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Please consider this letter to be qualified written request Tila Request Act, 120u.s.c.

Section 2605(e)
10074415-084 Loan# ___________________________________ 20089070806911 T.S. # ___________________________________ 2344-026-006 A.P.N:_________________________________________ Recorded Instrument No._____________________________ in Book as ________________________ 85, Pages 86 to 92 Maps 06 0719127
Dear Sirs, the current economic crisis has compelled me to write this letter, in the previous three years there
has been numerous number of cases in which lending institutions have been negligent in their duties, in protecting the rights of their customers. The practice of securitization has left an unfortunate gap, in which the ownership of the note against my property may be questionable. The process of selling and reselling of the notes concerns me greatly, this practice would leave open for any number of beneficiaries or note holders to place a claim on my property. Therefore after carefully considering what my alternatives may be, it seems to leave only one option, to simply pay off my Loan. And in doing so prevent any claim that anyone may have on my property. With this in mind I have managed to raise the necessary funds through my circle of friends and family in order to purchase the note. Therefore, I am officially requesting my original lender from which I obtained the financing on my property, to provide me the original note and deed of trust which I signed in escrow, in the presence of the notary. This document which was recorded at the county recorder's office includes the original stamp with the appropriate instrument number assigned by the county recorder, along with original notary stamp which was affixed to the document. With my signature, which I have affixed to the said document. In presence of the notary public. Upon acceptance of the pay off amount, with my principal balance, and all amount's held in reserve in your escrow account, as well as any applicable interest charges. I request for you to attach to this document a fully amortized table of debit and credit payments since the inception of my loan. The recent inappropriate practices which was publicized, about bank of America signing deeds, which they could not produce the original copy of, is the primary reason for writing this letter. I request for you to produce the proper legal document's I.e. my deed of trust and promise note. Prior to paying off my Lien, I would further ask you to provide according to truth in lending act, all documentation regarding any assignment or transfer where it pertains to my note. Along with an itemized breakdown of profits received by, any individuals, corporations or entities affiliated with the aforementioned transfer, Documentation regarding the securitization of my instrument number, and any transfers partial or holy as the trustee, beneficiary or servicing Company. This document may not be within the parameters designated by HUD. However I expect an expeditious response within three working days in accordance to escrow guidelines. But no more than 30 days since any extended time Passed 30 days would be unreasonable, due to the fact that my loan continues to accrue interest and additional Fees, which is unnecessary. Please inform me once you have compiled the above-mentioned documents. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me. (818) 331-7597 Sincerely, you’re Customer!

Address _ _________________________________________________________ 5232 VENTURA CANYON, SHERMAN OAKS, CA 90054

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