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Solaris Cluster 3.x video card if used for console can cause panic (Doc ID 1
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Solaris Cluster - Version 3.0 to 3.3 [ elease 3.0 to 3.3! "ll Platfor#s

$here are restrictions on usin% certain har&ware with Sun'Solaris Cluster. So#e (i&eo car&s use a si%nificant a#ount of s)ste# resources. $his can lea& to (ital cluster processes *ein% &ela)e&+ resultin% in a s)ste# panic.

$he s)#pto# )ou woul& see in '(ar'a&#'#essa%es is,
Sep 22 13:12:50 node1 Mpanic[cpu1]/thread=2a10052bd40: Sep 22 13:12:50 suncluster1 unix: [I

!"!#3! $ern%notice] &bortin' node because p()tic$ dela* o+ !3!2 (s exceeds 5250 (

The pm_tick clock waits for a callout lock in the kernel in order to update When it gets delayed long enough, it is a fatal condition for cluster. Even though pm_tick runs in interrupt context, the CP s sometimes can!t handle a heavy interrupt load fast enough. When there are many interrupts to the CP s, this can cause a su"stantial delay. When we see a panic "ecause of pm_tick delay exceeding a certain value we have to find what caused the CP not to process it in time. #ideo cards, such as $#%&'(( and P)$*+ may generate enough interrupts to delay pm_tick processing long enough to panic the cluster node. ,or $#%&'((, in -prtdiag- output you would see. I/4 56I ! 7 2 33 33 320 o$ S89:2;<=>100 S89:23#5>312- ?hile +or 5@;-42 the Aprtdia'A output ?ould sho?: I/4 56I " & ! 33 -- 120 o$ S89:2(-47 S89:23#0>43-2 /un Cluster we mandate using serial ports for console to avoid such pro"lems. 0y reducing frame "uffer attri"ute color depth to 1 the panic may occur less fre2uently "ut it will not make this configuration /un Cluster supported. 3 f"config &dev 4dev4f"s4pf"( &depth 1 /ee f"config5'67 manpage for details. 8ote that this is 9ust one example of what can cause pm_tick57 to "e delayed enough to result in a panic. :ther conditions can lead to performance degradation that results in cluster threads not "eing a"le to run in a timely manner.

Note, $here are se(eral other reasons for p#-tic.() *ein% &ela)e&. Other real ti#e non cluster processes * other threa&s to %et CPU ti#e or fault) fir#ware on #other*oar&. /f )ou &o not ha(e fra#e *uffer car& installe& in the s)ste# an& )ou see this panic chec. for s)ste# fir#ware on hosts an& also for possi*le open cluster *u%s.

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