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RADIOLOGY Radiation Biology


1. X – rays cause radiation damage primarily by their property of A. Penetration B. C. Radioactivity Electromagnetic 7.

A. Nucleic acids B. C. Nerve cells Muscle cells

D. Epithelial cells Sensitivity of a body tissue to radiation is dependent on A. Blood flow B. Mitotic rate of cells Iron content C.

D. Ionization 2. The structure of protein least affected by radiation is A. Primary structure B. C. Secondary structure Tertiary structure 8.

D. Protein content of cells Which of the following are most sensitive to X – rays? A. Tooth buds and salivary glands B. Nerve and muscle tissue Hair and nails C.

D. Quaternary structure 3. Most sensitive phase in cell division to radiation is A. G1 phase B. C. Mitotic rate of cells G2 phase 9.

D. Cartilage Most radiosensitive cells are A. Vegetative intermitotic cells B. C. Reverting post mitotic cells Differential intermitotic cells

D. None of the above 4. Among the natural radiations, the one that contributes to more radiation exposure of general population is A. Cosmic B. C. Terrestrial Radon

D. Fixed post mitotic cells 10. The following is at more risk from exposure of a dental X – ray A. Bone marrow B. C. Breast Brain

D. Consumer products 5. The somatic non – stochastic effect of radiation is seen A. As effects on the body irradiated B. C. As effects of mutation As hereditary phenomenon

D. Thyroid 11. The most radiosensitive cells in the body are A. Endothelial cells B. C. Epithelial cells Red blood cells

D. All of the above 6. Most susceptible to radiation are

D. White blood cells 12. The most radio resistant organ is

Bengaluru: No. 75, Apoorva Complex, Next to Vijaya Bank, Behind Police Station, R T Nagar – 560032 Hyderabad: H. No: 3-4-758, LBK Nivas, Opp. Andhra Yuvathi Mandali, Barkatpura Main Road – 500 027 Tirupathi: C/O, CKS Teja Institute of Dental Sciences, Chadalawada Nagar, Renigunta Road – 517 006 Chennai: Flat No. 8A, 8th Floor, H. No. 808, Calve Chateau, Next to Ega Theater, Kilpauk – 600 010 Quick Contact: (0) 97422 32037   SUBSCRIBER’S COPY. UNAUTHORIZED CIRCULATION IS LIABLE TO BE PENALIZED

Opp. Lymphocytes B.brihaspathionline. 5000 rads 6000 rads D. Salivary glands B. Renigunta Road – 517 006 Chennai: Flat No. C. H.RADIOLOGY Radiation Biology A. Reduced salivary flow following irradiation is dose dependent. Tolerance 19. Female breast Thyroid D. Chadalawada Nagar. C. Cell rest and cell mitosis B. D. the ‚ latent period‛ represents the period of time between A. C. CKS Teja Institute of Dental Sciences. Oral mucosa 23. The cells which are least susceptible to radiation are A. C. All of the above Bengaluru: No. Complication of irradiation of mouth will include all EXCEPT A. R T Nagar – 560032 Hyderabad: H. Nerves B. Erythroblasts 14. Lymphocytes Osteoblasts D. Fibroblasts B. Depigmentation Radiation – induced carcinomas C. Lymphoid 13. Genetic Teratogenic D. Radiation caries is caused by irradiation of A. D. 4000 rads B. No change 20. 808. Next to Vijaya Bank. Connective tissue cells 15. The residual biologic damage that remains following an exposure to radiation is called A. No. Accelerated caries activity D. Paresthesia of the tongue 22. Next to Ega Theater. Skin 16. Mucositis B. Most radio resistant cells are A. Calve Chateau. Which of the following is most sensitive to radiation induced cancer A. Which of the following is not a complication of therapeutic radiation A. Gonads Lungs 2 18. 8th Floor. C. Xerostomia Cervical caries D. No: 3-4-758. 7000 rads 21. At what dose does the flow reach essentially zero? A. C. Radiation – induced thyroid cancer is the result of which of radiation A. D. Behind Police Station. The skin of a patient undergoing radiotherapy will show after 2 weeks A. 75. Kilpauk – 600 010 Quick Contact: (0) 97422 32037  drpnnreddy@brihaspathiacademy. UNAUTHORIZED CIRCULATION IS LIABLE TO BE PENALIZED . Cartilage B. Granulocytes Muscle cells D. Barkatpura Main Road – 500 027 Tirupathi: C/ SUBSCRIBER’S COPY. Enamel Enamel and dentin C. Erythema B. C. Radiation exposure and its biological effects (onset of symptoms)  www. LBK Nivas. Indirect effect Cumulative effect C. Direct effect B. Somatic B. 8A. In radiobiology. The first and last dose in radiation therapy Film exposure and image development D. C. Apoorva Complex. Andhra Yuvathi Mandali.

