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Ascendant - Aries ( Mesha ) Aries rising bestows the native with certain

martian qualities. Courage- sensitive to other's feelings - shorttempered &

proud - interested in legal & logical aspects - lover of scientific thinking –
enjoy travel & adventure -hates relatives - body of medium size - long face
& neck eyesight sharp scar on the head or temples round eyes legs,
weak, ambitious, enterprising & good planning ability. Since Mars is the
Ascendant lord they may be under the influence of their partner & they
have a weakness for the opposite sex. Mars also endows them with good
administrative ability. This ability is excellent in business & politics. Have
good observational ability. They dislike being guided by others as they
maintain an aggressive independent attitude. They are down to earth,
practical. They are natural fighters who fight for justice. Mars endows them
with rare fortitude & will to survive in a competitive world.
Ascendant - Taurus ( Vrishabha ) Taurus rising bestows the qualities of
ambition, tolerance & patience. They are obstinate and proud. Affectionate -
loving, will ing to sacrifice and interested in competitive games. They will
have beautiful faces and they are likely to be short. They are sometimes
unreasonable. They are high-principled & they practice what they preach.
They are mentally strong & their physical stamina is excellent. They love
pleasure and like music. Scorpio is the Sign of the Mystic, the Investigator.
They are endowed with personal magnetism. They are imperial in outlook &
they feel that they are born to exercise authority. They will have more
daughters than sons and they may not be very happy as regards happiness
from children. As they are likely to contract nervous complaints from
fiftieth year, it will be better for them to consult a medical specialist. They
have to learn to incorporate tolerance for the adversary. Ascendant - Gemini
( Midhuna ) Gemini ascending bestows intellectuality & intelligence.
Their minds may be wavering & they will have literary talent. They are
quick witted, restless & inconstant. They may suffer from nerv-
ous breakdowns & they are likely to be tall and straight. They may
become experts in the mechanical sciences as Mercury represents
computing. They will have a depression near the chin & their eyes will be
attractive. They have conversational & literary abilities. They should be
careful while moving with the opposite sex. They are interested in original,
artistic works of any kind. They are versatile by nature & they
have intellectual ability. They are enterprising by nature & they have
analytical minds. Ascendant - Cancer ( Kataka ) Cancer rising gives
intuition, sympathy and appreciation of the subtle things of life. Cancer
represents the heart of the Cosmic Man. Cancerians are tied and tuned to
the Cosmic world. Most of the saints & mystics are born in this sign. Its
dispositor is the Moon & the exaltation dispositor is the wisdom planet,
Jupiter. They love the mundane pleasures of life, particularly home &
children. They may be disappointed in love as their love is not reciprocated.
They are inconstant & fickleminded as they are ruled by the Moon. Their
wealth will be subject to waxing and waning like the Moon. They love the
divine sciences, particulary the science & the wisdom of the heavens.
( Astronomy & Astrology ) They are nervous and restless. At the same time a
high degree of adaptability have been bestowed by this sign. They can
adapt to any situation. They are interested in Wisdom and the divine.
The occult sciences attract them and they become diviners or mystics.
Ascendant - Leo ( Simha ) Leo rising gives love of Nature & an
overactive & leonine temparament. They are likely to be ambitious and
cheerful. They have a liking for Literature & Art. Their ambitions may not
be fulfilled. They are proud and strong & the qualities of beauty, nobility &
spirituality will be theirs. They have tremendous will power and
determination and the ability to face upto heavy odds. Physically powerful
with broad shoulders, they are endowed with personal magnetism. They
have to incorporate patience & perseverance as they are short tempered by
nature. They are also advised to incorporate tolerance for the adversary.
They become the leaders of their family and care much for their mother's
interest. They are of the forgiving type & they do not nurse any
illfeeling towards anyone. There is a possibility that they may be
misunderstood by superiors and they are likely to have nervous
complaints. They are orthodox and highprincipled. Ascendant - Virgo
( Kanni ) Virgo rising gives scholarly qualities and they are lovers of
learning. They love music and the arts. Their IQ level is above the ordinary.
They are diplomatic & shrewd and possess business insight. They are
emotional and get carried away by sentiments. They are interested in
modern equipments. They love Mathematics & the Wisdom of the Heavens.
They are pleasant talkers & they love good principles & philosophy. They are
healthy & wealthy and love good relations. They are generally under the
control of their partner. They are thrifty and enterprising. They have a
natural affinity to electronics & computers.They are ruled by the intellectual
planet, Mercury who is the representer of Maths, computing, music, art &
sculpture.They will shine as lecturers / teachers as the planet of Academic
Education rules them. They will be humourous & witty. They will shine
as writers & publishers. Ascendant - Libra ( Thula ) Libra rising creates
an all rounder, a person who is a generalist and well accepted in society.
