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ISO 14001

An administrative framework for the systematic, structured and documented approach to the management of environmental affairs.


implement and maintain the system. . • Follow a Plan-Do-Check-Act approach. • The EMS documents need to be controlled. • Document.REQUIREMENTS • The organization must develop an effective system that meets the requirements of the Standard.


regulations. (Auditing) Act . Do .PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT Plan .Establish the objectives and processes needed to deliver the results (in line with the EMS). Check .Take actions that will continually improve the EMS.Check the processes against the policy. objectives. .Implement the needed processes of the EMS. and report on the results. targets.

GOAL The goal is for organizations to control the impacts that their activities. . products and services have on the environment.

PLAN ” .


•Impact: Soil pollution or if drained into drainage line. .PLAN *Aspect-An element of an organizations activities. it will add to the pollution load on ETP. * Impact-The effect of the aspect on the environment – harmful or beneficial. products or services that can interact with the environment. Example: •Aspect: Spillage of dirty oils generated from maintenance activity.

PLAN • Environment Policy & its communication and implementation. Environmental Policy must clarify what processes and resources(human and physical) are required for safe products and operations. • After implementation. • Using ISO 14001 as guideline. • Full management Commitment and Focus. • Many specific responsibilities are assigned to top management for their input and participation. conduct management review. .

• The members responsible for such processes should be trained and should have documentation for all procedures and processes including operational and documentation control and emergency procedures and responses.DO • Defining the resources and people that are responsible for control and maintaining of all processes (creating EMS). • Control the records associated with the EMS. .

DO .

DO .

DO .

DO .

• Identify corrections and corrective actions to mitigate environmental impacts and to eliminate the nonconformity and its cause.CHECK • Conducting internal audits to measure environmental performance periodically. • employees responsible for various processes are maintained and trained and monitoring them adequately. .



ACT • Evaluating audits • Ensuring the meeting of your organization’s objectives and targets • Ensuring the meeting of ISO 14001 requirements • Devising improvements to the processes • Evaluating changing circumstances such as legal requirements .

ACT Continual Improvement process Includes: • Expansion – more and more business areas should get covered by the implemented EMS • Enrichment – more and more activities. products. processes should be involved in the EMS • Upgrading – improvement in structure and framework of the EMS through know-how gained by the business when dealing with environmental issues .


IMPLEMENTATION Conduct the Environmental Gap Analysis Form a Team Execute your plan .

Conduct the Environmental Gap Analysis 1. You must determine your position with regards to the environment: o o o o Are there GAPS that need to be bridged? What are they and where are they located? How can they be improved? Who will be taking corrective / preventive actions? 2. . Your environmental position needs to be analyzed so that the GAPS can be bridged / closed.

Conduct a Gap Analysis – Complete a series of assessments in the following order: o o o o Perform Initial Environmental Review Perform Environmental Assessment – Aspects/Impacts Identify Legal and Other Requirements Identify Environmental programs with objectives and targets 4.Conduct the Environmental Gap Analysis 3. . implement Improvement actions. Based on the results of the assessments.

. .Form A Team • Appoint a Management Representative . • Assign a Management Team .This team will be providing the direction and guidance for the development and implementation of the EMS.The Management Team can assign task teams to work on specific processes that must be designed and documented for the EMS.This individual will be the ISO project manager. • Assign a Environmental Safety Team o This team will be active in the design and development of the EMS and participate in the on going operation of the system.

• Train all employees that are involved in the process • When the required processes have been implemented. it must be implemented. .Execute Your Plan • After the task teams have designed and documented a new or modified process. start your internal audit program and management review meetings.

• Make sure all employees are trained on ISO 14001 • Have a Registrar conduct your Registration Audit. • Run your system long enough to generate records for the Registrar to audit.Execute Your Plan • Use information / results from internal audits and management review to make improvements to the EMS. .

Tools To Help Implementation . o This package provides Microsoft Word templates to use as a foundation for your EMS. • EMS Manual. effective system. exercises and instructions that take you through 30 systematic tasks for your organization to consider and complete. o Move your project along with our professionally designed documentation. Procedures and Forms. and tables to save time and ensure an efficient. o Customize this Environmental Manual including procedures.• The ISO 14001 Workbook o This is a series of 30 detailed checklists. forms.