What Jesus Has to Say at the Onset of the 21st Century about… …Witnessing!

Battle Instructions from the Lord of Hosts Himself
Build lasting works onto the true foundation of faith in Me. Build, in faithful labors of love, an everlasting house of souls unto Me, reap a harvest of gold, pure & everlasting. When I return, will you cry, ‘If I only had given up this thing and that or the other for the Lord, how many more I could have saved!’? You can’t witness ‘in the flesh’ if you want to win souls. You’re a salesman of My message. But if people don’t see you’re happy with what you’ve got, they won’t feel like you’ve got a lot to offer them. I’m able to use best those who gladly share My love in a smile with anyone they pass by. They don’t care if anyone thinks they’re nuts. They know the principle of happiness. They just go out there & shine & shine & give & give, and their radiance grows, as they grow closer to Me, until, as My Word says, they shall shine as the stars & the brightness of the firmament forever. Those are the REAL stars. The cheerful givers, the little saints, the diamonds of dust, without whom My light would be invisible, & without which this World would be in total, absolute darkness. Be one of My seekers - not for answers or fulfillments, for you have found the answers - a seeker for My lost sheep to give My answers to, and in this highest of all callings, find the greatest fulfillment of all. Would you lay down your life for Me and for the sheep? Look for somebody to love! If you look for someone to love, you’ll always find something wonderful to do! If you can live according to this task & convey it to others, so much good could be done. Go out unto the highways & hedges & look for someone to love! For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son to look for someone to love! Go ye into all the world & look for someone to love! Look for someone to help, to cheer up, to encourage, to pray for, to witness to. Dare to be different! Dare to be unconventional! Dare to challenge the established rules of etiquette. ‘No, you shouldn’t talk to that girl, because her boyfriend might get upset!’ YES, you should talk to that girl, no matter what anyone thinks or says, because you might be her one & only chance in a lifetime to find Me! Overcome your fears! Don’t let them stifle your inspiration, choke & reduce your usefulness to Me to a trickle compared to the raging river it could be. Let the torrents & cloudbursts of My Word convert your trickle in the wilderness into a mighty, raging river, whereby many shall find life, strength & hope. Break forth! Break the dams & confines that bind you, that would have you trapped & would stop you from where I want you to gush forth & bring life! Gush forth & flood them! Stop trickling about hesitantly & gush forth! Be no longer stopped by their outward shows of reluctance. It’s much like a woman’s outwardly cold pretense of not being interested in a man, while inwardly craving his every bit of attention. Only one thing is more blessed than to receive these Words, and that is to give them. The secret lies in letting Me fill you to overflowing. When your cup runneth over onto others, you can be sure that goodness & mercy will follow you all the days of your life. Giving that which you receive fills you even more than the actual receiving. There are many who have been broken, but they don’t know yet about the Potter Who has everything in His hand. How many throw their lives away because they see no hope at all. There are many who would yearn for the comfort you know. But they don’t see any hope. That’s why I’m letting you experience the feeling of abandonment, of feeling completely lonely & forsaken, at times. May these experiences break your hearts for those in the world who have no notion of Me. You carry My torch, children, so, hold it high, for all to see. In your winning people to Me, it can never be early enough to point people toward Me, lest they become so focused on you that they can’t let you go, and you will be standing between Me and them. Sow the seeds of eternal life. Save their spirits from starvation. Go where My Spirit leads you, to the lowly in heart. ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit’, for they have a vacuum, they’re not self-satisfied or pretend to know & have it all. Go where the humble spirits call & beckon you to come. There you will find fertile ground & fulfillment. The large majority of people have always ignored the warnings of My prophets & were caught by surprise when the troubles came, and it won’t be any different next time. You owe it to them to warn them anyway! Remind people that there is a God who is just, Who will not allow these

injustices to carry on unpunished forever. What goes up must come down, and the bigger they come, the harder they fall. It’s like the law of gravity. And the graver the atrocities, the stronger the effects of that law. Continue to teach them, continue to share My Words, old & new... Imagine how loudly your words of warning will ring in their ears once they see it all happening. Be My voice, My messengers, My heralds, My proclaimers, My witnesses, servants, and I will be your strength and all you ever needed. My message is the magic that will change lives & bring life to others who were as good as dead. You can give a meaning to their lives. Of course, to be willing to accept & receive the truth is the primary requirement. Those who lie to themselves & prefer to live in the lie will always oppose you. All you’ve got to offer is the truth. Live it! Share it, speak it, give it, sing it & I will be with you & your mouth & everywhere you go, in all you do & every word you shall speak. Lift Me up, so that I can draw them unto Me through you. Be My magnet! Showing Me to people means to show love to the people. Shine with My light & let them see, hear & feel Me in you! 'Get out of yourself & get into others!' Witnessing is what it's all about, and there are enough lost sheep out there to keep you distracted from your own problems and feelings of self-pity for the rest of your lives. After all, that IS life! You have never lived as intensely & as thoroughly & as fully as when you've been out there on the battle field, fighting for the souls of man, beckoning them to enter My Kingdom & shooting My bullets of light & life into the Devil's territory & land of the dead. There are many who feel deep down inside that they're not of this world, and if I could motivate you to get concerned about My lost sheep out there to step out & search for them, & call them into My house, how much more blessed would your own lives be! You would feel so much more joy & excitement instead of all this introspection & analyzing, wondering & worrying. I was a missionary, & if you want to be a true follower of Me, then that's what you, too, will be. You've got the choice: whether you boldly stand up for Me & proclaim, announce & testify Me before men, or prefer not to rock the boat, to just hide your light & pull it out occasionally. Are you a do-or-die revolutionary for Me, a shiner, or a light-hider? Don't hide your light, let it shine. Follow & obey that heavenly commission with heavenly rewards of greater joy & fulfillment than anything you've ever known, and an eternal crown to shine like the stars. Make Me happy by trying to make others happy, telling them about Me! See how much more happiness will fill your walls! Each tract you leave in somebody's hand will be a strike at the Devil's heart. Demons can't stand the sight of a victor, the shine of a Lord-sharer, the conviction of a cross-bearer, the umph of an overcomer, the mercy of a missionary, nor to get into the way of a warrior for Me! (Dan.12:3) You wanna shine like the stars – forever? Be wise & share My light with them that sit in darkness, & turn as many to righteousness as will receive Me, & you will! You will already shine in this life & people will see it, not to mention the way in which you will shine when you come to My kingdom! Let it shine! Your personal problems are tiny, unimportant & insignificant in comparison to the monumental task of flooding the Devil’s territory of darkness in My light! You have the power to bring life wherever you go. Your sharing the Word with people wherever you go makes all the difference there is between life and death! Without you & your pouring out the Word, there is only barren soil everywhere, being scorched by the heat. There may be fertile ground here & there, but we’ll never know until you give it a chance by sowing the seeds of My Word on them & watering them! Let it rain! Let My love pour forth & rain down on you and them! We’ll never know the difference unless you do. The difference between what is and could be or could have been... You have the power to change destiny. You can help Me change destiny. You can save a lot of people! So many people that may have been destined to die could be saved. And yet so many you could have saved might die because you didn’t do anything... You could save someone from being completely lost in this cold & lonely world, just like I saved you out of it. Didn’t it make all the difference in the world to you that someone reached out to you & shared My light, My Word, My Salvation with you? You can make that same difference in the lives of others. Someone might be waiting for you to reach out for them & save them, just like I used someone else to find & save you! Can you do for others what I & others have done for you? Have compassion for My sheep out there, you’re going to find them, if you seek! Choose this day what difference you will make & what mark you will leave in the world, how many you’re going to save, and how you’re going to change the course of history & destiny! Can you receive their signal? S.O.S.! ‘Save our souls!’ Your mouth is your most important instrument of conveying to others what you believe in, what you think and what you are, by your words you will be justified or condemned, and whosoever controls your tongue, he is the one who is in charge of the helm that steers your boat. Do from your belly flow rivers of living water (Jn.7:38)? Is it not you that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you (Mt.10:20)? You can choose whether you walk a high or a low road. One that believes quietly – a defensive warfare, barely managing to keep the Devil off your back, or an offensive, where you take the Kingdom, and every place upon which the soles of your feet tread is yours, with an attitude that loudly proclaims that you are My children & servants of the

Most High, who are not ashamed of their calling. According to the intensity with which you confess Me before men I will be able to bless you. There is no other way to please the Father but to confess Me before men. That is a faithful & just servant in His eyes: one who will not deny Me before men, but who will boldly confess Me & not make a secret out of their belief in Me. Discipleship is more than just making a living for yourselves! It is living for others & bringing Me to them, salvation and all that you’ve found in Me. ‘He that gathereth not with Me, scattereth abroad’ (Mt.12:30). Are you gathering with Me or scattering abroad? Gathering with Me means to go out there with Me, ‘without the camp, bearing My reproach’ (Heb.13:13), into the fields & gathering lost souls, & by passively doing nothing, you’re scattering abroad, instead. One of the primary reasons for the success of evil in the world is that good men are doing nothing. So, fight against those demons that are trying to stop your mouths & destroy your witness & testimony. It’s a battle, yes. It’s a war. It’s tough. And you haven’t even yet begun to fight. The fighting is happening out there. And only by obeying Me & launching out into the deep will you find My complete blessing. Overcome, even as I have overcome. I’m telling you where the greatest blessings lie. They’re sometimes hidden under a cold layer of snow or ice, the facades that some of those lost sheep are taking on to hide their true selves. Nothing will ever last; only the souls you win for Me. Are you just carelessly going to continue enjoying what you’ve got or are you going to get concerned about those who haven’t got? It’s a matter of life and death. Many lives and many deaths. You could be a bringer of life & saving them from death. There are countless sheep who are hungry, even starving for My love and truth. I’m going to open up your eyes and will enable you to see that which lies underneath: the loneliness; the longing for assurance of a glimpse of that which you have seen and felt and experienced; a ray or glimpse of hope. You’ve got to be My transmitter of hope for them. Tell them about My great mystery, why I suffered that cruel death, the key part of My mission, that I did it for them, and if they can just believe and accept that, they won’t have to worry anymore about what will come, about their mistakes, or whether they will make all the right decisions or do all the right things in this life. Tell them of My unconditional love. You’ve got what many are looking for. You’ve got the key to the hearts of many who I have been preparing for this. I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto Me. Will you just lift Me up and exalt Me? Put the emphasis on Me and My Word, teaching them to establish their own personal connection with Me, and I will draw them unto Me! They will come! If you pour out your life to others, I will pour out My life to you! Take more time to minister to those I have brought across your paths. Spend more time feeding them. Your needs will be taken care of. Don’t worry about the costs, I will more than repay whatever thou spendest. I don’t want you to keep Me all for yourself. One of the greatest proofs of your love you can give Me is to share Me with others. Not like the jealous, prudish, selfish & possessive church Christians who hardly ever mention Me, much less share Me with anyone else. So much depends on your willingness to share Me with others. Your happiness & fulfillment, not to mention the souls saved & the happiness you’d bring Me. I want you to share Me with the love-starved, hungry & searching out there. Nothing else will satisfy Me more than your freely sharing Me with others & ever giving more of Me! Ever giving more of Me to others is the secret to happiness & the meaning of life! Continue to give others ever more of Me, & you’ll continue to be completely & totally satisfied. I have given you the power to do My work. You’ve just got to use it. You activate it by using it, by going forth & getting into that gear, engaging in that mode of witnessing, fulfilling your divine purpose & destiny. Follow Me & I will make you fishers of men & I will give you such a catch that there will not be room enough to hold it. Can you believe it? Get more heavenly minded by getting out there & winning souls. That’s the most inspiring thing you can do, and the best preparation for Heaven, where you’re going to meet all of those souls again & they will be your grateful friends, companions & lovers, too... don’t insist on having your heaven on Earth first, without bringing heaven to the lost. That’s like chasing happiness when you ought to be giving it to others. Make others happy. Search & seek out My lost sheep, and you will find the fulfillment that you seek! I would like for you to give encouragement & show kindness to the little people I send across your path on a personal level. Personal witnessing is so much more effective than mass witnessing.

