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A) General Information (The following information will be used only for the purpose of analysis and will not be shared with anyone) Please tick the relevant boxes. I. Total number of years in this organization: Less than 1 year 6 - 10 years 1 – 5 years 11 - 15 years


Department :

B) For the questions that follow, please use the following scale to express the extent to which you agree or isagree with the state!ent gi"en in the questionnaire# $lease tic%& 1, if you '()*++, with the state!ent -, if you './0()*++, with the state!ent (gree 1 0o!ewhat (gree 1 0o!ewhat .isagree 2 1 .isagree 1 2 -

0#3o# 0tate!ents 1) $lease in icate your le"el of agree!ent with each of the following state!ent& a) 4y 5o6 is appreciate # 6) / a! pro"i e with all resources to perfor!# c) 7he wor%ing con itions are goo an safe# ) / feel stresse in !y 5o6# e) / li%e !y 5o6# 1) 2) -) / a! recogni8e as an in i"i ual# / get support an tea!wor% fro! other epart!ents in the 9o!pany# / un erstan the co!pany,s o65ecti"e an try to achie"e the

) 1<) 1=) 10) 11) 11) 12) 1-) 15) 16) 1. in ter!s of tas%s assigne an outco!es o6ser"e .) <) =) 10) 11) 11) 12) 1-) 15) 16) 1. while e"aluating !y fee 6ac%# 4y senior. see!s to care a6out !e as a person# 7he co!pany !a%es efforts to i entify !y strengths an wea%nesses# 7he organi8ation "iews its e!ployees as assets# / get an opportunity to o inno"ati"e things at wor%# 4y "iews an participation are "alue # /n this organi8ation the tas%s perfor!e 6y an in i"i ual is assesse with reference to ones experience an expertise# 7he organi8ation structure facilitates tea!wor%.5) 6) . or colleagues at wor%. which enhances effecti"e acco!plish!ent of tas%s# 4anage!ent has create an open an co!forta6le wor% en"iron!ent# $eople who are har wor%ing an results oriente are praise an rewar e in this organi8ation# 7he co!pensation pai in this organi8ation is co!!ensurate to the responsi6ilities shoul ere # 7he co!pensation is satisfactorily re"iewe fro! ti!e to ti!e# 7he wor% acco!plishe 6y tea!s is perio ically e"aluate to chec% its effecti"eness# /n this organi8ation the inter epart!ental co!!unication is effecti"e an relia6le# 7he organi8ation gi"es a equate pai lea"e# 7he insurance sche!e pro"i e 6y the organi8ation helps in !oti"ating e!ployees# 7he suggestion sche!e pro"i e 6y the organi8ation helps in the welfare of the e!ployees an 6enefits the organi8ation# / a! satisfie with the gratuity policy a opte 6y the co!pany# 4anage!ent is flexi6le an un erstan s the i!portance of 6alancing !y wor% an personal life# / feel secure a6out !y 5o6# 4y organi8ation shows respect for a i"erse range of opinions.i eas an people# / a! accounta6le only to !y 6oss# .) 1<) 1=) 20) 21) 21) sa!e# 7he !ission:purpose of the co!pany !a%es !e feel that !y 5o6 is i!portant# 7he epart!ents for!e with clear-cut goals:tas%s to 6e achie"e 6y the tea! !e!6ers# 7he reporting structure is "ery easy an clear 6etween !y superior an !e# 4y senior encourages high achie"e!ent 6y re ucing the fear of failure# 4y senior clearly efines !y 5o6 responsi6ilities# 4y senior co!!unicates to !e the areas of i!pro"e!ent in !y 5o6# 4y senior is o65ecti"e.

oes not hi e any infor!ation pertaining to the epart!ent or the tas% / a! in"ol"e in# 4a%es hi!self:herself easily accessi6le to iscuss issues pertaining to our 5o6 an personal nee s# ?e:she is a constant source of inspiration to all the tea! !e!6ers# 2-) $lease rate the following . open-!in e an trustworthy# . $lease tic% the esira6le option& ?e:she practices the stan ar s 6y setting personal exa!ple# ?e:she co!!unicates effecti"ely.22) a) 6) c) ) e) >hich qualities you li%e in your senior.s chil e ucation sche!e# ) /f the co!pany re!e!6ers your 6irth ay an anni"ersary# GB) a) 6) c) ) / can en5oy !y late sitting ifG $lease tic% the esire one) & /t is for the co!pletion of wor%# /t pro"i es extra !oney# /t pro"i es foo :snac%s# /t pro"i es co!pensation allowance# Any suggestions : ________________________________________________________ 7?(3@ ABC FB* )/D/3) ABC* $*+9/BC0 7/4+EFF . as per the preference le"el where 1 is least preferre an .is !ost preferre & G*ate fro! 1to-) G() a) /f the co!pany regularly con ucts cultural acti"ities# 6) /f the co!pany ta%es care of e!ployees transportation pro6le!# c) /f the co!pany contri6utes towar s the e!ployee.