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( '. … may cause overheating. … e#cited by e#ternal means. %he farad is … large a unit …. (V/R) a) flow/others c) flowing/other b) to flow/other d) to flow/others 1 .:hen a short circuit occurs in a transformer. measured in microfarads or "icofarads. Una onda de diente de sierra.1. %heir values are indicated by … "ainted on a ba. … this can usually be ignored … the flow they "ermit is so small. magnifier si/e 11. :hen the charge "asses through the resistor. :hat … when the charge … the resistor. … we can assume that resistors have a constant value and … the voltage!current relationshi" is linear. (R) a) the latter/the lower/the former c) the former/the higher/the latter b) the former/the latter/the former d) the former/the latter/the higher b) a series of standard-coded stripes d) series of coded standard stri"es b) consider/designing d) to consider/design 11. (*) a) a saw-tooth wave c) a tooth saw!wave a) all/some c) any/some a) because/to c) although/for b) a saw!wave tooth d) a tooth wave!saw b) some/all d) any/all b) therefore/for d) when/to b) fall/as/rise d) fall/after/rise 1(. (V) a) ha""en/"ass across b) does it ha""en/"asses through 1<. (R/=) '(. %he resistance of thermistors …. …. when the circuit … resistors.a). inductors. 7hm8s law … only to steady 0$ situations. ra"idly … their tem"erature … (V/$) a) falls/as/rises c) falls/before/rises . ($) a) %herefore/although/such as c) &owever/because/as b) Although/therefore/such as d) %hough/so/as b) indicates/absorbs/su""lying d) indicating/absorbed/su""lying b) a boo. (V) a) have/has been called c) have/is called 1+. (V) a) applied/contains c) a""ly/contained b) a""lied/contained d) a""ly/contain b) happens/passes through d) ha""ens/"ass across b) the starter motor brushes d) the motor starter brushes 1. 2nsulators allow flow of electrons.. (0) +.(5) a) over/to/throughout c) along/at/across a) which/"rimarily c) whose/primarily b) across/to/through d) across/at/along b) whose/"rimary d) which/"rimary ' . magnifier si/e wallet b) had/had been called d) have have/was called. @ngineers must … the use of every ty"e of material when … a new "roduct. … moves from … to the lower "otential and the energy absorbed is dissi"ated by … in the form of heat. it is widely used … cables. (R) a) it/%hese c) they/%hese a) too/therefore/usually c) very/therefore/often a) is induced/will continue circulate/removes b) they/%his d) it/This 9.(=) b) enough/because/never d) so/as a conse-uence/rarely b) induces/will continue to circulate/is removed '4. Under certain conditions. ($/V) a) 2f/will occu"y c) 5rovided that/occu"y b) Unless/will occupy d) 7n condition that/occu"ies '1. however … metals do not conduct well.elite case that is moulded over the gra"hite interior. (*) . Una lu"a de tama. (V) a) indicated/absorbed/su""lied c) indicated/absorbs/supplied a) a wallet size book magnifier c) a wallet boo. >anufacturers ue a … on the resistor to inform about its … (*) a) tolerance colour band/manufacturing accuracy c) band colour tolerance/accurate manufacturer a) have/must read/follows c) had/must be read/following b) colour band tolerance/manufacturing accurate d) tolerance band colour/accuracy manufacturing <.($/5) 16. ca"acitance is …. some very useful and "ractical elements … diodes e#hibit a non!linear resistance. may further damage the insulation. 7hm8s law states that the voltage … a resistance is "ro"ortional … the current flowing … it. 2f a current … by a magnetic field in a ring of su"erconducting material.. $o""er is a good conductor. . 2n )$ circuit theory. we … what … a short circuit.2n its original sim"le form. ) resistor is a circuit element … electrical characteristic is … resistive. $om"osition resistors generally … four colour bands that … as … ? (V) b) had/must have read/follow d) have/ must be read/follows ''. ($) a) because/however c) however/because b) however/so d) whatever/as 19. (*) a) series of standard!coded stri"es c) a series of coded standard stri"es a) to consider/designing c) consider/to design 1'. and ca"acitors V3 IZ. … metals are conductors. a resistor is a "assive element since it … the "ower … to the terminals. the one electron of a hydrogen atom … the lowest orbital. (*) a) the starter brushes motor c) the motor brushes starter 6. 2f R3 4.(*) (. )s ….o billetera "ara lectura de libros (de letra "e-ue. *as escobillas del motor de arran-ue. semiconductors allow a current … but under … they behave as insulators. it … when the field … (V) c) induces/will continue circulating/is removing d) is induced/will continue to circulate/is removed 14.. magnifier wallet si/e d) a boo.