Give them what you’ve got to give & don’t let fear of them rule you! Leave an imprint on their hearts they can’t help but remember! One that says, “God was here!” Gently woo My sheep... cooing for them & showing them the way to Me, pointing at Me, the Grand Master Shepherd. Give them My message. Look not at the waves or the wind of what could or might be their possible reactions or opinions! I will reward you for being a faithful deliverer of My message! Your job is simply to present the message. THEY have to make the choice whether they’ll receive it or not. Just do your job, whether they receive it or not. You’re successfully fulfilling your job, whether they receive you or not, as long as you stay faithful to the message. Say something when you’ve got something to say. And listen, when you don’t! Too few people really know how to listen anymore, so, why not be one of those, skilled in that rare art? And don’t only listen to the words of their mouths, but try to hear the unspoken words of their hearts! Learn the secret language of what they really mean to say. You can only learn this with the help of My Spirit, and only if you’re seriously interested, if you sincerely care & want to become a soul winner, if you love them & would like to see them in Heaven! You can pray that I give you the key to their heart & show you what it is that touches them & awakes them from their spiritual slumber or gets them out of their hole. Many people only act in a superficial manner because they are afraid to show their true, inner self. Listen harder. Look deep into their hearts, deeply into their eyes & let Me reveal to you their thoughts, their desires, their fears, their dreams & heartaches. Go out among the highways & hedges & charge them to come in, that My house may be full! Don’t waste precious time you could be spending witnessing & winning souls. Find those who are hungering & thirsting for only a glimpse of what you’ve got! There ARE sheep out there right now who are starving for My love. Will you be a winner, one of the few rare true conquerors who, by being willing to appear as the seeming losers, overcame this World & will shine like the stars forever & ever? Seek ye first My Kingdom & the welfare of My sheep, seek My lost souls, and all these things will be added unto you. Somebody will have to make a decision either for Me or against Me, for My Word or against it. They will be reminded of Me, of the fact that I still exist, at the very least in the minds & lives of people like you, who are willing to humiliate themselves for that belief to such an extent that they’re willing to endure the ridicule of people. Even if they brush it off afterwards, they will remember that point in their lives some day as a very crucial & decisive one, where they were confronted with My truth, My light in their life, & they had the choice to either accept it or reject it. Will you choose the humble road of a servant, lower yourself in the eyes of men in order to bring them salvation, and consequently rule & reign with Me forever? Will you run away from My task for you, like Jonah ran from Nineveh? And what will the consequences of your disobedience be? Instead of having his gratitude for all eternity for having brought them the message of salvation, you will always be the guy who was supposed to have given him the message that could have saved him. What IS your life if you don’t give it to Me & you don’t use what I have given you for the purpose I have given it for, which is to win others to Me? Will you die daily for Me so that others might live? I will use anything to further My cause & have My message spread. Remember the parable of the hired workmen: those who agreed to work in the field didn’t do so in the end, & those who said they would not, repented and went to work instead. Those who are supposed to do My work & preach the Gospel, spread My message & be My ambassadors, often fail to do the job, & so I have to raise up & use others to do the job for Me. People recognize that you're not "sailing under your own flag," but under Mine. They need to see that you belong to Me, & that I sent you, that you've got a message, that you've got something to say. Let them know you're a man with a message, a clear & bright message. Make it clear enough that those who seek the light will also recognize it in you. None of My prophets was ever really enthusiastic & thrilled about giving My message to the people. Moses, Jeremiah, Jonah, they all had to be persuaded to do what I wanted. To become an undesirable, one of those outrageous religious fanatics that spread those controversial truths, messages of doom... extremely unpopular. Are you willing to be made by Me, an influence on Satan's people, greater than his influence has ever been on My people? You CAN be, just by proclaiming the truth, no matter what the cost! It WILL have an influence on them, you can bet! Whether they will receive it or not, it's going to be the most influential & decisive factor in their entire lives! Things will go either uphill or downhill for them from then on. By your obedience, you can accelerate the process, you can stop any further delay of My judgments, which will bring about greater repentance, greater results & greater harvest! The tools are now there with which to reap the harvest! What's still missing is the workers to sow the seeds & to gather in the harvest. You scatter the seeds, I'll bring in the workers and the results! Do what you can & I will do

what you can't! To whom much hath been given, of him much shall be required. You've been given much, & I'm waiting to see some returns. I'm expecting more of you. Keep your eyes on the harvest! "What have you done with your life"... in order to win more souls, to get out My Word, to warn the wicked? No servant is above his master. If I have been humbling Myself & have gone out among the people to preach a message I knew most of them would reject in the end, and that would lead Me to death on the cross, I am expecting the same of My followers. And when there's so much to do & so few willing to do it, I just have to ask whoever is willing and available, and I recruit whoever I can get a hold of. Nobody wants to do the humblest of all jobs of passing out My Words: to be faithful witnesses. Of course, being a good sample is part of that witness, but if the witness is missing altogether, what good is the best sample? Besides, there's nothing that will help you to become a good sample of true love & humility like going out there to die daily! Use your lives, & everything I've given you, to get out My message, and you will find yourselves blessed. You've got to do the wenting in order for Me to pour down My grace. The boat has to be in motion before the rudder can take effect. I've told you where to go: into all the world. Everywhere! Preach My message to everyone, everywhere, that's what Mark 16:15 means. How blessed are the feet of those who carry glad tidings from My Holy mountain! You've got the glad tidings, the good news that could make them happy, the news that there is something more: My Holy mountain, Space City, where they can come after this life, if they only will believe it & accept Me. Now you've just got to move your feet & bring it to them! If you would focus on others & be concerned about them, about their Salvation, their finding Me, if that would be your primary purpose, incentive & prerogative in your life, then you would also find happiness. You may be waiting for happiness, but happiness is waiting for you to come out & get her. Happiness is a hungry, waiting soul, waiting to be made happy by your obedience to Me in getting out there & finding her. In order to not fall into a state of spiritual obesity, you need that focus on the outside, look out for new souls to conquer. I simply cannot bless you as much as I would like with true happiness & all you yearn for when you're withholding My Words from the people & are neglecting My commission & the job I have given all My children to do. I don't condemn you and I love you unconditionally, but I still have to remind you of the truth & of your neglected duties, anyway. Along with the warning you've also got to give them the answer, a glimpse of hope, that I am the light at the end of the tunnel, waiting for each of them with arms wide open, if they will just receive Me. Keep on the lookout for those who might be searching. Have pity & mercy on those poor folks who often simply don't know any better. You desperately need the help of more fighters to help you survive in the future, just as they desperately need you and your witness, the truth you've got to share with them, in order for them to find their purpose in life, and a cause worth fighting for! Just because there are some who will resist the option of breaking out of their cozy little cage doesn't mean that there are none who want to be freed. And even if they all just wanted to stay trapped in their cage, you would still owe them the message that they could be free if they wanted to, and I would increase your power and supplies by other means. There are many who don't know that they have been deceived, who don't even know that there's a truth to discover, a real sense & purpose in life! Find them, and in finding them, help them to find it, and to find Me, and in finding them, help Me to find them! My little lost sheep! Oh, please, make them your mission, the one job you're wholeheartedly dedicated to: finding My lost sheep! I can't beg you enough! In order for My Kingdom to be established, people have to know & hear about it, so that they can make the choice either for or against it, and My sheep will get a chance to join you and help you in your efforts to win yet others for Me. I want you to share Me with the World! I want you to introduce Me to them! I would love to hear you say to them, "Would you like to get to know Jesus?" The more time you spend with Me, the more the urge will grow in you to share that love with others, and the more My love in you will compel & constrain you to give that love to those who seek Me. Your own capacity to love and your own joy could be multiplied many times over by giving out more & giving your life & My message to others more, by sharing Me more with others. Reach out to those that would also like to get to know Me and touch Me and don't know how or where. They know they're being lied to and I have sent many helpers to help them distinguish between the lies and the truth, yet it's hard for them to know exactly what’s the truth, because they haven't seen it practiced. Show them, "Yes, there IS an alternative, and there IS an answer!" Show them that there IS an exit out of the Devil's matrix! Be the hope of the hopeless!

