Volume 11 Issue 2
December 2013

Artificial trees on sale at K-Mart in Honolulu.


Photo by Maya Vita

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!
By Maya Vita and Jaime Tamashiro Hey everyone, Christmas is just around the corner, a time of joy, happiness, stars on trees, and bright colored lights everywhere. Soon, people all over the island will be rushing to get presents, decorations, and probably trees. But that brings up a question: do you celebrate this holiday with an artificial Christmas tree or a real Christmas tree? The 7th grade staff of the CMS Courier thought of some pros and cons about real and artificial Christmas trees. Let’s start with artificial trees. With an artificial tree, you don’t need to worry about cleaning up or watering it, and you save a lot of money since you don’t need to keep buying a tree every year. The price of an artificial tree typically varies from $80 to $200. On the other hand, most artificial trees don’t have “that smell.” An easy solution to this is to get a pine-scented air freshener or candle. With real trees you can get the real smell of Christmas. It smells and feels more “Christmassy” somehow. According to, real trees are actually better for the environment since most artificial trees are shipped thousands of miles while the most a real tree needs to travel is only a few hundred. Also, all the trees that were cut down are re-planted each year in farms and each tree can provide enough oxygen for almost 18 people. The downside to these real trees are that there are bristles, and those bristles are sometimes hard to clean. Also, if you happen to live in an apartment, it is hard to carry the tree up the elevator or into your house. Some people happen to be allergic to trees and therefore, can’t buy a real tree. The price of the average real tree varies from $20 (unlikely in Hawaii) to $100. Let’s assume that an artificial tree lasts for 10 years or more. That would be $20 per year at maximum (continued on page 4 )

In this issue:
Gifts From the Heart ! 6 Years of Dreaming! Kendama Kraze ! Unusual Christmas Wishes!

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Christmas Village
by Sara Cerda One of our family traditions is to make a Christmas Village. The village depicts a Hawaiian Winter Wonderland. My dad would even have snow in our village. He has been doing a Christmas Village for as long as I can remember. I remember when I was young, I had a hard time sleeping, so I would look outside when the Christmas village was all lit up. I felt cozy and just looking at it I would hug my bear and then fall asleep.
Photo by Sara Cerda

a day for a week to complete the village. Making a Christmas Village is an important part of our tradition. It brings joy to everyone who sees it. Maybe you can start your Christmas Village this year.

Christmas Village my Dad made last year.

Making a Christmas village is hard work, and you need to be dedicated to this project, or else you might not be done when Christmas comes around. You can buy a set to make a Christmas village and expand it over time, but the ones that truly stand out are the ones that people make. My dad went extreme one year. He had a drive-in movie theater with the Lego blocks, a place where they cut the Christmas trees with a miniature saw and a workbench, a ski resort, a beer garden and more. If you are planning on buying a village set, that is a good start. But if you want to make it really special, you need a plan. In order to make a successful village you need to have an idea or a concept. You can’t just go and build a Christmas village without a blueprint or else it will not turn out right. It takes about 4 hours

countries in Europe that didn’t pick up the custom of Christmas, except for Holland. When Holland started celebrating Christmas, they called St. Nicholas, Sinter Klaas. As the tradition came to America, his name Sinter Klaas was once again changed. In America, they called Do You Believe in him Sancte Santa Claus? Claus. As time By Clarise Huang passed, Sancte Claus slightly Cookies and milk lie changed and on the table, waiting for became Santa Santa Claus to arrive. Claus. All is quiet and """ Other customs everyone is asleep. of Christmas, Morning arrives and such as giving waiting under the tree presents and are presents from Santa, decorating the milk and cookies Christmas trees gone. Did he spend the also have their night flying around with meaning. In Prehis reindeer, climbing Rachel’08 and Eric ’10 Liaw sit with Santa. Christian Rome, down chimneys, and emperors who delivering presents? Is Santa Claus despised certain citizens, forced real? those people to give them presents. """ The original Santa was St. The Christians then Christianized that Nicholas. Saint Nicholas was born practice by making it St. Nicholas’ in Parara, Turkey in 270 C.E. He or Santa Claus’ doing. The custom of was a Greek bishop who was known Christmas trees came from observing for secretly giving gifts, such as coins Pagans. Pagans worshipped trees in to people. After his death on the forest, brought them home, and December 6th, a feast was held decorated them. After seeing this every year on this day. In the custom it was copied and put into beginning, St. Nicholas had no the Christian religion. connection to Christmas or the birth """ So, is Santa Claus real? Is it true of Jesus. Before the date was that Santa rides in a sleigh with established, the birth of Jesus was reindeer, climbs down your roof and unknown. Pope Julius I was the one put presents under the tree? Well, who decided on the date, December that is up to you to decide. Maybe 25th. After time, St. Nicholas’ feast knowing more about Santa and day became associated with the Christmas changed your mind, or birth of Jesus. A tradition on maybe it didn’t. St. Nicholas was December 25th was that children put real, but is Santa Claus real? I don’t out nuts, apples, and other sweets to know, but if he is, he’s one really welcome St. Nicholas to their generous person who has made homes. wishes of little children around the """ Santa Claus was not St. Nicholas’ world come true. name. There were many Protestant


