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Factors That Transform an Organization into a World-Class Enterprise: Special Focus on ERP Barath Kumar Roshi Grace PSG Institute Of Management, Coimbatore

A successful organization is one which can easily adapt to the radical changes. in accordance with the changing market trends. a literature search was done in the EBSCO and ProQuest databases. Any successful organization would be characterized by a Visionary champion (Management). The customers. responsible for driving growth in the organization. Methodology– To analyze the impact of the factors on the formation of a world-class enterprise. and 4 on Data Analytics. known as ERP. employees. using a single application system. 7 on Knowledge Management . for delivering products or services by exceeding customer expectations and bringing in continuous process improvements and product or service innovations to keep up with the market dynamics. product or service innovations and process improvements can be integrated together to provide competitive advantage to an enterprise. Findings – . supply chain. 4 on Decision Support Systems .FACTORS THAT TRANSFORM AN ENTERPRISE INTO WORLD-CLASS ENTERPRISE 2 Abstract Purpose – Aim of the study is to identify the factors that transform an organization into a world class enterprise and bring out the significant role played by ERP in this process. effectively utilizes the potential of his employees. time variant data it encapsulates that could be efficiently used for transformation of an enterprise into world-class. who knows the customers well. This search yielded 11 research papers on ERP. 5 on Artificial Intelligence . 2 on Data Forecasting software. This paper focuses on the role of ERP in providing business integration and the wealth of non-volatile.

The future scope of this analysis lies in testing of hypotheses and deriving results for verification Practical implications – The results of the analysis contribute to a better understanding of the various forces that could be exploited for transforming any firm into a world-class enterprise. could not be verified or tested. The significant role of ERP was also identified. Research limitations- The robustness of the results stated above. The study has important implications and future directions for organizations that are thriving to become world-class Originality/value – The paper analyses the factors for transformation of a firm to world class enterprise and provides a framework which could be used as a test base for future research .FACTORS THAT TRANSFORM AN ENTERPRISE INTO WORLD-CLASS ENTERPRISE 3 The analysis of the papers revealed the various factors that contribute to the transformation of an organization into a world class enterprise.