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Denver First Church

August 23, 2009

keeping in touch...
DFC Ministerial Staff

Stephen Abbott
Young Adult & Family Pastor
Rich Cantwell
Business Administrator
Bud Curry
Hospital Chaplain
Tina Hayhurst
Student Ministries Pastor
Bob Huffaker
Interim Pastor
Scott Nauman
Pastor of Worship & Arts
Jerry Nelson
Minister of Instrumental Music
Randy Smith
Christian Education Pastor
Marvin Suyen
West Campus Pastor

DFC Church Board

John Bruneau
Bob Cheney
Curtis Clay
Glenn Domokos
Troy Edwards
Table of Contents
Vini Giannatala
Bryant Jaggers
Judy Jones 1. Mission:Denver iv. timely news for the
Gregg Moran congregation…
Gene Rakes
2. news update
Bud Roe
i. important info… v. how you can
Kathy Tate
Jim Webb ii.“kotchadoingood...”
Ron Williams 3. calendar of events:
Bonnie York iii. news from the
August 23-29
Denver First Church
3800 E. Hampden Avenue
Englewood, CO 80113
News Update
Important info...
Dear Family and Friends of DFC,
In many denominational groups, it is customary to give alms in conjunction with
Communion. This past Sunday, we were invited to give abundantly by providing
hygiene packs for Mission:Denver. As a congregation, you did so! You filled 22
tubs with hygiene packs! May God bless you, and may unselfish giving become
contageous throughout our congregation. May we be guilty of lavish, jilarious,
preposterous giving in the Name of Jesus!

On Sunday, August 23, our guest speaker will be Dr. David Ralph, Colorado
Nazarene District Superintendent. On August 30, our guest speaker will be Dr. Jim
Diehl, General Superintendent Emeritus of the Church of the Nazarene. Please
join us as we grown in knowledge and application of God’s Word, so we can
share His Good News with others.

Please take a moment to read several announcements listed below that will
appear in Sunday’s Insight. If you are viewing these in the eblast, click on each
for important details; if you are reading this in the hard copy, please refer to the
Insight for important details regarding these upcoming events.

Rock Leadership Lunch Meeting Nicaragua Work & Witness Info Meeting
Evening Service Bookstore Specials
Celebration Choir & Orchestra Signature Sound Concert
Family Camp at Golden Bell Baptism Class
Waves Lock-In Women of the Word
Women of Faith Conference IN Group Fall Color Trip
Weekly Prayer Walk DFC Office Remodel
DFC Annual Report Membership Class
Hymn Sing Bake Out

Today’s publication will cover the following topics:

“Kotchadoingood!,” News from the Board, Timely News for the
Congregation and How You Can Help
News Update

• The Ride & Provide missions outreach to Denver Family Church (aka, “West
Campus”) is taking place as this publication is being written. Thank you,
Harold Patterson, for your leadership is coordinating this effort, and to all
who participated!

• We would be remiss in not acknowledging the outstanding work of Dee Ann

Craver, lay director of Celebrate Recovery, for her outstanding effort in
organizing and coordinating the recent CR fundraiser. DFC’s CR family is
blessed week-in and week-out to be the beneficiaries of her gifted and
committed leadership.
News Update
news from the Board...
Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The past several weeks I've tried to encourage each of us to prepare our hearts
for the opportunities sure to arise for us to be witnesses in this present day. At the
center of that preparation has been a call to deeper intimacy with our Father.
We will be taking intentional steps as a church to help each of us to be salt and
light (Matthew 5:13-16) by identifying our particular giftedness (1 Corinthians 12).
But perhaps there is some question in your mind about why it is important to have
increased intimacy with the Father. Let's see why this is so.

Maybe right now I am experiencing a wonderful time of spiritual growth and

close fellowship with my Heavenly Father. Praise His name! It is my natural desire
to sustain this level of familiarity. But it is critical to understand that times come in
my walk with Him when He
seems very unfamiliar to me. I can neither predict nor control when these times
will come. It is in these times that the effort put into relationship-building with the
Living God will see me through.

