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The Hop Yard The change in season always marks a shift in Tallahassee’s cultural life.

As Halloween nears, so too do the familiar events and festivals held in Tallahassee’s very own art district – near Railroad and Gaines. This Friday, the All Saint’s Hop Yard will be celebrating Oktoberfest, a night filled with music, beer, food, more beer, and most importantly – beer boots. Anyone over 18 is welcome and encouraged to come by and try some authentic German beer from Warsteiner and Swamp Head. And this is only a taste of what’s to come. Since there’s no home game next Saturday, October 12, many fans will find their designated tailgating land empty for the day. So for those seeking somewhere else to drink the day away, All Saint’s Hop Yard will be hosting their 3rd annual Gaines Street Fest. The last two years have been incredibly successful and it seems nearly impossible not to celebrate if you’re in the area. In the past, locally owned businesses invited customers to special sidewalk sales, food trucks paraded up and down the streets, and a few area restaurants even ran out of food from serving so many people. With over 50 confirmed bands this year, the tune shouldn’t be much different, only louder. This festival is striving to be bigger and better than the past two have been, so it’s definitely something worth checking out. Similarly, the All Saint’s Hop Yard will be hosting their All Saints Day Festival on November 3rd this year. Beginning at 11 am, the Hop Yard will be popping with live music and good food to celebrate the day, which seems like the perfect way to recover from Halloween festivities. There is a limited supply of full day tickets available for $10, and a portion of ticket sales will going towards the All Saints District Community Association. A total of 9 bands will be playing, two of which will be traveling all the way from New Orleans. And for the first 50 people to arrive, a free wish lantern will be given for them to release at the end of the night. To pre-order tickets online, just email

The Fog Walkers The past decade has seen a significant rise in the popularity of the graphic novel. It’s a concept that’s existed for quite some time now, but ever since major motion pictures started getting keen on the idea, many others followed suit. With the help of a Kickstarter campaign, husband and wife Timothy & Alorian Haire were able to introduce to society a fusion of photography and graphic design to create their new comic/web series – The Fog Walkers. The premise for their story focuses on survival. Some time from now, an alien race lands on earth and releases toxic gas into the atmosphere to ensure their own survival. This gas, known as The Fog, either terminates or mutates human life. Those who experience the latter effect turn into destructive creatures who thrive in the night and pose some serious problems to those who live outside of the affected areas. The Fog Walkers follows those individuals who endured the Fog and are now just attempting to survive and combat the alien race. Through the use of combining photography and graphic design, the comic is able to give off an eerily realistic vibe. Besides this project, Timothy and Alorian are also working as concept artists for a new science fiction radio play production titled “Zygerus.” Timothy is currently studying Game Art and Design, which complements Alorian’s profession as a Graphic Artist perfectly, allowing the two to create web comics like The Fog Walkers or even go so far as to create video games, which are also in the works. The Kickstarter campaign ended just at the end of August, so there isn’t currently another issue besides the promotional one available for the public. Their Facebook page is loaded with unique photoshoots alluding to upcoming ideas, though. Now it seems that the couple have even taken their love for RPG to the Super Bowl, as they’ve made it to the next round of voting for the opportunity to have a commercial aired during next year’s game. Even if comic books aren’t your thing, the photography and art that goes into this series challenges any conventional form of graphic novels offered today. Anyone who can appreciate looking at something nice will recognize the time and effort that went into creating this revolutionary multimedia art entertainment. The story line is solid and the graphics are even more so. Official Site: Facebook Page:

Lofty Pursuit’s Pursuit of Happiness Tallahassee’s very own toy store and soda fountain, Lofty Pursuits, just got that much sweeter. Last year, owner Gregory Cohen decided to team up with Wes Raley, one of the most recognized top candy masters, to begin a Kickstarter campaign. The two hoped to raise enough money to rescue some vintage candy equipment that could be restored and put to use in the shop. With how popular Lofty Pursuits is amongst Tallahassee locals, it’s no wonder that they managed to raise the money just one month later on February 4th. Now, it’s all about the Public Displays of Confection. Part of what makes a Lofty Pursuits experience so memorable, besides all of the sugar, is the open window that allows customers to watch on as candy is being made. Gregory Cohen finds it essential to be able to watch others prepare the food you are going to eat, so he allowed for this viewing as a new project – Public Displays of Confection. This project highlights their attempt to restore Victorian era candy, both through the equipment and technique used. Basically, the successful campaign means that Lofty Pursuits will acquire19 sets of drop rollers from an old candy store in Cincinnati called Mulane’s. The store was founded in 1848 and the equipment dates as far back as the 1860s. Drop rollers are a type of candy roller that make a wide range of different impressions in candy drops. They’re extremely rare and haven’t even been used since 1940. Most were melted down during World War II and turned into scrap metal, and those that remain are most commonly preserved in museums and viewed as art. That’s definitely not to say these rollers are inferior to their modern form, though. Now that the store has acquired these rare candy rollers, they are able to reintroduce a rare recipe for Nectar flavor, one that hasn’t been used in over 100 years. If you’re not feeling up to the drive, you can order these timeless treats online with absolutely no shipping costs. Convenient and creative, this candy shop definitely continues to strive for “loftier pursuits” to ensure a smile on every customer’s face. Plus, who wouldn’t want to watch candy get made on a machine that belongs in a museum? Regardless of whether you’re young or old, Lofty Pursuits will definitely bring out the kid in you. Public Displays of Confection Site/Oder Online:

