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Orange County Convention Center Orlando, Florida | May 15-18, 2011

Implementing ITSmobile at Johnsonville Sausage,
Radio Frequency in SAP


Paul Krier – Johnsonville Sausage, LLC. Mirela Sotropa – itelligence, Inc.

[ Agenda
Introduction The Team. The Project. Background of Radio Frequency (RF) Technology in SAP Implementing RF Applications using ITSmobile Learning Points Best Practices Appendix

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[ Johnsonville Sausage, LLC.
Established in 1945 by Ralph and Alice Stayer Johnsonville is the most popular brand of sausage in the United States and is available in Japan, Canada, China, France, Mexico & over 30 other countries Still privately held 1400+ Members

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[ Johnsonville Sausage, LLC. (Contd.)
On SAP since 2005 HCM, FI/CO,PPPI, MM, SD, QM, WM, PLM, DMS Portal, APO, BI, BOBJ, CRM ITSmobile is running on SAP ECC 6.0. EHP 4 MS SQL Server 2005, 1.4 TB Database Windows Server 2007 running on VMware

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900 employees. Germany 2000 Merger of Apcon AG and SVC AG to form itelligence AG 2007 Cooperation with NTT DATA / NTT Communications Scope of Services SAP Software Reseller to SME Market Space SAP Global Implementation Partner SAP Global Managed Hosting Partner SAP Global Support Staff More than 1.000 clients in various industries Real Experience. Inc.[ itelligence. Real Advantage. – More than 20 years of SAP experience We are one of the leading international full-service provider exclusively focused on SAP solutions History 1989 Founded as SVP. in Bielefeld. 5 . worldwide Clients More than 3.

6 .[ itelligence Facts SAP Business Partner & Alliance Partner Services One of the 12 worldwide Global Partner Services Channel Partner and Solution Partner Largest Global SME Software Reseller One of the 10 worldwide Global SAP Hosting Partners SAP Alliance Partner Support SAP Pinnacle Award Winner 2006 – 2008 2010SAP Overall Partner of the Year Most successful international and German medium-sized business partnership with SAP Real Experience. Real Advantage.

Real Advantage. 7 . Systems Analyst Shipping Team Lead Real Experience.[ The Implementation Team Chris Galica Paul Krier Mirela Sotropa Bob Meyers Mark Hembel Brian Cudworth Project Manager SAP Technical Lead/Architect SAP Platinum NetWeaver Consultant WM/MM User Advocate Sr.

Real Advantage. 8 .[ The Project Migrate existing RF Applications from SAPConsole to ITSmobile Take advantage of the long-term supported ITS technology Access ABAP Dynpro based applications using a web browser Provide users with a more user-friendly interface No change to application business logic Old RF scanner replacement Real Experience.

[ Initial Expectations ITS would be slower than Telnet ITS would not handle movement between access points as well as sap console with Georgia Softworks We would not change ABAP as part of this project We would use Internet Explorer for the browser Real Experience. 9 . Real Advantage.

10 .[ Background of RF Technology in SAP Real Experience. Real Advantage.

Real Advantage. 11 .[ Mobility (RF) in SAP – Is it Possible? Why do I care? How can you do it? What are the magic ingredients? Learning points Real Experience.

reliable Real Experience. Real Advantage. 12 .[ Mobility (RF) in SAP – Why do I care? SAP running on mobile devices RF Guns scan goods Information is entered through SAP transaction screens on Guns Data is stored in SAP system Increase efficiency of Warehouse Management processess Goods Receipt and Goods Issue Inventory and Picking Load and Unload Simple interface on minimal real estate Rugged.

Real Advantage. 13 .[ SAP Mobility (RF) in SAP – How can you do it? Four Approaches: SAPConsole Web-enabled SAP Console (SAP recommends to use ITSmobile as of Basis release 4.6c and higher instead) ITSmobile (Internet Transaction Server for Mobile Devices) Mobile Web Dynpro Real Experience.

Real Advantage.Allows character based devices to connect to SAP just like a GUI based client Telnet SAPConsole Server SAP All Data FLow Real Experience.SAPConsole SAPConsole .[ Implementing RF Applications in SAP . 14 .

Internet Transaction Server for Mobile Devices Refer to OSS note 325616 (Platform Availability Matrix: http://service. 15 .X Windows. Linux.0 Internet Explorer on Windows Internet Explorer 6.[ Implementing RF Applications in SAP (ITSmobile) ITSmobile . Real Mac OS X Real Experience.

became part of the SAP kernel (~2004) • ITSmobile formally introduced in 2007 • Ready for prime time Real Experience. ITSmobile: Side-by-side comparison CHARACTERISTICS SAP CONSOLE (1999) • First SAP native RF solution • Focused on industrial mobile devices • ABAP-based • Most installations. Real Advantage. stable. 16 . well understood.[ SAPConsole vs. • Long history (~25 years) of using industrial RF devices ITSmobile (2007) • Replacement for Web SAP Console • Any web-based application • ABAP and HTML SOLUTION PROFILE SOLUTION MATURITY • ITS technology in use for many years (~1998).