Lava Lamps: How do they work?
by Megan Buras """ Floating colorful bubbles still seem to attract the eyes of people, even though the invention was created over a quarter century ago. " Lava lamps still show up in houses today. These crazy “lava-like” lamps were invented in 1963, by a British accountant named Edward CravenWalker. The general question about lava lamps is what makes them look as they do? Inside of our beautiful lamp lie two liquids that are both very close in density, such as oil and water and they don’t mix together.""" By applying heat to the bottom of the mixture (usually coming from a light bulb when you plug the lamp into an outlet) the heavier liquid absorbs the heat and expands until its density becomes less than the liquid above it. This causes the “lava” to rise. When it reaches the top of the lamp, the “lava” cools down and sinks to the bottom. This process is repeated until the lamp no longer has heat to allow the liquid to rise and expand (when the lamp is unplugged).

Lava Lamp Fun Facts ! They come in a variety of different shapes and colors, ranging from spaceships to rainbow-colored “lava” !At first Lava Lamps were called Astro Globes !The very first Lava Lamps were available with a gold base and yellow or blue liquid with red or white “Lava”.

Easiest Ever Baked Stuffed Apples
from Rachael Ray rachael-ray/

Gifts from the Heart
by David Melzack Do you have trouble coming up with gift ideas? "Do you want to make that special someone a special gift that can’t be bought? There are many homemade gifts that you can easily make for the holiday season. Homemade baked goods like cookies, breads and cakes are a great choice. "Every one loves baked goods. It is always a great comfort food. Baked goods that have cinnamon and peppermint reminds me of the holidays. Homemade ornaments are another great idea. It a great keepsake. You can make a custom made ornament for people. Materials don’t have to be expensive. You can use glitter, paint or even pine cones you can find on a hike. Homemade art is another good option. People always love original art. Kid art is especially popular among adults. Whatever you decide to give someone this holiday, it should come from the heart.

4 McIntosh apples 1/2 lemon 4 tablespoons butter, softened • 3/4 cup whole-grain cereal with dried fruit, such as Mueslix • 2 tablespoons dark brown sugar • 1/4 cup chopped walnuts • 1 pint vanilla ice cream Serves 4 Preparation Pre-heat the oven to 425ºF. Trim the tops of each apple and scoop out the center and the seeds; rub the edges of the trimmed fruit with the lemon. In a medium size bowl, combine the butter, cereal, sugar and walnuts. Fill the apples with the cereal mixture. Set the apples upright in muffin tins and bake until tender and bubbly, about 20 minutes. Transfer to serving dishes, top with ice cream and serve hot.

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Decorating pinecones is an easy way to make ornaments. 3

Most people dream in color, but about 12% of people dream in black in white. Most of these people may be older, due to the change of black &
Real trees on sale at Home Depot.

white movies to movies in color. If you don’t know if you’re dreaming or not, try reading something. In your dream you won’t be able to read anything. Also, if you try to tell the time, the time will keep changing. When you dream, some people may be strangers, but it turns out, you’ve seen that person before! Your mind cannot create a new face, although you may not remember it, your brain does.

Photo by Maya Vita

Christmas Trees from page 1 price ($200). Compare that to a real tree for 10 years, which would be maybe an average $75 per year. That would be $750 per year for 10 years. Now you can see all the pros and cons of Christmas trees. It’s up to you and your family to decide which one you get this year. We here at the CMS Courier hope you have a great time decorating your Christmas tree, artificial or real. Have a really awesome Christmas! "

Chicago in 1953. This is the stage where your heart rate and breathing quicken and your blood pressure rises with it. Your body becomes paralyzed too. This stage is about 20-25% of your sleep. """ You spend a lot of time dreaming when you sleep. Although you don’t remember 90-95% of the dreams you’ve had, you’ve had many. The dreams that you remember, are the ones that were important enough for you to remember. Whether you remember your dreams or not, you have about four to six dreams a night, and 1,460 to 2,190 dreams a year. You’ve already had many dreams in your life, and there are many more to come.