Getting out My Words is the Holy Commission. It's the one thing all hell will fight you tooth & nail to stop you from even getting started. My job for you is the sheep who are not yet in the fold. There is a totally new crop & harvest of a generation that has never even heard about My spiritual revolution. So few are concerned about the lost sheep, starving and bleeding out there, for whom I died, and whom I would love to reach and feed and lift up, but too few seek that which is of My interest, they all seek their own. Seek to be a more genuine sample of My love. Be more concerned about My sheep out there. Keep feeding them. Venture out from behind these walls in order to rescue others. Don't be afraid of getting hurt! You've got the Words of eternal life, and even though they might not receive them the first time around, you must keep trying, you must sow the seeds faithfully. You must overcome your fears, your pride, your lethargy & your hesitancy to go out there & feed them, if you want to inherit My fullest blessings. It doesn't really matter where you go, because My sheep are everywhere. The "father of faith" went out, "not knowing whither he went," and that's the footsteps I want all My children of faith to follow in. Just GO and I will show! I have promised you that there are sheep out there, so, just launch out on this, My promise, and put Me to the test! I'm stimulating you spiritually to woo & win My lost bride. This doesn't mean that you should rush & do it in your own strength. You need My Spirit to do it. And the realization of impotence & failure without Me is just helping to make You seek Me & My Spirit more and to make you more desperate for My help & My power, without which you simply can't do it. There are those who don't even know yet that there is an alternative to the Devil's bondage & slavery at all, and those are the ones that I would like to employ you to reach and to free from their captivity, or at least to make them aware of the fact that there IS an alternative. Not very many people get converted by becoming interested enough all by themselves to find out & investigate. They need incentives. They need someone to spark the flame of interest. Even if the whole World is going the wrong direction, and even if it seems they all do so willingly, and that nothing can stop them, you've still got to tell them that they're going the wrong way! That's your message, that's your purpose, that's your ministry! It's your job to find out how you can let people know - whether it be politely or not - that they're going the wrong way. If you saw somebody walking down a road towards a certain danger or even certain death, you wouldn't be too concerned about the politeness in your message or in your words you would use to make them turn around, would you? You would just try to be as convincing as possible, politely or not. You could even get a little frantic about it, or sounding completely unreasonable, and yet it would be justified, because you would just be very upset & excited about the thought of them continuing down their path to certain death or danger, right? You owe it to them to tell them & warn them. "Oh, sorry, sir, but what you're believing there is really not the truth!" If you want to do it the polite way. Or you can scream, "For God's sake, wake up from your delusion! You're living a lie!" Just ask Me about what kind of language to use on what occasion. You may not know all the single answers to every question or problem you may encounter out there, you know the Answer Man You don't just stand by in complacent indifference when you see a ship go down and most of its passengers drowning, do you? You can't just stand by, shake your head & say, "Tsk, tsk, I knew all along that this was going to happen." You've got to DO something about it! You've got to save their souls. Nobody is as concerned about getting their souls saved as when they're realizing their ship is sinking. And a lot of people are beginning to realize there's something wrong, more than they're being told, and people will be more & more willing to listen. You're not in this world in order to collect & gather applause, but souls. What do you think is going to be more rewarding in eternity? That little bit of applause that's here today & gone tomorrow, or that little bit of money? Or the souls you're going to win by going out searching for My lost? Focusing outward, on the sheep, is the best remedy against any personal problems there is. Nothing strengthens unity like rallying together to fight against the real Enemy out there & fighting to get My message out & win souls into My Kingdom! The only thing that's going to last, the only eternal value that you can take with you from this world into the next, are the souls you're winning for Me. And in order to win souls, you're going to have to put on the robe of My Spirit, that heavenly-minded gear, & not the usual, "what shall we eat, what shall we drink, wherewithal shall we be clothed" mind gear that everybody's in out there. In order to win souls, you've got to stop worrying about these worldly matters, & have perfect trust that I will take care of them, so that the souls you're trying to win can really see that you've got something that they haven't got, that you're actually not in the same sinking boat with them, but that you've got a heavenly life-boat to safety.

As long as you see things from the same materialistic angle as they do, it's going to be pretty difficult convincing anybody that you've got something that they haven't, & making them want what you've got! It's got to be something better than what they've got. As long as you only want what they've got - their money - and you cannot instill in them the desire to have what you've got, namely Me, you're not going to be much of a soul winner. My calling, the job of a missionary, is not one to be pursued half-heartedly or lazily, you've got to give it your all! Live each day as if it were your last. Like this you won't miss any golden opportunity to get in a witness. You've got nothing to lose, so don't be afraid or ashamed to talk about Me! You can only gain by it, & so will they, even if they initially might resist it! Your light & your fire may seem rather insignificant right now, but it'll really light up the landscape when the darkness comes. Prepare for it, and help others to prepare for it! The best possible way to prepare for it is by establishing a living relationship with Me. Encourage others to do that! Show them that it's possible to talk to Me, hear from Me, to be loved by Me and to receive whatever they might need straight from Me. I want to be your warmth when you're cold, your food when you're hungry... everything you ever need. And the more I will be to you, the more you let Me satisfy you, the more enthusiastically you will also share Me with others! You will want to advertise Me, because you'll have found out that I'm able to satisfy & quench anyone's thirst & still any hunger & fill any need. The fastest & most efficient way to get rid of any elements of self, pride & reputation with this world is giving out My Words. You must be so convinced of the truth, that you're in the right, and that My Word is the best thing you could ever give to people, that they can't help but see that there must be something to it. Because there's such a need right now to save the lost souls which are otherwise going to be lost to Me for this age, I'm calling all hands on deck. It's an emergency situation, a red alert kind of situation, where even the captains have to pitch in and row the life boats in order to get them saved. There are times when one has to forsake their personal calling in order to heed and obey the great & general call to go & seek & save that which is lost. I called My disciples to become fishers of men. Fishing is a skill. You can't just stand there in the middle of the brook or river or lake or sea & wait for the fish to jump into your net. It takes a little skill to trick them into the net, a certain way to swing the fishing rod, or to cast your net in the right way, without scaring the fish away. This is going to simply require practice and the leading of My Holy Spirit. You can't look at them like a prophet of doom or judgment, or they'll be scared off. You've got to look at them with love. Remember they're lost sheep, & you're trying to restore them to the Great Shepherd. It's your God-given duty to fight for the Kingdom, to fight for the lost souls. It's time to go on the attack for souls! Make My business your business, not promoting yourself and your own cause, but Me and My cause, truly serving Me, promoting My cause, My message. You've really got the advantage there. You know something they don't know yet, which helps you to prepare for what's coming, which means that you're actually ahead of them. In your hopelessness and in your desperation you find Me, and that's the greatest asset anyone can have in this life. How do you become the "hope of the hopeless"? By having experienced the hopelessness yourself first, comforting others with the comfort wherewith you yourselves have been comforted by Me. You "pass it on!" That's the beauty of it! It's the principle on which the happiness and meaning of life is built, to "pass it on." Keep making progress in focusing outwardly, out toward the field and the sheep. Passing out tracts sure is a conversation starter in the right direction, if you want to witness. if you want to make a mark for Me, instead of leaving your own little mark on the world, that's the decision every human being will have to make: whether they're going to promote themselves or Me. You want the magic to happen? Just get out witnessing! Witnessing should be the purpose of everyone's existence in My service. Share your spiritual wealth in trade for their material riches! Give what you've got to give. You can't keep it in! You've gotta let it out! It's time to show the world My love. As soon as you determine that what you want to promote completely is My Word, and nothing else but Me and My Word, that everything else, your gifts, your talents, your self - are only tools you want to apply and use in order to bring that gift to mankind, you'll feel My Spirit flowing through you and spur you on to action. Give Me a chance to change their lives. Be open to the possibility of Me changing anybody, no matter how hopeless it may look to you! It's presumptuous of you to not even give them a chance because you think you've got them all figured out. Just give Me a chance, and do your job of establishing that magical connection between 2 ears and My Words, and stand back and get ready for something to happen! You just find the right kind of pair of ears for Me, give them My Word, and look out!

I want to use you to bring Heaven to them, but they're only going to see and enjoy and have heaven in their lives as much as you show them, as much as you allow them to have! I'm trying to get you to focus outwardly, on the truly lonely people in this world, who don't know Me at all, who have not yet found Me, who don't have the faith you've got, to help support them through life. Have compassion and look for them, try to reach them, to find them. If you feel alone, you've still got Me to comfort you & to share everything with; to get the answers to all your questions from. But so many people in the world are much lonelier than you and don't know that My comfort is available for them, they're just waiting for someone like you to come along and tell them. You've got so much more than the average lonely person in the world! Your loneliness is a godly loneliness; a solitude I use to draw you closer to Me, to strengthen our ties, to make your faith & convictions grow & enhance our relationship. If all things work together for good to them that love Me, for sure it will also include any feelings of loneliness you might experience. But what about those that don't even know that there is a God to love? Those are the people I want you to have compassion for, the people I want you to reach, to dedicate your life to. I want to prove, show and manifest My life-changing power to you first, so that you're going to be all the more "sold" on My "product," and that your faith will be fresh, fiery and alive, and testifying of your very own experience when you tell others about how I could change their lives or how they could apply My power to their lives in order to make them better. "He that is faithful in the least, is faithful also in much," if you're faithful to get out the message in a low position, then you'll also be faithful to get it out when you're in a more elevated position. Have less of a "Jonah" attitude toward them, and more of a "Jesus" attitude, the attitude of a shepherd that would give his life for the sheep. It's easy to preach hellfire and damnation from an elevated platform. But it's another story to be mingling with them, right down there on the streets, on eye-level, in order to bring them My truth. My power is available for the main purpose I have given you the power for: to witness, the meaning of existence. You wonder, "Winning souls isn't going to put butter on my bread." But oh, the eternal rewards for each soul that you win for Me! If I could get you to make souls your major focus and incentive, what an endless episode of joy your life could be! If you could see the eternal and everlasting rewards that will follow this act of humbling yourself in order to bring a person to Me, if you could only see a glimpse of it, you would stop working for anything else and investing your life into anything else but this. Do you have the faith and the kind of long-term vision it takes to win souls? Who are you serving? Me? - Investing your time and energy into winning souls for My Kingdom? Convey to them that I need them. The Devil uses them to the point of abusing them, and as long as this fills their need to be needed, to feel useful, that they have found their place in the world, and as long as they're not even aware of the fact that I have a much greater need of them, and for a much worthier cause, why should they ever get to the point of even considering to serve Me? How could they, if they don't even know that I have need of them? That's why I need you to let them know that I need them! This should be one of the major themes of your approach, just like anyone who would recruit new soldiers for an army, or workers for a project: you make them aware of the need, you make them aware of the rewards, and you advertise the vacancy, make them aware that there's a place for them that I would want & need them very badly to fill, if only they are willing & say "yes" to Me! Unfortunately, this is not at all the way most of My reapers are recruiting new soldiers at this point in time. That sense of urgency is nearly lacking entirely. I have need of them! Great need! And you must let them know! This is your job! Don't withhold from them the golden opportunity, the chance of a life-time to be employed by the best Employer in the world, to find the best cause anyone could ever live & fight for! If I would count only those who don't take every opportunity to sneak out & find a way around having to go out witnessing whenever they can, the odds would be very similar to those of Gideon's army: I'd have to send the tens of thousands home and stick with a few hundred. That's why I'm not very choosey right now & will wink at people's weaknesses, as long as they're willing to witness & do the job & get out the Word, because there are just so very, very few who do. The large majority is trying to find other things wherewith to busy themselves in order to avoid that hard & humbling task of fulfilling the commission I have given all of you. If you would just stay focused on the witnessing, on the battle that's to fight out there, all the other things would fall into place eventually. You would be so thrilled by the results you would achieve, if you would just obey Me & get out there & bring in the sheep, all your little internal problems & idiosyncrasies would shrink to insignificant sizes in comparison! I don't care about any other qualities right now than one's willingness to do the job for Me. I'm sending you out to seek and to find those who are hungry and receptive for the truth. That's a prophet's job, to deliver a message, whether it's popular, or whether he thinks it's going to go over well, or not. The world isn't being won, nor changed, much less saved by just passively sitting there until they're gonna get the

