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Passionate about technology but crave more? A career as Patent Professional offers you a unique combination of business and technology.

Post Graduate Diploma in Patent Law and Management January 2014

Nano drugs, 3 D printing, wireless data transfer, digital TV, wearable electronics, the list goes on. New technologies enter the market at an ever-faster rate and form part of your world, sometimes without you knowing it. How do companies stay innovative? How do they create value out of new technologies and becoming bigger?

together with third parties. If a new technology is introduced in the market by more than one company, the chance of financial success is enhanced. The patent professional plays a major part in all these aspects of the new Intellectual Economy. Does a new idea require a patent quickly? Is there a danger that the competition will grab the idea for itself? Or maybe no patent protection is required? Is a technology genuinely novel and inventive? Legal protection is indeed of little use if you are incapable of checking whether third parties actually use the technology. Also: is an invention commercially interesting? These are considerations that make an appeal to the technical insight and commercial feeling of the patent professional

Patent Professional a New Profession
Some twenty years ago, companies use to make profit by increasing efficiency of production of its products, nowadays knowledge is the new key to success. Knowledge of technology and its marketing, in the form of patents, trademarks, design patents, and copyrights, determine the worth of a company. This development has given special importance to patent professional in an industry. A meticulous use of intellectual property now plays a crucial part in generating profits. As a patent professional you do much more than merely providing legal protection for new technologies. You are much more closely involved in the business, work with people at CXO level and help company take strategic decisions. Thus you will be confronted with questions such as: what knowledge is of strategic importance? How best to utilize it? What knowledge can be out licensed to competitors? How knowledge can be bought or jointly develop? Buying and selling patents leads to major advantages. Not only does it create income through the sale of rights, but it also generates the possibility of developing new technologies

1 PRIMER TO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY  Patents  Trademarks  Copyright  Geographical Indications  Industrial Designs  Integrated Circuits  Traditional knowledge  Plant breeders rights INTERNATIONAL PATENT CONVENTIONS  Paris Convention for Protection of Industrial Property  History  Principal Provisions  Administrative and Financial Provisions  Patent Corporation Treaty  Introduction  The Functioning of the PCT System  Advantages of the PCT System  Budapest Treaty on International Recognition of Deposit of Micro- organisms  Background to the Treaty  Summary of the Treaty  Main Advantages of the Treaty  International Convention for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants  Introduction  The International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of  Plants (UPOV)  The 1991 Act of the UPOV Convention  Developments in Plant Variety Protection  The Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights  Introduction  General Provisions, Basic Principles and Final Provisions (Parts I and VII)  Standards Concerning the Availability, Scope and Use of Intellectual Property Rights (Part II)  Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (Part III)  Acquisition and Maintenance of Intellectual Property Rights and  Related Procedures (Part IV)  Dispute Prevention and Settlement (Part V)  Cooperation between the World Intellectual Property Organization and the World Trade Organization  The Strasbourg Agreement Concerning the International Patent Classification


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 

Indian Patent Act 1970 (Salient Features)  Indian Patent Office  Definitions and Interpretations  Inventions not patentable in India (Section 3 (d))  Procedure of Indian Patent Filing  Procedure of PCT Patent Filing  Opposition and Revocation  Working of Patents and Compulsory Licensing  Power of Controller  Infringement and Defenses United Sates Patent Law (Salient Features)  Title 35 of the United States Code o Part I--United States Patent and Trademark Office o Part II—Patentability of Inventions and Grant of Patents o Part III—Patents and Protection of Patent Rights o Part IV--Patent Cooperation Treaty European Patent Law (Salient Features) Indian vs. USA vs. EU


INNOVATION MANAGEMENT  Types of innovation  Breakthroughs vs. Improvements  Broad vs. narrow  How innovation drives growth  Competition law  IP as profit centre  An innovation culture  When is it innovation?  Creating an innovative environment  Matching market needs to technology  Cost – Benefit analysis  Designing the product portfolio  An open search for ideas QUALITATIVE AND QUANTATIVE ANALYSIS  Patent Searching o o o o o OPERATIONS


State of the art search or technology survey Technological Search Patentability Search Technology landscape Freedom to operate


Indian Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorney

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Patenting  Mechanics of Patent Drafting o Provisional and Complete Specification o Claim Drafting- Independent, Dependent, Omnibus, Chemical structure etc o Prosecution Conflict  Infringement  Opposition  Revocation Ownership of patent  Rights of inventor  Disputed Ownership  Employee Service  Changes of ownership o Mortgage o Assignment Unfair competition

STRATEGY  Defensive  Cost Centric  Profit Centric  Integrated  Visionary FINANCE  Economics of patent law  The growing role of unseen wealth  The Measurement Problem Accounting Patent Valuation  The Cost Approach,  The Income Approach and  The Market Approach o Market Events Can Indicate Value o A Lost Patent Indicates Value  Early Stage Technology Valuation Measuring Patent Portfolio Performance  IP Performance Metrics  Non- Financial Metrics Patenting Activity as indicator of Revenue Growth Economics of Patent litigation Using Patent Portfolios to predict Stock Portfolio Performance Patent Taxation


