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Brownell, Claire (WIN)

From: Sent: To: Cc: Subject: Critchley, Valerie <> Friday, December 06, 2013 8:54 AM Brownell, Claire (WIN) Scarpelli, Chuck Re: FOI 94-2013

GoodMorning: Theinterimdecisionletterstandsasitistogetherwiththeoriginalfeeestimate. BestRegards, ValerieCritchley SentfrommyBlackBerry10smartphoneontheTELUSnetwork.

From: Brownell, Claire (WIN) Sent: Thursday, December 5, 2013 4:49 PM To: Critchley, Valerie Cc: Scarpelli, Chuck Subject: RE: FOI 94-2013

Thankyou,Valerie. Canyoupleaseclarifywhethertheinterimdecisionstandsasitis(thefeeestimate,thetimeextensionrequest,the scopeoftherecordsdeterminedtofallundermyrequest),orwhetheranewfeeestimateandinterimdecisionwillbe issued?Ifthelatter,howlongdoyouexpectitwilltaketoissueit? ClaireBrownell

From: Critchley, Valerie [] Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2013 4:44 PM To: Brownell, Claire (WIN) Cc: Sonego, Mario; Scarpelli, Chuck Subject: FW: FOI 94-2013

GoodAfternoonMs.Brownell: AsMr.Scarpelliisinelectiontraining,Iwillrespondtothequestionsposedinyourlastparagraphasfollows: 1. AsisevidentintheMediatorsReport,youmadeitclearinthemediationthattheinformationyouhad requestedwastherawdatarequiredtomakemaps.Youalsoindicatedthatyouwouldmakeanewrequestin thisregardwhichyoudid.Accordingly,therewasnoreasonforMr.Scarpellitocallyouforaclarification.. 2. Mr.ScarpellididliaisewiththeEngineeringDepartment,specificallytheManagerofGeomaticswhoisthe corporateexpertinthisinformationandhasbeenworkingwiththisinformationsince1988.Mr.Sonegohas confirmedwiththeManagerthattheinformationthatwasprovidedtoyouinMr.Scarpellisdecisionletterof November29,2013wascorrect.Asisstatedintheinterimdecision,responsiverecordshavebeenlocated


howeverthereisacostassociatedwiththeirassembly.Theinterimdecisionalsooutlinesthestepsyoucantake ifyouwishtoappealtheinterimdecisionregardingthefeeestimate. BestRegards,

Valerie Critchley
Valerie Critchley City Clerk & Licence Commissioner - Corporate Lead - Public Engagement & Human Services

From: Brownell, Claire (WIN) Sent: Thursday, December 5, 2013 2:47 PM To: Scarpelli, Chuck Subject: RE: FOI 94-2013

Thankyou,Chuck. TheinformationIaminterestedinisexactlywhatIaskedforinmyrequest:DatainExcelreadableformat(.xls,.csv, etc.)usedtomakemapsofbasementfloodingaftermajorraineventssince2000. Today,MarioSonegoconfirmedthatthisdataexistsinthedigitalformatIrequested.Hesaidsomeofthatdataisfrom informationinputfromthehomeownersurveys,butsomeofthemostrecentmapsweremadebycreating spreadsheetsof311calldataaswell.Myrequestisforallofthatdataexcelreadabledatafromeveryspreadsheet evermadetocreateamapafterbasementfloodingeventsinthecity. WhenIspokewithyouandsomeoneelsewhoIbelieveworkedwiththeengineeringdepartmentaboutthemapsafew monthsago,thestaffmembersaidthecitystartedmakingmapsaftermajorfloodingeventsaroundtheyear2000, whichiswhyIincludedthatdateinmyrequest.Iwilltrytoverifyexactlywhenthefirstmapwasmade,butIdontthink youarecorrectthatrecordsImrequestingdontexistpriorto2010. AsIsaidinmyvoicemail,Imgoingtobewritingastoryaboutthisforthepaper.Iwouldlikeyoutopleaseexplainwhy youdidntcontactmeafterIfiledmyNov.5request,whichclearlyasksforExcelreadabledata,toaskforaclarification ifyouthoughtthatwasdifferentfromwhatthemediatorhadindicatedIwaslookingfor.Iwouldalsolikeyoutoplease explainwhyyoudidnttalktoMarioSonegoorothersintheengineeringdepartmenttodeterminewhetherornotthe dataexistsintheformatIrequested,asisyourlegalresponsibilityunderMFIPPA.Thestorywillnotethefactthatithas beensixmonthssinceIfiledmyoriginalrequest. Pleasegivemeacallthisafternoon. Thankyou, ClaireBrownell Reporter,WindsorStar