A patient who has been given tumoricidal dose of radiotherapy recently reports to dental clinic with painful carious exposed mandibular first molar with periapical abscess. infection damage A. Apoorva Complex. 1/8 R Bengaluru: No. CKS Teja Institute of Dental Sciences. Using ‘B’ film. C. C. 50 – 100 rads B. Radiation injury to the haemopoietic system of the bone marrow occurs when the whole body exposure range between A. Anesthesiology 31. Chadalawada Nagar. Behind Police Station. 8A. Infection. Dose Effective dose  www. UNAUTHORIZED CIRCULATION IS LIABLE TO BE PENALIZED . The medical specialty in which there is statistically higher incidence of leukemia A. Damage to periosteum Damage to lymphatics D. Rem Roentgen D. Osteoradionecrosis Prolonged healing D. Kilpauk – 600 010 Quick Contact: (0) 97422 32037  drpnnreddy@brihaspathiacademy. Osteoradionecrosis results from A. C. 500 rad 30. 8th Floor.brihaspathionline. 75. In treatment of oral cancers. C. C. what is the exposure when ‘D’ film is used A. No. Endarteritis of blood vessels B. C. Calve Chateau. 300 rad 400 rad D. SUBSCRIBER’S COPY. Next to Vijaya Bank. Exposure B. A patient requires tooth extractions from an area that has been subjected to radiation therapy. Extraction of the offending tooth D. None of the above 28. exposure is 1 R. C. Internal medicine Radiology D. Radiation. R T Nagar – 560032 Hyderabad: H.RADIOLOGY Radiation Biology B. The treatment of choice should be A. All of the above 27. trauma.000 rads to more 25. Barkatpura Main Road – 500 027 Tirupathi: C/O. 10. 200 – 1000 rads 1000 – 5000rads D. Which of the following represents the greatest danger to this patient A. C. trauma. the fraction of total dose given in each appointment is in the range of A. C. C. LBK Nivas. Next to Ega Theater. Rad B. infection Trauma. Dentistry B. C. Which of the following facilitates comparison between different radiation A. 808. No: 3-4-758. 1 R B. Xerostomia 24. ½R ¼R D. Opp. Incision and drainage of abscess 29. Andhra Yuvathi Mandali. Unit of measurements to compare radiation D. Osteoradionecrosis is due to A. Dose equivalent 33. Fracture of the mandible 26. radiation B. Quality factor 32. Alveolar osteitis B. Renigunta Road – 517 006 Chennai: Flat No. 150 rad B. Caries in unusual sites Accelerated periodontal diseases B. Root canal treatment if possible No treatment should be given 3 D. radiation.

0 rem per year D. Using speed ‘E’ film B. According to ‚heel effect‛ when cathode rays strike anode target. 90 mR B. Next to Ega Theater. 0. None of the above 35. C. None of the above 42. 0. 808. C. Behind Police Station. C. Next to Vijaya Bank. 8A. Major source of secondary scattered radiation A. CKS Teja Institute of Dental Sciences. C. Primary radiation 39. Scattered radiation Characteristic radiation D.RADIOLOGY Radiation Biology C. Opp. No: 3-4-758. 120 mR 47 mR  www. The main purpose of intensifying screens in extraoral radiographic films is A.03 mR 47 mR X – rays interact with matter film 4 D. 0. 75. Calve Chateau. H. Apoorva Complex. Mean exposure of radiation from pantamograph is A. 34. Renigunta Road – 517 006 Chennai: Flat No. SUBSCRIBER’S COPY. 50 rem per year 37. The Compton effect is seen when A. None of the above 38. D. Greatest decrease in overall radiation risk from dental X – ray to patients is achieved by A. LBK Nivas. X – rays interact with emulsion coating on 40.brihaspathionline. Compton effect B.05 rem per year B. Barkatpura Main Road – 500 027 Tirupathi: C/O. All of the above 41. X – ray released with high intensity are found towards A. X – rays strike on skin D. The maximum permissible dose of radiation to the operator of an X – ray machine is A. Increasing target – film distance 43. R T Nagar – 560032 Hyderabad: H. Primary Secondary D. D. 8th Floor. Kilpauk – 600 010 Quick Contact: (0) 97422 32037  drpnnreddy@brihaspathiacademy. Anode B. Stray radiation B. 300 mR 36. 300 mR B. Lead apron Increased target – film distance C. The principle hazard to operator and patient is produced by what type of radiation A. No. Rectangular collimation Using a lead apron C. Radiation that is produced from tube other than focal spot is called A.5 rem per year 5. UNAUTHORIZED CIRCULATION IS LIABLE TO BE PENALIZED . C. To increase the contrast of film B. Gamma B. Filtration 44. Andhra Yuvathi Mandali. Mean exposure at skin from an intraoral periapical radiographs A. The most effective method of reducing patient dose from dental X – ray A. Speed ‘E’ film B. To increase the exposure time To decrease the speed of film C. C. Decrease secondary radiation to patient Bengaluru: No. Chadalawada Nagar. X – rays strike on film B. D. Photoelectric effect Thompson effect D. Cathode In between anode and cathode C.