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Commercialization Models  So you have an idea for money?  What factors are to be considered?  How to make the decision?  Commercial Options- Business start up , Spin – Outs, Licensing Patent Licensing  Basic of Contract Law  Patent Licenses o Patent License Agreement (Paid-Up) o Patent License Agreement (Running Royalty) o Technology License Agreement Royalty Rates Calculation Negotiation Open Source Licensing o Licensing Models in Software industry University Technology Transfer  Technology Transfer Goals  Harvard University – Royalty Sharing Model  Spin - outs Venture Investment  Introduction  Patent Based Deal Flow  Patent Investment Deal Structure  Patent security agreement Patent Asset Backed Financing Patent Branding Strategy   


  

Patents in Software Industry  History of Software Patents  Cases  Diamond vs. Diehr – Algorithm Patent Case  Apple Computers – Code Protection  Cloud Computing Patents in Technology Companies  IBM Success Story  GE Success Story Patents and Bioinformatics  Patentability of Genes Patents and Pharmaceuticals  Merck Success Story Patents and Biotechnology  Dtect Pty Ltd – Development of Diagnostic Kits

Indian Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorney

 Biocon Patent Strategy Case Law Studies  Biogen Inc v Medeva Plc  Catnic Components Ltd v Hill & Smith Ltd  Electrolux Ltd v Hudson  Fujitsu Ltd’s Patent Application  Genentech Inc’s Patent  General Tire & Rubber Co v Firestone Tyre & Rubber Co Ltd  Haberman and Another v. Jackel International Ltd  IBM Corp’s European Patent Application (T935/97)  98 IBM/Document Abstracting and Retrieving  Improver Corp v Raymond Industrial Ltd  Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals Inc v Penn Pharmaceuticals Ltd  Merrill Lynch Inc’s Application  Pall Corp v Commercial Hydraulics (Bedford) Ltd  Milliken Denmark A/S v Walk Off Mats Ltd  Schering A.G.”s Application

Indian Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorney

List of practical
                       Prior art searching Patentability analysis Novelty analysis Infringement analysis Freedom to operate analysis Indian patent drafting US patent drafting European patent drafting Patent Landscaping Patent Portfolio analysis Patent docketing Patent case law interpretation Patent Validation License Agreements Drafting Patent Valuation Patent Portfolio Management Patent filing at Indian Patent Office US patent filing European patent filing PCT Filing Trademark Filing Copyright Filing Design filing

Indian Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorney

Recruiting Companies
IP Companies Ashmar IP Inventree Brain League IIPTA Cheers Interactive International IP Dolcera Adhikari IPC Sagacious Research Patracode Services Private Limited TecEsq Knowledge Solutions Private Limited IDS – Legal Echo Solutions Fox Mandal Effectual Services De Penning & De Penning Lexterrae Consulting Pvt Ltd PatInt Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Patentwire Zen Technologies Limited I –WIN IP services Clairvolex IP MAS Juris Legal Consultants Sagacious Research

Law Firms Anand and Anand Lex Orbis Remfry and Sagar Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan Rajeshwari & Associates Singh & Singh Advocates Subramaniam, Nataraj & Associates Indian Juris John Mathew & Associates Inttladvocare Krishna & Saurastri Associates Lall Lahiri & Salhotra Ramfry and Sagar John Mathew & Associates Khaitan and Partners Khurana and Khurana

LPO/ KPO CPA Global Evalueserve Pangea 3 Wipro LPO Infosys LPO Promax Legal Thomson Reuters WNS - Global

Life-science Companies

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Novartis Ranbaxy Panacea Biotech Mylan Laboratories Cadila Pharmaceuticals Aurobindo Pharma Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

Sun Pharmaceutical Jubliant Lifesciences Natco Pharma Biocon Nectar Lifesciences Glenmark Generics Limited Indian Institute of Biotechnology

Government BCIL TIFAC URDIP CSIR Indian Patent Office TIFAC Indian Oil Limited CCMB IIT – Technology Transfer Cell CII

Engineering Companies Nokia Motorola Tata Steel Tata Motors Microsoft GE Global Research Ford SAP Labs Adobe Systems India Nokia Mercedes Benz IBM Corporation

Indian Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorney

Class Schedule
Classes will be held from 10:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M. (Monday - Friday).

Classroom Program
Duration: Six months Fees: Rs. 1, 50,000/- (Rupees One lakh and fifty thousand only) + service tax @ 12.36% 5% discount for down payment (one time). Option to pay in installments is available.

Distance Learning Program
Duration: Twelve months Fees: Rs.60, 000/- (Rupees Sixty thousand only) + service tax @ 12.36% Online training and support is available is through cloud campus. All the study material is provided in printed format and participants can submit online assignments, tests, interact with experts online etc.

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