point! They're never gonna get the point unless somebody tells them! Some points they're never going to get in this life, because you were meant to drive that point home to them! sometimes you have to discern what message exactly it is that someone needs, and in order to do that, you have to spend time with them, talking to them, hearing them out, finding out what they're receptive for and what not. For 1 karat of diamond, you have to shift 1 ton of sand! It takes a while of digging and searching until you find a diamond in all that sand, someone worthwhile who is hungry for the truth and will receive it. But you have to do that digging, shifting & searching, otherwise you'll never find out! You have to hear them out, check them out, talk to them & have a thorough look at them & not be too quick to discard them! Some that you would have discarded as sand turned out to be diamonds which had to be found by others, which shows that you didn't look very thoroughly! Sometimes you didn't even have the faith that there were going to be any diamonds in that pile of sand in the first place. But I promise you: there are diamonds out there, and if you seek them, you will find them! What else is more worthy of the investment of your love & time & all, than eternal human souls? Is there any greater cause to dedicate your life to? That was the cause to which I dedicated Mine, so, if you want to follow in My footsteps, you'll be wise & do the same! If I thought they were worth it, so can you. It's obviously humbling to distribute My Word to a crowd of unbelievers, the majority of which will usually reject you. That's why you have to keep your eyes, your focus & your vision on the spiritual, and trust My Word for it, that they are truly spiritually poor, no matter how rich they may be materially, or how proud & cocky they might come across. In the spirit, you'll always be much richer than they, even though the Devil will often try to deceive you into believing that it is not so. When you only look at that which is before your eyes, instead of the heart, then it's easy to fall for the Devil's lies of, "Aah, they don't need you or what you've got to offer them, anyway! Look at them! They look better & happier than you ever did! What makes you think that they ever would have the faintest need of your religion, your God or anything from you?" If you swallow that stuff, then of course witnessing or litnessing is no fun, because you feel like, "Yeah, what have I got to offer them, anyway?" And instead of feeling like giving them what you've got, & wanting to share your spiritual riches with them, you doubt, & you feel like they have something better than you, and the Enemy makes you want what they've got! The spiritual input will only bring forth fruit, if you are willing to be "ploughed" by the rough conditions you meet out there when witnessing! You do have something to offer: the only true alternative to the Matrix! Keep in mind that it takes shifting a ton of sand in order to find the diamond, & don't let your impatience get the better of you if you run into more wolves, dogs & goats than sheep! Of course the sheep are going to be fewer & less in number, otherwise it wouldn't be a challenge! I have called you away from the shallow waters and am calling you to the kind of deep sea fishing for fish that are hard to get, but worth keeping. Witnessing has always been the best solution for personal problems. It's going to meld you together better & faster than anything else will or can, and I'm going to bless you for it. Witnessing is My ultimate plan for you, what I desire for you, and in this you will definitely find many victories & solutions! It requires faith to go out there & die daily for Me! It's tough being the only light in a sea of darkness, and not many have got what it takes for that. That's why I'm using whoever I can who is simply willing to do the job, even if they're far from perfect. Whoever will get out for Me and get out My Words to these people nobody loves, I will use them, and I am proud of them. To "make hay while the sun shineth" in My terms refers a lot more to witnessing and follow-up; establishing a church that will support you in the days to come, rather than the immediate "hay" of money or income without being much of a witness. It's the difference between investing in the immediately visible result (money) vs. the longer term, slower results of sowing My seeds & feeding the sheep. Make room for something new, just passing on the things, the message & gems I give you to pass on to the people who will receive them, no matter whether many or few! Be a little light & ray of hope in this darkness & let it shine! You don't have to be a big flash of lightning! Just a little, steady light, like a star in the sky, that will do, that's all I'm asking of you. If you wait for circumstances to be just right and perfect before you'll obey My commandment to go into all the world & preach the gospel, you're never going to do it! The Devil will always be right there to point out to you, "Oh, but this isn't right, and that little detail over here isn't right, either," etc. My blessings don't precede obedience, & it's often your very willingness to go out in spite of the fact that it kills you, that brings down that supernatural love and Spirit of Mine that you're really yearning for. You have more love for each other if you experience the heat of the battle field together, & let that melt & mold you together!

You can leave your greatest mark by telling others about Me! As far as witnessing is concerned, you must not try to work up the grace for it in the flesh! You must learn to enjoy the product yourself, if you want to be any good at advertising it. Just relax and enjoy My Spirit, and sooner or later it's going to flow out of you! Yes, it does take an effort, it does take a sacrifice, it's true, it's like dying to yourself & to your pride, but it also brings a new joy and fulfillment. Ask Me to fill you with My Spirit until you just bubble over with My Words and long to give people My message to the point where talking about Me won't seem like some strenuous effort anymore, but will turn into your greatest joy & satisfaction. If you cease seeing the poor spiritually diseased as those who seek to cause you harm or as rejecters or antagonists & begin viewing them as victims instead, you'll begin to get a glimpse of the vast ministry before you! You're still seeing yourself on Outreach as the beggar, when in reality it is you blessing them with eternal riches. Satan totally twists things & turns them upside down, inside out & makes things appear as the reverse & opposite of what they really are! For too long you have seen yourself as the victim, when they are really his victims, and he's just been fooling you by keeping you from seeing things the way they really are! You are spiritually rich beyond measure, and they are the poor & destitute, desperate for just a cool finger from you, having dipped it into My cool, fresh living waters. But as long as you fall for the Devil's portrayal of the situation, you won't do them any good! It's like a doctor walking through a hospital, himself complaining about his sicknesses & seeking aid from his patients! A bizarre reversal of roles. Of course, not only is he trying to deceive you into thinking that you're sick or the pauper, but he's also deceiving them into thinking that they are actually whole and not sick, and that they are rich, instead of destitute, naked and poor, as I see them. But what matters is that you see things My way! You must assume the role of the healer and benefactor. You have been given so much! If you don't pass it on, if you allow the Devil to scare you out of it because of pride, then what could have been the beginning of a wonderful chain reaction won't come to pass! Don't fall for Satan's deceptions. Expose him and his devices and lies to your fellowman, your mission field, your "patients," "clients," whatever you may want to call them, those you are here to help and reach! You're meant to reach out to those around you, your fellowman, loving your neighbor as yourself by helping them to find the same blessings & answers you have found in Me. I have simply opened up your eyes a little sooner & have allowed you to find and see the truth before them, in hopes that you would be faithful to pass it on to them, even though they might not seem as interested, but they need it desperately, just the same. Failing to reach out to them is the very sin the Devil is trying to get you to commit, the very failure that's his goal and aim! Will you let him accomplish that? Will you allow him to cause you to fail & miss your destiny? Will he manage to bluff you & scare you out of what you're meant to do? You can either blame him for it forever, or you can refuse to even give him a chance! Make My cause yours, and you'll really have something to say! If it's just your own opinion you're pushing, you'll only be adding to the sea of voices & confusion. But if you become a mouthpiece for Me, I'm going to see to it that you're going to be heard! The Devil says, "You cannot tell people about this! They're never going to believe you! They're going to say you're crazy!" I say, "Believe Me, and I will lead you to those who will receive you, contrary to your natural expectations!" Don't worry about what to say, because it will be given you what to say! When witnessing, the outcome is My responsibility. It's something you do by faith, and it's My responsibility to reward that faith! Fishing is an effort that requires patience, skill & perseverance. You can't get impatient if the fish don't jump into your net! There's more to it! A bit more effort on your part is required than that! A bit more willingness to sacrifice & to endure. Sometimes people just don't know what they're saying; they really don't know any better, simply because they have been deceived by the Enemy. And the witnesser of great faith sees & knows that & looks beyond all that build of the Devil's deception, his stronghold in their minds! All the experienced witnesser and determined warrior sees is that My weapons of love and truth are unconquerable; they only see a pitiful, weak little challenge to My immensely stronger Spirit & Power! If there wouldn't be any harvest of souls to reap, if there weren't any treasures to find beneath the snow, what would be the sense & purpose of existence for all My missionaries & witnesses then? Just to warn them & then have'em go to hell? No, as long as there's still one single soul out there to be saved, it's worth it, and it's your job to look for that soul & make sure they get saved. And as long as I haven't returned yet & put an end to all of this, you can peacefully assume that there are still plenty of souls to win, plenty of folks to witness to & there's still plenty of work to be done. You shine with a greater light when you live for Me, shine for Me, give out My Words & live for My purpose than when you simply exist to make ends meet & merely making a living. The more you pour out, the more I can pour in.

The more you give, the more I can give again to you... you've just got to "make room" for the new sometimes, & there's nothing that will call down My Spirit on you as effectively & abundantly as your act of pouring out to others what you received from Me. Cherish that which you have already found! Let it sink in, let it become part of your being, and properly absorb it, so that you can share it with others, too, and let them benefit from your findings, instead of making your whole life one never-ending search for more! I don't mind you being curious and hungry for more, as long as you don't waste the food I've already given you, as long as you share it with those who are needy, those who don't have any true spiritual food at all! Don't hesitate & wait until you got all the details straight. Don't bury your talents! Be wise in being simple and just giving out what you got. The details will be straightened out later. Those who wait until everything is just perfect will never do their part to change the world. There were many in My days, and in those which followed, who sought to make great names for themselves. But the only ones who truly went down in immortal fame were those humble little faithful apostles of Mine, who did nothing but their best to take the totally unorthodox message of a poor carpenter's son who had been killed and risen from the dead, to the rest of the world. I want you to find true fulfillment & satisfaction in faithfully keeping on giving out My message & being a living sample of it, even if you think you're not accomplishing much. The books that really count and that change the world and make a difference over time, are the ones written about My little strange but true heroes. Those who felt like nothing compared to the big monkeys in the world, but they just kept swinging from tree to tree, from country to country, city to city, spreading My message, and they soon found a swing that echoed around the world (a metaphor based on the Disney movie „Tarzan 2“). You're leaving Me out of the picture when you deal with others without ever mentioning Me. It's as if My wife is talking to somebody without ever introducing her Husband. I am always with you, and don't want you to ignore or neglect Me, whoever it is you're dealing with or talking to. I want to shine through you. I want to be right there, if not on your lips, then at least on your mind and in your heart. If you think about Me and are conscious & mindful of My Presence with you, then sooner or later something about Me is bound to cross your lips, and in the meantime they'll see Me in your eyes. I want you to come across as someone who's got Me with you, and unless they indicate definite rejection, I want you to make My answers available for them! Ask Me to show you how you can talk to that person without coming across like a religious nut, but still including Me. One way you can always include Me is by speaking in love, because I am Love. Love is not being superficial, not just sounding the same as everybody else. "Becoming one" is all about coming down to people's level to a certain extent & degree in order to bring them My message presented in a way that's acceptable to them. It wasn't meant to be coming down to their level and that's all. It was meant to have a purpose. You become one with them in order to give to them My message, to give them Me, wrapped up in a packaging they can relate to, but not to forget about Me altogether & just hand them the empty packaging of your superficial outer shell without Me in it! Take Me with you! Let your light so shine before men! Let Me shine before them! Show them Me! It's your one chance you might get to ever touch their lives for Me! When you deal with people, let Me shine through, and give Me a chance to let that conversation with you make a difference in their lives! Use love. Use My lingo instead of theirs! Make each of your actions, words, conversations, gestures, one that will make a difference in the meaningless, lifeless, clueless Matrix of this world. You don't have to pretend! You don't have to hide your light! Let it shine! Be concerned about their soul! Only focus on the goal: their soul, safely in My fold! It's important that you do what you do for the right motives, in the right spirit, not because you're afraid of My punishment if you don't obey. You can't be a successful soul winner if that's your only incentive to witness. It's gotta be love. On the other hand, as you step out by faith to witness, I give you the necessary love. I guide all My children around the World into the true light, all through their lives, even when they don't get around to hear the message from one of My servants. I have many ways to speak to them & to prepare them, to teach them in My ways. The important thing is that you don't miss the golden opportunities to bring them in when you come across them, that you show them the simple door & entrance path to heaven, so that they don't have to keep walking and searching any longer than necessary. You've got the light and the power, the love, and it was given for the purpose that you pass it on to them, it's nothing you can hide, tuck away or selfishly keep to yourself. Your natural stature is diminishing, deteriorating. The only way you can actually gain something that will last is by giving away what I've given you, My Words of life, and by winning souls, which will be the eternal gain you will bring with you from this life into the eternal, the only thing that will last.

