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2014 Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program For High School Students and Adult Mentors Letter of Recommendation

Form for Student Applicants
A program sponsored and funded by the U.S. Embassy Baghdad and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State Administered by World Learning Instructions for the Student Applicant:
Give this form to a teacher and/or an adult leader and ask him or her to fill it out completely and submit it by December 1, 2013. (At least one letter should be written by a teacher). Please write your name, and the email you use to register for the application on the letter of recommendation forms. If you have your Registration ID number already, please include this too. You may upload this form online with your application, even after you have submitted your application. If your professor or other reference would like to send this form directly to IYLEP without showing it to you, he or she can upload it to Please make sure your reference has the email address you are using to register online and your Registration ID, if you have it.

Information for Teacher/Adult Reference
Program Introduction: The Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program is a youth leadership exchange program based in the U.S. for Iraqi and American teenagers ages 15-17 and several Iraqi adults. The program aims to develop a cadre of young adults in Iraq and the United States who have a strong sense of civic responsibility, a commitment to community development, an awareness of current & global issues, strong interpersonal leadership skills, willingness to foster relationships among youth from different ethnic, religious, and national groups in Iraq, and to promote mutual understanding, respect and collaboration between the United States and Iraq. Participants will be required to implement follow-on activities upon their return home that will help the participants stay in touch with each other and reflect on their experiences and integrate that learning

 leadership potential.  ability to work cooperatively in diverse groups and tolerate the opinions of others.  an energetic.into their day-to-day lives at home.S. religious. An important goal of the program is that the student leaders. 3) foster understanding and build relationships across ethnic. and 4) promote mutual understanding between the people of Iraq and the U. and  ability to implement projects that benefit the applicant’s school and/or community. What are the criteria for selection? Students will be evaluated on the following characteristics:  a demonstrated interest in and commitment to volunteer and civic activities. . positive attitude. 2) develop leadership skills among high school students and adult leaders appropriate to their needs. citizenship will not be considered). will train other student leaders through student led community oriented service projects.  be proficient in English.  good social and communication skills. and national groups. Who is eligible to apply? Student applicants must:  be at least 15 years old and not more than 17 years old at the time of the exchange.  have a high school graduation year of 2015 or later. now empowered.  have permission from either a parent or legal guardian to participate in the program. The goals of the program are to: 1) enable the participants to understand civic participation and the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democracy.  have completed at least one year of high school and have at least one more year of high school remaining before graduating.S. approximately to take place in July/August 2014. and  citizenship and current residency in Iraq (applicants with dual U.

S. with close contact with young people and adults in a challenging academic environment that will require cross-cultural adjustment and an extended period of living as a member of a host family. This applicant will be involved in a youth exchange program in the U. Name Address Telephone and Email Address Job Title & Place of Employment Excellent Consideration for and interest in others and their views Leadership potential Ability to take direction cheerfully Initiative Sense of responsibility Ability to adjust to and cope with new situations Intellectual curiosity and imagination Ability to express self Participation in community and extracurricular activities Ability to follow through with projects Good Average Poor Unknown . the applicant must have a high degree of motivation and the ability to adjust to people of different social and cultural backgrounds. please do so on another sheet of paper. If you wish to add comments. Your answers will remain confidential.Letter of Recommendation Form To be completed by Applicant: Applicant Name:______________________________ Applicant Email:_________________________ Applicant Regonline ID number (if known): ___________________ To be completed by Teacher/Adult Reference: Instructions for Teacher/Adult Reference: Our program features a special kind of educational experience abroad. Please be very honest in your assessment of the applicant to help us to determine whether the applicant is ready for this kind of program. To succeed. Please indicate your estimate of the following characteristics as to how they pertain to the applicant by marking an “X” in the appropriate box.

including leadership and interpersonal skills. What do you see as the strengths of this student? How well will the applicant be able to adapt to living with a host family from a different culture? How well will the applicant be able to work with others in the travel group to resolve problems? Please comment on the applicant’s overall suitability for the program. 2013 (11:59PM Iraq time) to IYLEP at http://iylep. Signature of Reference: Please submit this reference form to the applicant OR upload it directly by December 1.In what capacity have you know the applicant? How long have you known the applicant? From year to year Please print your responses to the following questions in Thank you! .