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SPED DATA Disabilit Attendanc Readin Reading Goal y e Rate g Level SLD 97.

5 328 use word meanings within the appropriate context and show ability to verify those meanings by definition, restatement, example, comparison, or contrast SLD 96.4 433 Writing Goal write a clear, coherent and focused 2-3 paragraph essay with formal introduction, supporting evidence and conclusion Math Goal addition, subtraction, multiplication and division equations and inequalites involving absolute values, Credits Complete d5 Failed 55 Needs 125

Alvarado, Francisco

Arroyo, Monica

Garcia, Steven




compare the figurative and literal meanings of words and how that impacts text meaning

write an expository paragraph in the active voice with a topic sentence, five descriptive, supporting compound sentences and a summary sentence

solve linear equations and inequalities with 70% accuracy

Complete d110 Failed 82.5 Needs 77.5 Complete d65 Failed 55 Needs 125

SPED DATA Hernandez, Carlos SLD 85 113 analyzing interactions between main and subordinate characters using the Pythagorean theorem to determine distance and find the missing length of sides in a right triangle analyzing the way of structuring ideas computing areas of in which imagery, and arguments in a polygons, including personification, and sustained, rectangles, scalene figures of speech persuasive manner triangles, effect the reader and support them equilateral with examples triangles, recognizing literary devices including imagery and symbolism developing the main idea within the body of the composition through supporting evidence analyzing a theme using textual through out a piece details in his writing of literature using to support his topic textual details sentence and thesis statement developing the main ideas within the body of the composition Complete d5 Failed 117 Needs 182

Hernandez, Marta




Complete d117 Failed 45 Needs 70

Jones, Alexander




graphing a linear Complete equation and d28.5 compute the x- and Failed 85 Needs 164

Monroy, George




pass the CAHSEE his senior year

Complete d257.5 Failed 55 Needs 125

Ocampo, April




Complete d200 Failed 87.5 Needs 20

SPED DATA Ramos, Manual SLD 97.5 715 authors use imagery, personification and figures of speech structuring ideas and arguments in a sustained, persuasive and sophisticated way and support them with precise and relevant examples supporting important ideas through accurate and detailed references to the text revising her writing to improve sentence structure and variety Complete d167.5 Failed 95 Needs 70

Rico, Gerson




analyzing the ways in which poets use imagery, personification,

graphing linear equations and compute the x and y intercepts

Complete d127.5 Failed 65 Needs 60

Sanchez, Gabriel




Sarabia, Evelin




analyzing the ways authors use imagery, personification, figures of speech and sounds to evoke the readers emotion analyzing the way in which poets use imagery, personification,

graphing a linear equation and compute the x and y intercepts

Complete d97.5 Failed 95 Needs 90

supporting important ideas and view points through accurate and detailed references to the text

knowing the definitions of the basic trigonometric functions defined by the angles in a right triangle

Complete d62.5 Failed 210 Needs 125

SPED DATA Serrano, Marcos SLD 93.3 569 relating literary works and authors to the major themes and issues of their eras analyzing several historical records of a single event, examining critical relationships between elements of the research topic comparing works using precise that express a language, action universal theme verbs, sensory and provide details, appropriate evidence to support modifiers, and the the ideas active rather than the passive voice effect of rigid motions on figures in the coordinate plane and space, including rotations, translations, and reflection Complete d5 Failed 55 Needs 125

Uribe, Jennifer




Complete d135 Failed 192 Needs 55

Recommendations: The students need a learning center block where they can have extra time during the day to work on assignments The students need more direct writing intervention than reading intervention. Students should not be promoted before they are ready. If they cannot pass 9th grade classes do not put them in A traditional SDC class needs to be created to support our 9th and 10th grade students in reading and math

Juniors Arroyo, Monica Hernandez, Marta Rico, Gerson Sanchez, Gabriel Uribe, Jennifer

Pans to attend Yes Yes Undecided Yes Yes

Servicing Needs When there is only one student in the class needing services they can be over looked When TA's or teachers are out sick it is hard to provide services Often TA's and sped teachers are asked to perform other duties during the school day (supervision, bookroom, coverage)

SPED DATA Seniors Monroy, George Ocampo, April Ramos, Manual Applied to a four year college Yes No No CC No Yes Yes