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E MPLOYMENT CTO, Mobile Engineer Grub Runner Nov. 2013 – present Developed a web app on top of PhoneJS that allows fans at stadium events to order concessions Co-Founder, iOS Engineer, UX Designer Xenon Labs, LLC Sept. 2009 – Oct. 2013 • Created sheet music writing app, Symphony Pro – featured on for 11 months • Reduced drawing times for the sheet music scrollview by 50%, while also reducing memory usage • Developed import and export functionality for intricate sheet music interchange format MusicXML • Implemented multi-touch, realistic piano that can be controlled with an external MIDI keyboard • Wireframed and implemented complete redesign for version 3.0, resulting in 20% larger page area • Implemented all of the menus and other view components contained in the main editing screen • Recreated many commonly drawn images with Core Graphics to improve crispness and speed • Eliminated dozens of leaks, crashes and bottlenecks using Instruments • Converted 80K LOC codebase to ARC, using a custom Bash script and sed W eb Developer University of Arizona Oct. 2008 – Sept. 2009 • Developed Drupal module to partially automate and illustrate the new-hire onboarding process • Developed web-based database administration tool to simplify the process of editing certain tables • Quickly addressed any changes or fixes to a client department’s website, while working remotely E DUCATION Tucson, AZ University of Arizona Aug. 2008 – May 2012 • B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics, cum laude. GPA: 3.652 • C.S. Coursework: Algorithms; Operating Systems; Compilers; Databases; Networking; Computer Vision; Computation Theory; Comparative Programming Languages; Advanced C++; Discrete Structures; OO-Programming and Design; Systems Programming and Unix; Computer Organization • Math Coursework: Graph Theory; Numerical Analysis A/B; Cryptography; Linear Algebra A/B; Math Reasoning and Writing; Complex Variables; Ordinary Differential Equations; Intro. to Formal Logic T ECHNICAL E XPERIENCE • Sneakerhead (LA Startup Weekend, 11/13). Etsy for sneaker collectors. W on “Crowd Favorite” • Bubble Babble (2012). Cross-platform, fast-paced, spelling game. Lua, Corona • W avelet Pitch Detection (2011). Created a monophonic pitch detector, a denoiser, and a variable-rate compression algorithm using Discrete Wavelet Transform; wrote and presented a research paper on wavelet theory as applied to pitch detection. MATLAB • Toy C Compiler (2010). Wrote compiler for a subset of C for the MIPS architecture. C, flex, yacc • Syncing slideshow with recorded presentation (2010). Implemented and used SIFT to match frames from a video to individual slides inside a given slideshow. C • Column Sort (2010). Implemented a parallelizable sorting algorithm based on quicksort. Java O PEN S OURCE C ONTRIBUTIONS • Vexflow: Sheet music viewer in HTML5 and JavaScript – Fixed positioning of articulations on notes • Underscore.js: Functional programming utility library for JavaScript – Improved documentation L ANGUAGES AND T ECHNOLOGIES • Objective-C; C; Java; JavaScript (PhoneJS, Knockout); SQL; HTML5; CSS3; PHP • iOS 5-7; Xcode; Instruments; Photoshop; Git; Vim; Briefs; Omnigraffle; MySQL; Bootstrap; Eclipse; MATLAB; CINEMA 4D; Flash