Witnessing is what it's all about, & there is really no other, no better purpose for you in life. It's the one thing the Devil fights the very hardest, trying his darndest to keep you from doing it! Experience the thrills of overflowing on others with My Words of Wisdom! When you witness, you get inspired! Inspiration doesn't come from keeping it all for "me, thee, thou & no other," but the inspirational level was always strongest where there was witnessing going on, where people were really doing the job & pouring out, because that is simply where the inspiration will come from: that is what you got the Holy Ghost for, to be witnesses unto Me (Acts 1:8), and if you want the Spirit, be a witness! It's a choice that everyone's got to make: what's more important, their own physical comfort, or comforting lost souls & therein finding the Comforter? "You learn as you teach." Sharing things with others makes them more real. What the world needs is the gift, not any more wrapping paper! Just grab the gift, which is Me & My Word, & give it out to whoever you meet; that's the job, & anything else is basically a poor excuse & a waste of time when it really comes down to it. Especially in the light of the fact that so many people are spending so much time on all that goes around it, & so few hit the nail right on the head! It's time to hit the nail around the head, & to stop beating around the bush. So, concentrate on the essential; try to really focus on hitting that nail right on the button, don't let the Enemy distract you; quit fooling around. Concentrate on getting out the Word, getting Me to people, whichever way you can. If you do that, then you're hitting the nail on the head. Remember that time is short. The Titanic is up to its neck in water, and the count of souls lost and won is going to be on you, among others who are responsible. It's not just a "nice thing to do" to save souls, but the only right thing to do, in a situation like that, as I see it, and as the whole world is going to see it, soon. So, how do you see it? And what are you going to do about it? How to witness under difficult circumstances? Difficult as in: because everybody has been brainwashed by the Enemy? The trick is not to only look for & discover the things you have in common, the common ground, but leading them to new ground, the new territory of My sphere, the Kingdom of God, where I rule & reign & operate. You're not trying to keep'em right there in Sleepiland, but you gently want to lead'em to Foreverland, to the Land of Truth, and the Land of Love! Even at the risk of being ridiculed, you should make it plain that you decided to put your money in the bank of Heaven – and that you're a faith-investor. Put the money to the test & make it work & make it happen. The only way it's ever going to do you any good is by using it, going out there & applying it in face to face combat & find out whose currency is stronger. Your faith can do so much more for you by applying it & making it do things for others, too; simply by sharing it. Sharing the faith is the name of the game. Share some of that wealth you've got stored up, because it won't do you any good just keeping it to yourself. The only way it'll really grow is by giving it out, passing it on & giving it away, by sharing it! Witnessing is the timeliest, most urgent & essential job there is to be done. What really matters is getting My Word out to the people. Nothing is as important as witnessing. Make witnessing your primary focus. Witnessing is IT! It's like seed time: they've got to be sown at a certain time, otherwise it's going to be too late. Now is the time! Most of the sheep are found in uncomfortable places... And finding them requires willingness to go to the not-socomfortable places sometimes. The comfortable places are in the lowlands, and they're full of people who are not looking anymore, perhaps never have been, they're just satisfied with whatever comfort the System has to offer them, and the places where the sheep feel well are becoming more scarce. They don't want to be like all those self-satisfied gluttons of Mammon. That's why you've got to look for them in the highlands. I will supply for you to get there, in order to find and free My sheep. As you pour out My food and Word to the sheep, I will pour out in double measure unto you. Whether people are going to accept the medicine you offer them, no matter how convinced of its effectiveness you may be, still always remains another question. But you've got to sell & offer it anyway, because you believe in it, and you want to help them; you know it's good for them. That's being a "soul doctor" & a missionary or a salesman for Me! You've got to do the right thing, you've got to continue producing the good stuff, even if it seems like nobody wants it. The need is there, and sooner or later you're going to come upon your "clientele," your "crowd," your niche in the market, the people who will have been just waiting for what you've got to offer. He that soweth sparingly shall also reap sparingly... You've got to sow the seeds before you can reap the results. You've got to woo some before you can win some. "Are you being activated?" is a good question to ask people you meet when witnessing, that's what you must look

out for. "What are the things I'm telling you, doing to you? Are they evoking a responsive chord in your heart to reverberate, or are you rejecting what I'm saying, does it rub you the wrong way?" All you've actually got to do in witnessing is look for the ones I've already prepared for you & activate them with My Words. They're like codes that will awaken My sleepers. Like that alien tune in "Close Encounters." So, watch for people's reaction to you! The good ones have been choosing good & eschewing evil for so long, they'll know when the good comes around. They've almost grown allergic to the wrong tunes, the wrong sounds, the wrong words, and the superficial stuff that hardly even scratches the surface. They want to dig down deep, that's why it's also so important that you're real, that every song you sing is being sung in the Spirit, that you really mean every word that you say, that it really comes from My heart; that you only speak when spoken through, because you're allowing Me to speak through you! You've got to have hope that My sheep out there will hear My voice, and they will respond, they will follow; I have promised it. They're going to hear My voice because they will recognize it from all those times I have whispered into their hearts. Just like you heard it and recognized it! Sometimes you can already see it on their faces that they're My sheep. You just know it. And everything they say, every word that pops out of their mouths seems to only confirm it. "He that receiveth you receiveth Me, and he that receiveth Me receiveth Him that sent Me." Go & look out for those God-receivers, receptacles for God. "Are you a holy hole for God?" That's what's got to be your unspoken question when you look into people's eyes. Look for those YESes, look for those who will react positively. Just find them. They are there. Do all that you can to help them to see the light, the sooner the better. You can relieve a lot of suffering and painful waiting in the darkness for others, so bring them the light of the truth now, lest they perish without it. They might and eventually will find it on the other side, but a life that has been touched by My heavenly light is something much more worthwhile remembering than one that hasn't. Give them the greatest gift, one worthwhile remembering when their life is over... There was someone that believed in them enough to bring them My light. In order to really seize the day, you've got to be the one who takes the offensive, instead of just being on the defense and only fighting back when you're being attacked! That's why witnessing is so healthy, spiritually: it's a way to lead offensive warfare, of strengthening your spiritual muscles & fighting skills. Don't forget the most important part about witnessing: drawing in the net! It would be pretty senseless for fishermen to be leaving their nets in the water forever without ever drawing them in, wouldn't it? Don't forget to draw in the net! Sometimes you may think, "Oh, maybe this is too early," but then you're also risking hesitating too long and letting the fish get away again! So, be more on the ball, have more conviction about getting them saved, and be more determined to get the person you're witnessing to saved! It's unorthodox to ask people to pray with you, it may be unheard of, but it's still the right thing to do in such a situation! It's like the difference between talking about sex and actually doing it. It's almost like teasing to only be talking about it without delivering the goods! You'd almost prefer people to stop talking about it instead of teasing you forever by only talking about it. And that's how it is with witnessing and Salvation! Stop talking about it! Stop talking about Salvation when they're ready to get saved! Get them saved! Don't be hesitant to draw in the net when they're ripe and ready. It's better to ask them too early than too late! You can always ask a second or a third time. You never know who will be converted through your witness. Look at Paul... everything is possible. Believe that I can change any life! I haven't sent you to condemn the world, but to be saviors of the world, just as the Father hadn't sent Me to condemn them, but to save them (Jn.3:17)! Be a savior, not a judge! Be like Me, not the accuser! Bring them Heaven, instead of hell! Bring some light into the darkness. Let your light so shine before men! - That they may see your good works... They may not always consider them "good," but what counts is what I call good, and if I call it good, then it IS. If you are messengers of God's light and life, then it will always bring forth some kind of new life when you let your light shine before men! You're going to have to take your job for Me more seriously! If you faithfully put hours into reaching folks with My message, you'll see your "business" picking up and flourishing, eventually. View yourself as a vendor, a "provider" for the greatest Power Company there is: "Heaven's Power Inc." - The Juice that never runs dry! Endless supply! All for free! All you've got to do is get on fire & sell it! "The wisdom that is from above is... without partiality" (Ja.3:17). Remember to be "winsome" with each one. Make an effort to draw each person you encounter closer to Me. Be a conduit of My love! Be a part of Me! Be Me! To them. You're offering them the power to blow away all their shadows of the past, if they will just give Me a chance and

allow Me to, by receiving Me. I can give them a better future and present than all the good times they ever experienced in the past. And especially for those who didn't have any joyful yesterdays to look back on, whose lives have only been pain and sorrow thus far, I can be their Comforter and Giver of a brand new today and tomorrow. Of course, it's a whole different story when you're dealing almost exclusively with people who see nothing wrong with this life, who only believe in themselves and who don't think that there's a need for any change whatsoever. They have embraced Satan's illusion as the light, and the light of My truth only bewilders and even frightens them, it's a "strange truth" to them, that topples their neat little picture of the way they see things. But you can still offer them the truth, even if it may not be easy to swallow, it still is much better than the lie, simply because it is the truth. The demand for it is kind of rare, which is why you have to ignite and spark people's interest in it. It is your God-given duty to fight for the deliverance & Salvation of lost souls, and giving up prematurely would be a very bad and negative thing to do, almost like treason, desertion, neglecting your duty and high calling from above. It's almost as if you have accepted part of their lie, that they don't really need My Salvation and My Deliverance. If you believe that, then in this aspect you have moved over to the Enemy's camp. You're saying (by your actions): "Yeah, it's alright for you to keep on living the way you do. It doesn't make much of a difference whether you live with the truth or in the lie. If the drug's the thing for you, then keep living with it." You're accepting the Devil's lie as a "necessary evil" and just allow it to coexist. I'm asking you to sound a wake up call that's going to shake them out of their beds. That's what I would call success, and that's what a successful mission would be in My eyes, if you have managed to shake a good few people up, to get them convicted about continuing to live one more day in their illusion, their addiction to the lie. Be a living alarm clock in their lives that will rattle them out of their sleep. If you will quench the thirsty, parched ground of their hearts with the water of My Word, you will in time watch a forest and a beautiful garden grow where there was only desert beforehand. I have always wanted My disciples not to focus on their needs, their lacks, their worldly affairs, but on the harvest: My need for those lost sheep out there who still need to be won, workers that might still be found, if you focus on seeking them out. People need to see a happy and satisfied customer in whom they can see the joy of My Salvation at work. That heavenly joy is found in giving Me to others. If you go out to show the people how much I love them and how much they're being loved, you'll feel just how proud I will be of you for doing so. When you know that you are being obedient to Me, you just know that you are being blessed. There's no greater way in which you can manifest your obedience to Me than by witnessing, and thus no greater way to experience My blessings. The more you do it, the happier you'll be; Witnessing is a major key to happiness. Concentrate on the lost sheep. They'll be eternally thankful to you for having brought them My message and Salvation. Those people out there are the reason you're still here. Give them a chance. Give them the benefit of the doubt. You need to give them a chance before they can give Me a chance. Give them a chance to give Me a chance! I'm always right here, waiting for you with open arms, and you're never alone, don't ever forget that, and don't forget to tell others. That's the most important point I'd like you to get across, along with the fact that there's hope for anyone. If you want new converts, if you want to win souls, you're just going to have to go out to the highways & by-ways & find'em & bring them in. So many people want to do it the "proper" way, off the streets, in a nice church building or some kind of nice meeting somewhere. But the streets is still where it's happening & where the lost sheep are. If you want to be more loving, if you want to love more, just take your time to do it. That's the only way it works. It means you cut a big piece of the cake of your time that's been given you and pass it on to others and share it with them. That's what witnessing is: you invest some of your time into personally passing on to others what I've given you. Success, to Me, is winning a soul; not in order to make yourself feel "good" or redeemed to Me by your good deed of winning the soul, but just because you've learned to allow My Spirit to perform that miracle through you! True love goes forward in order to make My voice and My Words heard. Success means making sure that people hear what I've got to say, making sure you're passing on My Words. Success, to Me, is not speaking unless you're spoken through by Me. Show them the way I really am. Financial affluence is not nearly as reliable an indicator that you're on My path or successfully following Me as is the amount of people you manage to witness to and the amount of souls you win. Life as a disciple of Mine is all about witnessing; about winning others!

