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"Mark Victor Hansen is one of the most exciting speakers in America today. His fast moving presentations are full of humor, wisdom, warmth and inspiration." Brian Tracy, Author Maximum Achievement

"Mark Victor Hansen is one of the more brilliant minds in the marketplace today. His compelling work spans from the complex and technical all the way to the heart warming stories in

Chicken Soup for the Soul .."
Jim Rohn, Author Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle

Mark is coming soon to share his wisdom and insights with you!
"Inherently each one of us has the substance within to achieve whatever our goals and dreams define. What is missing from each of us is the training, education, knowledge and insight to utilize what we already have." Mark Twain

to provide opportunities for area residents to take advantage of the wealth of available resources which foster personal. Chin-Ning Chu's Strategic Learning Institute. Les Brown. The primary objectives of the Center for Successful Living are to: (1) Provide expanded access to development training programs. Success Unlimited. To introduce community residents to the Center for Successful Living and its resources. and Chin-Ning Chu. businesses and communities achieve greater levels of success and achievement in every area of life by providing uplifting publications. creative thinking and roblem solvin or anizational and communit develo ment resource develo ment etc. Napoleon Hill Foundation. organizational. CAN Do! is a multi-faceted program created by CENTER SPACE. products and services (frequently available to CSL members at discount prices) speakers bureau services. the CSL provides several new and unique programs that help individuals learn how to take advantage of self-help books and cassette tape programs. workshops. the CSL provides periodic showcases and forums on various success and achievement topics. In addition to periodic Can Do! events. and CENTER SPACE. catalogs of available programs. The Center for Successful Living provides training materials and resources from organizations such as Brian Tracy International. and (5) Foster personal. motivation. Jim Rohn International. (3) Generate positive thinking within and about East Central Indiana. organizations. Jim Rohn. PRIMARY OBJECTIVES UNIQUE SERVICES AND PROPRIETARY PRODUCTS TRAINING RESOURCES COMMUNITY FORUMS AND INTRODUCTORY SHOWCASES CANDO! . Each student is able to select those programs that are most appropriate for his or her learning situation and requirements. The CSL is unique by providing participants with access to many diverse educational resources from a broad range of programs and developmental disciplines. CAN Do! features major events with nationally known trainers such as: Brian Tracy. television programs and consulting services that foster personal. the Center for Spiritual. Successories.MISSION STATEMENT The Center for Successful Living (CSL) is a non-profit organization created to help people. collaborative partnerships and multi-cultural understanding. Personal And Community Empowerment. seminars. Personal And Community Empowerment. organizational and community development and empowerment. Mark Victor Hansen. Les Brown Unlimited. and consulting services. time management. Proceeds from these events will be used to support the Center for Successful Living and other community programs and activities. (2) Foster community unity. In addition to providing access to the wealth of educational and development training programs produced by many of the most successful trainers in the world today. The CSL is affiliated with the University for Successful Living which provides membership services. The Peoples Network. (4) Generate funds for worthwhile community service projects. the CSL offers ongoing workshops and seminars on related topics such as: goal-setting. audio/video cassette programs. Nightingale-Conant. organizational and community development & empowerment. These educational public forums will provide opportunities for people to learn about the wealth of development training resources available through the CSL (and in the larger community) and help them discern which ones are appropriate for their needs. and community development and empowerment. the Center for Spiritual.

