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(1) Synopsis

The film Leftenan Adnan was released in year 2000. This film is portrayed based on a Malaysian soldier , Lt. Adnan , who gave up his life defending Malaya from the Japanese invasion during the World War 2 period. Lt.Adnan is a World War II action patriotic individual who fought to resist Japanese invasion . The movie begin with Lt. Adnan early childhood days, where he is seen as a kampong boy . A ceremony called 'majlis berkhatan' was held and was his embarkment into an adult fuelled with the spirit of patriotism. The love life of LT.Adnan also was portrayed in the scene where he meets his wife , and fall in love . In the late 1930's and early 40's, the British who was in control of Malaya at that time has called for the 1st Rejimen of Malay Army to be set up. Adnan, fueled with the spirit of patriotism, was successful in his attempt to enter into the Army. Adnan was very well known for his patriotism, discipline, and integrity , as well as a high spirit . He soon found his way among the top leaders , as well as being admired by his fellow patriots. In favour of his Commanding Officer, Adnan was promoted and given the rank Leftenan . He built his family with his wife , Safiah and had two children's and was expecting their third child when the war broke out. The story then continues with Lt Adnan and his troops trying to fight off the Japanese invasion. Although he couldn't stop it , but he managed to paralyse many troops of the Japanese army by killing many Japanese soldiers at that time. The film emphasized on Lt Adnan concept of no matter what, as a patriotic citizen, one had to fight until the last drop of blood to defend the nation.

(2) When the Japanese attempted to invade Malaya, they spread a propaganda that they are here to help Malaya to free themselves from British command. Many people who were unsatisfied with the British fell for this propaganda that the Japanese were actually trying to help them to free themselves from the British. So, people begin to support the Japanese in their fight against British. The Malaya people lend aid to the Japanese army. They were unaware about the Japanese true motive and only in the later part , will they understand that the Japanese army is far more worst that British. The another part of the Malaya community resisted the attempt of the Japanese to claim Malaya. They did not believe in the Japanese propaganda of freeing Malaya from British . They tried to defend themselves from the Japanese as far as they could . They refused to giving aid to the Japanese army. Many lost their life in doing this.

(3) The Japanese hating the Chinese was a result from the many wars that Japan and China has endured. During the wars, many cruel and bad things happened to the Japanese as well as the Chinese . Each had different propaganda on the face of war. When Japanese invaded Malaya , the Chinese community suffered greatly from the Japanese army. Many Chinese individuals were tortured and made to suffer. Many were forced to work as labours until they die.

(4) The Japanese was able to defeat British easily due to certain factors. The British was unprepared for Japanese attack . They concentrated they defence at only one point of Malaya and left other entry point undefended. When the Japanese attacked from the weak locations , British was unable to defend Malaya. Japanese army was also well prepared in term of strategy .They were able to take Malaya in just a short period of time as they travelled using bicycles , moving unknowingly to British. The Japanese was also able to gain suprot and aid from the local communities through their propaganda. The Japanese were well planned and organised ,with great discipline and strong will . The Japanese were well trained in jungle warfare , adapting in better combat strategies. The British soldiers in the other hand were all demoralized. The Japanese army had total control of the air with their planes , which made British defence extremely weak .


The movie was a great platform to analyse the situation of our country before it achieved independence. The struggles, sufferings , the effort of the army as well as the people to resist the invasion of Japanese were well portrayed in this film. The patriotic actions in the film really catches my attention of what people go through for their country. In short words , the film Lt Adnan is a valuable piece of history in its own and should be viewed by all Malaysian as I did as a lesson in patriotism, for what the country has offered us today .