Always be ready to give an answer to anyone who should ask you about the source of that joy. Pass on what you've gained. Sooner or later, when the fruit becomes evident, people will listen. Whenever there's a need, do what you can in order to fill it. All I could do was sow the seed. Where do you sow the seed? Do you sow it in areas where there are already fruitful stalks or wheat & ears of grain growing? No. You sow them on the vacant spots, where there isn't much growing yet. And you don't sow seed where folks are already busy harvesting, either. It is not only your own absorption of My truth that will help you, but also your helping others to absorb it, as well: your feeding them the Word, your witnessing My truth to others, will also give you a greater love and understanding for them, along with more patience to deal with their quirks. When you constantly put yourself in a position where you practically humbly beg them to receive My Word, you cannot have any negative thoughts about them. It won't work. That's why witnessing is really a fool-proof remedy against pride, self-righteousness and a lack of love, because it just practically forces you to walk in humility and love, you have no other choice. So, if you're lacking those qualities, you haven't been witnessing, when that's your job. Instead of being so critical of people, you could be falling in love with them. I know it's a tough job. But in order to get where you want to get, there's no other way. In order to make the progress that you want to make in order to overcome your weaknesses, that's the remedy, that's the way. You can't look down on them. You can only look eye to eye, standing on the same level with them. Give them My truth in humility. You ought to be desperate about making sure you did just what it took each day to make a difference in someone's life, to draw them closer to Me. The world isn't going to come knocking on your door to ask for the Gospel! That's the mistake the churches are making! All they ever do is wait for folks to come, but you've got to seek, urge, beckon and charge them to come in! If you decide to wholeheartedly listen, you will also find a way to bring Me into the conversation. Listen to them with My ears, and you'll also have My words to give back to them as a reply. Put souls first, and everything else will fall into place. Put My sheep first, and I will take care of the rest. Feed My sheep, and I promise, I will feed you! The Enemy is sly and tries all kinds of techniques to get you to think that this thing is more important or that thing is more important, but if you stick close to Me, I will always be able to tell and show you what's really most important! And one pretty failsafe criterion by which to go is: if it's alive, if it's got a soul, and if you can talk to it, then it's got priority. You can constantly lead others home, to their real Home, even as you walk through this strange world. Bring them Home, into My fold! Personal witnessing has always been more effective than the mass witnessing and preaching of the churches. I operate one-on-one, and you must really adopt that style, too. Part of your task consists of letting people know what the real issues of life are, what life is all about, and to tell them to quit wasting time on all the comparatively frivilous endeavors they invest their energies and resources in. You've got to see their naked, wounded soul beyond all that hardened, outer shell, beneath all the camouflage they put on. Show understanding and consideration of the circumstances that make it so hard for them to believe. Once they've been shown My love, and they still insist on dwelling in the darkness of their unbelief, then you've probably done what you could, you have "delivered your soul," as My Word says, and I won't hold you responsible for their souls anymore. But until then, you've got to be long-suffering and patient with them. Be as patient with their hurting souls as you possibly can. Reject them not, lest they recject Me! What a privilege and glorious task - what a reward in itself - to be able to bring the life of God to others and share His light with them! What joy above all joys! How exciting and thrilling to be able to really move people in the spirit, to touch their hearts and move them from a place of darkness into the light, to touch others with that light of love, and shed a glimpse of that light on them, and share some of it's brightness, splendor and warmth! The meaning and purpose of your life is to convey that concept of meaning and purpose to others. And by failing to fulfill that purpose, you only achieve the opposite, namely a contribution to disbelief, that there is no purpose. "He that gathereth not with Me, scattereth abroad." Activate that purpose in your life and start doing what you're destined and ordained to do. Tell people about the meaning of life! That life actually has a meaning, a sense of purpose. There is such a thing as purpose! There is such a thing as meaning! And what better and greater meaning and purpose could there be for you than conveying that knowledge to people?

It's sometimes a hard and tough job to teach someone the existence of something they're totally oblivious to: the existence of purpose. But once you manage, it's like breaking through from darkness into light, and it will have been worth it! Show them that there is a meaning! Show them where to find God, where to see Him; help them decipher His handwriting, help them to discover His signs! Show them that despite all the apparent meaninglessness, there IS a meaning, much greater than they could fathom. But it's not beyond their reach! In fact, God is more than willing to reach out to them and show them and teach and tutor them, to talk to them. Show them that there is a way that they can listen, even though they're deaf. That there's a way they can learn how to see, even though they are blind! There is a way to know that which they know not of, that which they don't even believe exists, they cannot believe because they have been poisoned with the gas of unbelief. But you can revive them, resucitate them, awaken them and bring them back to life! All you need to do is give them the truth: there is a meaning to everything. Find some common ground. Build on the things you have in common. Show that you're really not all that different and that you can understand and relate, and that you love and accept them. My children are My latter rain that I have ordained to fall and refresh the parched earth in this time of the End, but you're a little bit like a rain drop that doesn't want to fall. You're there in your cloud, saying, "No, let me just accumulate a bit more of water! I don't want to fall on this stupid ground, on this stupid, hard and stubborn earth. After all, they don't even deserve it!" The problem is, if you hang on to the sky for too long, the sun might just soak you up without your ever having done the earth any good, and you will have become "like clouds without rain" (s.a. 2Peter 2:17)... "Wells without water, clouds driven with the tempest..." What the people of God have to offer to the world is, principally, God. If anyone is interested in something else, they will be disappointed. If they're not interested in God, nor in having a personal, intimate relationship with Him, then they've come to the wrong place in search of the fulfilment of their hopes and dreams when they come to the people of God. All the people of God, can ever do, is point Upward to Him for all the answers. If that's not where they want to turn in order to get them, then forget it. Such people will only waste your time. Those who always want to have everything prechewed and done for them and like to be served the food of God on a silver platter are not fit for the Kingdom of God. The danger of wanting to promote oneself instead of Me and My humble and humiliating message, which involves dying daily, is always there, and part of the battle consists of just resisting that temptation. The aspect of "dying daily" sometimes gets lost in all your efforts to cherish the opportunities to enjoy life and live life to the full that I'm giving you... opportunities that are hard to forego. It's easier to pocket the blessing yourself first, instead of passing it on. Everybody takes what they are given, and everybody is way too busy playing with their toys, the blessings life hands them, than to pay attention to the needs of others, to pay attention to Me... and you wonder, "Where are the needy?" It takes thorough searching to find true sheep, and it takes a whole-hearted search, but they're out there. You must not give up hope, you must not break off the search, nor get discouraged, nor distracted. You must continue searching. A conversation, just like all of life, is give and take, speak and listen. The goal is not always necessarily to impart as much information as possible to another, but to have as large of a mutual exchange of information as possible... By giving them space & time to empty their minds & hearts, you create the room and vacuum for more new input you might be able to share with them. Be a receptacle for the contents of their hearts, and once they have poured out, they will also let you pour in some. Giving out and passing it on means putting it to use and into practice, and it makes it all come alive much more than if you just try to store it all away in theory. How do you help or cure someone who is sick, but they don't know it? And they don't want to know it... People want to hear things that make them feel happy. The whole story around Me strongly indicates that they're lacking something and something's wrong with them; that they need help. Nobody wants to hear that something's wrong with them. And having to tell them that is hard. They’re a little more open to hear about the solutions to their problems, when things are going wrong. But they don't want to take the responsibility for what has gone wrong. One thing you cannot do, if you truly want to help them, is ignore their sin or laugh it off, because you'll be lying to them, really, by giving them the false impression that they're alright. That's why I don't demand of you to be smiling and friendly to everyone. I need both. I've got My lovers and "wooers," but I also need prophets who will show up the sins of the people, who will refuse to compromise and laugh it off. It's not a very popular job. I've got very few people willing to do it on a grassroot level. It's so unpopular. And