As Oswald Chambers points out, Mary Magdalene was not a doctrinal scholar.
She had, however, developed a close, personal relationship with Jesus Christ to
the point where simply knowing Him exceeded in importance even the blessings
she received from Him. In life, Mary invested everything into knowing Jesus more
intimately. A time would come though when her familiarity with Jesus would be

In John 20:11, she stood outside the tomb and wept because Jesus' body had
been "moved." She was crying not because of the loss of anything Jesus could
do for her. At this point her hope of seeing Him again was, at the very least,
clouded in confusion. No, she was crying the tears of one who was aching to
have a familiar reminder of a relationship now thought lost. Just seeing Jesus'
body would have provided her with that, but now it was missing.
News Update
news from the Board...

In John 20:15, the resurrected Jesus addresses Mary as "woman." She mistakes
Him for the gardener, having no apparent recognition of Him. Then, in John
20:16, He simply speaks her name, "Mary," and she turns and cries, "Rabboni!"
Even though everything about Jesus with which she had grown familiar had
changed, when He spoke her name, she recognized Him. This is because Mary
had built a relationship with Jesus that took her to a place where she truly knew

Earlier in the same book (John 10:11-15, 25-27), Jesus talks about an intimacy with
His sheep, which results in the ability to recognize Him in all situations. Even when
circumstances cloud our vision and we cannot see through the fog nor hear
clearly over the crashing waves, we can recognize His voice uttering our name in
every situation. We will face challenges in the future (for many of us the future
may already be here), but we can know the One who overcomes all challenges
to His glory. There is no better way to prepare for anything on the horizon than to
gain that level of intimacy.

Serving Him Alongside of You,

Vini Giannatala
News Update
timely news for the congregation...

The Church Calendar features many activities over the course of the next several
weeks. Please make note of these dates:
Aug 23—Guest Speaker: Dr. David Ralph
Aug 25—Church Board meeting
Aug 26 – 27 – Choir restart
Aug 29 – Mission:Denver
Aug 30 –Dr. Jim Diehl
First Impressions luncheon
Membership class (see details below)
HymnSing 6 pm (see details below)
Sept 4-7 – Golden Bell Family Camp
Sept 11—Youth Lock-In (outreach event)
Sept 13 –

“Back-to-Church” Sunday with Pastor Shawn as Guest Speaker

Sept 16 – Fall programming begins
Sept 18 – Divorce Care & Children of Divorce Support Group
Sept 20 – Baptism
Oct 2 – Casting Crowns
“Until the Whole World
Hears Tour” at 7:00 pm.
Tickets are on sale in the
DFC Bookstore or at
Mardels. Artist Circle: $50 (in
advance) and General
Admission: $30.00
(in advance)
News Update
timely news for the congregation...

• Announcing Mid-Week Opportunities for Kids at DFC

Have you noticed the yellow school buses on the road this week?
School is back in session and fall schedules and commitments are
starting to fill family calendars. Mid-week programming for kids at
DFC will begin on Wednesday, September 16, 2009 at 6:30 PM.

First through Fourth Grade

First through fourth graders are invited to participate in a high-energy

program where kids get into the Bible and Bible into the kids. Jerry
Storz, our First through Fourth grade director explains our kids will
discover God's Work, God's plan, God's Son, and God's will for their

Fifth and Sixth Grade

For fifth and sixth graders, it’s all about survival! Survival Training, a six-
week program that has typically been scheduled in the summer, has
been moved to the fall. Fifth and sixth grade boys will learn about
map reading, food & water procurement, shelter, and starting a
campfire safely. Fifth and sixth grade girls will learn the art of cooking,
baking, sewing, and etiquette. Jay and Naomi Hodges will be
teaching these classes for our preteens.

Invite your friends!

