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SAP Landscape | SAP Systems Landscape Overview

What is SAP Landscape?
SAP landscape is the arrangement for the server system such as Development server, Quality Assurance server, and Production server. Development server :- Development server is also known as sand bo client. !t is the server where the consultants do the new customi"ation, write new programs as per the business re#uirement. !t has three clients. $uch as 1 $and %o 2 &ustomi"ing client 3 Development-testing '. $and %o - $and bo client is the place where all the system design work takes place (. &ustomi"ing client ) After configuration in the sand bo , if everything is ok then recreate the same configuration in configuration client *. Development-testing - +his client is used for unit testing. !n some pro,ects integration testing also done in this client. Quality Assurance (QA)server :- Quality server is where the team members and other members test the new customi"ation, programs etc. Production Server :- Production &lient is also known as -olden &lient. !t is the server where the live data of the company is recorded after pro,ect go live. +he authori"ation for production client is very limited. A re#uest will flow from Development .Dev/ 00 Quality Assurance .QA/ 00 Production .prod/

1 Developers develop the programs in the development server, and then transport it to test server .Q2A3!+4 A$$25A6&7/, after testing it transport to production server.

thoroughly tested in the Quality Assurance system before been loaded into the production . . Development $erver is where the consultants do the customi"ation as per the company8s re#uirement. +ransport management system is the coordination of the movement of ob. a three-system landscape e ists. +he essence of the sandbo is to test the configuration of the business processes of a company.7.ect -9 3!. !t can also serve as a practice environment. Any changes: new development is done is development client and the re#uest is transported to production. especially at the inception of the pro. even after go-live. !deally.$ystem landscape basically is the set-up or arrangement of your $AP servers.3ive/ system. <hatever you do in the $andbo doesn8t affect the other servers or clients. in an $AP environment. 9nce the %%P gets signed off. !n some Pro. +his is the last: most refined client where the user will work after pro. %est practise for transporting is. Quality Assurance $erver and the Production $erver.ects and configuration changes from the development system to the Quality Assurance system and then to the Production system.$andbo can also e it separately. the configuration is done is development server and saved in workbench re#uests. ----!t is important to state that a test system . Quality server is where the core team members and other members test the customi"ation.before the %usiness %lue Print is signed/. to be transported to Quality:Production server. configuration:changes are first made in the Development system. they may maintain pre-production server also.ects. Note: !D7$is purely for education:demonstration:training purpose and is 69+ !6&32D7D in the landscape.ect . Production $erver is where the live data of the company is recorded. A three-system landscape consists of the Development $erver.