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A very pleasant day I bid to everyone. It is a great honour/ for me /to be here /and deliver a speech /on a special topic/ which always touches everyones heart;// a teacher. However, /this is not just about any teacher. It is about /an ideal teacher.

If I were asked/ to describe /the ideal teacher,/ I instantly think of this one person, even though I am sure/ many fit the criteria for an ideal teacher, since different student/ have different viewpoint. To me, /the ideal teacher/ is someone /who makes you /enjoy learning, /someone who is supportive/ and someone who goes above the call of duty to help you out. Not everyone has the chance to find and meet this ideal teacher, but those lucky ones that do find this person, are blessed. I was one of the lucky ones, and I met my ideal teacher in my early years of secondary school. Needless to say, she was my English teacher during my form one and two. When I walked into my English class that first day, I knew I would instantly love this teacher; her crazily outgoing personality, and her silly voices that always made me laugh until I had tears streaming down my face. She once told us that she always wanted to be a voice on Disney, and as much as Disney would have been blessed to have her, I am so glad she took to teaching.

This teacher could make me enjoy her lessons. I could sit in that class all day, and hated that it was only an hour and a half, because it went by too fast for me. English had always been my strong point, none the less; I continued to have a strong love for English, and a high grade all year in her class. As I continued to go to this class, I began to love the subject and her more. I cried on that last day of school, when the reality hit that I would not have her class again, until I was a senior.

This teacher is such an incredible teacher, that I continued to visit her during my upper-secondary years of secondary school, and when I had difficulty I went to her.

However, with a new year, came a new teacher, and I had difficulty adjusting to this new person. I even begged to go back to lower secondary English again. With her help, I eventually came around to like this new English teacher, though her approach was never my style, and I have yet to find a teacher with the same style as my lower secondary English teacher.

Now I am a teacher in a primary school, and I still visit this wonderful teacher who still to this day impacts my life in such incredible ways. I visit her every chance I get. She continues to be such a supportive and inspirational woman in my life, and I dont think that will ever end. When I need help or having a bad day, I turn to her, and she always makes me feel so much better.

Even though I have not had her as a teacher since lower secondary year, she still continues to play such an important role in my life, and continues to go above and beyond for me even though I am technically not her student anymore. I am blessed to have her in my life, and proud to say she is my teacher, inspiration, support, and friend. For those who are blessed with an incredible teacher, such as I have, embrace it, and never let that go. I know even when I am a teacher myself, this woman will forever be a part of my life as a teacher as well as a friend.

Now I would like to share some interesting facts on what makes an ideal teacher. They may be different from what others have to say, but none the less, let us share it together. I wish to put down some elaboration on 5 criterions that make an ideal teacher. We all have our favourite teachers. What really defines an ideal teacher? Certainly, their ability to teach is the most important. But is that all it takes? Through my school experience, Ive noticed the characteristics that teachers Ive learned a lot from, have in common. These five-star teachers, wholl remain nameless,

really define, in my opinion, what it means to be an excellent teacher. Here are the five factors or criteria that I think make a five-star teacher: Criteria #1 Charisma

Not all teachers have to be comedians, but the most important thing is to maintain an attentive class. Some teachers keep a class attentive just by including humor into their teaching. Others may throw random, sudden, sharp questions at anyone who might seem like theyre drifting off. Charismatic teachers are hard to find. Teachers can make their students attentive by simply expressing something with clarity and sincerity. Depending on the subject, a teachers volume and the number of people paying attention are all related. If a teacher can keep a room full of kids focused, theyve already gotten one star on the five-step ladder.

Criteria #2 Knowing what they are talking about A good teachers knowledge goes beyond knowing a particular subject by heart. More importantly, good teachers have to anticipate the kinds of questions their students might ask. Students may lose their confidence to teachers who always beating around the bush. Ive found that teachers who are able to incorporate applications to the real world or include outside references are generally the most effective. Thus, knowledge means almost all kind of knowledge, outside the textbook or knowledge outside of the classroom. The best way a teacher can demonstrate his or her knowledge is by answering questions clearly, and most important, correctly. Students should get the impression that their teacher is a guru of the subject.

Criteria #3 Friendliness

Even though it sounds unpleasant, friendly teachers are easier to approach with questions, easier to learn from, and easier to communicate with. An ideal teacher works hard to get to know his or her students by finding similar interests or exchanging ideas. And although it is up to a student to build up their learning experience, a friendly teacher can help and will always be more effective than the opposite one. A good teacher does their best not to be moody or bad tempered. In most cases, if the teacher is in a good mood, the whole classroom will be too. And if students are in good mood, it gives them the impression that they have a good teacher.

Criteria #4 Usefulness It is important that teachers equip their students with what they need to know for assessments. Teachers have to make sure that their students are ready to be tested. As such, all the required skills should be learned within the classroom, rather than at home. An ideal teacher will make sure that what has been taught is ready to be applied and assessed. Time spent in a classroom is valuable and should be treated that way; every second of learning should be squeezed out while a teacher is in the room. Namely, things like group work, lectures, and activities make good use of the setting.

Criteria #5 Caring The best teachers are the ones that are truly interested in the success of their students both in and out of the classroom. Ordinary teacher who are willing to spend extra time with the students, are teachers that students can appreciate most. When a teacher makes it clear that they are motivated to help, they have an intrinsic quality that motivates students to do their best. These are the kinds of instructors, mentors, role modelsteachers that are truly exceptional.

To end my speech, I sincerely hope that each of us needs to understand that a teacher should always be in our heart; be it an ordinary or great teacher, or perhaps an ideal one! As long as they hold the title teacher, to me, they are ideal! Thank you.