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Test Report – BWT Session No.



Ajay Balamurugadas, Anil Sonune, Parimala Shankaraiah, Rajesh Iyer, Ravisuriya,

Vivek Bhat




3:30PM-6:00PM IST

Testing Session:

3.30 – 4.30PM IST

Discussion Session:

4.30 – 6.00PM IST


Test the entire application or any feature and find bugs.

Operating System:

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 - 32 bit,

Browser (if applicable):


Application Name & Version:

FreeMind 0.9.0 RC5

Link to download or URL:

Issue List:

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

1. Negative checkbox (Michael Bolton’s idea: negative heuristic). It is better to
have a checkbox: “Create a Start Menu folder” than “Don’t create a Start
Menu folder”.

2. ‘Split’ button does not work. Single click on a node with long name (>100
characters). Click on ‘Split’ button which is present in the ‘Edit Long Node’
window. Nothing happens. (Function Tour)

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

3. Pressing ‘,(comma)’ opens the Edit Long Node window with no text whereas
clicking on node opens the same window with text.( Inconsistency within
same application)

4. Pressing , opens Edit window. Press Esc. Msg Box no title.(Ben Simo’s Failure

5. Note Window: CTRL + SHIFT + Less does not work (Function Tour).

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

6. RMB > Remove Node (Delete) on root node does not pop up any message like
CTRL + X does. (Inconsistency within application).

7. Attempt to save failed if name is : (Overflow of text)



Bangalore Weekend Testers:

8. High Impact bug: Give a name with spaces to save a map. Before saving Map
1* would be displayed. If Save failed, clicking on OK changes Map 1 * to Map
2* and so on.

9. Saved text displayed even if map is not saved. Open a map; do some
changes, File Close. Click on No in Save confirm. Observe at left bottom.
Saved Is displayed.(Confusing to User)

10.Saving failed with 350 characters entered in Save Name field (Text Overflow).

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

11.To short instead of Too short. How short is short enough?(Ben Simo’s Failure

12.Multiple instances can be launched. (Incorrect Functionality).

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

13.Multiple installations can be done. Uninstallation window doesn’t come up if
already installed.(Comparable products) Installation > Setup > Information
page > ‘Moroever, if you have another version of FreeMind installed, please
uninstall it first’ message is displayed. Ideally, if an older version of the
product in installed, any new installation should be intelligent enough to
detect the already installed software and prompt the user to take futher
action(whether to uninstall and proceed with new installation or cancel
current installation). This is a functional flaw in the product. (Inconsistency
with User Expectation)

14.While toggling between bold, italic using the top icon, the bold on/off state
icon is the same. Similarly for the italic icon.(Usability Issue)

15.Text to be copied is not displayed as selected.

Clicking on the “New MindMap” and then selecting a text and right clicking
shows a drop-down option “copy”. When this right click menu opens up, I
cannot view what text has been selected to copy. Secondly, if nothing is
selected and right clicked, the pop-up shows copy, but does not perform any

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

copy. Either the copy drop-down should be removed or a message to select
text should be displayed.

16.If I select the parent node and select to add a sibling, it should show an error
“Cannot add Sibling to the parent node”, because sibling for a parent here
does what a child does.

17.If I keep adding child nodes, the line that forms does not indicate correctly
that a child node exists.

18.If I want to edit a node which already has a child, then the edit view i.e. the
Text field does not appear.

19.In the editor, I opened the Select Color menu, then switched to a Word
application. Now when I tab and go back to the selected application, I get
only the Select Color menu, unless I close the menu I cannot see UI for Free

20.The logo that appears on the list of running programs while tabbing shows
the Java logo when the Select Color menu is open.

21.I added a table with 3 columns. Now I entered text in all the three columns.
After that I selected all the 3 texts and pressed delete, the last two columns
get deleted. Now there is no way by which I can retrieve 3 columns layout.

22.If I add a bullet/numbering and press backspace, the bullet/numbering is not


Bangalore Weekend Testers:

23.In the Select Color Menu, If I click the same color again and again, it shows
the same color in the Recent list.

24.Cut/Copy should be enabled only if some text is selected.

25.In “Find & Replace” option, the Replace button is disabled if a match is found
when the user clicks on “Find Next”. Now if the user wants to replace the
match found, he has to cancel and then replace.

26.If I open “Find & Replace” or “Select Color” Menu and then click on the
FreeMap UI, then FreeMap UI is activated, but I cannot edit anything.

27.There is no difference between “Insert row/colum” and “Append Row/column”.

28.Application window should have minimum fixed size so that all the tools
present in the tool bar are accessible.

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

29.Save confirmation dialog is displayed while closing the file.