Rhythms, Music and… Your Brain?
By Katelyn Hamasaki Have you ever wondered how music affects your brain? Did you know that music can affect your brain? Music can make you pay attention more and organize incoming information. Scientists found out that when you listen to music, your right side brain is working more than your left side brain. The Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center (a National Science Foundation Science of Learning Center) claims that our brain can heal problems in your body. “Listening to music can help Alzheimer's disease, autism, stress disorder, dementia, stroke, language acquisition, dyslexia, pain management, stress and anxiety and coma.” ( Dr. Paula Tallal from the TDLC said, “Children with language learning problems (or weak

""" 6 Years of Dreaming
By Clarise Huang """ Did you know that you spend six years of your lifetime dreaming? You dream during about 2 hours of your sleep every night. REM (Rapid Eye Movement) is the stage where dreams occur most often. Some people will say that they have many
Photo by Taylor Kealoha

Most dreams occur during REM stage. 60% of people don’t remember their dreams. 4

interesting dreams, and others will say that they don’t dream at all. Well, the truth is, everyone has dreams, but you may be part of the 60% who don’t remember what they dream about. There are five different stages of sleep. The first stage is a very light sleep. Your muscle activity slows down too. The second stage is a deeper sleep in which your breathing and heart rate slows down. The third stage is when the deep sleep begins, and the fourth stage is when you get into an even deeper sleep. Dreams can occur during these four stages, but most dreams occur during the REM stage, or the fifth stage. REM, or Rapid Eye Movement, was discovered by Eugene Aserinsky from University of

language development) can't sequence two simple tones that differ in frequency when they are presented rapidly in succession. They do absolutely fine when you present two tones separated further apart in time." That means children can listen to how you pronounce a word in a slow rhythm like the ABC’s song. Another way music can help children with language learning problems is playing an instrument. Musical people can detect small differences in word syllables better than than non-musical people. People with musical experience can hear split second changes in sounds and tones that are used in speech. Musical experience strengthens neural and perceptual skills that strengthen hearing speech in noise throughout your life. Music can make the brain more efficient and make it easier to process more information. Exactly how does music change our emotions? Well, it depends on the type of music you are listening to. For instance, Todd Linder wrote a book called “The Effects of Music on People’s Behavior”. He explained if you are listening to the blues, you will likely have more mellow feelings. Jazz music will make you calm and classical music can help people concentrate more. But, that is not true for everybody. What ever music genre plays, I can not focus though. But some of my friends find it easier to concentrate with music. So, everybody is different. Music may also help us remember things in a rhythm. That is called mnemonic. It is when you put words into a catchy rhythm so you can remember it. For example I before E, except after C. And “weird” is just weird.

Even though this rule does not always apply, it works. The word weird is an example of this mnemonic. """ These are the strange things music and rhythms can help your brain with. It is amazing how your brain works with music. So, you should keep listening to music! Maybe you can try and listen to music when you study or before the test? If that works, you found a new way to use music and study!

Another shark attack happened in Kaua’i on October a 12 foot tiger shark bit a surfer’s board and the water was really clear. This person sustained no injuries. This last attack happened on Maui, and this person’s injuries were fatal. The person lost an arm and had tears and cuts to the right foot. The water was murky and cloudy.

Shark Attacks
by Breyden Watanabe There have been numerous recent shark attacks. There have been 13 shark attacks in Hawaii between January to October 2013. Some of them occurred on Maui, Kauai, Big Island, and one occurred on Oahu. One of the first shark attacks in 2013 was in Maui. This shark attack happened in February. It was not fatal. In July, a surfer was attacked by a shark. The shark that attacked him was a tiger shark. In August, on the Big Island a swimmer sustained tears and cuts to the upper thigh. The water was clear when this happened. The shark that attacked this person was 8-10 feet. """ In October a snorkeler was attacked in Maui. The injuries the snorkeler sustained were deep tears to the lower left torso and upper thigh. The shark that attacked the victim was a reef shark. The water was cloudy and the person couldn’t see the ocean floor. The shark was an estimated 4-6 feet. There was another attack on Maui in the same month. This person’s injures were to the lower right calf and right ankle; both of them had tears.

Photo from Internet

After some of the shark attacks, scientists began tagging the sharks. According to Hawaii News Now so far they tagged 14 tiger shark and one reef shark. They tag these sharks to know their whereabouts and learn their behavior. Scientists are unsure of why there has been a recent spike in shark attacks. However, this should not discourage you from enjoying your water sports. It is very unlikely that you will encounter a shark.

Corrections and Clarifications
In the October issue of The CMS Courier, there was an article entitled "Interview with Mrs. LM" where I incorrectly stated that Mrs. Lyman Mersereau waited 2 weeks before attempting the 2nd journey. The correct information was that Mrs. Lyman Mersereau waited 2 years before attempting the journey again.