The YE. chambers of commerce.E. time management.000 people have attended. They are delivered in one and a half to two hour seminars to provide for small group discussion and completion of the workbook exercises.000 to attend in person.S. Introductory 40 hour Success Academies will be offered whenever there is sufficient interest. Brian Tracy. Introduction to Personal and Professional Success Techniques: This twelve (12) hour introductory seminar that helps you learn how to take advantage of self-help books and cassette tape programs is held over six weeks using a variety of learning techniques including videos. Effective Manager Seminars: This is a series of fourteen (14) one hour videos by Brian Tracy. to generate interest in the Center for Successful Living and the resources it provides. creative thinking and problem solving. family and organizational excellence. providing over 240 hours of programming every month that would cost an estimated $10. Jim Rohn. The PMA Science of Success Workshop. etc. Y.. small group discussions and a 200 + page workbook. audio cassette tape programs. etc. sponsor and participate in the events. The Peoples Network TPN is the only television network system in the world dedicated to personal.Motivision: 21 Steps to Successful Living: This is a fifteen minute to one hour introductory seminar offered at service clubs. Les Brown. Success: Full Living: This 16-hour workshop based on the book by Friar Justin Belitz of The Hermitage helps you learn how to make life's built-in success mechanism work for you. and Chin-Ning Chu • . program utilizes some of the best available audio video training programs targeted to junior and senior high school students. The Intimate Life'In"powerment Planning System: This is a one to two day workshop and comprehensive daily planner system with a foundation built on spiritual principles and values. CAN DO! CENTER SPACE and the Center for Successful Living are planning to produce development training programs in Central Indiana in 1997 featuring international experts such as Mark Victor Hansen. Over the next few months. Hill presented in Think and Grow Rich which the CSL will offer. community meetings. . Youth Empowerment and Success. Brian Tracy's Phoenix Seminar on the Psychology of Achievement: This is a three to four day comprehensive seminar on successful living which over 500.000 to $20.S. The Napoleon Hill Foundation has just recently contracted for the development of this new introductory workshop on the 13 Principles of Successful Living Dr. the primary focus will be on introducing the concept and developing collaborative partnerships with key individuals and organizations who will be invited to co-produce. Successful Life and Work Skills Seminars: These are one hour introductory seminars on setting and achieving goals.

E.O. P.' ..-::..--.--. . organizational and community development and empowerment.. IN 47308.~~III~:iln~!I The Center for Successful Living invites you to help us produce development training programs that foster personal. .~i~!~~{9~i:~~~~$~!9irli¥~lgll'1..S. /'\ ~ '. self-help books & assessment tools I1We would be most interested in attending a program with the trainers marked below: _ Les Brown _Brian Tracy _Tom Hopkins _Tom Peters _Mark Victor Hansen _ Kenneth Blanchard _Steven Covey _Jim Rohn _ Wayne Dyer _Dennis Waitley _ _ _ _ _ _ Others: ----------------~---------------IIW e would like to receive more information on the following: Motivision: 21 Steps to Successful Living CSL Showcases Successful Lif~. -.. Muncie. please call us at 317-741-3471.: . For information.-.a'ild Work Skills Seminars _ Effective Manager Seminars Phoenix Seminar on the Psychology of Achievement _ The Peoples Network The Ultimate Life Inpowerment Planning System _ Success: Full Living Workshop _ Youth Success Academy PMA Science of Success _ CSL Audio Video Catalog Y. :... ... Please help us discover how we may best meet your needs by taking a few moments to answer the following questions.-.. . Box 1306..if!~. . Youth Empowerment and Success CAN DO! YOUth CAN DO! Center for Successful Living Membership Benefits _ Personal & Professional Success Techniques Mark Victor Hansen events _ Please put me on the Center for Successful Living mailing list. business. ******************************************************************* I / our organization would like to participate with the CSL in the following ways: _Serve on: _ Advisory Committee _Steering CommitteelMark Victor Hansen event _ Program Committee _ Fundraising Committee Promotion Committee _ Teach/offer training programs in: _ _ We would be most interested in programs on the topics checked below: _ Professional selling techniques _ Sales management Customer Service & Satisfaction _ Time Management _ Developing a Master Fund-raising Effective communication skills Conflict resolution Building effective teams Public Relations and Marketing Setting and achieving goals Creative thinking & problem solving Lending library services: audio/video Other (please specify) Plan _ _ _ _ _ _ Masterminding Negotiation skills Leadership development Total Quality Management Self-employment training Motivation Strategic planning _ f\ _ _ _ _ _ _ programs..-.' -- . ****************************************************************************** Your Name Mailing Address City Telephone State Fax Number ZIP Code Business or Organization Please return survey to: Center for Successful Living. . . :.