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Solid Modeling Using CATIA V6 Summer 2012

Instructors: Dr. Lisa Abrams E-mail: Miriam Simon E-mail:

Course Objectives: Students will be introduced to solid and surface modeling as well as assembly and drawing creation. Students will utilize the three dimensional software Catia V6 to model and simulate real world designs. Text: An Introduction to CATIA V6 Release 2012 – A Hands on Approach Tutorial. By: Kristie Plantenberg. ISBN: 1585036633 The book is available as an E-book from or in Print. Course Website: All assignments, lectures, videos, and class materials will are available at The course name is: Solid Modeling Using Catia V6. Assignments will be submitted through the course website under the Drop Box folder. Homework: Unless otherwise noted, homework is due before the next class session. An electronic file is to be submitted to the course website as a 3DXML or DWG. Grading Summary: Homework assignments will be graded on completion and accuracy. A total of 80% is required to have successfully completed the course.

and stiffeners. sections. . offsets. using the wizard. slots. Session 2: Introducing more basic part functions including mirrors. sweeps. translate. chamfers. Using the “Shaft” function. Creating parts using wireframes. Session 7: More advanced generative shape design: Creating parts using join-healing. Session 8: Introduction to Assemblies. pads. and more complex sketches. Importing parts into a model and constraining. fillets. fill. and pockets. and blend. and using the trim element. trim-split. multisections. Session 5: An introduction to drawings and drafting. Session 9: More advanced assembly design importing parts and constraining. details. rotate. Using the “Operations” tool bar to create fillets. Session 10: Advanced part design. etc. Introduction to Boolean Operations. Session 4: Transformations using mirror. and basic annotations. Getting familiar with the specification tree. scale and offset. extrapolate.Course Schedule Date of Class Mon July 9 Mon July 9 Thurs July 12 Mon July 16 Thurs July 19 Mon July 23 Thurs July 26 Mon July 30 Thurs Aug 2 Mon August 6 Thurs August 9 Mon August 13 Thurs August 16 Topic and/or Speaker Intro to the course CATIA Interface and Introduction to Part Design I CATIA Interface and Introduction to Part Design II Modification of Part Geometries Part I Modification of Part Geometries Part II Introduction to Drawings and Drafting Introduction to Generative Shape Design Part I Introduction to Generative Shape Design Part II Introduction to Assembly Design Part I Introduction to Assembly Design Part II Advanced Part Design Advanced Assembly Design Advanced Drawing Design Homework Assigned Due by Thurs July 12 Due by Mon July 16 Due by Thurs July 19 Due by Mon July 23 Due by Thurs July 26 Due by Mon July 30 Due by Thurs August 2 Due by Mon August 6 Due by Thurs August 9 Due by Mon August 13 Due by Thurs August 16 Due by Sat August 18 Session Details Session 1: An introduction to the CATIA interface and basic part design functions. including the sketcher. break view. Session 6: Introduction to Generative Shape Design. symmetry. and part transformations. the compass and the various functions of the mouse. cylinders. clippings. replications and volumes as well as extrusions. projections. revolutions. extract. Session 3: Creating more complex sketch features. spheres. introducing multi-sections solids. transformations. ribs. including projections. operations. surfaces.

Session 11: Advanced Assembly Design – Assembling parts from previous assignments using constraints. Session 12: Advanced Drawing – Creating a drawing of the assembly components from Session 11. . Creating a Bill of Materials.