Kendama Kraze
by Maya Vita If you were here last year, you might have noticed a particular toy that took the Case Middle School by storm. That’s right--it’s a toy, not a videogame, not a console. It’s a small wooden toy called the Kendama. It is said to have originated in Japan, but the Kendama takes after the bilboquet from France in the 16th century. A Latin American version is know as balero. It was later re-invented or traded into Japan during the late-18th early-19th century. However, it only started catching on with Japanese children in the early 20th century. The model that is most similar to the current popular one was introduced in 1919 and was called the Nichi Getsu Ball, or the Sun-andmoon ball. It was called this because the ball looked like the sun and the shallow cups on the side looked like crescent moons. The Kendama is all about mastering tricks like getting the ball onto the point. However, there is a game for the Kendama. “I like playing Kendama because it’s a great way to hang out with friends. I feel good when I can do new moves. My best move is big cup,” said Asa Kurisaki ‘18 Now you know how to play the game… but did you know that the Kendama is an official competitive sport? In May of this year, there was a Dama-fest in Atlanta, Georgia where many professional Kendama masters and some Kendama fans gathered to celebrate this toy. At this Dama-fest they competed,

showcased new Kendama products, and just hung out. The price for the average Kendama typically ranges between $20-$30. Here in Hawaii, you can contact to get a Kendama (unfortunately, they are out of stock at the moment).

video was uploaded on February 8th of this year. However, some of my peers claim that it was started at another school (Kamehameha, possibly) and spread to Punahou and other schools as well. """ Recently, there has been a spinoff of the Kendama called the Pill that was made by the company

“I play it every day between Terra Kendama in Canada. The Pill classes and sometimes Photo by Courier Staff in Ms. LM’s class when we don’t have homework. She considers it a mindfulness practice,” said Kahi Bisho ’18. At our school , the Kendama craze seems to have started a few days after popular YouTube comedian Ryan Higa, better known as NigaHiga, made what can only be described as a “spoof commercial” for the Kendama toy. The
CMS students playing Kendama in the morning. This is a usual scene at Case.

is a small capsule with two halves. One half has a spike in the middle and the other has a hole that the spike fits in. One half is usually colored and one is left plain (hence the name). The pill is being sold for $17, $26, and $45. The $17 one is regular, the $25 one is made to be scratched up (called the “BattleScar” pill), and the $45 one is handmade. ! Which Kendama do you like to play with? """

Kendama Tricks by TJ Johnson and Ryan Park Big Cup/Small/Base Cup – Difficulty rating: 1 – get the ball on big/small/base cup Peg (Spike) - Difficulty rating: 2 - get the ball on the spike, with spin Airplane – Difficulty rating: 3 Hold the dama (ball) swing the ken forward and get the peg/ spike in the hole. Dry Peg – Difficulty rating: 4 – Get the ball on the peg with no spin Finger/Hand Roll- Difficulty rating: 5 – hold the ball and start to spin the ken, then stick your hand out and spin your hand on the string until you catch the ken. Then land the ball on either big/small/base cup or peg. Bird – Difficulty rating: 6 - get the ball in between the peg and big cup Lighthouse - Difficulty rating: 7 - hold the dama then swing pull up the ken (main part) on top of the dama then balance Summersault - Difficulty rating: 8 - hold the ball while the ken is in the peg, then flip the ken back into the hole. " Lunar - Difficulty rating 9 - hold the ball and swing the ken so that the big cup is on the ball and balancing. Eagle - "Difficulty rating: 10 hold the ken and get the ball on the side of base cup.
Duke Clemens ’19, enjoys playing Kendama between classes and at lunch time.
Photo by Courier Staff

The Courier interviewed Duke Clemens ’19, who is an avid Kendama player. He has been playing since he was in 6th grade. 1. When did you start playing Kendama? I started playing Kendama around the beginning of last year when I was in 6th grade. 2. Where did you learn to play? I learned to play from my cousins Kekaula, Jonah, Kama and Kanoa, two summers ago. They attend Kamehameha School. They learned to play Kendama from students who are from Kaua’i. 3. How did you bring Kendama to Punahou? At first I only played it at home. I was having so much fun with it, I thought my friends at school would enjoy it. So I started playing in my team space, then my friends wanted to try it. Then it caught on from there. 4. What do you think of the Kendama craze? It’s good for kids to play with the Kendama instead of always being on their phone. Also it teaches you hand eye coordination."It is an active game and it can also be social. If you keep working at it, you can get good and then maybe you can play with your friends. 5. How often do you play? I play probably an hour a day. It’s not a straight hour of playing; it’s scattered around the day. I play between classes and at lunch time. 6. What are your favorite tricks? I don't really have a favorite trick because they’re all super fun, but if I had to choose one, it would be spacewalk, which is when you throw the Kendama in the air and you catch the tama, which is the ball and then you handroll and then spike the tama. That would be my favorite move. 7. What advice would you give someone who is just learning Kendama? The advice that I would give to people is never give up. I'm not really the best at it, so I keep practicing and improving each day. It’s like anything you want to get good at, you just keep practicing.