ing onto/am out b) were originally used/though they're now widely used . and issue an alerting signal which … the corrective action … as an engineer. (=/$) (1. of whether the energy level … as we … through each element. and …. (5) a) among/among/with/off/toward c) between/between/with/of/toward a) in/to/with c) by/to/with b) between/between/without/of/toward d) among/among/within/of/forward b) in/with/by d) in/to/with 1.. )n algorithm … a "rocedure … a usually com"licated "roblem by … out a "recisely determined se-uence of sim"ler. )s the "otential is measured … two "oints. 2n order to … its own weight. a ha/ardous change in tem"erature or "ressure. (*) a) circuit lum"ed "arameter c) lumped-parameter circuit a) %hese/the/the/some c) %hat/the/the/some b) "arameter lum"ed circuit d) lum"ed circuit "arameter b) %his/the/a/any d) These/the/a/any ('.e"t/increases or decreases/went b) %o e#amine/see/are d) %#amining/see/are b) :hatever. (V) a) @#amining/saw/are c) %o e#amine/saw/were a) 0es"ite/because/below c) &owever/therefore/below a) is/. (V) (6. %he University should recommend incoming!students to lodge near the cam"us. and the term … is used to describe this networ. (V/=) a) haven8t already warned c) have still warned a) must have broken into/was out c) must have been brea. (V) a) 2ncoming students should recommend to lodge near the cam"us b) %o lodge near the cam"us is recommended to incoming students c) $ncoming students should be recommended to lodge near the campus d) Dear the cam"us should be recommended to lodge to incoming students (+. at each end. (V) a) to detect/causes/to be taken b) detecting/causes/to be ta. genuinely suitable for ….… unfilled valence orbitals … electrons. (V/5) +. %he energy in the circuit is in essence lum"ed in each element. Aimilar "rocedures … in mathematical calculations …. %hen. a burglary. :e … all our neighbours. into/was out d) must be"/was decreasing or decreasing/went (.s. we … that there … numerous "aths through it. A"ea. (V) a) su""orting/be securely attached/re-uire b) su""orting/be securely attaching/will re-uire c) support/be securely attached/would require d) su""ort/be securely attaching/ re-uires '6. it … im"ortant that we … trac. unambiguous ste"s..e/chose b) should be/making/chosen c) ought to be/to ma. a) are originally used/but they8re now widely used c) were originally used/though they8re not widely used d) are originally used/but they were then widely useds (9. )larm systems are used … undesirable events such as the start of a fire. :eCre often guilty. %he electronegative atoms .ing/am out b) have yet warned d) have already warned b) must brea. … the circuit again. a) that is not c) that are not a) many soft nylon strings c) a lot of soft nylon strings (4. and not Bust …. the circuit … closed. etc. (V) a) characterize/are/to give c) characteri/es/were/to give b) characteri/es/are/give d) characteri/e/were/give <.e/chosen d) ought to be/ma. 5ancras8 Atation. 5ancras8 Atation/this morning/on time b) which was not d) which were not b) many nylon soft strings d) a lot of nylon soft strings b) on time/this morning/at At.'+. loop. … sim"le. %he fast train arrived … (=) a) at At. (V) a) connecting/using/is c) connected/using/are b) connected/to use/is d) connecting/used/are 6. watches. we will not "rove them … the "roofs are … our current level of understanding. the cable … a "henomenal strength!to!weight ratio. … the main conce"ts related with more com"le# circuits. in my view. re-uired to move … unit charge around … is /ero (0) ( . Aomebody … my room while 2 … in class. "articularly suitable from a technical stand" 9. … circuits are conservative.(=) a) yesterday/at the gates/very rudely c) at the gates/very rudely/yesterday b) very rudely/at the gates/yesterday d) very rudely/yesterday/at the gates '<. 2f the electrical connectors … a continuous "ath through which a current can …. meaning that … wor. obviously. $arbon brushes are held … contact … the commutator … s"rings (5) '. my view is that all the materials we use …. it is convenient to use an arrow … the two "oints … the head … the arrow "ointing … the "ositive node. (V) b) form/circulate/is said to be d) forms/to circulate/is said being 4.e d) to detect/cause/to ta. %he elements at the far left … because they … readily ioni/ed … "ositive ions. we … the terms (node. and branch) by … the circuit in the figures (V) a) To e#plain/will define/using c) @#"laining/will define/using b) %o e#"lain/defined/use d) @#"laining/define/use ((. %he man who was fond of cluster!ballooning didn8t use …(*) '9. (1. 5ancras8 Atation '1.e .eting gimmic. %he warden s"o.. %he engineering challenge of … a satellite to earth … a cable …. of using e#otic!sounding materials . significant.e"t/was increasing or decreasing/go c) was/. since/beyond d) &owever/because/beyond b) is/ keep/ is increasing or decreasing/go d) is/.e to us … . in com"uter "rograms.. as mar.en c) detect/cause/to ta. a valuable feature … covalent bonding (5/V) a) with/can never share/on c) without/may never share/on a) form/to circulate/is said to be c) forms/circulating/is told to be b) without/can also share/in d) with/may also share/in c) at t! "ancras tation/on time/this morning d) this morning/on time/at At. (V) a) should be/ma. (V) a) is/solve/carry b) is/to solve/carrying b) is/solving/to carry d) was/solve/carrying 1.