Porcelain 48. More radiosensitive Not to be considered D. 8A. 75% 5 D. Hypoxic conditions are A. Next to Vijaya Bank. Reduces secondary radiation to film 53. Stomach Bengaluru: No. 808. C. Thyroid SUBSCRIBER’S COPY. Apoorva Complex. Grid is used A. When a shielded open cone is used the gonadal dose to a patient is mainly from A. CKS Teja Institute of Dental Sciences. No: 3-4-758. C. C. Steel Lead Decreased exposure time of using a GRID Filter the radiation Removes scattered radiation C. Primary X – ray tube Scatters from patient’s face 51. exposure should be reduced by what percentage of that of adults? A. 4 month  www. The substance most commonly used for C. 6 feet. Decreasing mA B. Kilpauk – 600 010 Quick Contact: (0) 97422 32037  drpnnreddy@brihaspathiacademy. Andhra Yuvathi Mandali. To remove secondary radiation B. 120 degree 50. All of the above Increased secondary radiation fog to film D. More radio resistant B. H. 90 degree D. Decreasing KVp Decreasing target – film distance D. Next to Ega Theater.brihaspathionline. Calve Chateau. Open ended lead – lined cones reduce A. Intensity of primary radiation Level of scattered radiation 52. C. Renigunta Road – 517 006 Chennai: Flat No. Intensity of scattered radiation B. Opp. 46. R T Nagar – 560032 Hyderabad: H. C. C. protection against X – ray radiation is A. 50% D. The most radio susceptible organ for radiation cancer among the following is A. 1 month B. Zinc B. Filters By increasing target – object distance D. C. LBK Nivas. Increasing target – film distance 55. 6 feet.RADIOLOGY Radiation Biology 45. Chadalawada Nagar. 47. Barkatpura Main Road – 500 027 Tirupathi: C/O. None of the above during D. D. Increased patient exposure B. No effect on radiation perception 56. UNAUTHORIZED CIRCULATION IS LIABLE TO BE PENALIZED . Behind Police Station. The minimum distance and angle between the X – ray source and operator should be at least A. 75. 8th Floor. C. Same exposure D. 25% B. No. Radio density can be increased by A. When taking radiogrpahs for children. All of the above D. 3 month 6 month C. Leakage from tube B. Speed films B. Badges should be worn by dental technician every A. 135 degree 9 feet. Decreasing kilo voltage potential 49. 45 degree B. Disadvantages radiography is A. Radiation dose to patient can be reduced by all of the following EXCEPT A. 9 feet.

