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Equipment Maintenance Service Procedures for External Customers General Equipment Maintenance Service Procedures 1. The customer requests maintenance service by letter or External Customer’s Request for Service Form signed and approved by authorized representatives of the Customer. 2. The inspection section of the Corporation’s work shop, together with of the Customer’s representative, makes detailed inspection. 3. Equipment handing over will be conducted after detailed inspection by the inspection section, together with the customer’s representative, is made. 4. The inspection section of the Corporation’s workshop: i. Completes the External Customer’s Equipment Detailed Inspection Form based on the inspection result. ii. Opens work order and hands over the equipment and the work order to the concerned Workshop Forman. 5. Maintenance service will then be conducted in the shop as usually done for internal customers. 6. In general, the following formats shall be used while providing maintenance service for External Customers.


External Customer’s Request For Service Form (By the Customer) To request maintenance service in any maintenance workshop of the Corporation


External Customers Equipment Detailed Inspection Form (By Inspection Section) To complete inspection results of the equipment requested for service. External Customer’s Equipment Receiving Form (By Inspection Section) To receive the equipment requested for maintenance service.


d. External Customer’s Equipment Maintenance Cost Estimation Form (By Inspection Section) -To complete estimated maintenance costs for the equipment requested for service e. External Customer’s Equipment Maintenance Work Order Form (By Inspection Section) -To order the concerned shop to carry out major maintenance tasks.

b) The customer hands over the procured spare part using appropriate formats prepared for this purpose (the formats are listed below).To list down & request spare parts for purchase c.) External Customer’s Parts Requisition Form (By Shops) . If spare part is supposed to be provided by the Corporation’s workshops. If spare part is supposed to be delivered by the Customer itself: a) The Customer will be informed to supply the list of spare parts required for maintenance by a letter or form. Customer’s Suggestion Form /Ledger (By the Customer) Used by the Customer to suggest /comment about the maintenance service provided. 8. i.5. 7. After Maintenance Service Procedures . The following supply & procurement formats are used for spare part supplying purpose: a) External Customers Equipment Parts Card –X Form (By Shops) . the spare part supply system will be the same as it’s applied for internal customers. 9. (By Procurement 7.) External Customer’s Equipment Maintenance Parts Requisition & Issue Ticket (By Shops) .f. Equipment Handing Over Form (By Inspection Section) -To handover equipment to/from the customer h.To list down spare parts to request & issue from store d. External Customer’s Equipment Maintenance Internal Work Order Form (By Shops) -To order other workshops in order to carry out specific maintenance tasks that could not be done by the shop that has received the major work order.To list down spare parts to be typed on Parts Requisition Form or be checked for availability on store balance card b.1. g.) External Customer Supplied Parts Receiving & Issuing Form Team/Unit ) To receive or issue parts supplied by external customer.1. External Equipment Maintenance Cost Report (By Finance Team/Unit) To transfer maintenance cost report to Finance Division.

on behalf of the Corporation. The Fiancé Division. the Customer shall identify the maintenance service to be provided quickly (in emergency situation) on the Request for Service Form. 2. 4. 2. 8.2. After approval of all costs reported. Complied maintenance costs shall be clarified by the Finance Officer/Unit and approved by the Maintenance Team Leader (In case of Central Equipment Maintenance Team) or clarified by Finance Team & approved by the Project Manager (in case of Project Equipment Maintenance Work shops). After the maintenance service is accomplished. Maintenance costs do not consider costs of spare parts supplied by the customer itself. follows up and collects payment either by Bank Cheque or CPO within 10 days after request for payment or according to the contracts agreement between the Customer & the Corporation. . The Finance Division. The Customer suggests its opinion by completing the Suggestion Form /Ledger based on the reception & maintenance service provided.1. shall clarify & approve all costs reported to the Division before request for payment preparation. Note. 7. The inspection section makes final inspection & closes the work order after approving the maintenance activity performed and delivers the equipment to the Customer. The inspection section of the workshop submits all maintenance costs recorded on the work order to Finance Team/Unit. 3.5. Then. 6. the report shall be submitted to the Finance Division within 10 days after the end of every contract month /end of contract. The Corporation shall set Emergency Maintenance Shop Rate and announce for the Customer before any maintenance service agreement is made. 5. particularly Collection & Payment Team. First. The Maintenance Team Leader /the shop shall review the suggestions given by the Customer every month and takes remedial actions accordingly. Emergency Maintenance Service Procedures for External Customers 1. 7. the Finance Division prepares request for payment for maintenance service delivered to the Customer within 15 days after the end of every contract month/ end of contract. the shop shall record all labour & material expenses on the work order & delivers it to the inspection section.