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Annexure II

Assistance under the XI Plan Programmes - Scheme for export oriented production
Activity component 1.Development of Eastern states Organic cultivation of ginger North Eligibility criteria Upto 8 ha Nature & scale of assistance 50% of the cost of planting material will be provided as subsidy @ Rs.12500/- per ha. Participating NGOs will be provided Rs.500/per ha as retention fee and Rs.300/- towards certification cost and these amounts will be deducted from the subsidy and balance amount only will be paid to the growers Training of selected farmers (every year) Trainees selected Board will be Training will be conducted at IISR, ICRI, other research stations, spice plantations, NGOs, processing units in South India and Quality Evaluation Lab of Spices Board, Cochin by meeting the entire expenses for travel, TA/DA, accomodation, training expenses, local transport etc. by Spices Board 2.Postharvest improvement of spices Drying Yard Construction of drying yard to dry ginger under hygienic conditions Upto 4 ha Rate of subsidy - Rs. 540/-, Rs. 300/- and Rs. 150/- per sq.m. for ST, SC and General Category towards 90%, 50% and 25% of the cost of construction respectively. (Cost per sq.m. estimated is Rs. 600/-). Individual growers will be provided subsidy for construction upto 150 sq.m. Community drying yards by NGOs / Farmers’ Groups (SHGs), Association of Farmers and Agri Market Committees will be given 50% of the cost of construction as subsidy and the maximum area of drying yard that is eligible by the Group will be proportionate to the members thereof. Polythene / Silpaulin Sheet : Subsidised supply of Polythene / Silpaulin Sheet Upto 4 ha (Upto 1 ha two sheets and 1-4 ha, three sheets) 50% subsidy to tribal growers and 33.33% to other growers. Board will arrange centralised purchase and distribution to growers.

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NGOs and Farmers’ Cooperative Societies / Associations. 4-8 ha .. 5000/. Organic cultivation Cultivation of spices Upto 8 ha Subsidy is Rs. First instalment of Rs. accredited inspection certification agency under NPOP.. Vermi compost units Setting up of vermi compost units Upto 8 ha (upto 4 ha 2 nos.or 33.33% of the cost whichever is less. Source : Spices Board Page 2 of 2 .000/. 2000/-. 2500/. 2000/.3 nos. Second instalment of Rs. 2250/will be paid after sowing / planting.Organic Farming Organic certification : Assistance for organic certifications of farms and processing units Eligibility criteria Upto 8 ha Nature & scale of assistance Subsidy will be Rs. 2000/.per ha will be for meeting certification cost which will be deducted while paying subsidy to farmers. 500 /. of 1 tonne capacity per cycle) Subsidy per unit will be Rs. 2250/and Rs. 75. (Cost of a moisture meter is estimated as Rs.250/.will be paid after harvesting in the case of annuals and in the succeeding year in the case of perennials. Rs. (Cost of maintaining Internal Control System (ICS) in groups will be considered not exceeding the maximum limit of subsidy of Rs.000/.Activity component Moisture Meter for spices : Supply of Moisture Meter to detect moisture level of the final product at farm level 3.provided the cost involved for ICS is certified by a competent authority decided by the Board.per ha out of which Rs. 8000/-) Possession of a valid confirmation certificate individual issued and / by or in for group. 75. 4.per ha will be given to participating NGO as retention fee and Rs. 250/.or 50% of the cost of certification whichever is less as subsidy to individual farmers and processors.per device towards 32% of the cost.will be paid to the growers in two instalments of Rs. 25. an conversion or organic Rs.000/. Balance amount of Rs.or 50% of the cost of certification whichever is less as subsidy to group of farmers.