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Vitamin B12 The molecular structure of vitamin B12 vitamin.

B12 (cobalamin), the most comple x of all known vitamins, was announced in 1955 by several scientists, including British biochemists A. R. Todd and Dorothy Hodgkin. In 1973 the vitamin was repo rted to have been synthesized by organic chemists. Vitamin B12 and closely relat ed cobalamins are necessary for folic acid to fulfill its role; both are involve d in the synthesis of proteins. American physicians G. R. Minot and W. P. Murphy in 1926 fed large amounts of liver to patients with pernicious anemia and cured them; the curative substance in this case was probably vitamin B12. However, pe rnicious anemia in humans is caused not by a vitamin B12 deficiency in the diet but rather the absence of a substance called the intrinsic factor, ordinarily se creted by the stomach and responsible for facilitating the absorption of B12 fro m the intestine. When a person's body cannot produce the intrinsic factor, the s tandard treatment today is to inject vitamin B12 directly into the bloodstream. Minot and Murphy s therapy worked because the liver they fed their patients contai ned such large quantities of B12 that sufficient amounts of the vitamin were abs orbed without the assistance of the intrinsic factor. Inadequate absorption of B 12 causes pernicious anemia, nervous system degeneration, and amenorrhea. The on ly site of cobalamin synthesis in nature appears to be in microorganisms*; neith er animals nor higher plants are capable of making these vitamin B12 derivatives . Nevertheless, such animal tissues as the liver, kidney, and heart of ruminants contain relatively large quantities of vitamin B12; the vitamin stored in these organs was originally produced by the (Cyano-) bacteria (and is absorbed) in th e ruminant gut. Bivalves (clams or oysters), which siphon microorganisms* from t he sea, are also good sources. Plants, on the other hand, are poor sources of (c oncentrated)** vitamin B12. The recommended daily dietary allowance for adults i s 3 micrograms (3 micrograms? - see all that is written below). My notes and added information for understanding the statement of facts above: microorganisms* * Cyanocobalamin - Vitamin B12 producing bacteria are in the Cyanobacterium (alg ae, moses) family. This class of microorganisms are the bacteria that generally require and live in the sunlight and/or oxygenated environment of the plant surf aces, roots, upper soils and in the waters (near surface). They do not survive i n the black dark anaerobic environment of interior animal tissues -- though thei r exo- and endo-compounds (metabolic excretions), including the vitamin B12 comp ound group, do remain viable and is accumulated and concentrated in the herbivor ous (plant material consuming) animals (in fecal material, intestines, hence is delivered into all body tissues, blood, muscles, entrails, esp. liver and kidney s) and is also expressed, i.e. transported out (to manage internal tissue levels ) through and in body fluids (milk, mucus, urine) or ova (eggs). There is some presumptions of data that pro ports they (Cyanocobalamin bacteria) have some survival and production activity in the (dissolved oxygen and plant n utrient available) gut (primarily gullet and lower intestine) of herbivores / ru minants (e.g. cow, goat, horse, etc.) animals. But it is well understood that t he critically important source of B12 in livestock (gen. ruminant) production is in their feeds (unwashed, untreated) silage (corn, grains, beet pulp, ferments) along with alfalfa and hay -- where these plant loving cyano-bacteria flourish, then enter into the consuming animal! (concentrated**) -- my insertion to the Columbia Encyclopedia's text, 2nd to las t line above. God and nature has made no mistakes in providing sufficient Vitamin B12 to billi ons of herbivorous animals over millions of millennia - including the vegetarian primates (our biologically nearest creational equivalents) and man! -- if he (m an) makes the right dietary choices and nourishes himself the way he was origina lly designed! -- That is: In and from the garden! -- the perfect home of pure, u ncontaminated, light, oxygen and vegetation loving Cyanocobalamin, in correct bo

especially carnivorous animals (as poultry. by producing unnatural high average blood level st andards for B12. chemistry and physiology! The original concern over Vitamin B12 deficiency (based on research started more than three quarters of a century ago and completed over a half century ago) was a perceived relationship in poor health conditions called "pernicious anima" (a nd other closely related neurological and physiological malfunctions). hence not requiring (as w as previously presumed) high levels of B12 to be carried in sed upon hematological data accumulated and calculated in the cross-section of p rimarily heavily carnivorous USA/Industrial world humans! -. -. i. dense animal fats and proteins within a) malnourished. nor for creation's biologica lly intended.e.rather tha n the old belief that the cause was (as presumed) a Vitamin B12 intake or (a tes t determined*) serum level deficiency! *Remember.Not good or honest science!!! And that false high standard (as has been accepted by most all of medicine) prec ipitates wrong diagnosis! that is. but sufficient for our needs!-.This error in perception. pork. their older peers.Not extorted from d efiled. killed. genetically flawed) intestinal tract -. administrations and dependent government health and welfare agenc ies! -. these test protocols and standards were determined over a half centur y year ago. destroyed. even to date among too many non-current or incompletely educated health practitioners. malfunctioning. high molecular weight. fluids an d ova at levels above and higher than the herbivorous animals and/or the insects which they consume. disease transmitting and B12 hyper-c oncentrating animals -. recycling it within the intra-cellul ar (inside) chemistry and allowing only that which is absolutely necessary in in ter-cellular (between cells) chemistry to be exported. apparent and correct human nutrition. and assuming them as the correct human mean or standard -.which are naturally (and correctly) less in non-carnivorous (vegetaria n) humans and their dependent nursing infants! Those presumed "deficient" patien ts are then endangered with the unnecessary administrations of (the sewage and/o r animal harvested and unnaturally formulated) B12 injections and/or tablets. etc. wi th their plethora of contraindications (side affects) possible in many recipient patients or wrongly treated victims! *** serum (blood stream) levels of B12 is not always a good indication of true i nternal. a falsely high mean standard of B12 levels is accumula ted and is consequently measured high in phlebotomy data. western human m odels. digesti on. a compou nd associated with B12's intra/intercellular transport and use -. -. and also were based on generally highly carnivorous. Hence carnivores (including man when he chooses to be such) do ultra-concentrate B12 in their tissues! Hence in carnivorous man. diagnoses and treatment does persist. or chemic ally damaged (or more rarely.tlr 7/2/03 . which accumulate and concentrate even more B12 in their tissue.not a true or hones t measure for serum B12 levels for all of humanity. B12 functional levels. intra-/inter-cellular. It is also (no w) known that the cells are ultra conservative with B12.unty. in low concentrations.which is ill-f ormed in a hydrochloric acid and a bile abused (a condition specifically trigge red by the corrosive digestion requirements for complex. lower test values of accumulatedserum*** B12 levels -. keeping appropriat e stores of it within the cells themselves. metabolic. disease hosting.tlr 7/3/03 Standard medicine has seriously erred in the violation of honored Koch postulate s and true scientific method. fish.). It now ha s been established that the true cause of this group of maladies is a failure i n the bodies own ability to produce its own correct "intrinsic factor". absorption and blood flow to replenish it. so it is accepted as t he human norm! -. TLR. In the meantime. and other intestine and whole body healing and nu tritional information on and 7/1/03 . and ou r other subject specific sites (listed on Lifesave. you may see a reference to intestinal (microvilli) repair at LDSVeg. I will try to improve upon and expand this page later as my resources/time allow . WaterAndLife.and personally required knowledge for good livestock production and profit -.Personal references: Veterinary & Human Biology & Pathology education and refere nce books / personal my past. Livestock and Marine (algae) research and ex perience -. VeganCowboy.htm#microvilli.