From: Scarpelli, Chuck [] Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2013 2:33 PM To: Brownell, Claire (WIN) Subject: RE: FOI 94-2013 Importance: High

Thank you, Claire for the email. I also got your voicemail message from this afternoon and I am heading into a training session for Election Officials but I wanted to get this out to you. I need further clarification with regards to your request. I am under the impression you wanted the raw data since that is what you stated to the mediator from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario. In her Mediators Report dated November 5, 2013 she concludes her findings as follows: Results of Mediation:
At the mediation stage, the mediator spoke with the appellant and the City of Windsor. The appellant confirmed that she was not interested in the flood maps and that she is interested in the raw data only. The mediator noted that July 24, 2013 decision was a fee estimate/interim access decision and not a final fee/final access decision and therefore it was premature to appeal access. Further, the mediator noted that the July 24, 2013 fee estimate/interim access decision related to flood maps and since the appellant is seeking only raw data and not the maps, it would be best to submit a new request, which the appellant indicated she would do. The mediator subsequently advised the City of Windsor, who asked that the appellant, when submitting her request, explain as best as possible the raw data she is seeking, so as to facilitate processing of her new request. The mediator conveyed this to the appellant, who indicated that she had since submitted her new request and that she is seeking raw data, used to compile the maps and at minimum, would be satisfied with receiving the 100 block street names. In light of the above, the current appeal is now closed.

We were under the impression that your request was referring to raw data. The responsive department determined that raw data referred to the Flood Event Questionnaire which was the raw data used to populate an excel spreadsheet with some of the information derived from the questionnaire. This flood event is from the year 2010 only and therefore the excel spreadsheet referred to is for the years 2010 to the present day. There are no responsive records relating to the time period before the year 2010, these do not exist. Once I hear from you, by email and if necessary, I will re-issue a new fee estimate and interim decision letter based upon your clarification. Chuck Scarpelli Manager, Records and Elections Freedom of Information Coordinator Office of the City Clerk Room 203, 350 City Hall Square West Windsor, ON N9A 6S1 519-255-6222 ext. 6287 This message is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed. The message may contain information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If the reader of this message is not the

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From: Brownell, Claire (WIN) [] Sent: December 5, 2013 10:28 AM To: Scarpelli, Chuck Cc: Danese, Roseann (WIN) Subject: FOI 94-2013

HiChuck, IgotyourresponselettertomyFOIrequest.IamgladthatyouhavechangedyourmindandnowagreethatIam entitledtothisdataanditisnotexemptfromtheactaspersonalinformation. Accordingtoyourletter,theinformationIrequestedisonlyavailableinpaperform,hencethelargefee.However,Ijust confirmedwithMarioSonegothatthedatadoes,infact,existinelectronicexcelreadableform,whichistheformatI askedforinmyrequest.Hesaidthecitydataenterstheinformationfromthefloodsurveys(andapparently311call dataforsomeofthemorerecentfloods)andusestheresultingspreadsheetdatatomakethemaps. Sendingmethisdataisassimpleasfindingoutwhosecomputerthespreadsheetfilesareonandsendingittomeasan emailattachment,oronaUSBkeyordataCD.Itwillnottakeanywherethe40hoursofsearchandpreparationtimeyou estimatedforthepaperrecords. Giventhisinformation,pleasecontactmeassoonaspossibletoletmeknowwhetheryouaregoingtoreconsiderthe feeorwhetherIneedtoappealitagain. Thankyou, ClaireBrownell Reporter,WindsorStar (519)2556882 Thisemailaddressisnotconnectedtoamobiledevice.Ifyourmatterisurgent,youcanreachmeonmyiPhoneat