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a new representation of time

Khyati Saraf + Anji Clubb

wasted time

traditional time management tools do not adequately address our needs through their representations or functions

traditional time management tools

linear + rigid piecemeal quantity over quality future-oriented do not account for importance + urgency

It is time for something exible holistic smart

something that helps us decide

what we choose to do with our time + how we approach our time

Focus is key to quality + effectiveness

default mode network

The DMN is key to problem-solving + learning + creativity

focus presentemphasized

space past-reective


Now is the time.

People are excited.

I would pay for this. When can I have it?

- Various Harvard students

Khyati Saraf is currently a Candidate for a Master in Landscape Architecture (2014) degree from Harvard Universitys Graduate School of Design (GSD). She is a professional architect trained in India from the Sushant School of Art and Architecture in New Delhi. Her interests lie in exploring scales and boundaries through design and re-thinking the role that designers play in todays world.

Anji Clubb is a candidate for a Master of Urban Planning (2014) degree from Harvard Universitys Graduate School of Design. As an American who grew up in Taiwan, Anji speaks fluent Chinese and enjoys applying multicultural perspectives to her projects. She received a bachelors in international relations from Georgetown University, and her wider background is in public policy, philanthropy, Asia, and Buddhism.