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Enterprise & Information Technology Architecture

2-day In-person Seminar on

Rummler Process Methodology (RPM) Seminar
by Alan Ramias Price: $1,295.00 (for 1 attendee) Register now and save $200. (Early Bird)

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Location : San Francisco, CA | March 24th & 25th, 2014 | 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Location : Baltimore, MD | May 8th & 9th, 2014 | 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

The basis for this workshop is the world's best-known approach to process improvement, pioneered by Geary Rummler at Motorola in the 1980's and taught by one of his key project leaders. The primary focus of this workshop is practice with tools and methods. The RPM methodology for defining, analyzing, designing and implementing process improvement are taught through a series of exercises, simulations and applications to real processes and to a variety of case situations.

Who Will Benefit:

Process Excellence Specialists/Consultants BPM Specialists Process Owners Global Process Officers Performance Improvement Experts

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Areas Covered in the Session:

Day 1 Lecture 1: Framework - Six Basic Concepts
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How to scope a process improvement project How to organize a process improvement project How to analyze an existing process and identify performance issues How to conduct a process analysis review How to create a strategy for the Design phase How to design an improved process How to determine the readiness of the organization for change How to achieve agreement to the to-be design How to manage the detailed design of the process components How to structure and manage implementation

Importance of Processes Definition of a Process Dimensions of an Organization Levels of Process Levels of Performance




Lecture 2: Introduction to Rummler Process Methodology
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Introduction to RPM Phases, Roles, and Dimensions


Lecture 3: Project Scoping
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Defining a critical business issue Identifying organization scope Determining project goals



Day 2 Lecture 1: Process Design
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About Speaker Jerry Rosenbaum
Owner, The Rose Tree Group, Ltd Dr. Rosenbaum has over 40 years experience in many of the significant areas of information technology. He has expertise in Enterprise Architecture, Data Architecture, Data Administration, Data Quality, Data Modeling, Process Modeling, Business Rules, and Systems Migration, Refurbishment, and replacement. He has experience implementing and using the Zachman Framework, Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework (TEAF) and Dept of Defense Architecture Framework (DODAF, formerly C4ISR).

Overview of the Design Phase Practice with: ¡ Macro-to-micro approach
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Linear and Cross-functional mapping Choosing ways to improve a process Defining Technology Enablers Defining Roles/Responsibilities Developing "Should" metrics Developing "Should" management roles Developing improvement summaries Developing a macro implementation plan

Lecture 2: Commit
l l

Overview of the Commit Phase Practice with: ¡ Defining Implementation Readiness ¡ Creating an Implementation infrastructure

Developing an implementation plan

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