everybody wants to have friends. But everybody has got their calling, and someone has got to bite the sour apple and play the dreadful role of the prophet who shows and tells the people why things aren't working out the way they hoped. It's not "tough luck." There's a purpose in everything, and "causeless the curse shall not come." There is a reason for punishment, and every person should be interested and curious enough about the truth to find out what it was in their case. There are things to learn from life. But so few are willing. I will resurrect My dead church, but I need those who will wake them up! I use people to do My work, and you can be one of My instruments! You can be one of My wake-up calls to My sleepy army! What other meaning or purpose could there be for your life than to give your life in order for others to be able to finally enjoy My riches, My abundance, My fullness of life? Until then, it's a selfish life, you take what is yours. It only becomes beautiful and worth telling a story about once you sacrifice it for others, give your life in order for them to live. Everybody deserves a chance. And that's what you've got to give them. People will not always be as self-satisfied as they are right now, and you've got to be ready then to give them My Word, or even better: tell and warn them now, so that they will know that a prophet has been among them. You're advertizing for the opposite of all the System stands for, and what you're after is their souls. Sometimes if takes an effort and a price to buy those souls! It takes some daring, some taking a risk. It takes the courage to place a higher bid on them, to invest and risk more for them than the Enemy does. "Whatever thou spendest" in order to win them, "I will repay." Any "losses" will be repaid and reembursed a hundred-fold. In your witnessing you have to watch out that you don't spout off the answer before you have listened to their souls. You need to find out first what medicine they need. It is My will for you to become concerned about the sheep, the folks and souls I lead across your path. It is My will for you that you invest more effort, more time, more energy, more of your concern and blood, sweat and tears into winning them - more prayer. Winning the world for Me is not a job that can be accomplished with efforts that are anything less than wholehearted. The sheep can sense how much they matter to you, and whether you would really lay down their lives for them... Often, the reason why they make the choice against Me or you is not even so much because of their own rebellion, but because there is simply not enough love there that would motivate them to pay the price of giving up their pride. Do you love them enough to do all you possibly can in order to save them? There's a whole bunch of fish to be caught, but only if you're willing to make the effort to really draw them in! It's My power you'll want to give and convey to people. Focus on the power not only as that which you constantly want to receive from Me, but also as that which you want to give and pass on to others. I want you to equip those who cross your path with the means and weapons to fight life's battles more effectively. I want you to help equip them with My gifts, with My power, My light to guide them through life's trials and battles successfully. It's your job to get people to listen to Me! One of the first Endtime events that has to unfold is, "And this Gospel of the Kingdom must be preached in all nations, and then shall the End come" (Mt.24:14). I still need you to do a bit more preaching, before I can ring in the last act! So, if you want the judgment to come, just make sure you do your part and warn them first! Your job, in many aspects, is just to be there, making the truth available for those who want it. If you find yourself in an absolute minority, it just makes you and your message and your position and task in this world all the more outstanding, special and significant. You wonder, "Who is going to accept our preaching?" Well, even if no one does, your success isn't measured by how many people will have accepted your message, but by your faithfulness in proclaiming it. My solution never sounds as interesting to people who are not really in desperate need of a solution, who have everything running the way they think it ought... I have let your world come tumbling around your ears, in order for you to assure them that I'll still be there to hold and catch them when theirs will come tumbling around their ears... You will have learned and experienced My realness, My Presence in times of trouble, and you will have a very real faith to offer to people. Arm yourself with godly knowledge, so that you may be well prepared in the days to come, to destroy Satan's strongholds in their hearts and minds, his constructed fortresses of disbelief. I want you to become a skilled master fighter and expert at pulling down Satan's strongholds and delusions in people's minds!

Believe in the miracle that some will be healed and delivered from their addiction to the lie. Your job is to give the message regardless of circumstances! It's not you who is supposed to speak, but the Spirit of your Father within you. You shouldn't worry about what you're going to say. All you need to be concerned about is that you're going to be all prayed up and spiritually prepared, so that you'll be in tune enough with My Spirit that it will be given you at the very hour, what you should speak. That's the way it has always been, and is supposed to be. "That your faith" - and the faith of your followers - "should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God" (1Cor.2:5). The Devil doesn't really get mad until you name Me as the solution to his fraud. He lets those people get away with their exposés, because he knows that the masses are not going to wake up and fight anyway. Even if they would, their only chance to win would be if they have Me on their side. He knows their only hope of victory am I, and as long as I'm not preached, they won't stand a chance, and thus he won't feel threatened. The only menace to his kingdom is My truth, My Gospel; the message that there is a way out of all the evil in the world: not only the evil of those other guys, the bad guys, but the evil in your own heart that would cause you to act the same way if you were in their position. You only get rid of the darkness by letting the light in. Darkness is the absence of light, and the way to remedy that is by letting the light in... It's one thing to point your finger at the darkness and exposing it, but it's yet another to be flooding those dark spots with My light. All the fingers pointing in the world won't mean doom to the Devil and his workings, but as soon as you turn on the light of My Salvation message, he starts to squeal, because he knows it's the only thing that signifies loss to his cause and his kingdom. All the movies exposing the workings of evil in the world won't do as much harm to him as one salvation tract, one witness that tells another soul how to get to Heaven... Shine My light into his darkness, and that will really make a difference! People won't just snap out of their own familiar wavelength and tune into yours if they have no clue what your wavelength is all about. In order to get them interested, you have to "broadcast" and "advertise" a little, and let them know what your "station" is all about. You have to "play some of your music" in order for them to find out whether they like it or not. In order to pour out to others, you've got to have a vision for them, and the faith for them, that they will take what you're going to give them. If you want others to consider your wavelenth worth tuning in to, then you've got to play happy tunes, and deliver a sound quality that attracts them, and not play doleful dirges and draggy ho-humm songs. In order to truly inspire others, you've got to broadcast inspiring and uplifting music. You've got to gear your music to your audience, not just play for your own edification. You've got to tune into them first and find out what they need. It's not only having figured out the truth and watching how the world is going to pot because nobody's interested in it, but continuing to focus on Me and having Me show you opportunities to pass on the light of truth, hoping and believing that there must be recipients for what I have given you. Failure to inspire others is often due to lack of vision and faith to even start broadcasting. You underestimate their capacities to receive and pass on what you're giving. You figure they're not interested and they're not going to listen anyway, so why even waste your breath, your time, your energy? Visionaries are those who never consider their time, breath and energy wasted. They're those who have faith in their audience, and enough faith in Me to believe that nothing happens by coincidence, and if I have put these people there, as much as they may be on a "different wavelength," then I knew what I was doing, had a sense and purpose in it, and it's merely up to you to find out what that purpose is by letting loose whatever you've got to pour into them and then see what happens. None of the stars and planets in the universe are in their distinct position by coincidence, but they influence each other in perfectly ordained and synchronized proportions. Don't you think that what I have done with lifeless rock and matter I'm also able to do with living souls? Living souls are the most valuable thing there is, and the greatest evils on earth (are) perpetrated by those who do not share that view. What's more valuable to you than souls? Is there anything? What else is there? What else, but to teach people, to lead them into the light? What are you interested in? Entertainmaint? Money? Diversion? Pleasure? Sex? Success? Safety? Can any of them come up to the happiness and the light with which those shall shine who shall lead many to righteousness (Dan.12:3)? You may not figure what you have is so great, but maybe they do, if you just give them a chance to let them make up their own minds about it... Things simply won't get accomplished if you keep on waiting for people to develop interest! The Devil is a much too cunning master at the art of distraction, in order for anyone to develop sufficient interest in doing My will voluntarily, just because it happens to be so interesting. "Necessity is laid unto me to preach the gospel" (1Cor.9:16). The only thing that works is that you realize you need to do it, whether you feel like it, whether it happens to be your particular field of interest, or not!

"Going into all the world to preach the gospel" as opposed to only preaching "at home," is all about being mature enough to forsake the scope of your own immediate group of interest, and expand beyond it, to a new one you may not be familiar with. Being a good parent goes both ways: you're not only teaching your child, but you're learning from him also. And that's how it is with evangelizing, witnessing and preaching the Gospel to every creature, too: as you teach them the Gospel, you're first inevitably going to have to learn about their customs, their language, and you're going to have to learn about them in order to be able to successfully shepherd them and give them what they need. Many of My people throughout the ages would have just loved to stay preaching at home and getting the attention and admiration from their own kind. And it's usually the rejection of those you're trying to reach within your own borders and familiar harbors that drives you out where I wanted you all along. Those who will primarily appreciate what you have to offer are those outside, in the world, who haven't got Me yet to take for granted... I'm desperate for those who don't know Me yet and will appreciate Me as the Savior that I am and will be to them, as compared to those who have been so comfy-cozy with Me all their lives that they don't know sometimes whether to consider Me a blessing or a curse... Your job is bringing new faith to those who haven't got any yet. How serious are you about proclaiming My Word? It’s not all about what's inside and how you feel! What's more important is what goes out and how you affect the world. Not what goes into the body makes a man unclean, but what comes out of his mouth (Mt.15:11)! I urge you to go and find those who feel like they're born to help others, and are looking for ways to do so in the most effective way, and sometimes simply don't know how. It’s time to focus outward and tune in to the needs of others, roll up your sleeves and pitch in with the gigantic job of winning and feeding the world that's there to reach. It's time to realize that those around you need you. It's time to pour out and be there for them. It’s time for the giving of yourself and the pouring out of your life to others. You should be ready to turn around and make your major concern and effort the part of pouring out. It’s action time, and time to gain some stature by going out there & being on the move. I'm mobilizing My forces. It's time to show what you've got, show all you've learned, and what My personal training and tutorship has done for you! It’s not about what you should expect from them, but what I'm expecting you to give to them! If you keep the fruits of the Spirit in mind more when you’re witnessing, then you’ll realize what kind of a sample you’re supposed to be. After all, isn’t that the main purpose for which the Spirit was poured out? – To witness and help you to witness better? So try to keep in mind the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness temperance; against such there is no law. You’ll find that if you display all of these virtues in your witnessing, even the advocates of the law won’t be able to resist you. You ought to be constantly on the lookout for those who are looking for a way out (of the Matrix). I’m really thankful and proud of those of you who do what they can in order to restore My image to the world and show them Who and how I really am, and that I’m a real and reliable Source and Force that people can rely on. Thank you for all your efforts you’re making to get people to put their faith in Me! Witnessing is something that can really only render the desired fruit if it is done in the right spirit, namely a spirit of love and faith, rather than out of fear of what might happen to you if you don’t do it. Because if you do it out of fear, then you pass on that same spirit: “If you don’t do this or that, then God just might strike you down and destroy you!” Get the accurate picture of Who I really am, and convey that and pass that on to the world. Send out a signal to the seekers: “You’re seeking a different way? You’re seeking a way out? Over here!” You have to check your heart about what your true motivations are. Are you scared you’re going to miss out on the best rewards if you don’t witness more, or do more of this and more of that? Or is it truly love, and nothing but love that motivates you to win their souls to Me? Because it is only love, and nothing but love that will enable you to do that, after all. I’d rather have you so happy and thankful that you can truly offer Me to your friends and acquaintances as “the best deal of your life-time,” by having personally experienced that I like to give you the desires of your heart and make you happy, than have you try to serve Me for any false and less than noble reason. If I fail to truly make you happy, then why should I expect you to advertise Me to people, anyway? If I do manage to fulfill your wildest dreams, then I won’t have to do any persuading in order to get you to give Me to others. You’ll do it gladly and voluntarily.