) SOLUTION ARCHITECTURE • Requires a Windows based machine (Telnet and SAP Console) • Telnet over TCP • Mobile devices running a client browser • HTML over HTTP/HTTPS DEVICE COMPATIBILITY • Supports any device that has the VT220 • Supports any device with an HTML terminal emulation.[ SAPConsole vs. Real Experience. ITSmobile: Side-by-side comparison CHARACTERISTICS SAP CONSOLE ITSmobile (Contd. Real Advantage. browser. 17 .

) • Browser-based interface. (Contd. EASE OF USE • Simplistic interface. • ABAP and HTML-based. ITSmobile: Side-by-side comparison CHARACTERISTICS SAP CONSOLE ITSmobile USER INTERFACE & • Text-based interface. • UI enhancements possible. The HTML conversion is supported by the ABAP Workbench. • Screen navigation. Real Experience. Real Advantage. • Entirely done in ABAP Workbench (ABAP and HTML editors). 18 . • Screen navigation driven by function keys. supports both function key and touch screen input. DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT • Entirely done in ABAP Workbench. • SAP Console solutions are developed in ABAP and rely on the RF screens (SAPGUI Dynpro screens).[ SAPConsole vs.

etc. IM) • Can be used with any SAP functional area (WM. 19 . • In general. EWM. • Can utilize the RF transactions in WM as they are written in ABAP. • Can be used with any SAP functional area (WM. etc. • Primarily dependent on the ITS core engine and the SAP backend system where the ABAP/HTML program is running. ITSmobile: Side-by-side comparison CHARACTERISTICS SAP CONSOLE ITSmobile (Contd. PERFORMANCE • Primarily dependent on the SAP backend system where the ABAP program is running. Real Advantage.[ SAPConsole vs.). better than browser-based solutions due to less overhead and less complex screens. IM. EWM. EWM. IM.) • Can utilize the RF transactions in WM as they are written in ABAP.) FUNCTIONAL COMPONENTS (WM. Real Experience.

[ RF Applications: Magic Ingredients One transaction – Different Display Screen size 8X40: Function keys have a maximal length of 9 digits SAPConsole: . 20 . Real Advantage.Does not display frame with additional information -Suppresses empty lines Screen size 16X20: Screen size 8X40: Real Experience.

[ RF Applications: Magic Ingredients (Contd.) Menu Path: SPRO / Mobile Data Entry / Define Menu Management Real Experience. Real Advantage. 21 .

[ RF Menu Configuration Menu Path: Logistics Entry > Mobile Data Entry > Define Menu 1. 22 . Real Advantage. 3. – “1” executes a menu. 2. Warehouse number – The warehouse number for which this menu will be valid Dynamic menu – Name of the menu you will assign to the user(s) Sequence – The order placement of the menu item within the dynamic menu Menu / Trns. “2” executes a transaction Real Experience. 4.

2. Queue .Relevant to the group of functions this queue will use Queue Name . Real Advantage. 23 .Text that may appear on the handheld for users assigned to the queue Real Experience.[ Create an RF Queue Menu Path: Logistics Entry > Mobile Data Entry > RF Queue Management 1.

[ Assign RF Queue and RF Menu to RF Users Menu Path: Logistics Entry > Mobile Data Entry > RF Queue Management Real Experience. 24 . Real Advantage.

RF User ID Status . Real Advantage.Warehouse number User . 5.Screen format Size of anticipated device Main Menu . 25 .Menu name defined in step 4 above Real Experience. 4.Check if user is active Screen Format .) 1. Warehouse . 3. 2.[ Assign RF Queue and RF Menu to RF Users (Contd.

com/pam) Continue as for any other project Real Experience. Real Advantage. 26 .sap.[ ITSmobile Implementation: Customer Guide Select an RF network and appropriate devices Decide if an Industrial Browser is needed Plan how bar-coded documents and labels will be printed Check OSS note 325616 (Platform Availability Matrix: http://service.

testing. etc. . Real Experience. Real Advantage.) Map the functional process to standard SAP transactions. Use old transaction codes if necessary. Review the list of RF transactions delivered by SAP Determine any RF transactions not delivered by SAP or not usable as delivered Determine the exact SAP transactions and associated input that will be executed during the custom processes.[ ITSmobile Implementation: Customer Guide (Contd. development. Do not use ‘Enjoy’ style transactions such as MIGO. Identify any processes that can not be managed by standard SAP functionality Execute the project as any other functional and technical project with technical design. 27 . Finalized business processes are key. functional configuration.

