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‫ملخص رسالة الدكتوراه الموسومة بـ )) شرح مختصر‬ -‫*ق)قا و راسة‬+ ,, ‫ة &'&(ـ‬%‫ س‬#$‫القدوري للطقطع ال"!

دا ي المتو‬ 3‫لم‬:‫ ال‬8‫"دالل‬9 7‫د ب‬5$ 6‫ا الطال‬5‫ ب‬4‫قد‬+ 3‫ والت‬-‫ة‬./)‫ل‬012‫بالل!ة ا‬ ‫ م*مد‬4‫ما‬2‫ام?ة ا‬B - A‫ا‬.‫ الر‬3$ ‫?ة‬.‫ ب>ل)ة ال@ر‬8‫< ال=ق‬:‫ طق‬#‫;ل‬ C‫م)ة‬D‫س‬2‫ س?و ا‬7‫ب‬
Summary of the doctoral tagged b ((brief explanation of praise Cut Baghdadi deceased year 474 e)) investigation and study, in English, and made by the student ahd bin !bdullah alsulmy "urisprudence Section aculty of Sharia in #iyadh, $niversity of %mam &uhammad bin Saud %slamic 'han( )od alone, and prayers and peace be upon the *rophet of not beyond, and after+ 'his is a summary of the doctoral thesis presented by ,r- ahd bin !bdullah alsulmy entitled ((brief explanation of praise Cut Baghdadi deceased year 474 e)) investigation and study%s that the boo( explained to board one of the best embedded .anafi /urisprudence, the best (no0n and most deliberated bet0een .anafis even to vault the boo(.ave distinguished this method sober explanation of the follo0ing+ ! 1 easily his, and the clear senseB 1 ma(ing its attention on the issues of !l evidence2 of the boo(, and the year and unanimity, and the effects of advances, and reasonable, it is little evidence .anafi doctrine, and the rest of the incarnation doctrinesC 1 0hen reasoning .oly 3oran, he recalled mufassireen 0ords in the meaning of the verse, 1 interest in the linguistic definition, terminological, the scientific terminology, and the expressionE 1 the difference bet0een the interest mention imams .anafi doctrine, and different stories from %mam particular, 0ith a statement adopted at the denomination of those 0ords, and stories!nd 1 attention mention in the other0ise non1controversial issues 'ap famous, recalled other0ise %mam Shafei, often stated other0ise for0ard &ali( in some cases, said %mam !hmed in the section that you achieve once, 0ith the transfer of its interest statements imams !ncestors2 and follo0ers of the prophet 11 blessings of )od and their companions #ahmanm 1) 1 said the evidence violators, the ans0er in many of the issues*erhaps the reason for this is that the commentator put Crahin of this acronym, one brief, the second Couched 1 a boo( investigator 1 and this ma(es him great importance, 4alharh on his path, and (no0 es%t brought the boo( investigator boo(s /urisprudential follo0ing+ 5 1 !l6aar boo(, !lan boo(, a boo( number, boo( expenses7 1 8ta( boo(, a boo( measure, for breeding, the boo( offices- 9oyalty : 1 Boo( crimes, the boo( Blood, a boo( !l(samh boo( strongholds4 1 Boo( border (adultery drin(ing libel theft and robbery boo( syrups); 1 boo( hunting and slaughtered- Sacrifice boo(, a boo( of faith< 1 boo( case, the boo( certificates, the boo( bac( on the certificate, a boo( instead of the /udiciary, the boo( =uotient- Boo( Chapter drin(ing- Boo( coercion7 1 Sir boo(, a boo( embargo and added, >ills boo(, the obligatory boo( 1 the latest boo(%t is no secret that the achievement of this boo( content re=uests from the researcher bac( and informed on multiple sources of the scholars 0rote, in various arts, 0hich has contributed to the expansion of cognitive scientist, and scientists standing on the platforms, and methods of synthesis and classification'he researcher marched in the investigation of the curriculum follo0s+ 5 1 reproducing bearing in mind the rules of painting (no0n today, and

Sunnis and unanimity. and their evidence. and 4gueni )od to ta(e him out. although not as 0ell as have been made in ma(ing my boo(s the year. and proof of the important differences bet0een them. as possible'he effects have been adopted in the graduation of the boo(s interested in this matter< 1 !n explanation of alien 0ords and 0ords.*unctuation. and &ar(s and distortion caused by the other copies 1 if any 1 in the !l 0ith his &e(ovin bet0een ?@4 1 Auranic verses attributed to the indexes of the fence. and =uestions7 1 Senior mind !sahha copies of the boo(. 0hich 0as included in the textD 1 !ssignment texts supplied by the author to their original sources'he study 0as a researcher 0here as follo0s+ 5 1 &ention )uide to the issue of the boo(.EE7E<<<E . mentioning soorah and Bo. and /ustifications7 1 'he imams vie0s of the o0ners of the three remaining schools in the controversial issues that 0ere mentioned by the author. faceted.verse. by mentioning the four vie0s of imams. and it 0as 0or(ing. contrary to one of themC 1 the study of at least forty issue selected. 0hile maintaining the &atn version !pproved as possible. 0ith the explanation and guidance. and that symbol (a). 1 closer 0ords and other sects mentioned by the author of the original sources< 1 interest in 0ords that the author himself from the rest of scientists doctrine. 0ith imams 0as sentenced by a correction and 0ea(ness. !lta(ri/atC 1 Statement of them chosen 0ith the guidance and explanation: 1 documenting issues mentioned by the author of the original sources4 1 closer !lnicol conveyed by the author imams doctrine. as 0ell as statements in the matter. and discuss the evidence 0ith a statement li(elyinally 'his commentary is blessed travel and useful in the door.ahd bin !bdullah alsulmy &8B%9E E. and find other. and correct them together 0ith the evidence. the tal( 0as in the correct or Bta(re/eh only one of them. 1 graduation conversations *rophet and the effects mentioned in the boo( of sources. unless the copyright7 1 interest lies in the 0ords doctrine designated by the author. an intervie0 the other copies. and sources of transportation: 1 intervie0 bet0een copies. a comparative study. commas and =uotation mar(s. and li=uefaction !lmighty that %ovgueni in print even benefit students in science every0here!llah Cro0n success%nvestigator+ d. the statement of scientific terms contained in the text7 1 'ranslation %nformation 1 unsung 1 listed in the summary text translationC 1 definition Balam(nh and tribes. and the reference to the payment of fallout. and face. as follo0s+ ! 1 attributed to the novel or say sourcesB 1 achieving novels and &atmayora statement.