They have domineering personalities & they are forceful and given to their
ways. They are likely to be
vindictive & revengeful. They are well informed and interested in logical &
legal aspects. They are likely to be of a wavering mind They believe that God
is love and their love will embrace all creatures. Their eyes have a peculiarity
of their own. They are lovers of Poetry & the fine arts as they are ruled by
the poet Venus. They are likely to be disappointed in love as their love may
not be reciprocated. They have a special talent in business dealings. They
may have very few sons. They always have an underlying fear in the bottom
of their minds. They are keen observers of human nature and psychologists.
They will be generally known by more than one name. They are interested in
entertainments which involve the opposite sex.
Ascendant - Vrischika ( Scorpio ) Scorpio rising gives them the qualities
of perseverance and fortitude. They appear sarcastic & impulsive. They do
not heed other's advice. Their actions and thoughts are inexplicable. They
become lucky in the second half of their life. They are quick witted and
humourous. They are good at correspondence. They are ruled by Mars and
hence will have martian temperaments. They are shorttempered and rash at
times. They are advised to incorporate patience and tolerance for the
adversary. They are inconstant and fickle minded. They love luxury &
excitement. They are entertaining conversationalists depending on their own
intelligence. They can develop into good musicians if they take to that art.
They are lovers of the fine arts. They are good at administration &
administration shines only when the fire of Mars is present. The
Martian quality of fortitude they have in plenty. Careers indicated - Military
& Police.
Ascendant - Dhanus ( Sagittarius ) Sagittarius rising gives a warrior like
approach to the problems of life. They are inclined to Philosophy and
Religion. They have professional brilliance and reputation. They are wealthy
and prosperous. They are quite capable of earning the good will of all. They
possess good foresight & they are intuitive and religious. They have
domineering personalities. They are over-anxious, brave & restless. They are
orthodox and business like. They are ruled by the wisdom planet Jupiter &
they are blessed by all the Jovian qualities. Wisdom, patience, knowledge of
sciences & arts are represented by Jove. They are capable of influencing
people as they are born with personal magnetism. Despite all their good
qualities they are likely to be misunderstood by others. They are free from
hypocrisy & they follow the principle " Honesty is the best Policy". Their
frankness & good nature also can be a drawback in a business world.
Ascendant - Capricorn ( Makara ) Capricorn rising gives strong will power
and determination. They are philosophers in their own right. They are likely
to be vindictive & secretive. They have strong determination and
purposiveness in life. They are very cunning & highly determined. They do
not mind the general feeling of the audience when they talk about Truth &
Reality. They do not mind employing means that are not above board to
reach their target. "End justifies the means" seems to be their principle.
They can talk softly and kindly and many a man will fall into their trap.
They are born in a Saturnine sign which gives them the qualities of
temperance & fortitude. Great patience & perseverance are imparted by
Saturn. Capricornians make good sculptors. They are like-
ly to be melancholic in temparament. They make good actors.
Ascendant - Aquarius ( Kumbha ) Aquarius rising gives Saturnine qualities
- philosophical outlook, patience & perseverance. They will shine
as teachers, speakers & writers. They may be tall with good appearance.
They are altruists by nature & they consecrate some of their energies for the
service of their fellow men. They are highly sympathetic and generous. They
generate more friendliness and compassion. They are dangerous when
provoked but then they cool off easily. They may be tall & handsome. Their
IQ level & MQ level are praiseworthy. They can shine as authors if they
so desire. They are shy when it comes to exhibiting their talents before
people interested in their art. They tend to believe that Astrology is a
science. They are basically humanists & they are likely to be
misunderstood. Their love may not be reciprocated & they are likely to be
disappointed in love. They believe in the essential goodness of humanity.
Ascendant - Pisces ( Meena ) Pisces rising gives the qualities of
intuition, benevolence, sympathy & fondness for the finer side of life. They
have majestic personalities & impressive bearing. They are likely to be
handsome & well informed. They also become a target of envy of others.
Their wealth is related to water as they are born in a watery sign. They
are altruists involved in noble services & the alleviation of human
suffering. They are God fearing and very religious. They are generally
ambitious but giving Philosophy its due place. They are just and they are
always afraid to go against the Truth. Because of this moral injunction they
appear to lack self confidence. They are born in a Jupiterian sign equipped
with the divine qualities of patience & perseverance. Their sign
dispositor, Jupiter endows them with the warmth of human affection & their
personal magnetism will be well known and recognised.