28 . white space.[ Learning Points Review custom development to ensure compatibility with mobile devices and browsers Additional customization needed to run existing RF Application on the new mobile devices (e. eliminating scroll bars.g. Real Advantage. and other navigational challenges) Perform extensive and ruthless testing of all RF transactions in the new environment Real Experience.

29 . Real Advantage. Select mobile devices. Transactions needed to be re-tested on final configuration. It is easier to deploy a few functions or functional areas at a time rather than a ‘big-bang’ approach.) Make sure deployment expectations are realistic. their configuration (including O/S) and determine if an industrial browser is needed as early as possible. Real Experience. We decided to use an industrial browser for getting all the functionality of the mobile device used.[ Learning Points (Contd. Seek the minimum if you are inexperienced in RF.

Real Advantage. however small. We achieved better performance by narrowing it down to a couple of packages.[ Learning Points (Contd. 30 .) Functional process design needs to be complete and completely understood Have full development environments including an available RF network. and bar-code printers Do not overcomplicate the RF device configuration. Real Experience. We started out with many packages being deployed to the device.

[ What really happened ITS Mobile performance was not an issue ITS Connection issues did not materialize We had issues. Real Advantage. but mostly due to new devices and new AP’s Resolved by finding sweet spot of device and AP configuration We had to enhance existing ABAP screens SAP Console-enabled transactions had to be tweaked for use with ITSmobile Enhanced RF screens for improving navigation on RF screens (remove white space. 31 . scroll bars) Real Experience.

32 . Real Advantage. Quick Scan functionality Easy to lock down Devices used: LXE MX7.) We chose to use Wavelink industrial browser. LXE MX9.[ What really happened (Contd. Intermec CV30 Real Experience.

Real Advantage.[ Return on Investment Simplification of environment through removal of SAPConsole server Eliminating number of licenses for Georgia Softworks Transaction title shown in the browser heading Nice feature. 33 . was planned as future project to add through coding ITS functionality exposed for other uses SAPConsole no longer maintained New uses outside of warehouse envisioned Real Experience.

[ References Demo / Q&A Real Experience. Real Advantage. 34 .

[ Appendix References Transaction Codes Tips & Tricks Real Experience. Real Advantage. 35 .

memory requirement in application server Integrated ITS: Configuration Parameters Find further related SAP notes using search key "ITSmobile" in www. Real (Search key ITSmobile in SAP Developer Network) General ITSmobile Notes 1070064 1037715 705013 737625 742048 885580 Comparison of Web SAP Console with SAP ITSmobile ITSmobile: Supported screen elements (SMP login required) Timeout for ICF services based on ITS Parameter recommendations for the ICM Integrated 36 .sap. Real Experience.[ References Online References http://help.sdn.

[ References Printed References ( Optimize your Mobile Applications in Warehouse and Shipping with SAP WM Author(s): Dirk Eichholz. Real Advantage. Jan-Martin Lichte. 37 . and Hans-Georg Nüvemann SAP Warehouse Management: Functionality and Technical Configuration Author(s): Martin Murray Real Experience.

38 . Passive Maintain RF user master data Monitor for Internal ITS ABAP Development Workbench Real Experience. Real Advantage.[ References Transaction Codes SICF SIAC_REGENERATE_TEMP SIAC_PUBLISH_ALL_INT LRF1 LRF2 LRFMD SITSPMON SE80 HTTP Service Hierarchy Maintenance Regenerate IAC Templates Publish All ITS Services RF Monitor. Active RF Monitor.

Real Advantage.[ References Tips & Tricks Customize the LogOff Page in SICF (Maintain the Explicit Response Page Body in SICF) Real Experience. 39 .

Real Advantage.[ References Tips & Tricks Customize the LogOff Page in SICF (Maintain the Explicit Response Page Body in SICF) Real Experience. 40 .

Real Advantage. 41 .[ References Tips & Tricks Customize the LogOff Page in SICF (Maintain the Explicit Response Page Body in SICF) Real Experience.

Real Advantage. 742048.[ References ICF parameters changed: ms/http_timeout icm/max_threads Icm/keep_alive_timeout em/global_area_MB ms/http_timeout rdisp/plugin_auto_logout icm/min_timeout_mpi icm/max_timeout_wp from 20 to 120 from 50 to 200 from 60 to 600 from 512 to 1024 from 20 to 120 from 1800 to 2600 set to 30000 set to 2000 See notes: 705013. Real Experience. 885580. 737625. 42 .

] SESSION CODE: 3708 Real . Real Advantage. Please remember to complete and return your evaluation form following this session.[ Thank you for participating. visit www. For ongoing education in this area of focus.