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Session 5

Why is it important to tap the power of fans

The power of Social Media Is not in the ability of a brand to sell directly to a customer Its more to inspire a customer who made a purchase to talk about your brand to others Media Characteristic Traditional media: one-to-many Social media: one-to-one-to-many Apples marketing looks effortless, bur they do very

conscious things to build their rabid fan base

They celebrate the customer thru the priority they give to user

experience They listen to their customers and their marketing is done in a very human way

How To Inspire Your Fans to Promote Your Brand

Stop talking about yourself; talk about your

customers Fundamental shift >> Re-frame marketing as a celebration of your customer community Stop talking about yourselves, start talking about your customers. Because social-media is about a dialogue and not a monologue (traditional)

How does this product allow you do to enhance your life What does this product do that you were not doing earlier Use your marketing platform to celebrate your customers

How To Inspire Your Fans to Promote Your Brand

Coca-Cola: from The Real Thing to Open

Happiness Pepsi: from the Joy of Pepsi to Refresh Everything IBM: is Smarter Planet; Starbucks is Shared Planet All of these positionings are in terms of benefits to the customer, theyre not talking about themselves

Whats happening in the PR and Advertising industry?

Main challenge is to keep pace with the change Strategies become obsolete by they time they get executed Large Brands Are used to monologue type communication

they talk-at people

silos exist between different departments, like Digital,

PR, social-media, corporate communications Most large brands use all these channels to say different things to the customer, without allowing customers to talk about themselves Brands need to be singular in their messaging

Whats happening in the PR and Advertising industry? Small Companies/ Entrepreneurs

Are so busy with the day-to-day that they dont find the

time to think about the brand, hence fail to define who they are Ask 4 questions
Why did you start your company? the fundamental core

reason From a competitive point of view, What am I the only of? When my company is at its best, what is it doing? In you category, what human emotion/ property do you want to own? >> that you want to communicate to customers

Communicate this in a manner that is meaningful and

relevant to customers

Psychology of Consumers
Inspire your customer to co-create your content
Undefined brands are absolutely un-shareable celebrate your customers; they will make it go viral using

your platform

Lady Gaga Applause

New Technologies are driving the way people behave in

the new world

Customers want to co-create the brand

They want to be a part of the conversation

If you allow them to do that, they will willingly and

happily share your brand with others If you do things that are opposite of what you say you stand for, customers will punish you by criticizing you

Make Employees your Brand Ambassador

Employees are the first line of word of mouth
You cant be prescriptive to them Let them know what do you stand for

Celebrate their engagement with the core values

of your brand Give them a tool-kit to do different things in social media

Word Of Mouth (WOM)

Can be over 10 times more effective than traditional advertising
People trust WOM more

Is more targeted than traditional advertising Is more cost-effective, if done properly It requires you to understand why people are talking about some things rather than others

6 principles of Contagious
The Drivers that cause us to pass things on

Social Currency 2. Triggers 3. Stories 4. Emotion 5. Public 6. Practical Values Are all drivers required? Think of it as a recipe. The more ingredients you have, the better will be the end result will be

Social Currency
Make people feel like Insiders
Make them feel like they are part of a special club or have some sort of status that nobody else has Eg Linkedin promotion

Rebecca Blacks song Friday Most viral video of 2011 Everybody hated it Yet, 300 million views Views spiked on Fiday .. The name of the song, which acted as a trigger for us to think about it and then share it KitKat Coffee

Stories provide a means to

convey information that invokes curiosity since everyone wants to know how the story ends What is required an engaging narrative, beginning, middle, end and a moral Brands message has to be inbuilt into the story, so someone cant help but pass it along.
Camp Gyno 3 mn hits in 3 days Lifebuoy 9 mn hits

Blendtecs video series, Will

It Blend 150 million hits