A Fortnight of Rembrandt Currently ornamenting the halls of Florida State’s Museum of Fine Arts are the exquisite etchings of 17th century Dutch artist, Rembrandt van Rijn. Now until Sunday, October 6th, art aficionados and amateurs alike can expose their eyes to one of the largest privately owned collections of Rembrandt etchings in the world. The collection, on loan to Florida State from Tobia and Morton Mower, rivals that which would be expected in an exhibit in London or Paris, helping to establish the legitimacy of the museum as a serious contender in the art scene. The exhibition is open to the public and there is no admission fee to view over 60 original etchings, ranging in complexity. Though they appear small in size, the amount of detail in each piece is so overwhelming that it takes a moment for the eye to completely digest what is going on. Among the art featured are various self-portraits, landscapes, religious scenes, and even an homage to Rembrandt by Pablo Picasso himself, titled “Rembrandt et tetes de femmes” (Rembrandt and female heads). Hours of Operation: Directions & Parking:

Tallahassee Theatre Tallahassee is fortunate enough to have a rich performing arts scene. The coming winter season marks the beginning of a bunch of new shows and with There are so many different theatres constantly putting on productions, each which appeal to a different demographic. The nearing end of the year marks the beginning of the 2013=2014 production season, and this is when many theatres put on some of their biggest productions. So when things just get a little too routine in Tallahassee, go watch a show, it’s probably the same price as a movie ticket and an entirely different experience. Speed the Plow October 4-13 FSU School of Theatre The Colored Museum October 9-13 Essential Theatre Company October 18-27 FSU School of Theatre Putting It Together October 18-20, 25-27 Theatre A La Carte The Love of the Nightingale November 8-17 FSU School of Theatre Love, Loss, & What I Wore November 15-24, 2013 Theatre Tallahassee Winnie-the-Pooh November 21-24 FSU School of Theatre Beauty and the Beast November 15-17, 21-24

Young Actors Theatre Black Nativity December 4-8 Essential Theatre A Christmas Carol December 21-22 Theatre Tallahassee

The Fox on the Fairway January 9-26 Theatre Tallahassee Theatre Tallahassee: FSU School of Theatre: Theatre A La Carte: Young Actors Theatre: Essential Theatre:

Red Hills Small Farm Alliance Working toward the progression of food desserts plaguing low SES areas, the Red Hills Small Farm Alliance was formed in 2010 in an attempt to encourage and expand the economic success of local farms. In turn, this contributed to the further education of farmers which allowed the industry to expand across the entire area. With food desserts, citizens often do not have the means to fresh and nutritious foods. The multiplying of local farms provides fresh fruits and vegetables that are easily accessible and reasonably priced. For seven days, between October 21 and October 27, Red Hills will be hosting their “Seven Days of Local Delights” event where 17 different organizations will assemble and educate the public about the food scene in Tallahassee, including all the hot spots. Every day there will be different activities for the public to participate in, ranging from Garden dedication activities where participants take a tour of the Sowing Seeds Sewing Comfort Ministry and then join together for a dedication prayer, to a hands-on workshop where participants learn all the how to’s in starting a worm compost. Those who are interested in getting involved with the Alliance can easily join as a member or volunteer directly through their website. For membership, there are three options to choose from – farmer, friend, and funder. The farmer membership requires a $25 yearly fee but that comes with voting rights in elections regarding the community and reduced fees for Growers Circle Events. The friend membership requires a one time $25 induction fee which comes with the benefit of reduced fees in Growers Circle Events and access to the online market. The final membership must donate a minimum of $100 but can attend all Growers Circles events for a reduced price. They receive essentially all of the same perks as the famers do, except they don’t have to pay any additional yearly fee. A quick visit to the site also provides a list of local farmers markets, farm to table restaurants, and member farms. All of the resources necessary to further educate oneself on healthy eating and an active community can be found on the site. Red Hills Small Farm Alliance: