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The Prostitute

Mike Mitchell

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The Prostitute Also by Mike Mitchell

Table of Contents

The Prostitute

“If it stops you feeling guilty, then pay me like a prostitute.” Peter’s expression revealed a moment of confusion and then nervousness.

Finally he smiled. “I thought you were being serious …”

  • I sipped my wine in silence, until the smile had faded, and his nervous tic had

returned. It was the second time he’d come back to my apartment, and I wasn’t going to let him avoid the issue again. “Peter, we’ve been seeing each other outside work for three months now, and that surely means we’re in a relationship. So, we’re adults … Don’t you want to make love to me?” “Of course I do, but I told you why I can’t.” “But it makes no sense. While you’re here in New York mid-week, you’re living a separate life anyway, so why not enjoy it? She’ll never know.” “It’s not a question of being found out or not. What we have is great, spending time together, but I’m not comfortable with it going further.” “When you had sex with that woman in Miami, how did that fit with your logic?” His lips were compressed now. Annoyed with me for mentioning it, and trying to think of an excuse, but failing. Wishing again that he’d not told his friends. “Peter, whether you paid for it or not, you had sex, and to most people that would mean you were unfaithful. And you don’t seem to regret having done it.” He jumped up from the sofa, with his face reddening. “How the hell do you know I didn’t regret it? After I came back from that trip, I couldn’t sleep properly for days.” “Why? Did you think your wife would find out?” He sat back down. “No, it wasn’t that. I just felt guilty.” “What did she look like? Something like me? Or your wife?” He smiled. “A bit like both of you. Dressed more sexily of course. But that’s her job.”

“And do you still feel guilty?” “Not any more. The longer I thought about it, the less of an issue it seemed. One time with a prostitute, who I’ll never see again. It’s not something I should have done, but it was a long way from being an affair.” “Well, you’re here with me now, and we’ve been very affectionate together. Doesn’t that mean we’re having an affair, even if we haven’t had sex?” “But that’s just it. For me, it’s what makes the difference between a friendship and an affair.”

  • I topped up his wine, and kissed him. “Peter, come to bed with me.” “I can’t, and please don’t keep pressuring me.”

“Then pretend I’m a prostitute, like the one in Miami. With the lights off, we can pretend anything.” He frowned. “My imagination’s not that good. I’d still be thinking of you.” “Then I’ll see what I can do.”

  • I turned the lights low, switched on the television, and then I went to the bedroom.

I’d bought the wig years ago for a party, and had been on the brink of throwing it out more than once. But it was perfect for tonight. Long black hair and very soft. It took me a while to get ready, especially my make-up, but it was worth it. The minidress, hold-up stockings and high heels, all in black, completed the picture. I stood

in front of the mirror, and stared. The woman looking back at me was so elegant and sexy, it was scary. When I went back in, he looked me up and down, with his mouth open, as if he’d

never seen a woman before. “Louise, you look so different, …”

  • I sat next to him, stretching my legs out, so he could see the lace at the top of the

stockings. “I’m not Louise. Don’t call me that.” The only time I’d tried acting was at school, and I was quite good at it, except that I

occasionally forgot my lines. Like now. I wanted to play the role of a sophisticated prostitute, but I couldn’t even imagine what prostitutes talk about. It only took a few seconds before he touched my leg. He stroked my thigh experimentally, I think nervous about what reaction he might get. Then he got bolder, and moved gradually upwards, running his fingers over the lace, and just under the edge

of the dress. He put his other arm around me, and leaned towards me for a kiss. But I pulled myself loose, and stood up in front of him. “Pay me first. Fifty dollars.” His face twitched to an uncertain smile, and then he opened his wallet and counted out the notes onto the table. I made a performance of checking them, then put them away in a drawer. It was a show for him, but also I needed time to think. It had seemed such a clever idea, but now that he’d agreed to it, how was I to respond? I found myself thinking about his woman in Miami, and wondering what she’d do.

  • I switched off the television and the lighting, and then went to the doorway. “Come

on then, you’re my client, and it’s time to give you what you paid for.”

Next day, when we met at the office, he was tense. The sex had been great, and I’d stayed in character as his prostitute. It wasn’t the way I’d wanted it, but it made it a lot easier at work. So for me, his logic about sex and affairs seemed to work. If it had been sex as part of our relationship, I’d have felt so ecstatic, that I’d have worried about being able to hide it. But the way it happened, it wasn’t really me who’d had sex with him. So his theory worked for me, even if it didn’t work for him. Anyway, the weekend cured that. After a couple of days with his wife and children, and time to do his own rationalizing, it was as if nothing had happened between us. By Thursday, we had a chance to talk in private. “Louise, if you’ve nothing on this evening, how about dinner?” “Fine. Then my place?” He hesitated. “Better not. I’ve some work to do before tomorrow. Let’s just have dinner.” What a liar. “Then do it at my place. I’ll leave you in peace for a while, if that’s what you want.” “I don’t think that would work out. After last time, …” “Didn’t you like it?” “Of course I did, but in a way it was still cheating on my wife, wasn’t it?” “Not at all. You paid for sex, just like in Miami. That’s all you should be thinking.”

At my apartment, I poured him another glass of wine. “Peter, darling, I can dress the part again, but do you want me as I am this time? We could have just as much fun, and it won’t cost you anything.” “If I wasn’t …”

He looked tense, and his eyes avoided mine. Evidently I’d not cured him of his silly guilt complex. It was annoying, but hardly unexpected. “Don’t worry, I understand.” In the bedroom, I dressed exactly as before, brushing the wig carefully into shape. When we had sex last time, he couldn’t stop touching and stroking my hair. I’m

guessing the Miami woman has hair like this too.

  • I swiveled round in front of the mirror to see myself properly. I did look sensual. If

a man didn’t desire me like this, there’d have to be something wrong with him.

  • I touched up the lipstick, and went back into the lounge. He stood up, and looked

me over as I approached. I went close, and he backed off slightly. In my heels, my eyes

were level with his, and I think that made him nervous.

  • I said, “You can pay me now.”

He handed me his wallet, and I counted out what was in there. “I’ll take two hundred.”

  • I thought he’d object, but he said nothing, so I took the money.

Back in the bedroom, I stood again in front of the mirror. It was so erotic seeing myself like this, with him stripping off in the background. The prostitute with her client. He was in bed by the time I started undressing, so I did it slowly, finally down to

my hold-ups. I decided to keep them on like last time. I checked the mirror again, and fluffed up my hair, so it lay loose on my shoulders. He was sitting in bed watching me, like a child waiting for his treat. Not that he cared, but for two hundred dollars, I thought he deserved something special.

And so the winter went on, and every couple of weeks he’d come to my apartment. I’d thought of trying again to see if he would have sex with me, without the pretense, but I quite enjoyed things the way they were. I’d opened a special savings account that I called my luxury fund, and I’d already bought a lovely watch, a Gucci. I’d never have spent such money before on a watch, but the price didn’t bother me at all. Peter was easy to please, but I found I enjoyed experimenting. It’s embarrassing to think what I’ve done with him, so I keep it out of my mind. But when I’m in character, it just seems a lot of fun. We settled on a price of two hundred dollars. He’d have paid more, but he was nervous about his wife noticing the cash withdrawals. I could have asked for less, but it had to be enough to get into the right frame of mind, and two hundred seemed about right.

It was in June that I met Travis. He was down from Chicago on a one-year assignment, and I’d met him at a couple of business meetings. He’d also met Peter of course, and the two of them seemed to get on like old friends. Travis has to be ten years older than me, maybe more, but he’s good looking and divorced, so one or two of the women were drooling over him. Including me. It was after one Friday meeting that he suggested drinks after work, and it soon became a Friday routine. That was convenient, as Peter was always back with his wife by then. Travis is very nice and fun to be with, but he was constantly looking at other women. After a couple of these evenings, I knew for sure that he wouldn’t be suited to a serious relationship, as his ex-wife no doubt discovered too late. Then one evening, he’d drunk more than he should, and that’s when he said those words.

didn’t know whether to laugh it off, or slap him, or walk away. His face went pink, and he stuttered something unintelligible. He realized he’d been stupid, the


moment he said it, and more so when he saw my reaction, so now he didn’t know what to do either. His words kept repeating in my mind. “Peter says that if I pay you, …” But I had to control my anger. “Travis, you’ve misunderstood. I’ve been in a relationship with Peter for a long time, and we do play games. He’s either said something he shouldn’t, or you’ve misinterpreted him. Either way, it’s brought this evening to an end.”

  • I stood up, and smiled politely, gripping my handbag so tight that it was hurting.

By the time I was back at the apartment, I’d resolved nothing. I couldn’t believe

that Peter would talk about what we did together, but it was equally hard to believe that Travis would say those hurtful words. I could feel tears coming, so I gave in, and lay down on the bed, with my eyes closed. I dozed off, my mind going through it over and over, trying to make some sense. It was maybe an hour later, before I realized what I should do. Those two men had been stupid, but I was being even more stupid playing the victim.

  • I showered, and took time over getting dressed. In the mirror, I looked elegant as

always, but I fluffed the long black hair, and treated myself to a little extra eye shadow

to look more mysterious. Now I was in character.

  • I picked up the phone, and dialed. When Peter’s wife answered, I said it was a

business call, which in a way was true. I could tell from the shuffling and the delay that

he was finding somewhere private. When he answered, his tone was cautious. So he knew what had happened. “Peter, darling, you shouldn’t have talked about what we do. It’s a matter of trust, … just like I don’t talk to your wife about it.” There was silence before he replied. “I’m sorry. It was stupid of me. It won’t—”

“So when am I seeing you next?” “Maybe it’s better if we leave it for a while. It’s getting too risky.” “Don’t be silly, Peter. If we stop, it’ll be when I say so. So how about Wednesday?” After a long pause, “Alright, I suppose so.” “And from now on I’ll want three hundred dollars.”

  • I put down the phone before he could say anything.

I’d been watching myself in the mirror all the time. Louise couldn’t have talked that way. But like this, I could say or do what I wanted. With the phone in my hand, I went closer to the mirror. I really was irresistible. And I was ready for the next call. “Travis, I’m sorry about the misunderstanding today. Peter really spoke out of turn.” “I’m sorry too. You must have been so embarrassed.” “A little, but I’m fine now. So are you still interested in coming over, and playing the same game Peter does?” Just a slight pause. “Of course I would. I’d like that very much.” “Then I’ll be waiting for you.”




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