Should Middle Schoolers Wear Make-Up?
by Ashley Broderick Women everywhere wear make-up. The question is, when can teenagers wear it? Can middle schoolers start to wear makeup? "There really is no right or wrong answer. It just really depends on what kind of person you are and most

Lunchtime Laughs
by Izzy Leyshon Forty kids are sitting in a circle, laughing and talking, shouting and smiling, running to grab their food or giving up lunch altogether. It’s a place where students are free to participate in Improvisational Drama or Improv.
Photo by Ashley Broderick

DO: Make it look natural.
We’re only in middle school, it’s not a fashion contest. Remember not to spend too much on makeup. It’s a luxury not a necessity.

DON’T: Wear full makeup
everyday. It’s a pain to put on and take off. Touch your face. You don’t want everything to smear! Put makeup on while you’re moving. It’s impossible.

importantly, if your parents allow it. Would you feel more confident with makeup or would it make you feel like a completely different person? " The Courier asked middle school boys and girls what they think about wearing make-up in school. “I don’t think it’s very proper for girls to wear make-up in school. But they should be able to do what they want,” said Eric Buckland ’18. “I don’t think at this age girls should wear make-up. They don’t need make-up to impress guys. It matters more what inside,” stated Ian With-Berry ’18.

“Girls should wear makeup in middle-school, because at this age you have a chance to be yourself and so we shouldn’t change ourselves,” replied Ashley Trosk ’18 “Mascara is okay to wear to enhance your eyes, but anything more is just too much,” said Xeryah Salanoa ’18. Sometimes people wear makeup just because everyone else is. You really don’t have to feel this way. Everyone has her likes and dislikes. Maybe you like your natural look or maybe you want to boost your self confidence Do you feel insecure when you’re not "wearing makeup? !Do you feel you are just as pretty without makeup? You’re the one to decide if makeup is right for you. Make sure it’s always appropriate for the setting you are in. For example, you shouldn’t wear heavy eye make-up in school or bright red lipstick to school. A more natural look would be appropriate. So, are you ready for makeup? As for me I have decided to wait a little longer until I approach my teen years. I believe that kids shouldn’t have to worry about what they look like. Kids should enjoy things that only kids can enjoy. Many people want to look nice on the outside, but the inside counts even more.

Tanner Haworth and Franny Bell teaching a game. Photo by Courier Staff

Improvisation is a performing art where there are no scripts. Actors create scenes “on the spot” based on suggestions from the audience. CLS, pronounced “seals” is an acronym for Creative Leisure Society. CLS club is an Improv troupe for 7th and 8th graders here at Punahou. “I go to CLS because it is fun and you can let go of your stress. You share good laughs with new and old friends,” remarked Christian Kobayashi ’18. Student leaders organize and run the meetings. They teach members fun improv acting games. CLS club meets in Bishop 106 every F day. during lunch.


Unusual Christmas Wishes
by Maya Vita """ It’s December now, and chances are you’ve got caught up in a bit of the Christmas Spirit. Maybe it’s just all the radio stations blasting Christmas music 24/7 that gives December that “Christmas” feel, but we all know that the main reason Christmas is exciting for us is that we get to give and receive presents. According to a survey of Christmas wishes of children ages 6-13+ around the US done by last year, 48% of children 6-12 wanted an iPad. The Nintendo Wii U got 39% of the votes, coming in second. The American results are a bit predictable, but according to a survey of 2,000 parents in Britain done in the same year (2012), Christmas wishes can get much stranger than that. """ We’ll start off with the serious ones. Placing 10th out of 50 top wishes are wishes for a Dad. Placing 23rd are wishes for a “Mum”. Many parents noted that at the top of many children’s wishlists were wishes for a sibling, which were often closely followed by wishes for a live reindeer. Some wishes leaning toward the childish side included snow and a pet. In fact, out of the top 50 wishes that year, 17 were animal related. None of these wishes are all that farfetched (except maybe the reindeer), but now we’ll discuss some of the flat-out bizarre wishes (most of which did not make the top 50).

""" There’s a good chance you know the popular British Boy band, One Direction. One child had Harry Styles on their wishlist. Another child had Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives on his/ her list. Some quirky children wished for a time machine and the moon. Some sensible Photo by Kelsey Ou (although not so away. Christmas is right around the practical) children wished for a corner, and people are getting house or a car (a car actually ready to give gifts or receive. The placed 4th most wished for). Some definition of generous from the miscellaneous items included a dictionary is, “Showing a readiness donkey, an elephant, beets, and a to give more of something, as money chicken. or time, than is strictly necessary or """ That’s great and all, but lets try expected.” Christmas is the time hitting a bit closer to when you give and receive. Every home--here in Case Christmas, we give gifts to people Middle School. When that don’t need it as much as others asked “What is your do. It is wonderful that we give gifts weirdest Christmas to needy people out of generosity. wish?”, many students """ Alternative gifts are not material responded with “I don’t gifts. They are donations to a charity know.” However, there were or a cause. Christmas is time of gift some answers that stuck out. giving. Material gifts are tangible Sara Cerda ‘19 said when items that you give, like a necklace she was very little she had wished or something that you can wrap. But for a flying car, while Kelsey Ou ‘19 now we’re on the idea of alternative responded that she had wished for a gift giving. Alternative giving is a unicorn. Matthew Flores ‘19 said he way to be generous at Christmas.""" wished for Pokémon to be real Giving to charities is important (which I’m sure many of us wish as because it makes you feel good well), and Ethan Yin ‘19 said he had about yourself when you help once wished for world peace. Abby someone in need. The Luke Center is Oshiro ‘19 said she had wished for a great resource to find out different a llama and to “run with deers.” charities to give to. """ We are very fortunate for what ‘Tis the Season to Be Giving we have. Christmastime should be a By Kelsey Ou joyful event for everyone. Everyone inside is a kind and generous person. Maybe this Christmas, you Think of the word, “generous.” What can seriously consider giving comes to mind? Sharing a cookie alternative gifts. with a friend. Giving something

Breakfast Ideas
from Real Simple Magazine

Fast breakfast ideas you can put together in less than 5 minutes.
1. English-Muffin Egg Pizza Layer hard boiled eggs, tomato and mozzorella on top of an English muffin. Broil for 5 minutes. 2. Yogurt and Granola Parfait Put granola on the bottom, then add yogurt. Top with fresh fruit and honey. Dessert for breakfast. Yum. 3. Bagel and Cream Cheese with Tomato and Cucumber Toast bagel. Spread cream cheese. Top with tomato and cucumber slices. Fresh start to the day. 4. Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Cheese Scramble eggs. Add slices of ham and cheese. You don’t need to worry about making an omelet. Serve while hot. 5. Easy Sticky Buns Use an English muffin or biscuit for a base. Top with slices of bananas, chopped pecans or other nuts and brown sugar.

Pancakes, bacon and eggs are a great way to start your day.

Photo by Sara Cerda

Don’t Skip Breakfast
by Colin Yeo You wake up to the smell of frying bacon. You get up and look at the clock. 7:55. Suddenly your brain snaps awake. You run to brush your teeth and get changed. You get your backpack and ignore the bacon,eggs and pancakes on the table and run out the door. Two hours later you realize that you have a science test. You groan. Your brain can’t comprehend the information that you are trying to take in, and instead, it’s just complaining about being hungry. You then go to class, take the test, and get a 75%. Now, your grade plummets from an A- to a B. What should you have done? You should have eaten breakfast. Eating breakfast has many benefits. Breakfast improves your mood, memory, concentration and problem solving ability. For all you teachers out there, if you think coffee is a good substitution for breakfast, think again. While coffee has the power to stimulate you, the sugar that adults normally put in their coffee will lead to a sugar crash. When you consume a lot of sugar at once, it leaves you tired later. So caffeine definitely isn’t a good choice for breakfast. Another reason for skipping breakfast is weight management. People are worried about how heavy they are, and decided to skip breakfast as part of their “diet.” But the reality is that when you don’t eat breakfast, you actually gain weight. When your body doesn’t get food, it turns whatever food you have left in your stomach to fat, thus making your body heavier. However, when you eat breakfast, your body turns only a small portion of the food in your stomach to fat. Breakfast is an important meal that should not be missed. It helps you focus in class, do better in school and stay healthy. After all, bacon, eggs and pancakes are delicious.

Breakfast at School
You can always get breakfast at school every morning from 7 to 8 am.


