s!" In first picture!. on the other hand in the second picture!" The main difference is! ,akes inferences *logical guesses+ using the language of probabilit# *I think/ might/ ma#/ could/ can t+ 0ns$ers the 'uestion using logical explanations/reasons &ses a $ide (ariet# of (ocabular# related to the topic 0(oids repeating $hat the# ha(e alread# said &ses time $isel# *compares/contrasts and ans$ers the 'uestion+

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Partner’s Question  &nderstands the 'uestions b# ans$ering correctl#

Part Three

Expands the ans$er b# sa#ing $h# or gi(ing examples

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)iscuss the pictures in relationship to the task *do not 1ust describe the pictures+ 2oth partners speak about the same amount of time 0sks for their partner s opinion and ideas

 &se expressions such as: *refer to functions reference for more ideas+ o 3et s start $ith this picture. o I absolutel# agree $ith #ou" I agree up to a point" %ou think so" %es/ and as $ell as that" %es/ that s true" Personall#/ I./ I feel the same $a#/ I think the same thing+ Expands the ans$er b# sa#ing $h#/ ho$/ $hen and/or $here Pro(ides *personal+ examples/reasons for their opinions . I don t agree $ith." I 1ust don t think it matter! o Sorr# for interrupting/ *but+ 3et s mo(e onto this picture" 3et s talk about this picture" Can I 1ust sa#! o 4hat do #ou think5 )o #ou agree5 &ses a $ide (ariet# of (ocabular# related to the topic )oes not repeat $hat the# or their partner has alread# said The discussion is focused on discussing the points from the first part of the task and also leads to ans$ering the second 'uestion    [no penalty for not answering the second question directly – a discussion of the pictures related to the task is more important] Part Four      0ns$ers the 'uestions correctl# &ses a $ide (ariet# of (ocabular# related to the topic 6elates ans$ers to their partner s *Ex...