26 general White & Pharoah. 6/e. 6/e. 6/e. 8. No. p.22 White & Pharoah.18 26. 9. Barkatpura Main Road – 500 027 Tirupathi: C/O.24 White & Pharoah.50 Reference White & Pharoah. p. Calve Chateau. Bones Nervous tissue 16. CKS Teja Institute of Dental Sciences. p. p.19 D. so B is answer White & Pharoah. 18. No: 3-4-758. Renigunta Road – 517 006 Chennai: Flat No. C. 808. 29.20 White & Pharoah. 3. 22.29 White & Pharoah. 6/e.23. p. Bones 58. Nervous tissue B. 6/e. 7. R T Nagar – 560032 Hyderabad: H. 20. 6/e. 6/e. 32. Apoorva Complex. 6/e. 17. p. Andhra Yuvathi Mandali.23 Freny Karjodkar 2/e p. The tissue most susceptible to radiation is: A. Breast 57. C. p. LBK Nivas. 14.27 White & Pharoah. p. Liver 10. 6/e.26 White & Pharoah. 6/e. 8th Floor. Basal cells of oral mucosa B. Q. 75. 30. 6/e. 6/e. 13.33 White & Pharoah.27 White & Pharoah.22 Actually high sensitive is female breast. 25 White & Pharoah. 28. 4. 34. 6/e. Muscles and skin Blood forming cells D. p 16 Freny Karjodkar 2/e p63 Bengaluru: No. p 29 table White & Pharoah. A D A D C 6 White & Pharoah. Opp.27 White & Pharoah. p. 6/e. Chadalawada Nagar. Next to Ega Theater. 27. p.19 White & Pharoah. The least susceptible tissue of the body to X – radiation is A. Connective tissue cells White & Pharoah. 11. Answer Keys D A C C A A B A A White & Pharoah. 35. B D. 8A. 6. Kilpauk – 600 010 Quick Contact: (0) 97422 32037  drpnnreddy@brihaspathiacademy. 6/e.24 Freny Karjodkar 2/e p.19 White &  www.24. 6/e. Next to Vijaya Bank.27 Freny Karjodkar 2/e p. UNAUTHORIZED CIRCULATION IS LIABLE TO BE PENALIZED . p23 White & Pharoah. 23. 6/e. 6/e. 31. p. p. 6/e. Behind Police Station. p. 6/e. 33.50 White & Pharoah. 25. SUBSCRIBER’S COPY. 12. p.RADIOLOGY Radiation Biology C. Epithelial cells Lymphocytes Same as that of mucosa White & Pharoah. p.20 White & Pharoah. H. Which tissue is most susceptible to radiations A. 6/e. p. 19. 5. p. 2. 6/e. 6/e. 24. 6/e. 6/e. C. p.58 D.23. p. Skin and muscles 59. D A C A C D A C B B A B B A C B D C A&B C 15.26 White & Pharoah. p. p. p.brihaspathionline. 24 White & Pharoah. p. intermediate is thyroid.24 White & Pharoah. Mature bone B. No. 21. 6/e.

6/e. 39. p57 White & Pharoah. 57. 46. 41. 6/e. UNAUTHORIZED CIRCULATION IS LIABLE TO BE PENALIZED . 6/e. Andhra Yuvathi Mandali. 50. Behind Police Station. CKS Teja Institute of Dental Sciences.63 White & Pharoah. 8A. 6/e. 6/e. R T Nagar – 560032 Hyderabad: H.61 White & Pharoah. H.12 White & Pharoah. p. 29 White & Pharoah. 38. 6/e. 75.14 White & Pharoah. No. p38 White & Pharoah. Chadalawada Nagar. Apoorva Complex. 6/e. LBK Nivas. Kilpauk – 600 010 Quick Contact: (0) 97422 32037  drpnnreddy@brihaspathiacademy. 808. Renigunta Road – 517 006 Chennai: Flat No.29 Freny Karjodkar 2/e p 65 White & Pharoah. 6/e. 51. 56.63 White & Pharoah.27. 6/e. 6/e. p.12 White & Pharoah. p. Calve Chateau. Next to Ega Theater. p. 59. 6/e. 55.14 White & Pharoah. 6/e. p. p38 White & Pharoah. 48.RADIOLOGY Radiation Biology 36. p. 6/e. p.  www. 37. 8th SUBSCRIBER’S COPY. p. 54. 44. 58. 6/e. 6/e. 6/e. 45. p. 49. 11/e White & Pharoah. 43.29 box 2.41 7 Bengaluru: No. 40. No: 3-4-758. p37 White & Pharoah. p. p41 White & Pharoah. p10 White & Pharoah.2 White & Pharoah. 6/e. 6/e. Opp. 6/e. 52. Next to Vijaya Bank. 47. p. 6/e. 42. p. p. Barkatpura Main Road – 500 027 Tirupathi: C/O. C C A C A B B A D C C C D B B C A A C A B C A A Burkett’s.12 White & Pharoah.63 White & Pharoah.23 White & Pharoah.brihaspathionline. p.