Top Apps 2013
by Baxter Bervar and Dane Thompson It’s that time of year again! 2013 is coming to a close, so we figured it would only be natural to make a list of the best apps of the year. The apps range from games to music, work to social media. Zombieville USA 2 ($.99) In this game, you are sent out in a zombie infested town, where you must survive hordes of different types of zombies. However, you do have means of self defense, with weapons ranging from a baseball bat to a flamethrower. Minecraft PE (Free for lite version or $6.99 for full version) Minecraft is a game where you gather and place blocks in a virtual world. This world is inhabited by zombies, skeletons, and other monsters. You must chop down trees to collect wood, which you can use to build your house. You must make your house before night, or else monsters will come and attack you. Puzzles and Dragons (Free) Puzzles and Dragons is a free app developed by a Japanese company called GungHo Online Entertainment. The object of the game is to match gems, which attack the enemy monsters. The top portion of the screen shows the monsters in which you need to defeat, and the bottom portion of the screen shows the gems you need to match. Subway Surfers (Free) Subway Surfers in a single player game where you run towards oncoming trains as you try to avoid the cop chasing you. Since the start of 2013, it has been getting updates every month, changing the scenery of the area you are running in. Some of the cities featured include

New York, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Rome, Tokyo, and many more. Vine (Free) Vine is an online app that is owned by Twitter. It allows users to post short video clips that last a maximum of 6 seconds. The app was released on January 24, 2013, and has gotten increasingly popular. Most of the videos are pretty funny, I encourage you to check it out. Clash of Clans (Free) Clash of Clans is an online app that allows you to be the chieftain of an imaginary village, in which the main goals are to train and upgrade troops, which you use to raid other people’s villages and steal their gold and elixir. Pandora Internet Radio (free with ads, $3.99 monthly or $36 yearly) Pandora Radio selects songs based on what other songs you like. If you hear a song that you like, Pandora allows you to buy the song on iTunes. Kik (Free) Kik is an Photos from internet app that allows you to text, send pictures, drawings, and voice messages to your friends. " You can also send Youtube videos and memes. Instagram (Free) Instagram is an online program that allows you to share photos and videos, much like Facebook and twitter do. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It made its debut on October 2010 and gained users rapidly, reaching 100

million active users as of April 2012. Its still going strong as of today. I seriously recommend you ask your parents for permission to make an account if you don’t already, because this app is probably the best social media app out there. These were our favorite apps of the year. We strongly urge you to check out the apps you have never heard of. After all, a lot of them are free, and we all know that “if it’s free, it’s for me.”

Apple's New iPad
by Dane Thompson On October 22nd, Apple unveiled their fifth iPad, the iPad Air. " At precisely one pound, it is 28% lighter and 20% thinner than the previous iPad, the iPad 2. "The device also has new hardware to make it faster and more powerful. " You may be thinking, “so what that its lighter?” But those 6 ounces are a big difference when you are holding it out to take a picture or play a game. """ When I went and tested the new iPad, I could see the difference between the previous iPad. "First, the weight was really improved from the older iPads. " Second, the wi-fi speed was much faster. "I went to on my phone, and it took around 10 seconds. "I tried on the ipad, and it loaded in around four seconds. When the iPad air came out, it had two big competitors- Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1, and Microsoft’s Surface 2. "They both are heavier and bulkier than the iPad. " Apple is selling their new iPad for $499 (16BG). "The Note 10.1 (16GB) is selling for the same price.

Photos by Schulyer Cole

The History of Calendars, Dates, and Time
By Clarise Huang """ In our number system, we use base 10, which includes 10 numbers, 0-9. Time is counted in base 60, or the Sumerian Sexagimal System. This is why there are 60 minutes in an hour, and 60 seconds in a minute. In a day, there are 24 hours, 12 hours for day, and 12 hours for night. This was divided because of an ancient Semitic state named Babylonia. Semitic is a group of languages

Case Middle School students use the planner to help them manage their time.

which includes Hebrew, Arabic, and Akkadian. Akkadian is the language spoken at Babylonia.

Everyone uses calendars in their life. Every 24 hours, it is a new day. Every 30-31 (or sometimes 28 or 29) days, it is a new month. Every 12 months, it is a new year. Every year, you have to replace your calendars. Today, we use the Gregorian Calendar (a Christian calendar), but there were a lot of different calendars made before, we got the kind of calendar we use today. The oldest “calendars” are mostly lunar calendars. When calendars were first made, colder countries/areas based their calendar on seasons, particularly at the end of winter. In warmer countries/areas they based their calendar on the moon (which are the lunar calendars). The first person who made the calendar is unknown, but bones that were found in Africa and Europe that have notches which were a way of keeping track of the moon phases. These bones dated back as far as 20,500 B.C. Time is something we use every day, and although we aren’t very mindful of it, time is very important and helps us to get everywhere everyday on time. The calendar we use now is the Gregorian calendar.