Once you realize I’m truly as great as you wish to believe by faith right now, I know you will also gladly apply your energies ton support Me in My effort to win the world for My Cause. I don’t expect you to pass on to others anything but what you have received from Me yourself. Yes, the world is a mess, but the good news is that I’m in control anyway! And it’s that good news you’ve got to focus and emphasize on! “Publish glad tidings” means, let’em know that I’m still in control, in spite of the mess the world is in! I may be their only way out, but the good news is, I’m more than sufficient at that job! I truly cut the cake! Focus on the solution, not the problem! The good news is that there is a solution to all the oodles of problems in the world today! Sooner or later they’re all going to find out that there are problems, indeed, and your job won’t be so much to explain to them how all those problems came about, but primarily, what the solution is. Of course, it’s hard for people to witness their beloved world collapse, and to believe that the only solution to all of this is something as otherworldly as Me. But those who are chosen will find in Me the fulfillment of all they’ve been looking for. You’re not on a search for perfect people, but for people who in Me will find their perfect answer. People are all like holes of different shapes and kinds, and what you’re looking for is the type of holes for which I am the perfect peg, the perfect Thing to fill it with. Consider by which you’re doing mankind a greater service: by catering to what they want, or giving them what they truly need, even if they may not be aware of it. You’ve really got something to say. So, for God’s sake, for My sake, and the sake of lost souls, and last not least your own sake, say it! Say what you’ve got to say! Speak what I put on your heart to speak! There are by far more important things for you to do than tickle people’s ears. What they really need is My message of eternal Salvation. They need the Spirit that is not from this world, to bring them life. Keep giving them the truth in love, whether they seem interested or not. It’s the truth, and it’s the best medicine against their delusion. What’s important is that you try to convey to them the truth not in a narrow-minded way, of “believe or perish,” but in a loving, attractive and inviting way. You must not push people away with the truth, but attract them to it by always wrapping it up in love and genuine concern for their souls. You need greater confidence and trust that I will take care of the results if you let the chips fall where they may, and sow more abundantly. You’re not in control, but I am. Don’t be afraid of their reaction! Let Me take care of that! I have promised to take care of you! Don’t be stingy with your light, but let it shine! You’ve got to be convinced of what you are doing in bringing them My clean water of the Word of truth, even if it may seem strange to them, and they may have their suspicions about you “strangers” from another world… Keep preaching and broadcasting that truth by any means available, so that at least they can’t say they never heard it, they’d never been warned. Of course it’s not what they want to hear. It wouldn’t have been very favorably received if someone had gone around on the Titanic saying, “Excuse me, but this ship is going to sink!” After all, she was deemed unsinkable. And that’s what they think about their System. I have sent you to preach the “Good News” of the Gospel, but for those who will reject it, it becomes bad news, because it signals, heralds and ushers in their doom and downfall. The truth which has been uttered will come to pass and be fulfilled. As long as there are My voices of truth, I will do My part to vindicate them and to prove them right. The world may say they’re nuts and laugh about them and ridicule them and dismiss them, but I will always prove them right in the end. It may not always happen immediately or exactly the same way it may have been interpreted, but in the end it will happen and come to pass. My message to every single human being is: “Come to Me!” A challenge to take on on My behalf would be to seek the group of people that is the least like your own, and try to reach out to them and find common ground with them… try to bring Me to them. Dealing with people is your job for Me, reaching out to people, and reaching them with My message, and in this case, what’s particularly challenging about it is the aspect of reaching different people, since most people simply happen to be quite different from you. You’ve got to give them a chance to accept and get to know and absorb and assimilate My ways. Once they got the chance, the ball is in their court and it’s all up to them. Show them the way to real, true, and lasting peace by making peace with Me, which is achieved by letting go of all lies, sin and self-deception. True peace is only found by embracing the truth. But they have no truth. And that’s where you come in. You’re My truth-bringers to the world. You start out winning a soul by claiming their soul for Me in the spirit. You can’t do it in the flesh. And you can’t

override their majesty of choice. But you can punch holes in the spirit into their walls of pride that the Enemy has cultivated in them through their fears and self-protective mechanisms. Witnessing is conviction training. The best way to keep your convictions in shape is to regularly stand up for them. How strong is your own spirit when confronted with other human spirits? By becoming more familiar with the habit of talking with folks about deep, serious and spiritual matters, you will get used to it and also develop the ability of steering an already ongoing conversation on a different subject in that direction. It’s a battle for the ears of the world. Who will listen to our report? (Is.53:1) Who will receive our witness and testimony? “To whom shall the arm of the Lord be revealed?” You will only find out by bringing them the message and thus putting them before the choice of either rejecting or receiving it. There is nothing more effective than personal witnessing in order to promote My Cause and really drive the point home to people to the extent where they actually get saved. It takes that personal interaction. All else is compared to cyber sex vs. the real thing. It may be somewhat satisfactory, but you’ll never get pregnant from it and bring forth the fruit of a new life. In order to have spiritual babies, there’s nothing like really getting down to the nitty-gritty of spiritually making love to them with My Words, personally, wooing and winning them and impregnating them with My seed. There’s just nothing like the real thing! Witnessing is part of what makes true discipleship. It may be exhausting and tough work to personally witness, but it’s still the number one most effective way to bear spiritual babies and get real lasting fruit! The Devil is the epitome of self-righteousness and hypocrisy. Woe unto those who have him for their god. I want you to preach the Gospel and tell people about Me in order to free them from their servitude, slavery and bond-ship to this false, evil god and usurper. Don’t you think that a relationship with Me is what they need, and that hooking Me up with them could solve a lot of their problems and change their lives for the better? You’re not just trying to sell them another “religion,” you’re trying to get them to know Me. You introduce them to Me. Introducing them to Me, the Great Teacher, does the same for them that Ann Sullivan did for Helen Keller: She brought meaning, yes, the very concept of meaning into her life, and that’s what I do for countless others, too. But usually I don’t get much of a chance, because so few of My people want to introduce Me to those who don’t know Me yet. Keep in mind what you’re here for: you’re here to introduce others to the Great Teacher Who will bring meaning and light and love into their lives. Isn’t that a worthy endeavor? The Good News and what is meant by “The Gospel” is not all the gory details about the evils of this world and Satan’s workings and how he manages to enslave people, although it may take that sometimes in order to wake some people up to the fact that they need Salvation. But primarily, the Gospel should be the emphasis on the Good News that I have come to save you from all that. There is a time for everything: a time to warn people of the evils that may befall them if they refuse My ways and counsel, but then there is also a time to remind them just how easy it is to become a child or bride of Mine. The message you want to convey to others primarily is that of Salvation, that of hope, and an emphasis on the light, not on the darkness. The foundation stone you must lay is that of Salvation, and that they accept Me in their lives. I need you to publish glad tidings, the Good News. A lot of people are preaching negative news, but not many are actively offering the Solution. The Salvation message might not put you on the front page in earthly papers, but it puts you on the list of those who obey My commandment to preach the Gospel! I wasn’t a great winner of debates in My time, and that’s simply not what it’s about. It’s about winning the soul, not the argument. I’d rather lose an argument and win the soul. That’s the goal… Not tons of arguments in favor of your point, but enough love to win a soul, even if you never win an argument. People don’t always seem to be appreciative of your efforts to bring them the message that could save them, but I’ve been trying to get you to shift your vision from what you can immediately see, the way people apparently are on the surface, to that which is below the surface, and their true need, which they might not be so ready to confess, because of their pride. They that will seek Me with all their heart, I will let them find Me. The problem is that so few really seek Me with their whole hearts. Their lack of interest, their indifference kills them… If they’d be more interested in finding Me, then My people would also be more interested and excited about helping them to find Me, and consequently, it would become easier for folks to find Me.

But as it is, the vast majority is far more interested in finding other things beside Me… Which makes it so that more faith is required on behalf of My people in order not to lose the vision for the commission I’ve given them to preach the Gospel… more faith is required in order to obey Me than would be necessary if everyone would be eager to find and know Me. So, it’s not easy, but not necessarily because I have made it thus. Folks basically aren’t interested. My challenge for you is: how do you make them become interested? How can you arouse their interest in Me? How are you planning to compete with the barrage of devices our Enemy has developed to get them interested in themselves and their own amusement or survival? Tll people the truth about the world in order to help them see the need for a way out of this mess; that through recognizing what mess they’re in they will wake up and want the Solution… I need you to invest your efforts in the spreading of the truth. I don’t just want you to advertise another religion or philosophy. I want you to truly have and enjoy the solution to the world’s problems, and to make it evident that it is so by it’s effectiveness in solving your own, immediate problems, so that you cannot just say, “Look, I found this philosophy and belief here that’s really cool, check it out,” but you can testify, “This has helped me overcome my problems big-time!” “I’ve truly become a better man through this!” They need somebody to tell them, “I’ve been there, and I found this thing that really helped me.” And “this thing” in your case being your relationship with Me, and a real, live line of communication with Me; the ability to receive the solutions to your problems, failures and shortcomings straight from your Maker via the gift of prophecy that’s available to practically anyone who wants it. The modern means of communication have made it possible that you can actually be a tool and a witness for Me in a far-away country, even if you have never moved a step out of your house. By looking unto Me you will gain the necessary strength and authority that will convince them that what you’ve got to say matters. The goal is to get them to trust in Me. Beg them to give Me a chance to prove to them Who and what I really am, and what I’m capable of doing in their lives. It’s not really all that important whether all those other people reject your message or can’t handle it. What matters is the few precious folks who do, those hearts of gold who are going to heed your call and are going to be found by you. If your incentive is to make people happy, rather than pulling through your own plan of “delivering the message” more or less because you figure it’s your duty, then there can be greater magic in that love power, manifested in your desire to make them happy and putting their needs above your own, of preaching the message. The goal is not just to slap the message around their ears in a “there you’ve got it” way, but you’ve got to woo them first, win them, and then you can lovingly impart the message. Many people resist being preached to, and in order to be a successful preacher of the Gospel, you’ve got to learn to woo them first. Love matters than any amount of message you may give without it. The principal challenge is witnessing, since that’s one sure way of having confrontation with people on behalf of your faith. After all, that is the battle, and in order to stay alive and kicking spiritually, that’s what you must do: go out there and fight. You’ll experience enough “persecution” on a small level, if you witness, or at least enough resistance and challenge to keep you alive and keep you from dozing off spiritually. So, you must seek that challenge, that battle, even if it may not initially strike you as something pleasant, but it’s what will keep you alive! It’s your purpose and excuse for living, after all! Some people need to be given a reason to believe. They’ve been brainwashed with all the arguments for why they shouldn’t believe, according to their agnostic scientists, teachers and media hawks, but there are few who make reasonable pro-faith argumentation available on a greater level and in a way that would appeal to non-believers. People have questions and doubts, and you’ve got the answers. At least some of them, and compared to many people, quite a lot of them. Witnessing also strengthens your faith in that you come up against questions and arguments people have against God and the Bible and the biblical view of things that will cause you to probe further and find answers to and thus enlarge the scope of your knowledge and perception of things, too. Encourage them, calm them down and show, “Relax, there’s nothing to worry about! God loves you and doesn’t mean you any harm. He’s better to you than you could be to yourselves, if you just give Him a chance!” Show’em I’m nothing to worry about or be scared of; that I’m actually quite loveable. For those who reject Me, life becomes hard all by itself. I don’t really have to do anything, and it’s not as if I would punish them. They punish themselves… And it’s a good thing to ask them why in the world they would want to do that, when they could have so much love…

Help people to find Me, so that they can find out with My help who they really are, what they’re here for, and give their life a meaning. In order to find their purpose – perhaps that which many people refer to as “finding themselves” – they’ve got to first find Me, their Maker, and I will reveal to them what is their purpose and who they are and precisely what they are here for. A bold and convinced individual professing his love for Me might go further to inspire another individual to reach out to Me than all the choirs and worship bands in the world. What some people need is a personal, individual approach, with a personal and individual testimony from someone they can relate to. Whatever it takes for you to touch people’s hearts and really bring across My message to them is what I would consider service for Me. You’ve got to have a message to give. You’ve got to have something to say. You can’t let yourself get away with passing up any opportunity to preach My message. The only way you’re ever going to make a difference in this world and really touch and change people’s hearts and lives is by being daring enough to be a witness and a testimony for Me everywhere you go. I will repay and more than make up for whatever you have invested in My work in making it possible for people to catch a glimpse of the Real Me.