What is the role of Christians in politics? How should Christians vote? Should they be conservative or liberal?

Republican or Democrat? Most of the people I know would without hesitation say that Christians should be conservatives. And most would say Republican, but that can be a little more vague. So I just started thinking, where would Jesus stand on the spectrum of politics? I don't think it's as black and white as most evangelicals would have us think. And by the way, in the things I look at here, I'm only looking at social issues. I'm steering clear of fiscal issues, because, once again, I don't know enough. Like I said before, most people would say immediately that Jesus would be a Republican (I actually saw a facebook group about that a while back). But I'm not so sure anymore. Didn't Jesus condemn the strict conservatism of the Pharisees? Jesus was all about heart attitudes and motives, not whether people followed the letter of the law. Jesus said that something was here that was greater than the law, so the law lost its importance. Do we honestly think that if conservatives took over and set up a right-wing state, all would be well and everyone would be solid Christians? I think that would usher in a society where "People honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me." That is exactly the opposite of what Jesus' aim was. God wants our hearts and our lives, and once He has that, He will mold us to obedience to His will. The law can't do that, I'm convinced. The law could be perfectly Christian and the society under that law polluted with fakers and Pharisees. Should people have the right to choose whatever behavior they want? Honestly, I think God values our freedom of choice, otherwise He wouldn't have given us free will in the first place. Because when we have the freedom to choose, we have the freedom to come to Him with a broken and repentent heart, and realize more fully the grace which is offered freely from God. In no way is this saying that we should continue in our life of sin because we know we can always receive forgiveness for free. That's something that Paul warned us about. But I'm just saying that restricting people's freedom of choice to set up a more "Christian" society will do absolutely nothing for people's Christian faith. It's a matter of personal choice for people to follow either a life of sin or follow Jesus. Government can't really intervene in that choice, no matter how hard it tries. But, on the other end of the spectrum, I think the main point for conservatism is to maintain civil order on a societal level. I think if prostitution, drug usage, and other "victimless" crimes were made legal (such as a radical liberal might support), this would allow many people easy access to a multitude of sins that have the potential to ruin their lives. Can we justify doing that? What about the parent who doesn't want their child growing up with easy access to pornography and explicit sex in movies? Is censorship justifiable? On the issue of abortion though, looking from a Christian perspective, I don't think Jesus could ever justify the killing of one of his creation just because a woman has a right to choose. She doesn't have the right to kill what she didn't create. To me, there's no gray area there.

Please understand that I am no expert in politics or religion. These are just my thoughts. I’d love to discuss this further if anyone would care to. After thinking a lot of this through, I've just decided that I'm not going to follow any particular party or ideology except for the ideology of Christ. I'm only going to follow the teachings of Jesus, and may that be enough. Because it's all about Him, and He is the only one we will be accountable to in the end. There's no liberal or conservative, there's only Christ. As Paul said, "Christ is all that matters, and He lives in us” (Colossians 3:11). I'm going to try and live my life to conform to God's standards instead of any political party's standards, and I'm going to try and live my life entirely for Him.