1. Launch Freemind application.

2. Create a new file by pressing Ctrl+N and create few nodes

3. Save the file by pressing Ctrl+S

4. Close the file by pressing Crl+w

Expected result: The file should close.

Actual result: Fie save confirmation dialog is displayed even if there is no

editing is done after saving the file.

30.The file switches to edited mode file switching between the open

1. Create 2 or more files.

2. Save all files.

3. Switch between the files

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

Expected result: File should be in saved mode.

Actual result: File switches to edited mode (file tab has * eg:*)

31.Installation > Java Setup page > Change destination folder checkbox is
misleading. There is no option to see which is the default folder for
installation (Oracle: Inconsistency with Comparable Products).

32.Installation > Setup page > a message ‘If java is not installed, please abort
the installation and install JRE…’ which is confusing to the user. Java has been
installed and this message is not required

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

33.Right Click on the downloaded exe > Properties > Version tab, the field is
displayed as file version instead of product/application version (Oracle:
Inconsistency with Comparable Products).

a. Right Click on the downloaded exe > Properties > Version tab, the
version is displayed as (Oracle: Inconsistency within the

b. Right Click on the downloaded exe > Properties > Version tab > other
version information section, File Version and Product Version fields are

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

34.Installation > Setup > Select Additional task page > the text ‘Associating
freemind with .mm extension..’ is a duplicate of the following checkbox with
the same name (Oracle:Inconsistency within the product).

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

35.Installation > Setup > Information page > Authors and Contributors
information should be part of the End User Licence Agreement page and not
displayed as a separate page towards the end of the installation process
(Oracle: Inconsistency with Purpose).

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

36.FreeMind > Help > Documentation > a new tab is displayed. There is no
option to close the individual tab. Clicking on the X button closes the tabs as
well as the MindMap window. There should be an ‘X’ icon for each tab to be

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

closed individually(Inconsistency with Comparable Products)

37.FreeMind > File/Edit/View/Insert/Format and other menus > Icons are not
available for many Menu items. It becomes misleading to provide icons for
some menu items and leave the rest empty.

38.FreeMind > File > Create Encrypted Map > the label fields in the dialog are
attached to the left side border, the text fields appear to be attached to each
other and OK/Cancel buttons are place very far away (GUI issue).

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

39.FreeMind > File > Create a new mindmap and saving with a name that
already exists prompts to the user to overwrite or not. Clicking on no on this
dialog results in a Saving failure message. Ideally, it should allow the user to
enter a different filename. While saving the file, freemind should not give the
same default name ‘New’. It should be left blank for the user to
type the name (Functionality issue).

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

40.Edit node with long text. Text should be displayed inside node but it’s
displayed as coming out of node.

41.Click on Edit node & enter text & press control +H text char will delete with
pressing “H”.

42.Increasing Font Size displays text outside the node.

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

43.No application name in the dialog that is displayed on clicking on being
tested application’s install dialog.

44.No app name in the dialog displayed below

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

45.No app name in the dialog displayed below. Observe on clicking button
‘Cancel’ or [x] Setup dialog or Setup – FreeMind dialog.

46.Appears as no shortcut key for buttons in dialog ‘Setup’. But clicking on ‘Alt’
key this appears and remains there after even on hitting the ‘Alt’ key. Can the
shortcut key be visible such that user need not click the ‘Alt’ key? Shortcut
key for button ‘Cancel’ is not available.

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

47.Button ‘Next >’ enabled thought nothing is entered in the path. But clicking
button ‘Next >’ will display error dialog which has no app name on its title


48.Copyrights year says – “Copyright (C) 1989, 1991 Free Software Foundation,
Inc.”. Should it be 2009?

49.Error message can be more helpful.

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

50.What version of FreeMind will uninstalled?

51.On launching the FreeMind, it was not maximized it was displayed at top left
hand side of the screen

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

52.Hitting F1 key when FreeMind window was opened, Help did not come up.

53.License says 2000 - 2008. License of what? If mentioned the app name in
title bar might be helpful.

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

54.When no recent files, it can be said as there are no recent file that was
created or edited. When nothing is seen, user can get confused.

55.When no icons are present, button in the below images can be disabled?
Exploring further will get more information on buttons behavior.

Bangalore Weekend Testers:

56. Help document does not tell for what version the being read help document

57.What does the ‘User defined.’ mean? It was not able define by the user while
testing this.

58.Appears as FreeMind will not appear as process thread, when viewed in task
manager. It mentions Javaw.exe with java trademark

59.Appears as there is no log file for app install and GUI operations.

60.Editing the node note, time taken to save the note was around 14 second
plus. Edit Long Node… dialog appeared to be transparent. Clicking on the title
bar of the dialog tried to move it on other side of the screen to view the node
image. It appeared as below

Bangalore Weekend Testers: