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Process of paint production
Raw Materials∼Milling
*This illustration shows the paint-making process in simplified form for ease of understanding. The actual layout differs from this illustration.
Automated warehouse
Vernish, Solvent tank
Raw Materials Warehouse
Sand Mill
Mixing tank
Control Panel
Hanger conveyor
CMP is taking measures to reduce emissions of
VOCs (volatile organiccompounds) and lower
the odors diffusing into neighboring areas.
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CMP keeps its factory premises clean < Page 39 >
Each production process is
collectively controlled.
ISO14001 certification has been obtained.
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Resin, pigment and solvent are mixed to
produce an even mill base.
CMP is promoting the reuse of
containers of raw materials, such
as powder pigment, by shifting
from paper bags to flexible
container bags. < Page 29 >
Resin, pigment and additive agents are
generally major components of paint. CMP
conducts purchasing activities considering
fairness and environmental protection.
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In case of unexpected disasters,
emergency drills are periodically
implemented, and a fire truck
remains on stand-by.
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Mill base produced at the pre-mixing
process is sent to the disperser to finely
disperse the pigment particles.
Raw Materials Process 1
Milling Process 3
Mixing Process 2
treatment facility
Dust collector
Air intake & exhaust
CMP has continued to provide a stable supply of highly
qualified products today through its advanced production
technologies and streamlined production facilities, thanks to
its unique knowhow.
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Chugoku Mar i ne Pai nt s, Lt d. Soci al & Envi ronment al Report 2012
Company Overview
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Process of paint production
Filling Process
Filling (IBC)
Blending tank
Blended and toned paint is filtrated.
Produced paint products are transported to
shipyards, construction sites and industry product
plants, and so on to bring rich color into our lives.
Filtrated paint is packed into a container.
Aiming to reduce waste containers, CMP
promotes the delivery of paints with IBC tanks.
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GHS-compatible labels are
attached. < Page 35 >
CMP is addressing cleanup
activities outside our premises.
< Page 39>
CMP is addressing the creation of a safe working
environment. < Page 42 >
CMP is trying to change waste palettes
into valuable resources. < Page 29 >
Blending Process 4
Filtering Process 5
Packing Process 6
Shipment Process 7
IBC system
Resin, additive agents and so on are added
to the mill base, the dispersion of which is
completed. Also, the color phase is adjusted
with color materials.
Chugoku Mar i ne Pai nt s, Lt d. Soci al & Envi ronment al Report 2012
Company Overview