(R/V) +9. Ginally. (V/5) a) consist in c) consists in a) defined/can study/named after c) defined/can study/called b) consists of d) consists on b) defining/can be studied/named for d) defining/can be ingstudy/called by +4.. 2n … words. . (V) c) could also be stated/leaving d) can also be stating/to leave +1. b) which/it d) which/them 14. "lans (V) 64. . Garaday … . b) did she+ d) does she. it is necessary to sum to /ero … increases and decreases in energy level (0) a) other/a/the c) other/the/the a) a/a/the/the c) H /the/ H the b) another/the/the d) others/a/the b) a/the/a/the d) a/a/(/the 1'. (V) a) is wor. a) is he. (0) a) the/its/the b) a/their/the c) the/his/the d) a/its/the 1(. &omes and von >alderen constructed … "owerful machines.. ($/=) a) )hen/at first c) =efore/at first a) which/wounded c) that/winding b) :hile/at last d) )fter/at last b) that/wounded d) which/wound 1<.ed/graduates b) &owever/has never "assed/to "re"are d) @ven though/had already "assed/"re"aring b) on a iron core grooved d) upon a grooved iron core b) wanted/to be/used watching/to draw d) didn*t want/to be/used to watch/ draw b) most/the former/about/among/of d) most/the former/around/among/of 19. tried to "roduce electricity … magnetism. … branch is … "ortion of … circuit containing only … single element and … nodes at … end of … element (0) a) a/a/a/a/a/every/the c) a/the/a/the/the/each/the a) oneself/such a c) himself/such b) a/a/a/a/the/each/the d) the/a/the/a/the/every/the b) himself/such a d) oneself/such c) is wor. 7nce … defined these terms... c) does he. a magnetic field … in the stator (V) a) is fed/is set up c) is feeding/sets u" a) could also be stating/leaving b) feeds/sets u" d) fed/set u" b) can also be stated/leave 11. (=) a) quite/e#tremely c) too/very b) too/enough d) enough/very +(... =y … the foregoing e-uation by !1.. the following e#"ression … (V) a) multi"ly/is obtained c) multiplying/is obtained b) multi"ly/was obtained d) multi"lying/obtains +'. there will be "ositive charge leaving … node.. 2f a coil of wire … ends are Boined through a galvanometer is brought u" to a magnet... as an engineer since he . Eirchhoff8s first law … in an alternative form as the algebraic sum of the currents … a node is /ero. … an electric current is "assed through one of two "arallel wires. Garaday … constructed the first of … machines in 19 1.(V) a) didnCt she. Gor e#am"le.. (V) b) isn*t he+ d) doesnCt that magnetism was "roduced … electricity. Aiemens devised an im"roved armature in … the coils of wire were . :hen current … to them. &e . all his e#ams in June. he hel"ed me "re"are them for Ae"tember. (0) + . >ary didnCt tell you about. as we traverse … circuit. (V) .. node.. my friend . (R) 11. %his … the first dynamo!electric machine from … modern dynamos … (R/V) a) is/that/evolved c) was/that/have evolved graduated a) )lthough/has already "assed/"re"are c) Although/had already passed/prepare b) has been working/graduated d) has wor... it causes … a current in the same direction in the other. … node is sim"ly … "oint of … action of two or more circuit elements of … networ.. (R/5) a) who/off/off c) which/from/from b) that/of/of d) who/from/from 16..(<. but he . but if … actual value is negative.. … 19 1 Aturgeon used a s"lit tube … co""er … commute the connection … the outer circuit … each half! turn. (*) a) u"on a grooved core iron c) on iron core grooved a) wanted/be/used watching/to drawing c) didnCt want/be/used to watching/draw +<.(5) a) in/of/for/of/in b) on/of/to/off/on b) in/of/to/of/at d) on/of/to/for/at b) was/which/have evolved d) was/which/evolve ++. (=/5) a) more/the latter/around/between/of c) most/the latter/around/between/of +6.. we … Eirchhoff8s laws. &is mother … him . i(j) may be defined entering . … the Ferman scientist Fustav R Eirchhoff (V) 1 . AteveCs off to $hina... a current will "ass through … (R) a) whose/them c) whose/it 61. his father . … combining … an a#is si#ty!four se"arate coils rotating … the "oles … forty "owerful magnets. ) commutator … magnetic and electrical conductors. %hese laws are … sim"le and … im"ortant and useful. … sobre un nIcleo de hierro rayado. . an engineer. shuttle!wise. 6'. c) doesnCt she.