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Can Blogging Make You Rich And Famous?
Can you be rich and famous if you have a blog? Why do people start a blog… or why do they even bother to update it if it doesn’t pay? Although the last major Google updates have officially made content the king of the online world, there are a lot of people who have not yet embraced the idea of having a blog. Their websites are plain, dull, old. They don’t spend time creating content. To them, having a blog is useless. So let’s see what blogging can do for you… can it make you famous? Can it make you rich…? (P.S.: read the entire article to see why I ended up publishing that horrifying, poorly edited photo of me as a post image) Ruled by the thinking, “There are others who write just what I’d write“, a lot of people give up blogging even before they tried it. The sad thing is that I see this happening in a lot of people my age (students, that is). I recently attended a one-week workshop where I learned a lot of useful things related to online marketing. It was also a perfect opportunity for me to see what students think about having a blog. But I was the only student at the workshop who had a blog. Jawdrop moment. And I soon noticed a sort of reluctance when it comes to owning and maintaining a blog. All these because of misconceptions.

Misconceptions about blogging
I asked several people why don’t they have a blog. Here are some of their answers:
       I don’t have anything interesting to talk about Nobody cares what I think I can’t write Nobody is interested in my content I don’t have enough time to write Having a blog is costly Blogging makes my butt look fat (oh, wait, that’s not blogging, it’s that new pair of jeans I recently bought) |

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Truths about blogging
I do not consider myself a blogger. I am just someone who writes about her discoveries. But being a writer, I love learning about online writing techniques and about online marketing. So that’s what I write about: the stuff I learn. Thus I strongly believe that everyone – especially business owners and students looking for a job – should accommodate themselves with blogging. You should start blogging like… yesterday. Here are some of the “why”s: Blogging is fun! You can write on absolutely whatever topic you feel like writing. On top of that, being a student who owns a blog can help you get a super-cool job. Word! If you write about PR, marketing, advertising, social media, you can include your blog URL in your CV. It will give you an edge over other candidates because guess what: your blog is proof that you have experience in the field. The best thing is that, even if you are not a PR and marketing advocate, you can still get that good job you like if you have a niche blog (more about niche blogs below). If you’re doing it just for fun, blogging can still bring you money and there are a lot of bloggers who areliving proof of this. So yes, blogging can make you rich… indirectly. It can surely make you famous, though! You don’t want all the people to love your blog “They don’t like my style” or “They will critique my work” are two of the reasons you tend to shy away from blogging. But the truth is, whatever you do in this life will be critiqued. You can’t please all. And“they” are the ones you shouldn’t aim to please. And here’s the good news: There are definitely 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 people who WILL surely appreciate your work. That’s without a doubt more than none. And that’s enough for you to start paving your way to success. You don’t have to write on your blog I don’t give a damn if you are a writer or not. A blog is not about written content as much as it is about flair, personality, humor and knowledge.
      You can create videos and share them on your website. You can take pictures of your food (or nature, or portraits, or whatever) and share them on your blog. You can create amazingly beautiful presentations. You can sing. You can have a podcasting blog. You can illustrate. |

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You have NO limits on the kind of content you can share on your blog.

Take it personally, or professionally There are two main types of blogs: business-oriented blogs and personal journals. Not all of us feel comfortable sharing our life experiences online. But we can search for a niche of an industry we are interested in. Let’s take an example, I work great with examples. Let’s say you like to watch movies. You don’t have a business and are not interested in starting one (at least not yet). But you do like to watch a lot of movies. The downside is that you can’t remember all ‘em movies. You forget the things you liked about a certain movie, you forget various details, you even forget you saw a movie… It happens. We, humans, forget things. Can blogging help? You can start a blog and write down your thoughts on these movies. If you’re not a pen person you can record yourself while talking about a movie you’ve just watched. Include a movie trailer in your article and a poster to help you remember what the movie is all about. Blogging is first of all about you If I look at the first post I wrote on this blog I feel like deleting it. The quality of the article is questionable. The picture is not representative. I won’t give you a link to it because it really is this bad. But I will never delete that article. Because whenever I want to go back and see where I started from, well, that’s when my first article shows me how much I evolved. And, trust me, it feels great to see you’ve grown…!

Blogging tip: Stop creating content for others. Start doing it for yourself.

The moment you start writing content for YOU, you will do it with quality in mind. |

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Where to start blogging
Let’s bring down the myth according to which blogging is costly. Let’s beat it with its own weapons. Let’s tear this myth in hundreds of small little pieces and let’s see how you can blog for free! Are you with me on this one? Good, because I’ve just finished fishing for the best free blogging platforms:
       and – a book submission website. You can write your articles, save them in PDF format and then upload them on Scribd. Takes a bit of time, but you can collect hundreds of reads and views in a matter of minutes. – you didn’t expect this one, did you? The Notes section on Facebook works wonders for bloggers. Use it with trust! Google Plus – nor did you expect this one, huh?

So, as a conclusion, if you don’t have a blog yet it is because you are shadowed by the misconceptions which surround it. But if you DO have a blog…

Do yo have a blog?
I have no presentation for you today. But I do have a question: do you have a blog? If yes, look at the picture below. Where do you think you fit? Why?

Please excuse my handwriting, I’m not a Font person

I am really curious to see your answers, so don’t hesitate to write them in a comment below. |

Freelance Copywriter

What’s with the awful post photo?
Obviously, it’s ironic. But it perfectly mirrors the expectations people have when they hear about blogging and its advantages. You start a blog an expect to have a steady income as a result. Overnight. Instant gratification? It will never happen. Blogging will never make you rich. Unless you are Seth Godin, or some other business expert. Or unless you have put a lot of time, effort and money into it. But it is a great tool of telling people that you are there; that you KNOW your stuff. That you have a personality that’s your own; a style which is yours; a flair that only you can exhibit. So that’s it. That picture perfectly describes expectations vs reality. On another note, it took me a lot of courage to publish it… but it’s so funny, I couldn’t help myself! I have already received the awful feedback I was expecting, so it works! Heheh… (here is a link to my first article, just in case you were wondering how bad it is; don’t be too judgmental though!)

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