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Basic Information:
Name: Sasho Nikolovski Date of birth: 30/03/1975 Nationality: Macedonian Driving Licence: B

1. Macedonian – mother tongue 2. English – fluent 3. German - Basic

Education :
Formal education
  1993 - 1999 – University “St Cyril and Methodius” – Mechanical Faculty, Skopje – HSE Engineer 1989 – 1993 – High School “Nikola Tesla” – mechanical technician

Training Course:
  Organization of the employers of Macedonia – Health and Safety at work, risk assessment of the working place. SGIP of Republic of Macedonia – Health and Safety at work.


and externally to the relevant authorities. physical and biological risks in working environment. Ensure that all personnel have received appropriate safety and health training as stipulated in HSE manual. purchase and maintenance of the work equipment.  2002. preparation and maintenance of the HSE system. Security com Multiservice International Supervisor for the needs of EVN Macedonia. FONKO HSE Engineer for safety and health at work. Granit. Preparing the health. APAVE Advise the employer for planning the workplace and working environment.Work experience :  2010 – Present.  2003 – 2004. Establish and ensure implementation of best safety practices. Ensure that safety and environmental standards are maintained and continually seek ways to improve safety standards. Advise the employer in the process of planning. Investigate and report all reportable accidents: internally to relevant persons.  2007.  2007 – 2008. Organizing regular and control check-ups of chemical. selection. Performs Internal audit for implementation of established HSE measures in the company. UNDP Coordinator on the project for “Clean and Green Macedonia” – a project for raising the awareness for proper waste management in Macedonia 2 .  2005 – 2007. Advise Management on all matters pertaining to safety and health including compliance with country Legislation’s on safety and health . investigation and analysis as stipulated in the HSE manual. Skopje HSE Engineer for safety and health at work during the training of drivers for transport of dangerous substances. Maintain relevant safety records. Plan and implement safety and health program and promotional activities that will improve safety and health awareness. Establish and maintain a system incident reporting. Organizing regular and control check-ups of work equipment. Main Executive in the sale of machines for professional cleaning. safety and environmental procedures and instructions for safe work Revision. responsible for supervision and proper placing of the airconditioners. records and certificates. Security com Multiservice International Sales Manager.

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