All DFC kids are invited to participate in these exciting programs. In

fact, Bible Blast and Survival Training will be so much fun that you will
want to bring your friends along for the adventure. So…mark your
calendars…Wednesday, September 16, 2009 at 6:30 PM.

Susan Foster
News Update
timely news for the congregation...

• Rocky Mountain Praise Hymn Sing will be our evening service next week.
Please join us at 6:00 pm in the sanctuary. If you would like to be involved in
the choir or orchestra (one time commitment), check for details and a registration form.

• We extend condolences to the family of Alice York. She went to be with the
Lord this morning (Friday, August 21). Please be in prayer for her family who
loved her very much. Service information is pending.

• The next Membership Class will meet from 4-6pm on August 30 in Room 200.
Pastor Bud will prepare all candidates for membership. The class will be
presented to the congregation on September 13 in the morning service of
Pastor Shawn’s first Sunday with us! To register, please call Angie at 303/806-

Women of Faith conference – September 25 & 26 – at the Pepsi Center.

Normally, tickets are $74 - $89, but, WE HAVE RECEIVED a special opportunity
to purchase tickets for $69!!!!! This price includes lunch both days. Contact
Jen – 303-261-2794. The special musical guest will be Steven Curtis Chapman.

• Do yourself a favor: Go to Sunday evening service at 6 pm in Diehl Chapel.

Pastor Stephen Abbott will give an enriching message. Come join us: you
News Update
how you can help...

• Pardon our dust! For the next few weeks, the church offices will be repairing
the damage caused by the hailstorm on June 7th. This will include removing
damaged wallpaper, drywall prep and painting, along with moving furniture
in and out of offices to make way for new carpet. We are looking for
volunteers that can help with this. If you would be able to volunteer
between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday,
sometime over the next few weeks, please call Angie at 303/806-2603 and let
her know the times that you would be available to help.

• NICARAGUA TRIP!!! Make plans NOW!!! The trip will be October 17-27. We
will be working on a new sanctuary for the Las Colinas Church of the
Nazarene. We need: Bibles, school supplies, laptops, sound system, water
filters and more. See Gene Rakes for more details, or attend the meeting
after service on Sunday morning.
Calendar of Events
August 23 - August 29

Sunday, August 23: Wednesday, August 26:

Ride & Provide 4:30 pm: Hang Time in the Youth Café
(West Campus)
6:30 pm: Wednesday Night Prayer
8:30 am: Youth Prayer Time (Community Room)
9:00 am: Sunday School (all ages) Celebrate Recovery
(Room 200, 202)
Nursery & Preschool open
Youth Worship Service
10:30 am: Morning Worship Service
(Rock Room)
Friday, August 28:
Nursery available
9:00 am: Mission:Denver Cooking
1st - 4th Grade Children’s Church
(Main Kitchen)
5th & 6th Grade DOGS Worship 5:00 pm: Celebrate Recovery Sponsor
Meeting (Cry Room)
12:00 pm: Rock Leadership Lunch Meeting
(Rock Room) 6:00 pm: Celebrate Recovery
(Fellowship Hall)
2:00 pm: Tsunami Band Practice
Saturday, August 29:
3:30 pm: Collaboration Band Practice
7:00 am: Men at Prayer (Community Room)
4:30 pm: Community Outreach Team
Meeting (Community Room) Ladies Prayer Walk (DFC Parking
6:00 pm: Traditions Service (Diehl Chapel)
8:00 am: Mission:Denver (Youth
Monday, August 24:
Participating) -- (Meet at DFC)
9:40 am: Celebrate Recovery Sponsor
5:45 pm: Singles Meet for Signature Sound
Meeting (Cry Room)
Concert (Breezeway)
Tuesday, August 25:
6:00 pm: Signature Sound Concert
7:00 am: Men’s Bible Study (Sanctuary)
(GL Conference Room)
7:00 pm: Prophesy Bible Study - Bereans
(Fellowship Hall)