It was created in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII. This calendar is an adaptation of the Julian calendar which was made by an Italian doctor, astronomer, and philosopher, named Luigi Lilio, also known as Aloysius Lilius. Everyday of your life you use a calendar or dates, and time is very essential to all of our lives. Calendars have been made for a very long time and changed over a course of centuries, until we got the calendar we have today. Adjustments were made, days and dates were changed, and now, we have a perfected way to keep track of the years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds of our lives.

Sundial in Academy can help you tell time. Stand facing north on the tile of the current month. Your body will cast a shadow that will fall on the hour of the day.


Waimanalo hike is perfect for families and dogs.


Photo by Kaya Lee

Waimanalo Hike
by Kaya Lee """Imagine yourself walking through a silent forest, abundant with plump fruit that makes the air sweet. Wild animals roam through the trees scouring the ground for fallen fruit. On either side of you the vegetation is overgrown, winding and climbing the trees. This could come true if you go on the Maunawili Ditch Trail. Not only can you get away from all the stress, you can also learn about different plants and animals while you're on the trail. This trail is perfect for kids of all ages. Its a great place to take your family, and pets. """ Weather conditions are a consideration before you go on the trail. The trail tends to get extremely muddy during the rainy seasons. A great time to go is during the summer. The trail gets muggy right after rainfall. The perfect time is after noon. This trail is known as a biking trail, dog walk, and equestrian trail. Horse riders are welcome to go on the trail. The trail itself branches out to the Town and Country Ranch. The ranch is a well known landmark in

the Waimanalo area, simply because it’s one of the first things you see when you enter Waimanalo (from the Kailua side). """ As a mountain biker myself, I love this trail, even though it can be difficult on a bike. The obstacles that you might find with a bike might be the hills, loose rocks, steep slopes, and mud. We take our dogs along with us. However, make sure that your dog has a leash on at all times. """ During your hike you might come across a variety of wildlife and nature such as wild boar, native birds, butterflies, wild orchids, lilikoi, and many other native plants. It is not very common to see a boar, but you can see that they were there. Along the trail you can see leftover lilikoi, and mud holes that the boars make. Overhead in the trees’ canopy you can hear the assortment of bird chirps. While you walk you can easily spot colorful flowers and plants. During one of my hikes, I saw a vibrant purple orchid. """ This is a perfect family hike. Unlike other hikes, this hike is not as well known. It is a diamond in the rough, because many people don’t know about it. "It’s an extraordinary place to be alone and get away from it all.

From Waimanalo heading north on Kalanianaole Highway, turn left onto Kumuhau Street. Follow Kumuhau and turn right on Waikaupanaha Street. Shortly after you pass Mahiku Place, on your right, there will be a fence and a gate, also on your right. Park along the street and proceed through the break in the fence. Proceed mauka along the dirt road. Maunawili Ditch Trail will be on your right. Note: If you continue up the dirt road, it will end at the Waimanalo side of the Maunawili Trail. This trail ends on Mahiku Place where you can walk the road back or the trail. (https://

Hiking Tips
1.Plan your route carefully. 2.Bring snacks that can sustain your energy. Beef jerky or trail mix with nuts and fruit are great. 3.Wear proper shoes. Don’t wear slippers! 4.Protect your skin by wearing sunblock and a hat. Hiking in long sleeves and pants keeps you cooler and protects you from the sun. 5.Bring plenty of water. 6.Pace yourself. Enjoy the sights.


10 Questions with Mr. Toshihiko Mori
1. !What made you want to become a teacher? "I wanted to teach at Punahou!" I have encountered many great teachers in my life, but Punahou teachers seem the most happy and satisfied with their job—and I can understand why! !2. !Where were you born and raised? Did you enjoy life there? "I was born and raised in Tokyo. I loved life in Japan, especially the food! 3. !What are some things you like to do when you are not teaching? "Hiking, camping, running, listening to old school Hip-Hop and R&B. 4.! What is on your playlist? Brian Mcknight, Black Street, Jodeci, Eric Benet 5. !What is your favorite food? "Ochazuke (a simple Japanese dish made by pouring green tea or dashi over cooked rice with toppings like salted salmon, nori, pickles and wasabi)" 6. !What is your favorite animal? "Pugs 7. !Do you have any pets? "No 8. !Do you speak any other languages? "I speak Mandarin a little 9. !If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? "Boston to visit my wife who hasn’t moved to Hawaii yet 10. !What was the last book you read? "Motojiro Kajii, "Lemon" (1924)"
Photos courtesy of Toshiko Mori

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