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Review problems and solutions

1. For the Project network shown answer the following questions based on the data provided. You can use Excel to assist you in solving the proble ! but you still need to show your work pretending you solve by hand.
" ' E 0 3







"ctivity " ' * E F 0 1 2 3 4 #a$ #b$ #c$

Expected ti e#weeks$ & ( + 1 . / ) 1 & ) .

%tandard deviation .& .) (., .( 1., .( ./ .1 & 1., ..

5hat is the critical path6 5hat is the probability of eeting a desired (. weeks co pletion ti e6 %everal activities can be expedited for a cost. %pecifically! activity - expected ti e could be reduced by 1,7 for a cost of 8),,! or by (,7 for a cost of 8(,,,. 2f the project is not co pleted in (. weeks a penalty of 81,,!,,, will be paid. 5hat is your reco endation regarding expediting activity -6 "ssu e the standard deviations don9t change.

%olution :o solve with Excel enter the data to the PE;:<*P=. %ince the standard deviation and the expected ti e for each activity are given! the three ti e esti ates are not needed. ;un the *P=<PE;: te plate and obtain the following result> #a$ :he critical path is *-E024. #b$ P#?@(.$A BCse PE;:<*P=DAP#E@#(.<(F$G&.+1)+$A.(1)F. You need to explain this result. ? is nor ally distributed with ean A (F and standard deviation A B((H.((H1(H./(H&(H..(D1G(A&.+1)+

P#?J(.(&1) so P#?J(.AK+1/.KK. K) F) %how the project network "ssu e the co pany wants to co plete the project in (+ weeks..F. ).K+/1$AK+/1.P#?@(. ' " + 1(. "ctivity F -elta A ?FH&<YF<(+ ? (+ ? H&<Y ?'JA?" 1.Y"H1)Y'H(.)YEH1K.<Y" -elta ?*≥?'H+<Y' F F F . #iii$ . %hould any activity be crashed6 Explain.. #a$ #b$ #c$ #d$ *rash :i e#weeks$ + ...$H). #d$ 5e need to for ulate this proble as a linear progra ing odel! because the PE..$H(...educing the expected co pletion ti e of activity . Iew ti eA.AK++).:. :he linear progra ing odel> =ini iMe *rash cost H penalties A (. (.!.!. E#*ost$A.7.K..#. so P#?J(. 5hat is the opti al crash plan that ini iMes total costs6 %olution> #b$ 5e run Excel and realiMe that the project needs to be crash since the nor al project co pletion ti e is &1 weeks. F *! E & .P#?@(. * ' 1. &... 1).A1.((&.K. 1.P#?J(. 1. paid for each week the project is not co pleted beyond the deadline of (+ weeks.#-elta$ %..$H1.:<*P= te plate does not provide a solution to this proble .KK.$A.. Iew ti eA..Y-H1(.!.!. #ii$ . E 1.#c$ 5e apply the expected value criterion> #i$ Iot reducing the co pletion ti e of activity -> E#*ost$A. *onclusion> "llocate 8)... Fro the te plate we have P#?@(.A1.+.+). to expedite activity .+)$H(.!.. :he following data pertains to a certain project> 2 ediate Ior al Ior al "ctivity Predecessor.P#?J( (. E#*ost$A.#./. Fro Excel we have P#?@(.P#?@(.7.. K .Y*H1.$A1..#.!.educing the expected co pletion ti e of activity ..... ).)YFH(. #c$ Fro the Excel printout we have> "ctivity ' is crashed by 1 week and activity F is crashed by ( weeks.$A.. + 1 *rash *ost 1.$H1. :i e#weeks$ *ost LL " 1. 5hich activities should be crashed! by how uch! and at what total crashing cost! if the objective is to ini iMe the total crashing costs! while eeting the deadline of (+ weeks6 "ssu ing there is a penalty of (./$H)..$A... " K /.$H1..7.$A.

weeks B?FH&<YF A (KH&<. <?-H?EHY.<Y" ?E≥?-HK<Y?F≥?E H1. :his yields a crash cost of *(! s aller than *1! but we need to add a penalty of (.<(+D..D! therefore! the delay easured by the variable -EP:" is equal to ( weeks B&. :his yields a certain crash costs! say *1. Csing %olver to solve this linear progra ing odel! the start ti es of each activity appears in the list of ? values.<Y* Y"≤( Y'≤( NNN ?F<YF<-EP:"A() <?"H?'HY" ≥1. per week of tardiness! it pays to be late by two weeksQ the project is crashed by 1 week #fro &1 to &. &. "lso note! that there is no need to go beyond &1#the co pletion nor al ti e$! because no crash will be needed but the penalties accu ulate. :he project is co pleted in &. :hus! with the penalty of (. Iote that you do not need to go below a deadline of (+! because the crash cost will increase co pared to *1. . "nother way to solve the proble is by running the *P=<-eadline ultiple ti es! changing the deadline! and adding the appropriate penalty anually.?-≥?"H1. For exa ple! activity ' starts at ti e 1. • Pet deadline A (F. *ontinue with this anner. <?*H?FHY* ≥1. <?'H?*HY' ≥ + <?"H?-HY" ≥1. Io need to add any penalty.$. For exa ple> • Pet deadline A (+. and takes + O 1 A K weeks to co plete BIor al ti e O ti e reduction A + O1D. "lso! read the a ount of ti e reduction for each activity fro the list of Y values.≥ K <?EH?FHYE ≥1.<YE ?F≥?*H1.